U23 World Team Trials – Day Two Match Preview

Wrestlers in Quarterfinals:

Brandon Paetzell (Lehigh Valley WC) vs. Alex Mackall (Cyclone WC)

Chas Tucker (Cornell) vs. Steven Lee (DWC)

Colton McCrystal vs. Dominick Demas (OKRTC)

Pat Lugo (Iowa) vs. Alfred Bannister (TWC)

Alex Smythe (Bulls WC) vs. Dayton Racer (UVRTC)
Kennedy Monday (THWC) vs. Kaleb Young (Iowa)

Myles Martin (tOSU) vs. Cash Wilcke (Iowa)
Max Dean (Cornell) vs. Evan Hansen (VWC)

Consolation Wrestlers:

57 kg
Bryce West (NIRTC) vs Brock Bergelin (CWC)

61 kg
Brock Henderson (Coe) vs Paul Konrath (Wisconsin)
Drew West (NIRTC) vs Josh Kramer (Sunkist)

74 kg
Skyler St. John (CRTC) vs Anthony Wokasch (AU)
Fredy Stroker (Unattached) vs John Weiss (BCRTC)

79 kg
Jake Voss (Coe College) vs Jake Lanning (Bulls Wrestling)

86 kg
Mitch Bowman (Iowa) vs Austin Flores (Stanford)
Sammy Colbray (CRTC) vs Devin Kane (THWC)


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