Blue Team Eeks out a win at War at West Gym



Kobey Pritchard (Team Red) over Joe Pins (Team Blue) TF 16-0 0 5.00


Tyrell Gordon (Team Blue) over Greg Hagan (Team Red) TB-1 8-7 3.00 0


Cooper Siebrecht (Team Blue) over Ryan Steffen (Team Red) Dec 8-5 3.00 0


Boone McDermott (Team Blue) over Sage Smart (Team Red) Maj 11-3 4.00 0


Drake Ayala (Team Red) over Dan Kimball (Team Blue) Dec 6-5 0 3.00


Gable Fox (Team Blue) over Zach Stewart (Team Red) Fall 1:59 6.00 0


Shea Ruffridge (Team Red) over Cael Happel (Team Blue) Dec 6-4 0 3.00


Adam Allard (Team Red) over Nick Oldham (Team Blue) Dec 5-3 0 3.00


Matt Robertson (Team Blue) over Donny Schmit (Team Red) Dec 6-1 3.00 0


Tyler Buesgens (Team Red) over Julien Broderson (Team Blue) Maj 12-4 0 4.00


Kyle Biscoglia (Team Blue) over Anthony Molton (Team Red) Dec 3-1 3.00 0


Michael Blockhus (Team Blue) over Isaac Judge (Team Red) Dec 12-7 3.00 0


Nick Casperson (Team Red) over Bryce Esmoil (Team Blue) Dec 6-2 0 3.00
Dual Meet Score 25.0 21.0

6 thoughts on “Blue Team Eeks out a win at War at West Gym

  1. Im a fan of wrestling..anytime you get that kind of talent on both sides it is outstanding. Last night was some fantastic wrestling and fun to watch!

  2. Actually, very good wrestling and very enjoyable evening. Thought McDermott, fox, Allard,ruff ridge, Robertson, Pritchard, and Casperson looked very good. Biscoglia as well

  3. I know I was thinking about going but I was a little wrestled out it’s been a long season needed a break. Just my opinion

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