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Iowa State head coach Kevin Dresser met with the media following his team’s 31-7 loss to instate rival Northern Iowa on Saturday night. After winning only two of the night’s ten matches, and perhaps more importantly five of those losses coming by two points or less, Dresser was noticeably frustrated that his team wasn’t able to pull it together to win a couple more of those close matches.

In particular Dresser made several comments about redshirt freshman Sammy Colbray, who dropped a 2-0 decision to the #14 ranked Jacob Holschlag at 197 pounds. Dresser compared the level of effort from his freshman to the oft used expression of “putting on big boy pants” and that Colbray has some work to do in the consistency part of his wrestling to make the next step in his wrestling.

“Life is not perfect. Wrestling is not perfect. You’re going to get to the NCAA tournament and you’re going to have issues on Friday morning. If you feel great on Thursday morning, good for you, but on Friday morning its going to be rough. Then if you make it to Saturday it’s going to be real damn rough. Put your big boy pants on and strap them up tight, and put them on the next day, and the next day. You just can’t put them on one day and then take them off, and then put them back on and take them off. When he decides to put his big boy pants on every day he’s going to be pretty good.”

Earlier this week Colbray was dealing with an illness that was what originally prompted the question in the first place, but Dresser didn’t want to make excuses for his wrestler’s performance. While Colbray did receive some criticism from his head coach on his consistency, Dresser also acknowledged the progression Colbray has made already this season as being a good first step. Now Dresser believes that Colbray needs to make the decision on whether or not he wants to continue his positive progression.

“He’s had some progress. He’s done some really good things and he has made some strides, but he’s got to challenge himself to make that next stride. That next stride isn’t going to be perfect and you have got to get it done when things on perfect.

Super talent. It’s all there if he wants to go grab it. He’s got to go grab it and that requires work.”

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle