125 – Spencer Lee (Iowa) 13-1 vs Sinjin Briggs (Iowa State) 1-13

1st Period – Lee out quick with a TD2 and now looking for the fall. 41 seconds into the match Lee gets the fall.

Iowa leads 6-0

133 – Paul Glynn (Iowa) 7-9 vs Markus Simmons (Iowa State) 21-11

1st Period – Simomons in on an outside single, lifts the leg and able to trip Glynn up for the TD2. Glynn to his feet but Simmons able to return him to the mat, now going to work on top.  1:20 to go here in the first. Stalemate with 57 to go. Glynn to his feet but Simmons able to return him, straight into a tilt for NF4, Simmons leads 6-0 after the first with 2:31 RT.

2nd Period – Glynn defers, Simmons picks bottom. Simmons lto his feet fighting hands, Glynn hit with a stall warning, off the mat.  Simmons able to escape on the restart he now leads 7-0 with 1:08 left in the 2nd period. Glynn in on a leg, able to lock up a cradle, ref holding NF4 for Glynn which will make the score 7-6 after 2 periods.

3rd Period – Glynn takes nuetral, and shots off the whistle able to cut across for the TD2, Glynn leads 8-7, RT not a factor. Restart with 1:06 to go. Glynn has Simmons flat on the mat looking for a bar arm on the right side.  Off the mat restart with :15 to go.

141 – Vince Turk (Iowa) 8-6 or Carter Happel (Iowa) 11-7 vs Ian Parker (Iowa State) 17-6

1st Period – Turk in a leg early able to take him to his back leads 4-0 early.  Parker escapes to make it 4-1.  Turk in on another single on the edge able to finish the TD2 now leads 6-1, E1 Parker 6-2. End of 1st Turk leads 6-2 RT at :45.

2nd Period – Parker picks bottom. Parker escapes :18 seconds into the period .  Turk with another TD2 now leads 8-3. Restart coming with :23 to go in the period Turk still in the top position.

3rd Period – Turk picks bottom to start the 3rd and is able to get the reversal, Parker escape.  Turk leads 10-4 RT at 2:00.  Turk stretched out on a shot, stalemate with 1:09.  Blood time now for Turk. Turk on another outside single and able to finish TD2 now leads 12-4 RT locked up.  Parker escape with 8 seconds left.  Turk wins 13-5 major decision

Iowa leads 13-0

149 – Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) 18-1 vs Jarrett Degen (Iowa State) 17-7

1st Period – Sorensen with a sweep single finishes for TD2, Degen escape 2-1. Degen tries a slide by but nothing doing.  End of the first Sorensen leads 2-1.

2nd Period – Degen starts in the bottom position, escape 2-2. Sorensen TD2 on the edge, restart.  Degen able to escape on the restart. 4-3 Sorensen leads.  Sorensen has a leg Degen’s leg elevated but unable to finish.  :40 to go in the 2nd.

3rd Period – Sorensen takes bottom to start the period.  Up and out in 5 secs, he leads 5-3. Hard snap from Sorensen, Degen funks and puts Sorensen in breif trouble but no points.  Sorensen finished the TD2 7-4.

Iowa leads 16-0

157 – Michael Kemerer (Iowa) 19-0 vs Chase Straw (Iowa State) 15-12 

1st Period – 1 min in stall warning on Straw.  Restart with 1:18 to go, nothing happening so far. Lots of forehead to forehead wrestling.  0-0 after 1st.

2nd Period – Kemerer picks bottom and is out in 5 seconds.  Kemerer in on a shot and comes out the back door for the TD2 he leads 3-0.  1 min to go in the period.  Caution Kemerer. Straw escape, Kemerer TD2, Straw escape.  Kemerer leads 5-2 after 2 periods at 157.

3rd Period – Straw picks bottom to start.  Caution Kemerer. Straw escape. Kemerer shots from halfway across the mat and is able to suck the leg in for TD2.  Escape Straw, Kemerer leads 7-4. Stall warning Straw 8-4, RT at 1:07. Kemerer on another single and finishes TD2, 10-4 RT locked up, escape Straw.  Kemerer wins 11-5.

Iowa leads 19-0 at Intermission

165 – Alex Marinelli (Iowa) vs Skyler St. John (Iowa State) 8-8

1st Period – Marinelli with a big double leg for TD2. Now in a cow catcher position and gets the fall.

Iowa leads 25-0

174 – Joey Gunther (Iowa) 12-4 vs Danny Bush (Iowa State) 14-14

1st Period – Gunther trying to work 2 on 1.  Restart with 1:20 to go. Couple half shots from Gunther but nothing.  Gunther on a single leg now but Bush able to whizzer out and get off the edge.  Restart Gunther able to get to the legs and finishes this time for TD2.

2nd Period – Bush defers, Gunther picks neutral. Forehead to forehead 1 min to go in the period.  2nd stall warning on Bush, point Gunther, he leads 3-0.  Restart with 30 seconds to go.

3rd Period – Bush picks top. Gunther able to get to his feet and escape 20 seconds into the period.  Gunther leads 4-0, RT not a factor. Gunther looking to score from the front headlock postion, now switches off to a leg and Bush able to get a stalemate for a fresh start. Gunther wins 4-0

Iowa leads 28-0

184 – Mitch Bowman (Iowa) 10-8 vs Dane Pestano (Iowa State) 18-10

1st Period – Pestano in on a single, Bowman funks out and get the TD2 for himself. Pestano escape. Both wrestlers close to finishing but unable to we go to the 2nd period, Bowman leads 2-1.

2nd Period – Bowman picks bottom. Bowman out in 5 secs, he leads 3-1. Bowman back in the front head position able to get the leg drives Peatano off the mat and unable to drag the toe for TD2.  Restart.  Bowman back on a leg, Pestano trying to pass the leg. Stalemate with :33 to go. Bowman takes a 3-1 lead into the third.

3rd Period – Pestano picks bottom.  Escape Pestano, Bowman now leads 3-2.  Crowd starting to come alive for both wrestlers.  1 min to go. Pestano picking up the pace, tries a duckunder.  Bowman will hold on for a 3-2 decision.

Iowa leads 31-0

197 – Steven Hollaway (Iowa) vs Sam Colbray (Iowa State) 13-11

Colbray wins by forfeit

Iowa leads 31-6

285 – Sam Stoll (Iowa) 15-2 vs Marcus Harrington (Iowa State) 20-10

1st Period – Harrington shots in, Stoll drops his hips nothing doing.  Stall warning Harrington for going off the edge. Another stall warning for Harrington giving Stoll a 1-0 lead.  Shot attempt from Harrington stuffed by Stoll.  Stoll now with a body lock.  Another stall warning for Harrington.  2-0 Stoll.

2nd Period – Stoll defers, Harrington picks bottom. Harrington to his feet and out in 16 seconds. Stoll TD2, Stoll has Harrington flat and now looking to crank him over. PD called restart with :45 to go. Stoll leads 6-1

3rd Period – Stoll picks neutral, Stoll elevates the leg and takes Harrington to the mat for TD2.  Now leads 8-1, Stoll cuts him 8-2.  Stall warning Harrington, point Stoll 9-2. TD2 Stoll, escape Harrington, Stoll leads 11-3, TD2 Stoll, escape Harrington.  Stoll will win this one 14-4 after RT point is added.

Iowa wins the dual 35-6