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13 thoughts on “2018 Class 3A IAHSAA State Championship Brackets”
  1. This system has been in place for a long long time and now it seems since SEP kids finally got some poor draws like those other schools you mentioned have gotten in the past you now feel that the system is rigged. Grow up !!

    1. Some? really? How do you explain ranking them 4th in the Dual teams. knowing they are the only team that could best FD are wrestled in the semis! They have a way to beat FD in the duals if they choose to move wrestlers around, as our JV is could still beat other ranked teams. but I expect we will take on the challenge and not move around wrestlers to AVOID A loss. Valley has did that twice to SEP and we chose not to flee.

  2. It makes no sense to have “random” seedings when every other tournament is performance based. It is a shame to see top ranked wrestlers meeting in the quarters.

    1. I agree completely. NCAA Championship wrestling does it like every other sport does. By performance. Works great and not having the top 2 or 3 wrestlers knocking each other out by the 2nd round. State Dual is ranked by rankings if I’m not mistaken. Has this “random” system been used for sometime? Just curious.

      1. State dual is done by rankings. I am unsure of exact timeline for random seeding, but this has been in use for a while. May be easier for IAHSAA to make a bracket, but extremely unfair to those who may miss out on a finals appearance.

  3. Going through all weight classes in 3A. I can see what someone earlier posted how IHSAA has 2 favorites they want to win and 1 school they want to finish low. One example is the 1st round. Ft. Dodge has 13 wrestlers. In the 1st round, 9 will wrestle NR wrestlers per IA Wtestle Top 10 rankings. Valley has 10 wrestlers and 6 will face NR wrestlers in 1st round. SEP has 9 wrestlers and 1 will face a NR wrestler in 1st round.

    1. Valley only has 8 qualifiers not 10. While the random placing of athletes is not ideal, everyone seems to benefit more some years and less others. The more qualifiers you have, the more you see some ups and downs. Seed the top 4 wrestlers moving forward and you’d avoid a lot of the conspiracy theories. I’m guessing the guys in Boone, don’t push as much time into this process as you want to think they do.

    2. not to mention not just Ordinary ranked guys but SEVERAL Number 1 ranked guys in first two rounds so saying other teams in the past had bad draws isnt close to the lottery odds stacked against us.

  4. No way this is random. The IAHSAA has a few teams they want to win the individual, and they did their dang best to make sure the State champ from last year has a heck of a road. Prichard to face #1 Bisccoglia in the 2nd round!! 152 has Stotts at top bracket and Runyon will face #1 Lara in 2nd round. All but 2 SEP wrestlers will face the #1 wrestler in the 1st or 2nd round. What a dang shame

  5. You can’t make me believe that the seedings were truly random. I would have a hard time trying to find a better way to favor two schools over a third you know who. In fact it looks like a good way to stack it to make sure they end up even lower.

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