Who: No. 2 Wartburg vs No. 1 Augsburg
When: Thursday, February 1st at 7:00 PM
Where: Wartburg College
Watch: LIVE on IAwrestle.com and Wartburg Knight Vision

125: Brennan Doebel or Brady Kyner  (Wartburg) vs No. 10 Victor Gliva (Augsburg)

133: No. 8 Brock Rathbun (Wartburg) vs No. 4 Sam Bennyhoff (Augsburg)

141: Brendan Baker (Wartburg) vs No. 3 David Flynn (Augsburg) 

149: No. 1 Cross Cannone (Wartburg) vs No. 4 Alex Wilson (Augsburg)

157: No. 1 Logan Thomsen (Wartburg) vs No. 3 Ryan Epps (Augsburg)

165: No. 2 Mike Ross or Forsyth (Wartburg) vs No. 1 Lucas Jeske (Augsburg)

174: No. 1 Eric DeVos (Wartburg) vs No. 10 Tanner Vassar (Augsburg)

184: No. 4 Tyler Lutes (Wartburg) vs No. 7 Sebastian Larson (Augsburg)

197: No. 2 Kyle Fank (Wartburg) vs No. 7 Lance Benick (Augsburg)

285: No. 2 Lance Evans (Wartburg) vs Ethan Hofacker (Augsburg)


One thought on “Battle of the Burgs Dual Preview”
  1. Worst announcers in the history of wrestling. I believe they said dominate over 100 times and flip them to there back.

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