Kanen Storr – Photo by Cam Kramer | IAwrestle.com


197 – #13 Corey Griego (Oregon State) vs Sam Colbray (Iowa State)

1st Period – Griego in on a single early and is able to cut across for a early 2-0 lead.  Griego riding tough they go OOB. Restart with 2:05 left in the period. Colbray able  to get to his feet a couple different times but unable to escape.  Restart :29 to go in period.  Griego has 2:50 of RT after the first. Griego leads 2-0

2nd Period – Colbray defers, Griego will choose bottom.  Griego escapes 3-0, right back in on a leg and gets the TD2.  Griego now leads 5-0. Stall warning on Colbray.  Griego rides Colbray out and has RT locked up.  Griego leads 5-0.

3rd Period – Colbray picks bottom.  Stall warning Colbray, point Griego 6-0.  Colbray up and out he trails 6-1.  RT point for Griego makes it 7-1.  Oregon State leads dual 3-0. 

285 – #6 Amar Dhesi (Oregon State) vs Marcus Harrington (Iowa State)

1st Period – Quick TD for Harrington, Dhesi out.  Harrington leads 2-1. Zelesky challenges the TD for Dhesi and it counts, Dhesi leads 3-2.  Escape Harrington 3-3.  2:15 to go in period.  TD2 Dhesi on a double leg. Dhesi looking for a turn on top, has an arm bar locked up.  Stall warning on Harrington. Dhesi leads 5-3 after 1st with 2:04RT

2nd Period – Dhesi defers, Harrington picks bottom to start 2nd, Harrington out 5-4.  Harrington off the edge stall warning, point Dhesi 6-4.  Dhesi ankle pick for TD2 now leads 8-4. Dhesi now has 2:51 of RT and leads 8-4.

3rd Period – Dhesi picks bottom to start 3rd. Dhesi to his feet and escapes for 1, he leads 9-4.  Harrington in on a leg but unable to finish.  Dhesi with a go behind for TD2 leads 11-4 and has RT point coming.  Stall warning Harrington 12-4. Final 13-4, Oregon State leads dual 7-0.

125 – #15 Ronnie Bresser (Oregon State) vs Open

Forefeit, Oregon State leads dual 13-0

133 – Devan Turner (Oregon State) vs Markus Simmons (Iowa State) 

1st Period – Simmons TD2, Restart with 1:48 to go. Simmons riding tough now has over a minute of RT built up. Stall warning Turner. Stalemate with :18 to go in the first.  Simmons leads 2-0 has 2:42 of RT. 

2nd Period – Turner defers, Simmons goes bottom, up to his feet and out.  Simmons leads 3-0. A lot of hand fighting and half shots to end the period no scoring.  Simmons leads 3-0. 

3rd Period – Turner will start on bottom.  Simmons chops the arm and is riding tough looking for a cheap tilt now, no swipes. Simmons with double boots in, stall warning Turner, point Simmons he leads 4-0.  Restart with :17 to go.  Simmons wins this one 5-0.  Oregon State leads dual 13-3  

141 – Jack Hathaway (Oregon State) vs #11 Kanen Storr (Iowa State)

1st Period – Hathaway looking for a 2 on 1 on Storr’s right side. Both wrestlers ear to ear in a collar tie nothing doing first minute. Shots by both wrestlers but nothing connecting. :30 to go in first.  Storr with a TD2 as time expires for a 2-0 lead.  

2nd Period – Hathaway picks bottom.  Storr with a cheap tilt for NF2 now leads 4-0. 

3rd Period – Storr picks neutral to start 3rd.  Hathaway shoots, Storr re-attacks and scores a TD2, now leads 6-0, cheap tilt for NF2 now leads 8-0.  Hathaway escape 8-1.  Storr wins 9-1 after RT point is tacked on.  Oregon State leads dual 13-7

10 Minute Intermission

149 – Josh Reyes (Oregon State) vs Jarrett Degen (Iowa State)  

1st Period – Degen able to strike for a TD2 leads 2-0.  Restart :35 to go. Degen loads him up in the hips and gets NF4 with a tilt.  Leads 6-0 after the first. 

2nd Period – Degen will start on bottom in the 2nd. Degen to his feet and out, 7-0.  Reyes on a leg has it elevated, Degen fighting hard but unable to fend off the TD2 for Reyes.  Degen wastes little time getting a switch and R2.  Degen leads 9-2 and NF coming.  NF2 11-2,  NF4 15-2 after 2nd. 

3rd Period – Reyes picks neutral to start 3rd.  Degen TD2 and gets the TF 17-2.  Oregon State leads the dual 13-12

157 – Hunter Willits (Oregon State) vs Chase Straw (Iowa State)

1st Period – Willits in on a double leg and converts for TD2, Straw escape.  Hand fighting and shot attempts but nothing doing.  Willits leads 2-1 after first.   

2nd Period – Straw defers, Willits will start on bottom.  Big mat return by Straw, but Willits is out for 1 point escape and 3-1 lead. Stall warning Willits. Straw pressing forward but unable to score he trails 3-1 after 2nd.

3rd Period – Straw picks bottom.  RT not a factor. Straw escape and the crowd comes alive. Straw on a single leg on the edge, now off the edge.  Stall warning Willits, point Straw tied at 3-3.

OT – Willits dives in on a ankle but, Straw goes behind for TD2.  Straw wins 5-3.  Iowa State leads the dual 15-13

165 – Billy Bigelow (Oregon State) vs Skyler St. John (Iowa State) 

1st Period – Both wrestlers getting a feel for each other early on.  No score, blood time for St. John now.  Restart with 1:46 coming. Nothing doing in the first.  0-0

2nd Period – Bigelow defers, St John picks bottom. Standup SSJ, mat return.  SSJ up and out now for the escape. 1-0 SSJ leads.  A lot of ear to ear wrestling in this one. 

3rd Period – Bigelow picks bottom.  Bigelow up to his feet and out for E1. Score is tied at 1-1.  1 minute to go, crowd starting to get into it.  Shot attempt from Bigelow, and he gets around for the TD2. SSJ escape 3-2 he trails. Bigelow wins 3-2.  Oregon State regains dual lead 16-15. 

174 – Myles Terry (Oregon State) vs Danny Bush (Iowa State)  

1st Period – Snaps and collar ties, no scoring with a minute to go in the first.  0-0 

2nd Period – Bush defers, Terry picks neutral. TD2 for Bush on edge of the mat, fell into tilt position but no swipes.  2-0 Bush leads. RT now over a minute for Bush.  

3rd Period – Bush picks top to start 3rd. Caution Bush. Bush riding with a half comes around the side and gets the fall for the Cyclones.  Iowa State leads the dual 21-16

184 – Seth McLeod (Oregon State) vs Dane Pestano (Iowa State)

1st Period – Nothing doing first 1:30, Pestano seems to be controlling the center.  Pestano strings together a couple of shot attempts takes McLeod off the mat. Stall warning McLeod. 0-0 after first 

2nd Period – McLeod picks bottom. E1 McLeod.  TD2 McLeod he leads 3-0.  Restart coming with 1:29 to go in 2nd. Pestano to his feet and able to escape. 3-1 McLeod leads. 

3rd Period – Pestano picks bottom to start. Pestano E1, he trails 3-2.  1 minute to go. Pestano double leg for TD2, he leads 4-3, tough ride he will win it. 4-3. IOWA STATE WINS 24-16!!!