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The 2017-2018 wrestling season has again ushered in a record number of Iowa girls registered to wrestle on their high school teams. As of today, there are 91 girls registered with 90 of them officially passing weight certification.

Using 90 as the official number, this is a 5.9% increase over last year’s 85 weight-certified female wrestlers at the high school level and an impressive increase of 34.7% over the past two seasons. This shows continued momentum and steady, increasing growth in female participation throughout the state.

The breakdown by grade level is as follows:

Freshman: 24
Sophomore: 24
Junior: 16
Senior: 27

This season, there is a female registered to wrestle is all but 2 districts covering 1A, 2A & 3A throughout the state of Iowa. Keep in mind that there are generally additional wrestlers who are late sign ups or have not been entered in the roster data. At this rate of growth, what used to be a handful of female wrestlers throughout the state will soon be well over 100 and growing.

Breakdown by class:

Class 1A: 29
Class 2A: 27
Class 3A: 34

Des Moines-Lincoln has returned this year with 4 girls on the roster, however Ottumwa has taken the lead as the leader in registered, certified female participants.

Top teams by female participation:

Ottumwa: 5
Des Moines-Lincoln: 4
Chariton: 4
Colfax-Mingo: 3

As mentioned in last year’s preview, “Iowa does not currently sanction girls wrestling at the high school level, requiring those females interested in wrestling to do so by competing on the boys team at their high school. We have reached a point in Iowa where sanctioning girls wrestling should be a major topic of discussion at the Iowa High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) and the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union (IGHSAU). The participation numbers, rate of growth, and active support among coaches, officials, and administrators point to the need for sanctioning. The assumption can also be made that the numbers would increase exponentially given the opportunity for girls to wrestle other girls. For those who have not supported girls wrestling because they have competed against the boys, here is your opportunity to support the girls by supporting sanctioning of girls wrestling in Iowa.”

It is also important to mention that there are tremendous opportunities for Iowa’s female wrestlers at the collegiate and international levels. There are 42 colleges and universities throughout the United States (16 in Canada) offering scholarship opportunities in women’s wrestling with additional programs being added every year. With the addition of the Presbyterian College program, women’s wrestling has now broken into the ranks of NCAA Division 1. Women’s wrestling is also included in the Olympic Games and there are developmental programs at USA Wrestling for girls at the Schoolgirl, Cadet, Junior and U23 levels.

The growth is strong, the future is bright, and there is a tremendous amount to be proud of when reviewing the growth of women’s wrestling in Iowa and across the nation.

Now on to the preview!

We have listed the wrestlers in their respective classes and districts and have included their grade level and weight class. Keep in mind that these are the certified weights and many wrestlers will compete at different weights as the season gets underway.

Class 1A Districts (29 wrestlers)

Mollie Greve Colfax-Mingo, IA 1A 1 126 Jr.
Ilia Hostetter Colfax-Mingo, IA 1A 1 126 Jr.
Audrey Ireland Woodbine, IA 1A 1 126 Fr.
Brittney Shumate Woodbine, IA 1A 1 126 Sr.
Olivia Diggins Logan-Magnolia, IA 1A 1 132 So.
McKenna Wohlers Missouri Valley, IA 1A 1 132 Sr.
Maddy Buffum Logan-Magnolia, IA 1A 1 138 Fr.
Abby Jones Colfax-Mingo, IA 1A 1 145 Sr.
Leila Seaton South Hamilton, IA 1A 1 152 Jr.
Ali Gerbracht AGWSR, IA 1A 2 106 So.
Emily Thomason Hudson, IA 1A 2 126 So.
Evah Owens Central City, IA 1A 2 132 Fr.
Michaela Wagner Dike-New Hartford, IA 1A 2 138 Fr.
Kalie Gaes Alta-Aurelia, IA 1A 3 126 Fr.
Madeline Kelley Moravia, IA 1A 4 113 Sr.
Juliana Dias B-G-M, IA 1A 4 145 Sr.
Sarah Moorman Wayne, IA 1A 4 145 So.
Luiza Bianco B-G-M, IA 1A 4 182 Sr.
Joselin Baxter AHSTW, IA 1A 5 145
Julia Smith Griswold, IA 1A 5 285 Sr.
Felicity Taylor South Winneshiek, IA 1A 6 113 Sr.
Kari German Starmont, IA 1A 6 120 So.
Carrie Turner Postville, IA 1A 6 145 Sr.
Shae Muecke Kingsley-Pierson, IA 1A 7 106 Jr.
Carli Ahrenstorff Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn, IA 1A 7 113 Sr.
Nola Scherling Akron-Westfield, IA 1A 7 145 Fr.
Serenity Stansbury Kingsley-Pierson, IA 1A 7 285 Jr.
Kiara Musser North Cedar, IA 1A 8 120 Jr.
Lily Bassett Durant, IA 1A 8 145 Sr.

Class 2A Districts (27 wrestlers)

Marissa Lacy Forest City, IA 2A 1 113 So.
Kim Hendrian Roland-Story, IA 2A 1 132 Sr.
Kennadi Colbert Clear Lake, IA 2A 1 138 So.
Hannah Cree Roland-Story, IA 2A 1 145 Fr.
Ciana Sonberg Charles City, IA 2A 1 182 Sr.
Kaylei Ilai Maquoketa, IA 2A 2 106 So.
Hope Hunter Monticello, IA 2A 2 106 Fr.
Alaina Sunlin Monticello, IA 2A 2 113 So.
Trisda Capelle Maquoketa, IA 2A 2 138 Fr.
Shelby Wilke Northeast Community, IA 2A 2 195 Sr.
Haley Snyder Northeast Community, IA 2A 2 220 Sr.
Emily Lewis Centerville, IA 2A 3 106 Jr.
Alexis Partida West Liberty, IA 2A 3 113 So.
Shelby Vanderheyden Centerville, IA 2A 3 220 Jr.
Hannah Michael Union, IA 2A 5 106 Jr.
Hailey Wilkins Decorah, IA 2A 5 120 Jr.
Matti Pladsen Waukon, IA 2A 5 138 Sr.
Emma Cochran Chariton, IA 2A 6 106 Jr.
Ashley Gress Chariton, IA 2A 6 106 Sr.
Emilee Coates Chariton, IA 2A 6 113 So.
Bella Roads Williamsburg, IA 2A 6 113 Sr.
Sharlie Waseskuk South Tama County, IA 2A 6 126 Jr.
Maryim Kopytko Chariton, IA 2A 6 138 Sr.
K Kennedi Crosby Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont, IA 2A 6 152 Fr.
Hannah Payne South Central Calhoun, IA 2A 8 120 So.
Keagan King South Central Calhoun, IA 2A 8 132 Jr.
Camrae Schakel Nevada, IA 2A 8 145 So.

Class 3A Districts (34 wrestlers)

Alexandra Chamu Des Moines, Abraham Lincoln, IA 3A 1 106 So.
Jade Bitting Southeast Polk, IA 3A 1 113 Jr.
Chloe Pearson Des Moines, Abraham Lincoln, IA 3A 1 120 So.
Jolynn Harris Des Moines, Abraham Lincoln, IA 3A 1 132 Sr.
Isabelle Jaimes Des Moines, Abraham Lincoln, IA 3A 1 182 So.
Emma Faust Muscatine, IA 3A 2 106 So.
Tateum Park Davenport North, IA 3A 2 113 So.
Tanaya Turpin Davenport North, IA 3A 2 120 Fr.
Alisha Smith Pleasant Valley, IA 3A 3 138 Sr.
Alyssa Zinke Clinton, IA 3A 3 152 So.
Alex Champman Pleasant Valley, IA 3A 3 152 So.
Jayden Bentley Waterloo East, IA 3A 3 160 Fr.
Jade Davis Ottumwa, IA 3A 4 113 Fr.
Sara Elimam Iowa City West, IA 3A 4 120 So.
Mya Davis Ottumwa, IA 3A 4 120 Fr.
Morgan Lawson Ottumwa, IA 3A 4 120 Sr.
Alaa Babekir Iowa City West, IA 3A 4 138 Fr.
Kaia Graham Oskaloosa, IA 3A 4 138 Jr.
Hannah Jeffrey Ottumwa, IA 3A 4 152 Sr.
Sabrina Morrow Ottumwa, IA 3A 4 195 So.
Chloe Clemons Cedar Rapids Jefferson, IA 3A 5 120 So.
Alexandra Andersen Cedar Rapids Kennedy, IA 3A 5 126 Fr.
Emlie Smith-Mess Marion, IA 3A 5 152 Jr.
Myla Mayo Sioux City East, IA 3A 6 106 Sr.
Sky Smith Sioux City East, IA 3A 6 138 Sr.
Luz Villegas Sioux City West, IA 3A 6 145 Fr.
Jesse Lo Denison-Schleswig, IA 3A 6 152 Sr.
Madison Smith Indianola, IA 3A 7 106 Fr.
Carolina Cristobal Boone, IA 3A 7 113 Fr.
Kennedy Lawrence Valley, West Des Moines, IA 3A 7 182 Fr.
Abby Mclntyre Glenwood, IA 3A 8 132 Fr.
Jasmine Mueggenberg Norwalk, IA 3A 8 132 Fr.
Bianca Macias Waukee, IA 3A 8 182 Fr.
Jaden Gaylord Glenwood, IA 3A 8 195 Fr.

As mentioned above, additional wrestlers will likely be added in the coming weeks. If you know of a female high school wrestler who is not included, please email their information to: iowawwr@gmail.com

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