Fareway Stores, Inc. and Powerade present the Dan Gable Wrestler of the Year Awards in coordination with IAwrestle and IWCOA.

The IWCOA accepted nominations from high school coaches for student athletes in each of the three state wrestling classes, regardless of their year in school and weight class. A committee selected by the IWCOA recently provided IAwrestle with a list of 15 finalist candidates for public input.

For the first time, fans have the ability to vote once per day for their top wrestler in each class until January 15, where it will be narrowed down to the top 10. (Top voted wrestler receives a nomination) Another round of voting will take place to determine the three finalists. The fan votes will count as ONE vote towards the IWCOA’s committee votes in EACH round. (For example: Wrestler A received enough votes to be in second but might not necessarily move on to the next round. IWCOA has selected 12 coaches and officials for this committee. The fan vote is the 13th vote to break up any ties.)

All finalists will be invited to the season end luncheon gala in late February, where a winner will be announced in each class.

The two runner-up student athletes in each class will each receive finalist award plaques. A duplicate Wrestler of the Year trophy and duplicate Wrestler of the Year runner-up plaques will be provided to each high school where finalists attend, for permanent placement in the high school trophy case.

17 thoughts on “Dan Gable Wrestler of the Year Award – FAN VOTE”
  1. Brian Sadler all the way because he has had the toughest conference in the last two years and still won he also is a very good remodel and a great athlete

  2. I don’t feel Tanner Sloan should be considered sense he recently just beat up a kid at the beginning of the season if you want an honest opinion.

  3. “Gable Fox”

    Pronounced, “Gah-bell,” “Gob-lee”, or “Gabbel”?

    1. If you don’t know how to pronounce Gable you shouldn’t be allowed on this website!!!

  4. How do u have Hunter Dejong up for voting when @hunter_hagen pinned him twice last year?!?!?!! #votefor@hunter_hagen

      1. It’s amazing how much everyone is so worried about individual awards during the season, but I want to ask ALL of you isn’t the final goal to win a state title and for your team to WIN a team title !!!

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