125 – Justin Stickley (Iowa) vs Kyle Akins (Buffalo)

1st: Takedown Stickley off the whistle. Escape Akins making it 2-1 with 2:30 left in first. Shot by Akins. Stick fights it off with a front headlock. Restart with Stick in on an outside shot off the whistle. Stick reaches around for the two with :55 to go in period. Quick escape Akins. Atkins gets TD with :20 left to tie it up 4-4. Stick with :22 riding time.

2nd: Akins chooses down. Escapes with Stick racking up 48.8 riding time. Akins in on low double. Trying to go out the back door. Peaks out the side for two to make it 7-4 Akins.

3rd: Stick chooses down. 1:33 left. Atkins with :38+ riding time. Atkins rides him out to win 8-4 with 2:04 riding time.

Match Score: Akins 7-4
Dual Score: Buffalo 3-0

133 – Paul Glynn (Iowa) vs Bryan Lantry (Buffalo)

1st: Glynn in on a shot off the whistle. Lantry with a great sprawl. 0-0 still with 1:00 left. Scoreless after one.

2nd: Glynn gets rode out. 2:00 riding time for Lantry.

3rd: Lantry out in :28. Glynn in a loooong shot. Almost brings it back in but now are neutral with :50 left. down 1-0. Glynn can’t connect on one and loses 2-0 with riding time.

Match Score: Lantry 2-0
Dual Score: Buffalo 6-0

141 – Vince Turk (Iowa) vs Balek Retell (Buffalo)

1st: Vince Turk scores first with a single leg 2-0. 1:06 left in period. Turk riding spiral ride. Racks up 2:25 riding time.

2nd: Retell choses down and gets out in quick. Turk keeps 2:42 riding time. Quick fakes from Turk. Retell warned for stalling off an outside singlet shot by Turk. 4-1 now. Retell dinged for stalling on bottom at the end of period to make it 5-1. 3:41 riding time.

3rd: Turk chooses down and is out in :10. 6-1 Turk. Blast double from Turk with :50 left. 8-2 after he lets him up. Another blast double to lead 11-2. Riding out from Turk to win 12-2 with riding time.

Match Score: Turk major dec 12-2
Dual Score: Buffalo 6-4

149 – Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) vs Jason Estevez (Buffalo)

1st: Left handed ankle pick :30 into match for Sorensen. 2-0. Sorensen lets him up. 2-1. 1:30 left Sorensen heavy on the head shoots a left handed single to up 4-1. 1:10 left. Escape Estevez. 4-2. Sorensen with 1:03 riding time end of 1st.

2nd: Estevez chooses down. Escapes Estevez and takedown from Sorensen 8-3. Sorensen threads the needle out front and gets the fall in 4:40.

Match Score: Sorensen wins by fall 4:40
Dual Score: Iowa 10-6

157 – Michael Kemerer (Iowa) vs Kobe Garrehy (Buffalo)

1st: Garrehy in on shot but Kemerer pancakes him and spins around for 2. Gets too far out front and Garrehy puts him on his butt. Kemerer gets his hips up and locks up a side cradle for the fall 1:34.

Match Score: Kemerer FALL 1:34
Dual Score: Iowa 16-6

165 – Kaleb Young (Iowa) vs Noah Grover (Buffalo)

1st: Quick takedown off the whistle and release 2-1. Young with a nice snap and go behind. 4-1 with 1:34 left. 4-2 after release. Young with 1:30 riding time.

2nd: Up and out for Young and nice right handed high crotch for two. 7-3 after release with 1:00 left. 9-3 after another takedown late in 2nd.

3rd: Grover chooses down to escape. Young with 2:18 riding time. Grover in on low single. Young hipped in and crossed faced and gets the two. 11-4. 12-4 after riding time.

Match Score: Young maj dec 12-4
Dual Score: Iowa 20-6.

174 – Joey Gunther (Iowa) vs Austin Weigel (Buffalo)

1st: Lots of hand fighting in the center of the mat. no one pulling the trigger. 1:00 left in period. Right handed high crotch from Gunther on the edge to lead 2-0 with :39 left. Weigel coming up to his feet a couple times but Gunther able to push him out of bounds with no stalling called. Huge lift and return to end the period with :40 of riding time. 2-0 Gunther.

2nd: Weigel starts down and gets out in :08. 2-1 Gunther. Gunther controlling the ties but can’t clear the hands very well.

3rd: Gunther chooses down and escapes with :26 left in riding time. 3-1. Still having trouble clearing those hands but felt like he won 10-0.

Match Score: Gunther by dec 3-1
Dual Score: Iowa 23-6

184 – Mitch Bowman (Iowa) vs Brett Perry (Buffalo)

1st: Bowman with a double. 2-0. Release making it 2-1. Another quick td from Bowman to lead 4-1. Bowman riding with the leg in and tough far wrist.

2nd: Bowman chooses down. Escape and takedown for Bowman to push lead to 7-1. 1:45+ riding time. Escape Perry and takedown on edge to make it 9-2. Challenge from Buffalo for “cut back rule”. Call stands and Terry Brands getting taught a lesson on the rule by Morningstar. 9-3 with 2:44 riding time.

3rd: Bowman throwing legs in again on top but he is HIGH right now and somehow gets the stalemate. Escape Perry 9-4. Bowman in on low single leg. Brings it up but can’t finish on the edge. Bowman wins 10-4 with 3:30 riding time.

Match Score: Bowman by dec 10-4
Dual Score: Iowa 26-6

197 – Cash Wilcke (Iowa) vs Joe Ariola (Buffalo)

1st: Wilcke pushes the action finally late into the first to lead 2-1 after a release. Double leg with short time to Ariola’s back for a 6 point swing. 8-1 after first with :11 riding time.

2nd: Ariola chooses down and gets an escape. 8-2. Wilcke putting on takedown clinic making it 13-3 after another release.

3rd: Wilcke with 1:49 riding with 1:06 left in the match. 14-3 with riding time to finish the match.

Match Score: Wilcke 14-3
Dual Score: Iowa 30-6

285 – Sam Stoll (Iowa) vs Jake Gunning (Buffalo)

1st: Stoll-Gunning scoreless after a push fest in first period.

2nd: Gunning chooses down and gets escape in :10. Both exchanging some heavy hands. Iowa fans wanting stalling on Gunning. Ref having none of it. 1-0 Gunning after 2nd.

3rd: Stoll goes down. Quick escape. Both pushing and more pushing in the center. :35 left in match. Headed to overtime.

1st Overtime: Gunning with a couple fakes. Stoll pushes action on side of mat. Gunning almost with a go-behind two but off the mat they go.

Overtime: Stoll chooses down and gets out. 2-1 Sam. Gunning has :08 riding time.

Overtime: Gunning chooses down. Gunning gets out to tie it up 2-2. Stoll now has 7.4 riding time advantage.

2nd Overtime: No one pulled trigger. Gunning had some good fakes. Don’t believe there has been stall warning.

Overtime: Gunning comes to his feet. Lift and return from Stoll. Gunning back up to his feet and Stoll dinged for stalling. 3-2.

Overtime: Stoll chooses down. Gunning starts em neutral. 3-3. Sam with :37 riding time and will win per criteria.

Match Score: Stoll by dec 4-3
Dual Score: Iowa 33-6