Fans can watch Thomas Gilman compete at the 2017 World Championships on August 25th by purchasing a Trackwrestling subscription. (Photo by Ben Strandberg |

Trackwrestling is partnering with Titan Mercury Wrestling Club to deliver live streams and broad coverage of the Senior, Junior and Cadet World Championships.

Fans can watch live and archived video of American greats and top wrestlers from around the globe by purchasing single World Championship pay-per-views for a special promotional price of $9.99 per tournament by going to

“This is amongst the most exciting teams that the United States has ever sent to the World Championships,” Titan Mercury co-founder and executive director Andy Barth said. “These dedicated young men and women representing our country deserve our support. Titan Mercury is proud to be a sponsor and partner with Trackwrestling to bring this to the amazing wrestling fans of this country at a reasonable price.”

The United States will take the mats in Finland, France and Greece during the next two months with a collection of stars headlined by Olympic gold medalists Jordan Burroughs, Helen Maroulis and Kyle Snyder, Rio bronze medalist J’den Cox, World champions Logan Stieber, Mark Hall, Gable Steveson and Kurt McHenry and a talented cast of others.

“Carrying the World Championships is a milestone in the history of Trackwrestling,” Trackwrestling founder and general manager Justin Tritz said. “We’re thrilled to be delivering the streams and coverage in conjunction with the most dominant Senior-level club in the United States.”

The championship coverage will kick off Aug. 1-6 with the Junior World Championships in Tampere, Finland, followed by the Senior World Championships (Aug. 21-26 in Paris) and the Cadet World Championships (Sept. 4-10 in Athens, Greece).

“It’s an honor to be involved in the sport of wrestling and with wrestlers who represent the United States,” Titan Mercury co-founder and director of development Wayne Boyd said. “All of America and the world should rise to this great opportunity of seeing our men and women perform in Paris and our young people in Finland and Greece. These live streams can be some of the highly watched wrestling events if every fan and wrestling supporter signs on. Support wrestling. Support our wrestlers. Support the United States and the world of wrestling.”

Junior World Championships (Aug. 1-6 in Tampere, Finland)

Qualification round action begins each day at 3 a.m. ET, followed by the medal rounds at 1:30 p.m. ET.

Aug. 1

MFS 50 kg — Malik Heinselman

MFS 60 kg — Mitch McKee

MFS 74 kg — Mark Hall

MFS 96 kg — Kollin Moore

Aug. 2

MFS 55 kg — Daton Fix

MFS 66 kg — Ryan Deakin

MFS 84 kg — Zahid Valencia

MFS 120 kg — Gable Steveson

Aug. 3

WFS 44 kg — Asia Ray

WFS 51 kg — Cameron Guerin

WFS 59 kg — Gracie Figueroa

WFS 67 kg — Alexandria Glaude

Aug. 4

WFS 48 kg — Mckayla Campbell

WFS 55 kg — Ronna Heaton

WFS 63 kg — Maya Nelson

WFS 72 kg — Rachel Watters

Aug. 5

GR 50 kg — Cevion Severado

GR 60 kg — Taylor LaMont

GR 74 kg — Kamal Bey

GR 96 kg — G’Angelo Hancock

Aug. 6

GR 55 kg — Randon Miranda

GR 66 kg — Dominick Demas

GR 84 kg — Wyatt Koelling

GR 120 kg — Cohlton Schultz

Senior World Championships (Aug. 21-26 in Paris, France)

Qualification round action begins each day at 4 a.m. ET, followed by the medal round at 1 p.m. ET.

Aug. 21

GR 71 kg — Pat Smith

GR 75 kg — Mason Manville

GR 85 kg — Ben Provisor

GR 98 kg — G’Angelo Hancock

Aug. 22

GR 59 kg — Ildar Hafizov

GR 66 kg — Ellis Coleman

GR 80 kg — Cheney Haight

GR 130 kg — Robby Smith

Aug. 23

WFS 55 kg — Becka Leathers

WFS 58 kg — Helen Maroulis

WFS 63 kg — Mallory Velte

WFS 75 kg — Victoria Francis

Aug. 24

WFS 48 kg — Victoria Anthony

WFS 53 kg — Haley Augello

WFS 60 kg — Alli Ragan

WFS 69 kg — Tamyra Mensah

Aug. 25

MFS 57 kg — Thomas Gilman

MFS 61 kg — Logan Stieber

MFS 86 kg — J’den Cox

MFS 125 kg — Nick Gwiazdowski

Aug. 26

MFS 65 kg — Zain Retherford

MFS 70 kg — James Green

MFS 74 kg — Jordan Burroughs

MFS 97 kg — Kyle Snyder

Cadet World Championships (Sept. 4-10 in Athens, Greece)

On the first six days of the tournament, qualification round action begins at 3 a.m. ET, followed semifinal action at 11:30 a.m. ET. Medal contenders will return the day after their qualification matches for repechage action at 3 a.m ET and medal matches begin at noon ET. The tournament’s final day features repechage at 8:30 a.m. ET followed by medal matches at 10 a.m. ET.

Sept. 4-5

GR 50 kg — Lucas Byrd

GR 54 kg — Ridge Lovett

GR 58 kg — Malik Johnson

GR 63 kg — Mason Phillips

GR 100 kg — Cohlton Schultz

Sept. 5-6

GR 42 kg — Kase Mauger

GR 46 kg — Dylan Ragusin

GR 69 kg — Will Lewan

GR 76 kg — Jake Hendricks

GR 85 kg — Ashton Sharp

Sept. 6-7

WFS 43 kg — Emily Shilson

WFS 49 kg — Vayle Baker

WFS 56 kg — Gracie Figueroa

WFS 65 kg — Alara Boyd

Sept. 7-8

WFS 40 kg — Caitlyn Walker

WFS 46 kg — Olivia Shore

WFS 52 kg — Alisha Howk

WFS 60 kg — Alexandria Liles

WFS 70 kg — Kelani Corbett

Sept. 8-9

MFS 42 kg — Cole Skinner

MFS 50 kg — Julian Tagg

MFS 58 kg — Jordan Decatur

MFS 69 kg — Will Lewan

MFS 85 kg — Gavin Hoffman

Sept. 9-10

MFS 46 kg — Kurt McHenry

MFS 54 kg — Robert Howard

MFS 63 kg — Jacori Teemer

MFS 76 kg — Travis Wittlake

MFS 100 kg — Daniel Kerkvliet

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle