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Early Morning Preview:

With the first day in the books in Akron, Ohio only seven wrestlers remain alive for a University National title, with the quarterfinals scheduled to get underway this morning.

Northern Iowa leads all teams from Iowa with a trio of quarterfinalists and a fourth wrestler alive in the consolation bracket. All-American Max Thomsen is out scoring the competition 36-2 through his first four matches and will take on North Carolina’s Troy Heilmann this morning. A win could put him in a semifinal matchup with fellow Iowan Brandon Sorensen. NCAA qualifier Jacob Holschlag, and NJCAA champion Tyler Hoffman will also compete in this morning’s quarterfinal round, and 74kg wrestler Danny Kelly remains alive on the backside for the Panthers.

If Earl Hall is going to repeat at University Nationals champion he is certainly going to have his work cut out facing off against Nebraska’s Chad Red and a win could pit him against the weight’s top seed in the semifinals, Dean Heil. The two-time Cyclone All-American is joined in the quarterfinals by redshirt Ian Parker, who will take on Dom Forys, Pittsburgh’s 133-pound starter last year. Freshman Markus Simmons (61kg) remains alive in the consolation bracket.

The Hawkeyes only have Sorensen in the quarterfinals, who as mentioned above could face Thomsen in the weight’s semifinals if both win in this morning’s round. Sorensen is the returning runner-up at this weight, and was the top seed. Also still alive for Iowa are true freshmen Matt Malcom (74kg), Kaleb Young (80kg), and redshirt freshman Steven Holloway (97kg).

Coe College will be represented in the quarterfinals as well, with former Mediapolis standout Cole Erickson posting wins over former Junior freestyle national champion Larry Early and Wartburg’s Logan Thomsen along the way.

After Quarters Recap:

Five wrestlers headed to the semifinals, with the state of Iowa producing three of the semifinalist. It will be a battle of four-time Iowa state champions in the top half, with Sorensen and Thomsen facing off. Erickson continues his strong tournament and with a win he would make it an all Iowa finals at the weight.

Iowa State got a second period comeback from Ian Parker and a dominating performance from Earl Hall to put two wrestlers into the semifinals.

Six wrestlers remain in the consolation bracket and will reach All-American status with one more win.

Results (Match winners in italics) – Red Denotes Completed Rounds

Quarterfinal Matches:
61kg: Ian Parker (ISU) def. Dom Forys (Pittsburgh), 6-3
65kg: Earl Hall (ISU/C-RTC) def Chad Red (Nebraska), 10-4
70kg: Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) def Kenan Carter (Virginia Beach Regional Training Center), 10-0
70kg Max Thomsen (UNI) def Troy Heilmann (North Carolina), 9-5
70kg: Cole Erickson (Coe) def. Mike VanBrill (Rutgers), 11-0
86kg: Jacob Holschlag (UNI) loss to Ryan Preisch (Lehigh), 14-4
97kg: Tyler Hoffman (UNI) loss to Jeric Kasunic (DCAC), 13-4

Semifinal Matches:
61kg: Ian Parker (ISU) loss to William Erneste (Missouri), 10-0
65kg: Earl Hall (ISU/C-RTC) loss to Robbie Mathers (ASU), 10-0
70kg: Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) def Max Thomsen (UNI), 3-1
70kg: Cole Erickson (Coe) loss to Grant Lamont (Utah Valley), fall

70kg: Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) def Grant Lamont (Utah Valley), 4-0 — 1st Place

Day 2 Consolation matches:
61kg: Markus Simmons (ISU) def George Phillippi (Virginia), 12-1
74kg: Danny Kelly (UNI) loss to Markus Scheidel (NYC RTC), 10-0
74kg: Ryan Niven (Grand View) def Brian Hamann (NC State), 10-0

74kg: Matt Malcom (Iowa) loss to Bryant Clagon (Broncs Wrestling Club), 19-9
80kg: Kaleb Young (Iowa) def Bryce Martin (Indiana), 3-2
97kg: Jonathan Dennis (Grand View) def Steven Holloway (Iowa), 12-8

Bloodround Matches:
61kg: Markus Simmons (ISU) def Dom Forys (Pittsburgh), 10-0
74kg: Ryan Niven (Grand View) loss Cole Walter (Lehigh), 10-0
80kg: Kaleb Young (Iowa) def Joseph Grello (Rutgers), FFT
86kg: Jacob Holschlag (UNI) def Gregg Harvey (Pittsburgh), 6-1
97kg: Jonathan Dennis (Grand View) loss to Tom Sleigh (Buffalo), 6-5
97kg: Tyler Hoffman (UNI) loss to Jonathan Aiello (Virginia), 11-8

Consolation of 4 – Top Eight Finish Guaranteed:
61kg: Markus Simmons (ISU) def Daniel Deshazer (Minnesota Storm), 3-3
80kg: Kaleb Young (Iowa) loss to Kimball Bastian (Wolverine Wrestling Club), FFT
86kg: Jacob Holschlag (UNI) loss to Ricky Robertson (Wisconsin), 7-0

7th/8th Place Matches:
80kg: Kaleb Young (Iowa) loss to Chad Walsh (Rider), FFT — 8th Place
86kg: Jacob Holschlag (UNI) loss to
Alexander Deciantis (Drexel), 10-2 — 8th Place

Consolation Semifinals – Top Six Finish Guaranteed:
61kg: Ian Parker (ISU) loss to Jake Rubio (Oklahoma), 5-2
61kg: Markus Simmons (ISU) def Johnni DiJulius (Titan Mercury), fall
65kg: Earl Hall (ISU/C-RTC) def Collin Purinton (Nebraska), 14-4
70kg: Cole Erickson (Coe) loss Troy Heilmann (North Carolina), 11-0
70kg: Max Thomsen (UNI) loss to Mitch Finesilver (Duke), 2-1

3rd/4th Place Matches:
61kg: Markus Simmons (ISU) def Jake Rubio (Oklahoma), 5-5 — 3rd Place
65kg: Earl Hall (ISU/C-RTC) loss to Brock Zacherl (Clarion, 10-0 — 4th Place

5th/6th Place Matches:
61kg: Ian Parker (ISU) def Johnni DiJulius (Titan Mercury), FFT — 5th Place
70kg: Max Thomsen (UNI) def Cole Erickson (Coe), 10-0 TF — 5th Place / 6th Place

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle