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Quite a few Iowa wrestlers competed this weekend in the Reno Worlds in Reno, Nevada. Dreshaun Ross of Sebolt Wrestling Academy and Deshawn Parrow of Future Trojans came home with titles from the prestigious event.

12U – 4th place
Carter Fousek (Sebolt Wrestling) Fall Adrian Soto (Gilroy, CA) 1:12
Carter Fousek (Sebolt Wrestling) Fall Sean-Michael Roberts (Clovis, CA) 1:48
Carter Fousek (Sebolt Wrestling) Fall Brendan McBride (Buckley, WA) :57
Carter Fousek (Sebolt Wrestling) Dec Drake Rhodes (Billings, MT) 6-4
Logan Rozynski (Sparta, NJ) Dec Carter Fousek (Sebolt Wrestling) 9-6
Carter Fousek (Sebolt Wrestling) Dec Drayden Morton (Winthrop, MN) 5-0
Fernando Barreto (Pomona, CA) Dec Carter Fousek (Sebolt Wrestling) 4-2

12G – 2nd place
Alexis Ross (Sebolt Wrestling) Fall Anastasia Crane (OKWA Thunder) 2:18
Amit Elor (Wrestling Prep) Fall Alexis Ross (Sebolt Wrestling) :01
Alexis Ross (Sebolt Wrestling) Fall Yasmari Rodriguez (Victory Wrestling)3:32
Alexis Ross (Sebolt Wrestling) Fall Hannah Scott (Askeo International) 1:04

12G – Did not place
Ella Schmit (Young Guns) Fall Peyton Hand (OKWA Thunder) :55
Elena Ivaldi (USA Gold) MD Ella Schmit (Young Guns) 11-0
Ella Schmit (Young Guns) Fall Ruby Clark (Toppenish Badboy Wrestling) 2:36
Paige Moralez (Red Wave Wrestling) Dec Ella Schmit (Young Guns) 2-0

10U – Did not place
Kaden Kintner (Toppenish, WA) MD Damarion Ross (Sebolt Wrestling) 12-0
Damarion Ross (Sebolt Wrestling) Dec Michael Freitas (Modesto, CA) 8-2
Damarion Ross (Sebolt Wrestlig) Dec Diesel Grant (New Milford, CT) 10-3
Smokey McClure (Langley, WA) MD Damarion Ross (Sebolt Wrestling) 13-0

9G – 2nd place
Daniesha Watson (Future Trojans) Fall Priscilla Zandi (Brothers In Arms) 2:45
Sophia Torrez (Toppenish Badboy Wrestling) Dec Daniesha Watson (Future Trojans) 5-2 TB2
Daniesha Watson (Future Trojans) Fall Alyssa Chavez (Victory Wrestling) 1:57
Daniesha Watson (Future Trojans) Fall Payton Gines (Syracuse) 2:58
Daniesha Watson (Future Trojans) Fall Jaelle Cortez (Los Banos Tigers) 1:25
Daniesha Watson (Future Trojans) Fall Tammy Grace (Daniel Cormier AKA Wrestling) :52
Daniesha Watson (Future Trojans) Dec Gigi Bragg (Pinnacle) 6-2
Daniesha Watson (Future Trojans) Dec Juliet Salazar (Tuff Kidz) 6-0
Daniesha Watson (Future Trojans) Dec Jillian Wells (Elk Grove Wrestling Academy) 6-1

8U – 1st place
Dreshaun Ross (Sebolt Wrestling) Fall Carter Rudolph (Lakeport, CA) :36
Dreshaun Ross (Sebolt Wrestling) Fall Jon Broehl II (Tulsa, OK) 1:27
Dreshaun Ross (Sebolt Wrestling) Fall Zayne Candelaria (Tuscon, AZ) 2:31

6U – 1st place
Deshawn Parrow (Future Trojans) Fall Bekhym Collingwood (Payette, ID) :13
Deshawn Parrow (Future Trojans) Fall Landon Hall (Wells, NV) :33
Deshawn Parrow (Future Trojans) MD Charlie Fritz (Graham, WA) 9-0
Deshawn Parrow (Future Trojans) Fall Makara Borrelli (Redmond, OR) 1:38
Deshawn Parrow (Future Trojans) Dec Braden Perez (Tulsa, OK) 7-4

6U – 3rd place
Djimon Speller (Future Trojans) Fall Casey Bittner (Salinas, CA) :55
Djimon Speller (Future Trojans) Dec Braylon Freeman (Tulsa, OK) 6-0
Djimon Speller (Future Trojans) MD Kaden Nash (Griggsville, IL) 8-0
Carson Blum (Grand Rapids, MI) Dec Djimon Speller (Future Trojans) 3-2
Djimon Speller (Future Trojans) Dec Braylon Freeman (Tulsa, OK) 4-0
Djimon Speller (Future Trojans) MD Madden Guerra (Bakersfield, CA) 9-0

6U – 2nd place
TJ Lovell (Hammerin Hawks) Fall Dylan Jones (Bend, OR) :20
TJ Lovell (Hammerin Hawks) Fall Jaylen Duffy (Tulsa, OK) :56
TJ Lovell (Hammerin Hawks) Dec Eli Forwoodson (Checotah, OK) 8-3
Jalyn Smith (Omaha, NE) Dec TJ Lovell (Hammerin Hawks) 4-2 SV
TJ Lovell (Hammerin Hawks) Fall Madden Sandoval (Caldwell, ID) :55

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  1. Why are Deshawn Parrow (6u), Djimon Speller (6u) and Daniesha Watson (9G) not mentioned this article?

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