aau state

Here is a list of all the Iowa AAU State Champions from 1990-2016. Most early results only have an initial for the first name. We did as best as we could to fill in first names. If you know of anymore let us know and we will update them.

For the first time the AAU Kids State Championships will be streamed live for fans presented by IAwrestle on Trackwrestling.com. You can purchase the live stream and archives HERE. Our Season Pass members ($65) will see this added to the package.



A Division
50lbs- T Wood
55lbs- Pat Rial
60lbs- K Morgan
65lbs- Justin Stanley
70lbs- G Smith
75lbs- C Wood
80lbs- J Munger
85lbs- Scott Kauffman (Emmetsburg)
90lbs- T Pulsrud
95lbs- W Wilson
100lbs- E Echard
110lbs- Jared Harmon (Council Bluffs)
120lbs- Mark Kincaid (Glenwood)
130lbs- N Gordan
HWT- N Club

B Division
60lbs- Brad Scoles (Underwood)
65lbs- Tyrone Martinez (Council Bluffs)
70lbs- J Evans
75lbs- J Schadt
80lbs- C Stanley
85lbs-  N Burkert
90lbs- Keith Weber (Dubuque)
95lbs- Ryan Lagrange (Swisher)
100lbs- David Kjeelgaard (Council Bluffs)
105lbs- Wille Crile (Oskaloosa)
110lbs- Phil Heim (Dubuque)
115lbs- Josh Frommelt (Dubuque)
120lbs- J Keller
130lbs- T Bevans
140lbs- W Bucknell
150lbs- Josh Sestak (Fort Dodge)
HWT- C Bern
HWT- T Beminio
HWT- A Young

C Division
70lbs- B Marolf
75lbs- R Steiner
80lbs- D Sigler
85lbs- Colter Allison (Oskaloosa)
90lbs- Jeff Bellows (Council Bluffs)
95lbs- Will Kelly (Dubuque)
100lbs- S Harlan
105lbs- Cory Krammerer (Pleasant Valley)
110lbs- Anthony Blint
115lbs- J Glosser
120lbs- J Glosser
125lbs- B Horton
130lbs- Nick Lara (Fort Dodge)
135lbs- Lee Fullhart
145lbs- Mike Alesch (Graettinger)
155lbs- T Scott
165lbs- Frank Bachman (Glenwood)
175lbs- Matt Hoover (Belle Plaine)
HWT- T Stephenson
HWT- M McCabe
HWT- H Kasperbau


A Division
50lbs- Rafeal Martinez (Council Bluffs)
55lbs- J Cline
60lbs- Cliff Moore
65lbs- Nick Lee
70lbs- Tyler McGinnis
75lbs- E Weber
80lbs- G Anderson
85lbs- Kurtis Williamson
90lbs- C Wilson
95lbs- R Cline
100lbs- J Cook
110lbs- A Kellogg
120lbs- D Anderson
130lbs- Brad Honold (Clarinda)
HWT- N Cates

B Division
60lbs- David Whisnnand (Council Bluffs)
65lbs- Tyrone Martinez (Council Bluffs)
70lbs- Justin Stanley
75lbs- Jimmy Rodgers (Oakland)
80lbs- J Schadt
85lbs- C Gwinn
90lbs- Tony Brown (Sioux City)
95lbs- B Scorpil
100lbs- J Barck
105lbs- R Lagrange
110lbs- D Wilson
115lbs- J Stoermer
120lbs- S Niles
130lbs- J Harmon
140lbs- D Reid
150lbs- S Blunt
HWT- B Stender
HWT- A Young
HWT- A Kelly

C Division
70lbs- J Jones
75lbs- R Fish
80lbs- C Stanley
85lbs- Scott Vance (Charles City)
90lbs- J Ergenbright
95lbs- Jason Keenan (Ogden)
100lbs- J Beck
105lbs- Kevin Pickerell (Albia)
110lbs- Nick Stewart (Charles City)
115lbs- Justin Decker (Maynard)
120lbs- Colby Yoder
125lbs- J Frommelt
130lbs- Anthony Krugger (Sioux City)
135lbs- Casey Aldridge (Indianola)
145lbs- B Fisher
155lbs- W Bucknell
165lbs- Gunther Hildreth (Des Moines)
175lbs- Wes Hand
HWT- Tony Bemino (Iowa City)
HWT- T Eitzman
HWT- K Wood


A Division
50lbs- J Davis
55lbs- J Weiland
60lbs- Joe Honts
65lbs- Chris Wernimont
70lbs- Ryan Heim
75lbs- Tyler McGinnis
80lbs- S Hunter
85lbs- N Humpal
90lbs- G Anderson
95lbs- Kurtis Williamson
100lbs- Keith Clauson
110lbs- Trey Clark
120lbs- D Anderson
130lbs- C Brandt
HWT- N Cates

B Division
60lbs- J Cline
65lbs- D Brown
70lbs- L Richardson
75lbs- Kentral Galloway
80lbs- B Koenig
85lbs- Justin Stanley
90lbs- M Anderson
95lbs- A Coufal
100lbs- Zeb Evans
105lbs- T Brown
110lbs- J Cook
115lbs- J Black
120lbs- S Sanden
130lbs- J Hissem
140lbs- J Spiegel
150lbs- J Harmon
165lbs- B Rich
HWT- C Funk

C Division
70lbs- Jamie Taxted
75lbs- T Martinez
80lbs- S Hollenkamp
85lbs- S Graff
90lbs- J Rodgers
95lbs- Eric Juergens
100lbs- J Dorothy
105lbs- K Weber
110lbs- Nate Trees
115lbs- R LaGrange
120lbs- Tucker O’Hara (Council Bluffs)
125lbs- W Crile
130lbs- Ryan Bennett (Fort Dodge)
135lbs- Wes Simpson (Spencer)
145lbs- J Frommelt
155lbs- C Rowson
165lbs- W Bucknell
175lbs- J Sestak
205lbs- D Werner
230lbs- J Hobson
260lbs- G Stauffer
HWT- K Wood


A Division
50lbs- Ryan Gotto
55lbs- J Davis
60lbs- Trent Paulson
65lbs- Mike Winklepleck
70lbs- Josh Watts
75lbs- Shea Stamp
80lbs- B Kline
85lbs- Cody Koenig
90lbs- H Johnson
95lbs- Z Kiebel
100lbs- J Saunders
110lbs- J Saunders
120lbs- A Bollhoefer
130lbs- Mike Shedek
HWT- C Hartshorn

B Division
60lbs- J Starr
65lbs- Dylan Long
70lbs- Cliff Moore
75lbs- John Helgeson
80lbs- Tyler McGinnis
85lbs- Chad Eberhart
90lbs- E Freitag
95lbs- Tim Cory
100lbs- Drew Kelly
105lbs- Tyler Nixt
1110lbs- T Tollakson
115lbs- D Krenz
120lbs- Trey Clark
130lbs- J Cook
140lbs- R Cline
150lbs- J Hissem
165lbs- J Peterson
HWT- N Cates

C Division
70lbs- A Beaver
75lbs- L Richardson
80lbs- G Cruishank
85lbs- B Koenig
90lbs- M Beyers
95lbs- J Evans
100lbs- S Graff
105lbs- J Rodgers
110lbs- T Brown
115lbs- Bobby Gonshorowski
120lbs- Nate Trees
125lbs- B Scorpil
130lbs- R LaGrange
135lbs- Mitch Peyton
145lbs- K Hansen
155lbs- Jason Payne
165lbs- J Harmon
175lbs- B Drabeck
205lbs- M Daget
230lbs- A Boon
260lbs- T Bemino
HWT- A Shade


A Division
50lbs- A McDonald
55lbs- Mack Reiter
60lbs- Josh Swafford
65lbs- Trent Paulson
70lbs- Dominick Moyer
75lbs- A Bribersco
80lbs- J Smith
85lbs- Nick Kray
90lbs- L Koepke
95lbs- S Moorehead
100lbs- M Ritchey
110lbs-  T Hoel
120lbs- Steve Blow
130lbs- Mitch Fields
HWT- C Askleland

B Division
60lbs- J Davis
65lbs- Justin Weiland
70lbs- Joe Reiter
75lbs- Keith Peyton
80lbs- Cory Connell
85lbs- Ryan Heim
90lbs- J Hotchkin
95lbs- J Barnes
100lbs- D Onstot
105lbs- Sean Stender
110lbs- S Hunter
115lbs- K Sargisson
120lbs- G Hamman
130lbs- N Kapustka
140lbs- Steve Blow
150lbs- R Woolsey
165lbs- BJ Strandberg
185lbs- J Thomas
HWT- Evan Lynam

C Division
70lbs- Jason Utter
75lbs- T Jones
80lbs- J Garfnkel
85lbs- D Brown
90lbs- Justin Stanley
95lbs- B Koenig
100lbs- G Capps
105lbs- M Anderson
110lbs- T Brown
115lbs- B Foor
120lbs- A Thompson
125lbs- T Parnam
130lbs- Zeb Evans
135lbs- S Kauffman
145lbs- S Kramer
155lbs- A Alesch
165lbs- B Bunn
175lbs- S Miller
205lbs- T Hennian
230lbs- B Rich
HWT- D Walker


A Division
50lbs- B Graham
55lbs- A McDonald
60lbs- Bryce Carruthers
65lbs- Brandon Mason
70lbs- J Brown
75lbs- C Louden
80lbs- Joe Suiter
85lbs- A Bribriesco
90lbs- Cody Koenig
95lbs- R Lance
100lbs- T Molencamp
110lbs- B Chyma
120lbs- C McMullen
130lbs- Z Arzberger
HWT- T Shimmon

B Division
60lbs- Dan Glissman
65lbs- Rhino Cox
70lbs- Trent Paulson
75lbs- Joe Reiter
80lbs- Josh Watts
85lbs- Mike Winklepleck
90lbs- Travis Strable
95lbs- T Meester
100lbs- Cole Pape
105lbs- Paul Bradley
110lbs- H Johnson
115lbs- Josh Pesek
120lbs- Z Thompson
130lbs- B Thomsen
140lbs- Steve Blow
150lbs- M Hall
165lbs- Mike Shedek
185lbs- D Jacobson
HWT- G Maher

C Division
70lbs- Joe Honts
75lbs- Nick Voss
80lbs- Dylan Long
85lbs- Cory Connell
90lbs- Cliff Moore
95lbs- Pat Rial
100lbs- Ryan Heim
105lbs- D Brown
110lbs- S Nicol
115lbs- Eric Weber
120lbs- J Dorothy
125lbs- S Hunter
130lbs- Drew Kelly
135lbs- Tyler Nixt
145lbs- D Denhartog
155lbs- J Cook
165lbs- Adam Cory
175lbs- J Gardiner
205lbs- J Pederson
230lbs- D Anderson
HWT- R English


A Division
50lbs- J Suiter
55lbs-  Dan LeClere
60lbs- Bradley Buban
65lbs- Moza Fay
70lbs- Ryan Morningstar
75lbs- Nick Weber
80lbs- J Craig
85lbs- M Davis
90lbs- J Figgins
95lbs- J Hammen
100lbs- K Williams
110lbs- Dane Pape
120lbs- O Vore
130lbs- J Koeppen
140lbs- M Hobart
175lbs- J Hartley
HWT- T Woods
HWT- J Garvey

B Division
60lbs- Eric Schlotterbeck
65lbs- Mack Reiter
70lbs- Josh Swafford
75lbs- Trent Paulson
80lbs- B Graham
85lbs- E Hughes
90lbs- Mike Bonander
95lbs- J Newby
100lbs- B Sinnott
105lbs- N Kramer
110lbs- T Strable
115lbs- A Bribriesco
120lbs- D Wilson
130lbs- B Upchurch
140lbs- J Reindl
150lbs- C McMullen
165lbs- D Ghee
185lbs- P Klein
HWT- M Lamme

C Division
70lbs- Rhino Cox
75lbs- Cory Davis
80lbs- Jesse Simons
85lbs- Jeff Harrison
90lbs- Josh Watts
95lbs- Cory Connell
100lbs- Jeff Wiele
105lbs- Tim Halligan
110lbs- Chris Wernimont
115lbs- Ryan Heim
120lbs- C Hickle
125lbs- Tyler McGinnis
130lbs- G Hammen
135lbs- K Edwards
145lbs- Kurtis Williamson
155lbs- Karl Cruikshank
165lbs- Trey Clark
175lbs- BJ Strandberg
205lbs- B Federspiel
230lbs- Mark Lander
HWT- Joe Ortner


A Division
50lbs- Brady Jacobi
55lbs- Joe Slaton
60lbs- Dan LeClere
65lbs- Bradley Buban
70lbs- Joe Verschoor
75lbs- Ryan Morningstar
80lbs- Scott Hazen
85lbs- J Zepeda
90lbs- M Terriquez
95lbs- Brett Hakeman
100lbs- Bryce Boehm
110lbs- Z Kuecker
120lbs- J Reick
130lbs- B Tibken
HWT- A Burger

B Division
60lbs- B Graham
65lbs- Charlie Falck
70lbs- Mack Reiter
75lbs- Josh Swafford
80lbs- Brady Dolan
85lbs- Brandon Mason
90lbs- J Suiter
95lbs- Gabe Rostermundt
100lbs- B Graham
105lbs- Cody Koening
110lbs- B McLaren
115lbs- D Fourtner
120lbs- A Glasgow
130lbs- J Harris
140lbs- J Brewer
150lbs- M Standafer
165lbs- Clark Gerlock
185lbs- N Farrier
HWT- J Garvey

C Division
70lbs- Kent Reams
75lbs- Dan Glissman
80lbs- Trent Paulson
85lbs- Travis Paulson
90lbs- Dominick Moyer
95lbs- Josh Watts
100lbs- Jesse Sundell
105lbs- E Hughes
110lbs- Mike Winklepleck
115lbs- T Meester
120lbs- Cole Pape
125lbs- Josh Sinclair
130lbs- Paul Bradley
135lbs- Heath Johnson
142lbs- L Dunn
152lbs- Cody Warrick
165lbs- S Keasler
185lbs- M Hall
205lbs- T Drake
230lbs- C Vrba
HWT- J Peyton


A Division
50lbs- Jordan Hasenkamp
55lbs- Zach Morley
60lbs- Nick Pickerell
65lbs- Luke Stamp
70lbs- Josh Kerber
75lbs- Jimmy Waters
80lbs- Ben Becker
85lbs- Mitch Artist
90lbs- A Stewart
95lbs- Seth Pugh
100lbs- J Brons
108lbs- Austin Boehm
118lbs- Nick Shandri
128lbs- Kyle Slifka
155lbs- Julian Vandervelde
175lbs- A Burger

B Division
60lbs- Joe Slaton
65lbs- Dan LeClere
70lbs- Z Nolda
75lbs- Bryce Carruthers
80lbs- Ryan Morningstar
85lbs- Charlie Ettelson
90lbs- J Craig
95lbs- Jake Ritchey
100lbs- M Dahl
105lbs- Brett Hakeman
110lbs- Nick Weber
115lbs- M Davis
120lbs- K White
130lbs- D Kramer
140lbs- Matt Fields
150lbs- G Venz
165lbs- Dan Pape
185lbs- C Harrington
HWT- K Edwards

C Division
70lbs- Adam Claussen
75lbs- Charlie Falck
80lbs- Mack Reiter
85lbs- Brady Dolan
90lbs- Luke Reiland
95lbs- Dan Davilla
100lbs- Travis Paulson
105lbs- Trent Paulson
110lbs- J Naig
115lbs- B Graham
120lbs- Dana Vote
125lbs- Johnny Galloway
130lbs- J Newby
135lbs- T Strable
145lbs- A Bribriesco
155lbs- Jase Clark
165lbs- Mark Mueller
175lbs- J Almond
205lbs- P Klein
230lbs- Brett Christensen
HWT- J Peyton


A Division
50lbs- Brock Weatherman
55lbs- Jordan Hasenkamp
60lbs- Brady Jacobi
65lbs- Ben Knight
70lbs- Eric Holmes
75lbs- C Baker
80lbs- Jimmy Waters
85lbs- Jesse Hahn
90lbs- Reed Schlee
95lbs- J Johnson
100lbs- Eric Thompson
108lbs- Stephen Hilmer
118lbs-  O Hadnot
128lbs- C Onstat
140lbs- T Shirley
155lbs- J Mathisen

B Division
60lbs- J Suiter
65lbs- Joe Slaton
70lbs- Josh Kerber
75lbs- J Andersen
80lbs- Dan LeClere
85lbs- Joey Verschoor
90lbs- Ryan Morningstar
95lbs- David Callahan
100lbs- Kyle Forness
105lbs- Josh Abel
110lbs- J Schon
115lbs- T Walters
120lbs- Brett Hakeman
130lbs- Nic Billups
140lbs- K Goodchild
150lbs- J Smith
165lbs- M Lang
185lbs- A Berns

C Division
70lbs- B Graham
75lbs- Kyle Anson
80lbs- Charlie Falck
85lbs- J Johnson
90lbs- Mack Reiter
95lbs- J Naig
100lbs- CJ Ettelson
105lbs- Topher Ewing
110lbs- C Johnson
115lbs- Gabe Rostermundt
120lbs- B Graham
125lbs- M Gustafson
130lbs- J Hessenius
135lbs- M Davis
145lbs- Cody Koenig
155lbs- C Kroul
165lbs- C Louden
175lbs- Dan Pape
205lbs- Bryce Chyma
230lbs- M Freno
260lbs- T Drees


A Division
50lbs- Jake Ballweg
55lbs- Bart Reiter
60lbs- Ridge Kiley
65lbs- Ryan Halverson
70lbs- Grant Gambrall
75lbs- C Beatty
80lbs- Kaleb Evans
85lbs- Tyler Moorehead
90lbs- J Gacke
95lbs- Isaiah Corbin
100lbs- Willie Argo
108lbs- M O’Donnell
118lbs- T Jorgensen
128lbs- R Wuebker
140lbs- T Jones
155lbs- Alex Burkle
175lbs- J Mathisen

B Division
60lbs- Zach Morley
65lbs- J Suiter
70lbs- Ben Knight
75lbs-Luke Stamp
80lbs- T Riddle
85lbs- Tony Lovstuen
90lbs- Jimmy Waters
95lbs- Mitch Artist
100lbs- Jake Kerr
105lbs- Jacob Hall
110lbs- K Kluesner
115lbs- G Griffith
120lbs- A Stewart
130lbs- Hans Larson
140lbs- G Johnson
150lbs- K Thompson
165lbs- Thomas Hess
185lbs- J Smith
HWT- J Paul

C Division
70lbs- Patrick Makey
75lbs- S Minor
80lbs- Zach McKray
85lbs- Tobin Ward
90lbs- Brandon McDonough
95lbs- Bryce Carruthers
100lbs- Joey Verschoor
105lbs- Ryan Morningstar
110lbs- Charlie Ettelson
115lbs- Scott Hazen
120lbs- Cole Spree
125lbs- Robert Struthers
130lbs- Chase Holmgaard
135lbs- Nick Weber
145lbs- A Anderson
155lbs- Roger Blickenderfer
165lbs- M Davis
175lbs- Matt Fields
205lbs- J Fischer
230lbs- C Harrington
260lbs- B Carnine


A Division
50lbs- G Keathing
55lbs- Jake Ballweg
60lbs- Dylan Carew
65lbs- Blake Sorensen
70lbs- Trent Weatherman
75lbs- Derek St. John
80lbs- Matt Mougin
85lbs- C Morehead
90lbs- D Miller
95lbs- J Gacke
100lbs- B Hummel
108lbs- J Hemer
118lbs- C Detrick
128lbs- P Kolker
140lbs- J Paul
155lbs- S Springer
HWT- Alex Burkle

B Division
60lbs- Mark Ballweg
65lbs- Jordan Hasenkamp
70lbs- Brady Jacobi
75lbs- Ben Knight
80lbs- Grant Gambrall
85lbs- Kaleb Evans
90lbs- Brad Lower
95lbs- Robert Kellogg
100lbs- Nolan McDonald
105lbs- Jimmy Waters
110lbs- Reed Schlee
115lbs- P Saylor
120lbs- Stephen Hilmer
130lbs- Eric Thompson
140lbs- J Black
150lbs- A Jergens
165lbs- Matt Shannon
185lbs- E Koons
HWT- J Coyle

C Division
70lbs- J Suiter
75lbs- Kody Pudil
80lbs- Nick Pickerell
85lbs- TJ Sebolt
90lbs- Joe Slaton
95lbs- Skylar Smith
100lbs- Brett Blasberg
105lbs- Mitch Mueller
110lbs- Dan LeClere
115lbs- Joey Verschoor
120lbs- Ryan Morninstar
125lbs- Kyle Forness
130lbs- David Callahan
135lbs- Josh Abel
145lbs- Brett Hakeman
152lbs- Zac Mason
155lbs- M Jorgenson
165lbs- Clark Koenig
175lbs- J Neuzil
185lbs- S Crawford
205lbs- T Ford
HWT- Adam Lyons


A Division
50lbs- Alex Spooner
55lbs- B King
60lbs- Jake Ballweg
65lbs- Brock Weatherman
70lbs- Blake Sorensen
75lbs- N Moore
80lbs- Landon Williams
85lbs- S Belieu
90lbs- M Miller
95lbs- Brandon Abernathy
100lbs- T Hageman
108lbs- Sam Upah
118lbs- John Simon
128lbs- L Brandel
140lbs- J McFarland
155lbs- L Meyere
HWT- Caleb White

B Division
60lbs- Kory Kistner
65lbs- Ridge Kiley
70lbs- Mark Ballweg
75lbs- Matt Boyington
80lbs- Trent Weatherman
85lbs- N Moon
90lbs- Brody Verschoor
95lbs- Josh Ihnen
100lbs- C Morehead
105lbs- Kaleb Evans
110lbs- Cody Benjamin
115lbs- Holden Blythe
120lbs- J Schulte
130lbs- M Bachtle
140lbs- D Losasso
150lbs- M Roths
165lbs- D Stanford
185lbs- Alex Burkle
HWT- T Jones

C Division
70lbs- Cruse Aarhus
75lbs- Jordan Hasekamp
80lbs- Mark Kist
85lbs- Ben Knight
90lbs- Nick Pickerell
95lbs- TJ Sebolt
100lbs- Mark Beatty
105lbs- Doug Clark
110lbs- Luke Satern
115lbs- Jacob Hall
120lbs- Brandon Bohlke
125lbs- Jimmy Waters
130lbs- Brett Rose
135lbs- Robbie Kramer
145lbs- Riley Linder
152lbs- M Stegall
155lbs- Casey Mouw
165lbs- G Johnson
175lbs- Austin Boehm
185lbs- Thomas Hess
205lbs- S Fischer
HWT- J Carder


A Division
50lbs- Cory Clark
55lbs- Dylan Peters
60lbs- B King
65lbs- Eric Devos
70lbs- Brody Grothus
75lbs- Travis Mallo
80lbs- Nick Winter
85lbs- Cody Caldwell
90lbs- B Sellers
95lbs- Willie Miklus
100lbs- Brandon Abernathy
108lbs- Jason Everts
110lbs- Cody Krumwiede
118lbs- Andrew Nodtvedt
120lbs- T Malloy
128lbs- G Smithburg
130lbs- B Goettsch

B Division
60lbs- Tanner Schmidt
65lbs- J Young
70lbs- Bart Reiter
75lbs- Blake Sorenson
80lbs- N Moore
85lbs- Slater Poe
90lbs- I Smith
95lbs- Trent Weatherman
100lbs- Matt Mougin
105lbs- D Miller
110lbs- Nate Tool
115lbs- K Rush
120lbs- C Morehead
130lbs- E Bass
140lbs- J Hoffman
150lbs- P Matthews
165lbs- J Helmrichs
205lbs- A Crawford
HWT- Alex Burkle

C Division
70lbs- Matt McDonough
75lbs- Mark Ballweg
80lbs- Matt Boyington
85lbs- Nate Moore
90lbs- Ben Knight
95lbs- Andrew Sorenson
100lbs- Cole Deike
105lbs- Brett Rosedal
110lbs- Marshall Koethe
115lbs- Brad Lower
120lbs- Cole Heimer
125lbs- TJ Moen
130lbs- Stew Gillmore
135lbs- Cory Ferguson
142lbs- Jimmy Waters
152lbs- AJ Youngblut
155lbs- Stephen Hilmer
165lbs- Vinny Wagner
175lbs- K Johnson
185lbs- M Wilmer
205lbs- Brian Rodas
HWT- L Drake


A Division
50lbs- Doug Miner
55lbs- Thomas Gilman
60lbs- Dylan Peters
65lbs- Brandon Sorenson
70lbs- Terry Stover
75lbs- J Siegworth
80lbs- D Jenkins
85lbs- G Smith
90lbs- E Lara
95lbs- T Matthews
100lbs- Willie Miklus
108lbs- Ross Larson
110lbs- J Hoerman
118lbs- B Kelleher
120lbs- T Smith
128lbs- Jack Roof
130lbs- B Goettsch

B Division
60lbs- Tanner Schmidt
65lbs- B King
70lbs- Jake Ballweg
75lbs- Levi Wolfensperger
80lbs- Blake Sorenson
85lbs- Brock Weatherman
90lbs- Walt Gilmore
95lbs- N Moore
100lbs- Slater Poe
105lbs- Mike Moreno
110lbs- Joey Trizzino
115lbs- Taylor Kettman
120lbs- Colby Grothoff
130lbs- Sam Upah
140lbs- Brett Haas
150lbs- J Simon
165lbs- K Skarbek
185lbs- G Lester
HWT- T Ellingson

C Division
70lbs- Kory Kistner
75lbs- C Paulus
80lbs-Bart Reiter
85lbs- Nick Trizzino
90lbs- Mark Ballweg
95lbs- Marcus Edington
100lbs- Derek St John
105lbs- Tanner Kampen
110lbs- Trent Weatherman
115lbs- Nate Herda
120lbs- Marshall Koethe
125lbs- Grant Gambrall
130lbs- C Klees
135lbs- C Morehead
145lbs- Brody Verschoor
152lbs- Kaleb Evans
155lbs- A Roberts
165lbs- Holden Blythe
175lbs- D Losasso
185lbs- M Sprague
205lbs- M Roths
HWT- J Mathisen


A Division
50lbs- D Brees
55lbs- Darrian Schwenke
60lbs- Kyle Blocker
65lbs- A Langgrebe
70lbs- Brandon Sorenson
75lbs- N Sulentic
80lbs- B Phillips
85lbs- D Jenkins
90lbs- Duke Egli
95lbs- Eric Lux
100lbs- R Leonard
108lbs- A Netolicky
110lbs- D Gaffey
118lbs- Z Renshaw
120lbs- B Kelleher
128lbs- C Krug
130lbs- D Suhr

B Division
60lbs- Thomas Gilman
65lbs- Dylan Peters
70lbs- B King
75lbs- Jordan Rinken
80lbs- Elijah Sullivan
85lbs- Tanner Weatherman
90lbs- G Smith
95lbs- Cody Caldwell
100lbs- Willie Miklus
105lbs- D Ash
110lbs- Nate Shaw
115lbs- Ross Larson
120lbs- Brandon Abernathy
130lbs- Blaze Cabell
140lbs- Tyler Swope
150lbs- Andrew Nodtvedt
165lbs- C Krull
185lbs- Connor Herman
HWT- G Smithburg

C Division
70lbs- Tanner Schmidt
75lbs- Sean Schneider
80lbs- K Paulsen
85lbs- I Adamson
90lbs- Black Soresnson
95lbs- Bart Reiter
100lbs- Dimitri Boyer
105lbs- Tyler Grask
110lbs- Tucker Weber
115lbs- Russ Godbersen
120lbs- Derek St John
125lbs- Chris LeClere
130lbs- Trent Weatherman
135lbs- Mike Moreno
145lbs- D Miller
152lbs- J Gacke
155lbs- C Morehead
165lbs- E Bass
175lbs- B Hummel
185lbs- L Sharp
205lbs- Alex Burkle
HWT- D Jara


A Division
50lbs- Nolan Hellickson
55lbs- J Kristensen
60lbs- Darrian Schwenke
65lbs-  Zach Skopec
70lbs- S Holloway
75lbs- Dalton Folkerts
80lbs- Cash Wilcke
85lbs- A Drain
90lbs- M Bowman
95lbs- Z Howell
100lbs- A Holladay
108lbs- R Dreyer
110lbs- M Seymour
118lbs- D Lape
120lbs- B Koerperich
128lbs- Jake Marnin
130lbs- C Suhr

B Division
60lbs- Jordan Bremer
65lbs- Thomas Gilman
70lbs- Cory Clark
75lbs- Brandon Sorenson
80lbs- Tyler Shulista
85lbs- T Walz
90lbs- Gabe Moreno
95lbs- D Jenkins
100lbs- Zeb Wahle
105lbs- Willie Miklus
110lbs- E Lara
115lbs- Seth Easias
120lbs- J Koethe
130lbs- Nate Shaw
140lbs- Ross Larson
150lbs- B McWilliams
165lbs- M Beascochea
185lbs- Marco Naughton
HWT- B Goettsch

C Division
70lbs- Dakota Bauer
75lbs- Zach Buch
80lbs- Jordan Rinken
85lbs- C Avery
90lbs- Elijah Sullivan
95lbs- Levi Wolfensperger
100lbs- T Hejhal
105lbs- Jake Ballweg
110lbs- Dimitri Boyer
115lbs- Julian Feikert
120lbs- B Sams
125lbs- R Nichols
130lbs- Mike Kelly
135lbs- Brock Weatherman
145lbs- Mikey England
152lbs- Mike Moreno
155lbs- Ethan Moorman
165lbs- Sam Upah
175lbs- Cody Krumwiede
185lbs- Tyler Swope
205lbs- S Messerschmidt
HWT- Dylan Lame


A Division
50lbs- Jay Schwarm
55lbs- Nolan Hellickson
60lbs- Carter Happel
65lbs- T Mertz
70lbs- Max Thomsen
75lbs- Blake Marolf
80lbs- S Holloway
85lbs- Brennan Pruisner
90lbs- Cash Wilcke
95lbs- Cordall Eaton
100lbs- Sam Cook
108lbs- Ryan Parmely
118lbs- K Llewellyn
128lbs- S Willets
140lbs- D Brown
155lbs- Landan Paulsen
HWT- Jake Marnin

B Division
60lbs- Patrick Woods
65lbs- Kyle Kiner
70lbs- Kyle Blocker
75lbs- Ivan Wolfensperger
80lbs- Dalton Folkerts
85lbs- Brandon Sorenson
90lbs- Tim Miklus
95lbs- A Hernandez
100lbs- C Rathje
105lbs- D Jenkins
110lbs- Willie Miklus
115lbs- Dustin Fuller
120lbs- M Norland
130lbs- L Hewitt
140lbs- K Hulshizer
150lbs- Cade Jones
165lbs- C Angell
185lbs- B Kelleher
HWT- H Naaktgeboren

C Division
70lbs- Phil Laux
75lbs- Cory Clark
80lbs- Conner Ryan
85lbs- Dakota Bauer
90lbs- Jordan Rinken
95lbs- Logan Mulnix
100lbs- Drew Proctor
105lbs- J Schaefer
110lbs- Willie Miklus
115lbs- Tanner Weatherman
120lbs- Matt Finch
125lbs- Brody Grothus
130lbs- Tanner Hiatt
135lbs- Cody Solari
145lbs- D Ash
152lbs- Nate Shaw
155lbs- Brandon Abernathy
165lbs- Jason Everts
175lbs- D Lemke
185lbs- Cody Krumwiede
215lbs- Austin Blythe
230lbs- Brandon Ter Wee
HWT- Dylan Lame


A Division
50lbs- C Haines
55lbs- Brenden Baker
60lbs- Ryan Leisure
65lbs- Carter Happel
70lbs- R McDaniel
75lbs- Luke Erickson
80lbs- J Egli
85lbs- Chase Shiltz
90lbs- Joe Argo
95lbs- J Clark
100lbs- Nick Baumler
108lbs- J Moore
118lbs- S Kessel
128lbs- C Heimer
140lbs- T Good
155lbs- D Brown
175lbs- C Jensen

B Division
60lbs- Nolan Hellickson
65lbs- Noah Ajram
70lbs- Travis Willers
75lbs- Kyle Kiner
80lbs- Drew Foster
85lbs- Logan Ryan
90lbs- S Holloway
95lbs- Dalton Folkerts
100lbs- Ross Lembeck
105lbs- Adam Drain
110lbs- M Bowman
115lbs- C Ringhofer
120lbs- C Larson
130lbs- D Fielder
140lbs- R Dreyer
150lbs- D Lape
165lbs- J Scanlan
185lbs- A Rohrs
HWT- B Grimes

C Division
70lbs- Tanner Cowan
75lbs- Zach Welter
80lbs- Tyler Willers
85lbs- Jake Hathaway
90lbs- Thomas Gilman
95lbs- Sawyer Farris
100lbs- Brandon Sorenson
105lbs- Tyler Shulista
110lbs- L Kremer
115lbs- Logan Mulnix
120lbs- Gabe Moreno
125lbs- G Smith
130lbs- Grant Gambrall
135lbs- Zach Witte
140lbs- L Shannon
145lbs- E Lara
152lbs- Austin Even
160lbs- Nate Shaw
171lbs- B McWilliams
185lbs- Z Schleuger
215lbs- B Kelleher
260lbs- T Smith


A Division
50lbs- Brody Teske
55lbs- Drew Bennett
60lbs- Derek Holschlag
65lbs- Triston Lara
70lbs- Preston Dunn
75lbs- Jarel Arbegast
80lbs- C White
85lbs- Dalton Nelson
90lbs- Chase Shiltz
95lbs- Rocky Lombardi
100lbs- Max Lyons
108lbs- W Chapman
118lbs- Bryce Esmoil
128lbs- D Fielder
140lbs- Matt Naig
155lbs- Kyler Schott
175lbs- N Bishop

B Division
60lbs- N Williams
65lbs- Nolan Hellickson
70lbs- R McDaniel
75lbs- Matt Wempen
80lbs- Cole Erickson
85lbs- A Stogdill
90lbs- Lane Nichols
95lbs- Jacob Holschlag
100lbs- Jacob Woodard
105lbs- J Morgan
110lbs- S Holloway
115lbs- Cash Wilcke
120lbs- L Norland
130lbs- A Laabs
140lbs- Ryan Parmely
150lbs- K Llewellyn
165lbs- Hunter Johnston
185lbs- C Thompson
HWT- J Marnin

C Division
70lbs- Trevor Murano
75lbs- Mason Miller
80lbs- Travis Willers
85lbs- A Gonzalez
90lbs- Drew Foster
95lbs- Logan Ryan
100lbs- Dalton Folkerts
105lbs- Keegan Wakefield
110lbs- C Funke
115lbs- Brandon Sorenson
120lbs- C Martion-Enos
125lbs- A Hernandez
130lbs- Loren Williams
135lbs- Jake Marlin
140lbs- Eric Lux
145lbs- A McCartan
152lbs- J Goebel
160lbs- L Whitaker
171lbs- R Leonard
185lbs- Z Renshaw
215lbs- Mikey Pelfrey
260lbs- A Wallace


A Division
50lbs- Cullan Schriever
55lbs- Kyle Biscoglia
60lbs- Drew Bennett
65lbs- Nathan Lendt
70lbs- Grant Stotts
75lbs- Tanner Sloan
80lbs- C Cobb
85lbs- Anthony Sherry
90lbs- Ben Sarasin
95lbs- G Niel
100lbs- K Rewoldt
108lbs- R Van Marel
118lbs- B McCoy
128lbs- J Hansen
140lbs- Bryce Esmoil
155lbs- K Reeves
175lbs- N Bishop

B Division
60lbs- Spencer Hutchinson
65lbs- Darrien Collins
70lbs- Mason Buster
75lbs- Brock Rathbun
80lbs- R McDaniels
85lbs- Carter Happel
90lbs- Bryce Paul
95lbs- Conner Shulista
100lbs- Chase Shiltz
105lbs- A Stogdill
110lbs- J Klott
115lbs- T Toben
120lbs- Max Lyon
130lbs- B Miller
140lbs- C Baker
150lbs- Carter Isley
165lbs-G Imoehl
185lbs- Gavin Dinsdale
HWT- Cole Jensen

C Division
70lbs- Eric Lenz
75lbs- Nolan Hellickson
80lbs- Kaz Ono
85lbs- Travis Willers
90lbs- Jake Koethe
95lbs- Drew Foster
100lbs- Kyle Kiner
105lbs- Alijah Jeffery
110lbs- Logan Ryan
115lbs- Jacob Woodard
120lbs- Dalton Folkerts
125lbs- Jake Hogan
130lbs- Ross Lembeck
135lbs- Payton Kauzlarich
140lbs- Tyler Foubert
145lbs- Adam Drain
152lbs- C Larson
160lbs- W Shaw
171lbs- Vinnie Harvey
185lbs- Nick Pippert
215lbs- M Rosewall
260lbs- J Scanlan


A Division
50lbs- Cael Happel
55lbs- D Meeker
60lbs- Nick Oldham
65lbs- Cade Devos
70lbs- C Lewis
75lbs- Lance Runyon
80lbs- Julian Broderson
85lbs- J Feldman
90lbs- Gabe Pauley
95lbs- Garet Sims
100lbs- Beau Lombardi
108lbs- G Hagen
118lbs- G Keehner
128lbs- C Baker
140lbs- A Snyder
155lbs- Errano
175lbs- Spencer Trenary

B Division
60lbs- Kyle Biscoglia
65lbs- Drew Bennett
70lbs- Nathan Lendt
75lbs- Brayden Curry
80lbs- J Gerke
85lbs- Boone McDermott
90lbs- Ryan Leisure
95lbs- Bryce West
100lbs- Drew West
105lbs- Tristan Johnson
110lbs- Trevor Nelson
115lbs- Chase Shiltz
120lbs- Rocky Lombardi
130lbs- Max Lyon
140lbs- W Chapman
150lbs- D Felder
165lbs- Matt Naig
185lbs- Caleb Meinders
HWT- T Plunkett

C Division
70lbs- Briar Cochran
75lbs- Brenden Baker
80lbs- Brock Rathbun
85lbs- Nolan Hellickson
90lbs- Hunter Washburn
95lbs- Matt Wempen
100lbs- Carter Happel
105lbs- Max Thomsen
110lbs- Brent Jennings
115lbs- Cole Erickson
120lbs- A Stogdill
125lbs- Logan Mays
130lbs- Jacob Woodard
135lbs- J Hoch
140lbs- Caleb Wedeking
145lbs- Dale Hilliman
152lbs- S Holloway
160lbs- Austin Laabs
171lbs- Cash Wilcke
185lbs- Ryan Parmely
215lbs- Levi Paulsen
HWT- Jake Marnin


A Division
50lbs- D Ayala
55lbs- M Lewis
60lbs- Cullan Schriever
65lbs- Adam Allard
70lbs- D Fenton
75lbs- C Anderson
80lbs- S Walker
85lbs- L Neils
90lbs- Thomas Even
95lbs- D Venvteicher
100lbs- R Fangman
108lbs- D Lozano
118lbs- B Wolf
128lbs- C Lawrence
140lbs- S Adrian
155lbs- K Clayborne

B Division
60lbs- B Ackles
65lbs- Kyle Biscoglia
70lbs- Cade Devos
75lbs- Drew Bennett
80lbs- Alex Thomsen
85lbs- Gable Sieperda
90lbs- Zach Oldham
95lbs- Boone McDermott
100lbs- Ben Sarasin
105lbs- Trey Brisker
110lbs- G Neil
115lbs- J Dykes
120lbs- Anthony Sherry
130lbs- M Stark
140lbs- Brian Sadler
150lbs- Colton Francis
165lbs- Bryce Esmoil
185lbs- J Cherry
HWT- J Knutson

C Division
70lbs- B Henderson
75lbs- M England
80lbs- Derek Holschlag
85lbs- Jakob Allison
90lbs- Braydon Curry
95lbs- Brenden Baker
100lbs- Drew West
105lbs- G Jorgenson
110lbs- Brice Everson
115lbs- Clint Lembeck
120lbs- Carter Happel
125lbs- A Stodgill
130lbs- Bryce Paul
135lbs- Conner Shulista
140lbs- Shea Hartzler
145lbs- Max Lyon
152lbs- T Hirsch
160lbs- Carter Isley
171lbs- Izaak Shedenhlem
185lbs- Seth Maitlen
215lbs- Gannon Gremmel
260lbs- Michael Young


A Division
50lbs- Braden Graff (Legends of Gold)
55lbs- Damon Huston (Midland)
60lbs- Jaythan Smith (Hammerin Hawks)
65lbs- Kain Luensman (MWC)
70lbs- Caleb Rathjen (Ankeny)
75lbs- Tristan Mulder (Legends of Gold)
80lbs- Vincet Bowlin (Golden Hawk WC)
85lbs- Ben Kueter (Iowa City)
90lbs- Taner Harvey (Boone)
95lbs- Cael Meyer (Delaware County)
100lbs- Colton Hoag (Predators)
108lbs- Klayton Kleinkopf (Burlington)
118lbs- Colby Tool (PCM)
128lbs- Mathew Francis (Little Eagles)
140lbs- Griffin Liddle (Camanche)
155lbs- Alexander Stoltzfus (Tornado Mat Club)
175lbs- Gabe Bronstad (Iowa Great Lakes)

B Division
60lbs- Matthew Lewis (Sebolt)
65lbs- Cullan Schriever (Sebolt)
70lbs- Adam Allard (Legends of Gold)
75lbs- Cade Devos (Waukee)
80lbs- Riley Wright (TMX)
85lbs- Will Jefferson (Bettendorf)
90lbs- Lance Runyan (Indianola)
95lbs- Jackson Feldman (Dubuque)
100lbs- Aden Reevs (Young Bucks)
105lbs- Baylor Crigger (Camanche)
110lbs- Jacob Wempen (Ubasa)
115lbs- Wes Cummings (PCM)
120lbs- Gabe Pauley (Head Wrestling)
130lbs- Landon Yetter (Wilton)
140lbs- Mitchell Williamson (Atlantic)
150lbs- Zach Ryg (Central Springs)
165lbs- Cameron Baker (Cobra)
185lbs- Damian McMahill (Bettendorf)
HWT- Spencer Trenary (Team Valley)

C Division
70lbs- Kyle Biscoglia (Waukee)
75lbs- Spencer Hutchinson (Ubasa)
80lbs- Eric Faught (Sebolt)
85lbs- Drew Bennett (Fort Dodge)
90lbs- Alex Thomsen (Head)
95lbs- Zach Barnes (Waukee)
100lbs- Triston Lara (Fort Dodge)
105lbs- Ryan Leisure (Clear Lake)
110lbs- Drew West (Highland)
115lbs- Bryce West (Highland)
120lbs- John Tuttle (Junk Yard Dogs)
125lbs- Karsen Seehase (Elite Takedown)
130lbs- Brock Jennings (Osage)
135lbs- Trent Johnson (Iron Horse)
140lbs- Chase Shiltz (Young Bucks)
145lbs- Anthony Sherry (Cobra)
152lbs- Trevor Nelson (DC Elite)
160lbs- Conner Shaw (North Iowa)
171lbs- Max Lyon (Western Dubuque)
185lbs- Nick Tarney (HCWC)
215lbs- Matt Naig (Sibley-Ocheyedan)
260lbs- Austin Larkin (Independence)


A Division
50lbs- Quincy Happel (Lisbon)
55lbs- Braden Graff (Legends of Gold)
60lbs- Ryder Block (Trophy Hunters)
65lbs- Carter Fousek (Sebolt)
70lbs- Hayden Taylor (DC Elite)
75lbs- Layne Brenden (LoMa)
80lbs- Cayden Miller (DC Elite)
85lbs- Carson Lynott (Legends of Gold)
90lbs- Gabe McGeough (MFL)
95lbs- Ben Kueter (Iowa City)
100lbs- Reese Moore (Team Valley)
108lbs- Joe Larimore (Gilbert)
118lbs- Anthony Larson (HMS)
128lbs- Rex Johnsen (MWC)
140lbs- Matthew Francis (Little Eagles)
155lbs- Rafe VanDusseldorf (Garner Hayfield)

B Division
60lbs- Damon Huston (DC Elite)
65lbs- Jeremiah Collins (Lisbon)
70lbs- Cullan Schriever (Sebolt)
75lbs- Adam Allard (Legends of Gold)
80lbs- Caleb Rathjen (High Altitude)
85lbs- Cody Anderson (Waukee)
90lbs- Brock Espalin (DSM East)
95lbs- Sage Walker (Sebolt)
100lbs- Levi Egli (Fort Dodge)
105lbs- Logan Neils (Ankeny)
110lbs- Memphis Ripperger (Muscle Mat Club)
115lbs- Cody Fisher (Ubasa)
120lbs- Thomas Even (Jesup)
130lbs- Riley Fangman (Dyersville-Beckman)
140lbs- Dylan Steinhoff (Atlantic)
150lbs- William Grout (Williamsburg)
165lbs- Seth Adrian (Rising Knights WC)
185lbs- Joel Mendoza (Eagle Grove)
205lbs- Carter Lawrence (WDM Valley)

C Division
70lbs- Devin Harmison (SE Polk)
75lbs- Cobe Siebrecht (Fort Dodge)
80lbs- Kyle Biscoglia (Waukee)
85lbs- Cade Devos (Waukee)
90lbs- Nicholas Oldham (Young Bucks)
95lbs- Noah Fye (Elite Takedown)
100lbs- Nathan Lendt (SE Polk)
105lbs- Nelson Brands (Eastern Iowa)
110lbs- Rhyker Sims SBL Warriors)
115lbs- Joel Shapiro (Viking WC)
120lbs- Garret Niel (MFL)
125lbs- Trey Brisker (Wilton)
130lbs- Austin Gutknecht (Clarinda)
135lbs- Luke Hageman (Dyersville Beckman)
140lbs- Preston Dunn (SBL Warriors)
145lbs- Logan Schumacher (High Altitude)
152lbs- Alex Ward (Dubuque)
160lbs- Jacob Dykes (Iowa City)
171lbs- Benton Chapman (Team Elite)
185lbs- Dakoda Powell (Okoboji)
215lbs- Bryce Esmoil (DC Elite)
260lbs- Cooper Lawson (Webster City)


A Division
50lbs- Carter Pearson (DSM East)
55lbs- Derrick Bass (Pleasant Valley)
60lbs- Anders Kittelson (Sebolt)
65lbs- Ryder Block (Trophy Hunters)
70lbs- Garret Rinken (Trophy Hunters)
75lbs- Isaiah Fenton (WBND)
80lbs- Dominic Lopez (DC Elite)
85lbs- Tate Naaktgeboren (TMX)
90lbs- Daniel Max Magayna  (Sailor Mat Club)
95lbs- McCrae Hagerty (Charles City)
100lbs- Carson Hagen (Viking WC)
108lbs- Logan Huckfelt (Iowa Great Lakes WC)
118lbs- Nick Reinicke (USA Mat Club)
128lbs- Jared Thiry (Team Bosco)
140lbs- Jarin Peyton (North Linn)
155lbs- Mack Ortner (Team Bosco)
175lbs- Eli Cline (Keokuk)

B Division
60lbs- Quincy Happel (Eastern Iowa)
65lbs- Carter Fousek (Sebolt)
70lbs- Isaac Young (Eastern Iowa)
75lbs- Matthew Lewis (Sebolt)
80lbs- Aidan Noonan (DC Elite)
85lbs- Jack Gaukel (SBL Warriors)
90lbs- Caleb Rathjen (Ankeny)
95lbs- Caleb Helgeson (Urbandale)
100lbs- Ben Kueter (Eastern Iowa)
105lbs- Colby Tool (PCM)
110lbs- Taner Harvey (Outsiders)
115lbs- Elijah Wagner (Team Valley)
120lbs- Cael Meyer (Elite Takedown)
130lbs- Nathan Keating (Anamosa)
140lbs- Jacob Teague (Algona)
150lbs- Griffin Liddle (Bettendorf)
165lbs- Larry Brown (Rails WC)
185lbs- Cael Knox (LeClere Cougars)
HWT- Alexander Stoltzfus (Storm Lake)

C Division
70lbs- Chase Lyons (Trophy Hunters)
75lbs- Aiden Evans (Bettendorf)
80lbs- Cullan Schriever (Sebolt)
85lbs- Adam Allard (Legends of Gold)
90lbs- Eli Loyd (DC Elite)
95lbs- Cade Devos (Waukee)
100lbs- Nicholas Oldham (Young Bucks)
105lbs- Aden Reeves (Young Bucks)
110lbs- Brock Espalin (DSM East)
115lbs- Easton Graff (SBL Warriors)
120lbs- Cael Krueger (Trophy Hunters)
125lbs- Kyler Rieck (Legends of Gold)
130lbs- Baylor Crigger (Camanche)
135lbs- Nick Graham (Johnston)
140lbs- Wes Cummings (PCM)
145lbs Jacob Wempen (Eastern Iowa)
152lbs- Owen Grover (Little Blazers)
160lbs- Gabe Pauley (CB Panthers)
171lbs- Nick Milder (Eastern Iowa)
185lbs- Camron Baker (Cobra)
215lbs- Chance Strough (Clarinda)
260lbs- Spencer Trenary (Team Valley)


A Division
50lbs- Carter Pearson (Hammer Time)
55lbs- Jake Knight (Bettendorf)
60lbs- Carter West (WBND)
65lbs- Anders Kittelson (Sebolt)
70lbs- Kade Blume (Norse Force)
75lbs- Jacob Helgeson (Ankeny)
80lbs- Logan Powers (Norse Force)
85lbs- Brent Slade (Viking WC)
90lbs- Max Magayna (Sailor Mat Club)
95lbs- Jarrett Roos (Legends of Gold)
100lbs- Emmitt Fleshman (Legends of Gold)
108lbs- Draven Woods (SE Polk)
118lbs- Nathan Overton (Indianola)
128lbs- Ashtin Willms (Team Valley)
140lbs- Carter Heilskov (Hampton-Dumont)
155lbs- Garrette Boone (North Hoover)
175lbs- Tate Dierking (SE Warren)

B Division
60lbs- Derrick Bass (Pleasant Valley)
65lbs- Cade Siebrecth (Lisbon)
70lbs- Gable Porter (Council Bluffs)
75lbs- Carter Fousek (Sebolt)
80lbs- Aiden Riggins (Sebolt)
85lbs- Isaiah Fenton (DC Elite)
90lbs- Hunter Gavin (Eastern Iowa)
95lbs- Cayden Miller (DC Elite)
100lbs- Blake McAlister (South Central Calhoun)
105lbs- Ben Kueter (Eastern Iowa)
110lbs- Carson Lynott (Legends of Gold)
115lbs- Wyatt Voelker (Delaware County)
120lbs- Carson Tenold (Team Valley)
130lbs- Carter Cahill (Ankeny)
140lbs- Rex Johnsen (MWC)
150lbs- Mathew Francis (Little Eagles)
165lbs- Easton Fleshman (Legends of Gold)
185lbs- Ryley Snell (Winterset)
HWT- Chase Crooks (Charles City)

C Division
70lbs- Marcel Lopez (DC Elite)
75lbs- Drake Ayala (Sebolt)
80lbs- Keaton Zeimet (Sabertooth WC)
85lbs- Matthew Lewis (Sebolt)
90lbs- Cullan Schriever (Sebolt)
95lbs- Cody Anderson (Waukee)
100lbs- Eli Loyd (DC Elite)
105lbs- Jalen Schropp (WRATH)
110lbs- Cael Happel (Eastern Iowa)
115lbs- Jack West (Winterset)
120lbs- Brock Espalin (DSM East)
125lbs- Bryce Hall (High Altitude)
130lbs- Cael Duncalf (Viking WC)
135lbs- Levi Egli (Fort Dodge)
140lbs- Cael Meyer (Elite Takedown)
145lbs- Kole Wiegert (Northwest Iowa WC)
152lbs- Will Hoeft (Eastern Iowa)
160lbs- Ashton Stoner-DeGroot (Hammerin Hawks)
171lbs- Cody Fisher (Viking WX)
185lbs- Drake Harnish (Lake Mills)
215lbs- Joel Mendoza (Eagle Grove)
260lbs- Carter Lawrence (WDM Valley)