1. Southeast Polk 158.5
2. Fort Dodge 123.5
3. Valley, WDM 112.0
4. Epworth, Western Dubuque 97.0
5. Indianola 72.0
6. Glenwood 69.5
7. North Scott 63.5
8. Waukee 63.0
9. Waverly-Shell Rock 61.5
10. Mason City 49.5
11. Iowa City, City High 46.0
12. Iowa City, West 45.0
13. Johnston 43.5
14. Lewis Central 37.0
15. Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson 35.0
16. Dowling Catholic 34.5
17. Cedar Rapids, Kennedy 34.0
18. Ames 32.5
19. Des Moines East 32.0
20. Dubuque, Hempstead 31.0

3A-106 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Cullan Schriever of Mason City
2nd Place – Ben Monroe of Ankeny Centennial
3rd Place – Cody Anderson of Waukee
4th Place – Conrad Braswell of Prairie, Cedar Rapids
5th Place – Nick Oldham of Valley, WDM
6th Place – Evan Yant of Waverly-Shell Rock
7th Place – Nathan Kahoe of Des Moines Lincoln
8th Place – Hans vonRabenau of Iowa City, West
1st Place Match
Cullan Schriever (Mason City) 29-0, Fr. over Ben Monroe (Ankeny Centennial) 41-4, Fr. (Dec 9-5).
3rd Place Match
Cody Anderson (Waukee) 31-9, Fr. over Conrad Braswell (Prairie, Cedar Rapids) 28-7, So. (Dec 5-3).
5th Place Match
Nick Oldham (Valley, WDM) 34-6, So. over Evan Yant (Waverly-Shell Rock) 42-14, Fr. (MD 10-0).
7th Place Match
Nathan Kahoe (Des Moines Lincoln) 36-10, So. over Hans vonRabenau (Iowa City, West) 24-10, Jr. (Dec 7-3).

3A-113 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Kyle Biscoglia of Waukee
2nd Place – Jacob Schipper of North Scott
3rd Place – Drew Bennett of Fort Dodge
4th Place – Kobey Pritchard of Indianola
5th Place – Jacob Close of Epworth, Western Dubuque
6th Place – Eric Owens of Ankeny Centennial
7th Place – Jakey Penrith of Cedar Falls
8th Place – Ryan Steffensmeier of Fort Madison
1st Place Match
Kyle Biscoglia (Waukee) 46-2, Jr. over Jacob Schipper (North Scott) 44-4, Sr. (Fall 3:44).
3rd Place Match
Drew Bennett (Fort Dodge) 42-1, Jr. over Kobey Pritchard (Indianola) 44-6, Jr. (Dec 8-5).
5th Place Match
Jacob Close (Epworth, Western Dubuque) 24-5, Sr. over Eric Owens (Ankeny Centennial) 31-19, So. (Dec 6-2).
7th Place Match
Jakey Penrith (Cedar Falls) 32-12, So. over Ryan Steffensmeier (Fort Madison) 29-13, Jr. (Dec 6-1).

3A-120 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Brody Teske of Fort Dodge
2nd Place – Gauge Perrien of Southeast Polk
3rd Place – Joe Pins of Dubuque, Hempstead
4th Place – Eli Loyd of Pleasant Valley
5th Place – Noah Hughes-Reilly of Valley, WDM
6th Place – Dylan Albrecht of Waverly-Shell Rock
7th Place – Connor Sexton of Indianola
8th Place – Alex Aguirre of Iowa City, West
1st Place Match
Brody Teske (Fort Dodge) 46-0, Jr. over Gauge Perrien (Southeast Polk) 23-4, Jr. (TF-1.5 5:03 (20-5)).
3rd Place Match
Joe Pins (Dubuque, Hempstead) 42-2, So. over Eli Loyd (Pleasant Valley) 47-9, Fr. (Dec 10-6).
5th Place Match
Noah Hughes-Reilly (Valley, WDM) 35-10, Sr. over Dylan Albrecht (Waverly-Shell Rock) 42-10, So. (Dec 3-1).
7th Place Match
Connor Sexton (Indianola) 43-11, Sr. over Alex Aguirre (Iowa City, West) 27-19, Sr. (Dec 4-1).

3A-126 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – McGwire Midkiff of Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson
2nd Place – Adam Brown of Southeast Polk
3rd Place – Zach Price of Johnston
4th Place – Damond Lockner of Fort Dodge
5th Place – Brock Espalin of Des Moines East
6th Place – Will Foreman of Cedar Rapids, Washington
7th Place – Shadrach Zarwie of Des Moines North/Hoover
8th Place – Lance Bormann of Iowa City, City High
1st Place Match
McGwire Midkiff (Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson) 51-4, Sr. over Adam Brown (Southeast Polk) 43-4, Sr. (TB-1 3-1).
3rd Place Match
Zach Price (Johnston) 41-4, Jr. over Damond Lockner (Fort Dodge) 42-9, Jr. (Dec 7-3).
5th Place Match
Brock Espalin (Des Moines East) 41-10, Fr. over Will Foreman (Cedar Rapids, Washington) 34-4, Jr. (Dec 7-0).
7th Place Match
Shadrach Zarwie (Des Moines North/Hoover) 32-11, Sr. over Lance Bormann (Iowa City, City High) 35-17, Jr. (MD 15-7).

3A-132 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Bradan Birt of Epworth, Western Dubuque
2nd Place – Cade DeVos of Southeast Polk
3rd Place – Lance Runyon of Indianola
4th Place – Matthew Jordan of Des Moines East
5th Place – Jake Watters of Dowling Catholic
6th Place – Trenten Wennermark of Prairie, Cedar Rapids
7th Place – Will Jefferson of Bettendorf
8th Place – Drevon Ross of Fort Dodge
1st Place Match
Bradan Birt (Epworth, Western Dubuque) 46-3, Sr. over Cade DeVos (Southeast Polk) 42-3, So. (Dec 14-10).
3rd Place Match
Lance Runyon (Indianola) 49-5, So. over Matthew Jordan (Des Moines East) 41-10, So. (MD 8-0).
5th Place Match
Jake Watters (Dowling Catholic) 43-6, Sr. over Trenten Wennermark (Prairie, Cedar Rapids) 37-11, Jr. (Dec 9-4).
7th Place Match
Will Jefferson (Bettendorf) 35-11, So. over Drevon Ross (Fort Dodge) 36-17, So. (TF-1.5 5:15 (15-0)).

3A-138 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Triston Lara of Fort Dodge
2nd Place – Nathan Lendt of Southeast Polk
3rd Place – Harlan Steffensmeier of Fort Madison
4th Place – Gabriel Kjeldgaard of Lewis Central
5th Place – Bryce Murano of Dallas Center-Grimes
6th Place – Deville Dentis of Des Moines East
7th Place – Nathan Feldman of Dubuque, Hempstead
8th Place – Mason Morris of Bettendorf
1st Place Match
Triston Lara (Fort Dodge) 44-1, Sr. over Nathan Lendt (Southeast Polk) 36-6, Jr. (SV-1 5-1).
3rd Place Match
Harlan Steffensmeier (Fort Madison) 47-4, Jr. over Gabriel Kjeldgaard (Lewis Central) 38-8, Jr. (MD 10-2).
5th Place Match
Bryce Murano (Dallas Center-Grimes) 38-8, Sr. over Deville Dentis (Des Moines East) 39-6, So. (Dec 3-0).
7th Place Match
Nathan Feldman (Dubuque, Hempstead) 36-8, Sr. over Mason Morris (Bettendorf) 32-13, Jr. (Dec 2-1).

3A-145 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Zach Barnes of Southeast Polk
2nd Place – Grant Stotts of Valley, WDM
3rd Place – Josh Gerke of Xavier, Cedar Rapids
4th Place – Nick Graham of Johnston
5th Place – Trevor Anderson of Glenwood
6th Place – Mason Hulse of Boone
7th Place – Caleb Conway of Marion
8th Place – Tyler Hirl of Norwalk
1st Place Match
Zach Barnes (Southeast Polk) 43-3, Sr. over Grant Stotts (Valley, WDM) 40-4, Jr. (Dec 5-1).
3rd Place Match
Josh Gerke (Xavier, Cedar Rapids) 43-4, Sr. over Nick Graham (Johnston) 27-3, So. (Dec 12-7).
5th Place Match
Trevor Anderson (Glenwood) 45-7, Jr. over Mason Hulse (Boone) 41-6, Jr. (Dec 9-7).
7th Place Match
Caleb Conway (Marion) 47-2, Sr. over Tyler Hirl (Norwalk) 32-13, Sr. (Fall 2:32).

3A-152 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Nelson Brands of Iowa City, West
2nd Place – Cayd Lara of Fort Dodge
3rd Place – Austin Yant of Waverly-Shell Rock
4th Place – Colin Conway of Marion
5th Place – Zane Mulder of Dallas Center-Grimes
6th Place – Anthony Zach of Waukee
7th Place – Joe Nicholson of Valley, WDM
8th Place – Shawn Brown of Des Moines Lincoln
1st Place Match
Nelson Brands (Iowa City, West) 54-1, Jr. over Cayd Lara (Fort Dodge) 44-3, Jr. (Dec 11-9).
3rd Place Match
Austin Yant (Waverly-Shell Rock) 49-3, Sr. over Colin Conway (Marion) 44-5, Sr. (Dec 4-3).
5th Place Match
Zane Mulder (Dallas Center-Grimes) 40-4, Jr. over Anthony Zach (Waukee) 39-9, So. (Dec 6-2).
7th Place Match
Joe Nicholson (Valley, WDM) 32-10, Sr. over Shawn Brown (Des Moines Lincoln) 17-8, So. (MD 9-1).

3A-160 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Joel Shapiro of Valley, WDM
2nd Place – Mac Southard of Lewis Central
3rd Place – Matt Culver of Cedar Rapids, Jefferson
4th Place – Zack Wagenhoffer of Waverly-Shell Rock
5th Place – Carter Rohweder of Iowa City, West
6th Place – Alex Streicher of Linn-Mar
7th Place – Tad Griffith of Des Moines Lincoln
8th Place – Collin Hushagen of Johnston
1st Place Match
Joel Shapiro (Valley, WDM) 44-0, Jr. over Mac Southard (Lewis Central) 35-2, Sr. (Dec 5-3).
3rd Place Match
Matt Culver (Cedar Rapids, Jefferson) 35-5, Sr. over Zack Wagenhoffer (Waverly-Shell Rock) 44-10, Sr. (SV-1 3-1).
5th Place Match
Carter Rohweder (Iowa City, West) 45-9, Sr. over Alex Streicher (Linn-Mar) 38-10, Sr. (Dec 7-2).
7th Place Match
Tad Griffith (Des Moines Lincoln) 41-4, Jr. over Collin Hushagen (Johnston) 42-11, Jr. (Dec 10-5).

3A-170 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Marcus Coleman of Ames
2nd Place – Gavin Babcock of Southeast Polk
3rd Place – Ben Sarasin of Cedar Rapids, Kennedy
4th Place – Bryce Pilcher of Cedar Falls
5th Place – Tavian Rashed of Cedar Rapids, Jefferson
6th Place – Jason Beebe of Oskaloosa
7th Place – Joey Mitchell of Ottumwa
8th Place – Kade Kolarik of Indianola
1st Place Match
Marcus Coleman (Ames) 41-0, Sr. over Gavin Babcock (Southeast Polk) 36-7, Sr. (TF-1.5 3:32 (22-7)).
3rd Place Match
Ben Sarasin (Cedar Rapids, Kennedy) 34-2, Jr. over Bryce Pilcher (Cedar Falls) 39-8, Sr. (MD 13-2).
5th Place Match
Tavian Rashed (Cedar Rapids, Jefferson) 28-5, Sr. over Jason Beebe (Oskaloosa) 39-6, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
7th Place Match
Joey Mitchell (Ottumwa) 38-13, Jr. over Kade Kolarik (Indianola) 44-9, Sr. (SV-1 8-6).

3A-182 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Max Lyon of Epworth, Western Dubuque
2nd Place – Anthony Sherry of Glenwood
3rd Place – Spencer Sherwood of Burlington
4th Place – Tyrell Gordon of Waterloo, East
5th Place – Garrett Kubovec of Cedar Rapids, Kennedy
6th Place – Gabe Christenson of Southeast Polk
7th Place – Triston Richardson of North Scott
8th Place – Ben Schiltz of Ankeny
1st Place Match
Max Lyon (Epworth, Western Dubuque) 49-0, Sr. over Anthony Sherry (Glenwood) 39-6, Jr. (Dec 7-0).
3rd Place Match
Spencer Sherwood (Burlington) 48-2, Sr. over Tyrell Gordon (Waterloo, East) 43-6, Jr. (Dec 5-2).
5th Place Match
Garrett Kubovec (Cedar Rapids, Kennedy) 34-6, Sr. over Gabe Christenson (Southeast Polk) 33-14, Fr. (Dec 6-2).
7th Place Match
Triston Richardson (North Scott) 38-15, Sr. over Ben Schiltz (Ankeny) 31-11, Sr. (Dec 6-5).

3A-195 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Isaac Bartel of Mason City
2nd Place – Kaden Sauer of Dowling Catholic
3rd Place – Connor Corbin of Valley, WDM
4th Place – Cody Wonderlich of Southeast Polk
5th Place – Jacob Dykes of Iowa City, City High
6th Place – Isaac Bales of Glenwood
7th Place – Kyler Salazar of Oskaloosa
8th Place – Sam Serrano of Davenport Central
1st Place Match
Isaac Bartel (Mason City) 29-3, Sr. over Kaden Sauer (Dowling Catholic) 43-6, Sr. (UTB 5-4).
3rd Place Match
Connor Corbin (Valley, WDM) 42-5, Sr. over Cody Wonderlich (Southeast Polk) 26-17, Sr. (Fall 4:38).
5th Place Match
Jacob Dykes (Iowa City, City High) 47-2, Jr. over Isaac Bales (Glenwood) 38-10, Jr. (Fall 1:52).
7th Place Match
Kyler Salazar (Oskaloosa) 21-8, Sr. over Sam Serrano (Davenport Central) 27-9, Sr. (Dec 9-4).

3A-220 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Wyatt Wriedt of North Scott
2nd Place – Rocky Lombardi of Valley, WDM
3rd Place – Zach Haggstrom of Glenwood
4th Place – Jordain Buckland of Iowa City, City High
5th Place – Sam Gerst of Waterloo, West
6th Place – Jacob Eggleston of Waverly-Shell Rock
7th Place – Jacob Melton of Boone
8th Place – Alex Francois of Xavier, Cedar Rapids
1st Place Match
Wyatt Wriedt (North Scott) 44-1, Sr. over Rocky Lombardi (Valley, WDM) 38-2, Sr. (SV-1 5-3).
3rd Place Match
Zach Haggstrom (Glenwood) 37-9, Sr. over Jordain Buckland (Iowa City, City High) 32-4, Sr. (Dec 4-1).
5th Place Match
Sam Gerst (Waterloo, West) 32-7, Sr. over Jacob Eggleston (Waverly-Shell Rock) 45-10, Sr. (Fall 2:49).
7th Place Match
Jacob Melton (Boone) 29-7, Sr. over Alex Francois (Xavier, Cedar Rapids) 24-19, Sr. (Dec 15-10).

3A-285 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Aaron Costello of Epworth, Western Dubuque
2nd Place – Eagan Lickiss of Indianola
3rd Place – Caleb Sanders of Glenwood
4th Place – Tyler Clark of Clinton
5th Place – Callan Tomlin of Oskaloosa
6th Place – Keegan Poole of Pella
7th Place – Nathan McDonald of Waukee
8th Place – Colin Newell of Ames
1st Place Match
Aaron Costello (Epworth, Western Dubuque) 50-0, Sr. over Eagan Lickiss (Indianola) 41-5, Sr. (Fall 2:19).
3rd Place Match
Caleb Sanders (Glenwood) 41-6, Jr. over Tyler Clark (Clinton) 32-8, Sr. (TB-2 6-4).
5th Place Match
Callan Tomlin (Oskaloosa) 37-8, Sr. over Keegan Poole (Pella) 41-6, Sr. (Dec 2-1).
7th Place Match
Nathan McDonald (Waukee) 42-10, Jr. over Colin Newell (Ames) 33-7, Sr. (TB-2 3-1).

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