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Bartel is wrestling at heavyweight, All the info I was given previously was wrong.

Dual Preview
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#24 UNI vs #7 Missouri 
285: Jared Bartel (UNI) vs  Austin Meyers (Missouri)

1st: Tie up. Can’t really expect a heavyweight type match from Bartel. Snap from Meyers, to a single leg and they go OOB. Updates might be longer today as the wifi here is ssslllloooowwww. Tie up, snap from Bartel, again, nothing. Bartel needs to take some shots, he’s a lot taller and lanker than Meyers. Snap from Meyers, nothing. Outside wingle again from Meyers but Bartel fights it off and gets around him for the T2! Meyers up right away 2-1. Fans are right on the edge of the mat on three sides here, similar to the West Gym but the teams are in corners rather than on the edge of the mat. Mostly tie ups and snaps from both guys, no other shots and we’re to the 2nd.

2nd: Mizzou plays music during breaks, that’s kind of annoying. Bartel starts down. Bartel sits, he’s to his feet, Meyers elevates with a crotch lift and ties up Bartel’s legs, he belly’s out though, to his base, grabs a wrist, rolls and gets the R2!! 4-1 now 4-2 after the E1. Tie up, they stay like that for a little while, Bartel wants a wrist but can’t get anything out of it. Not a whole lot of other action, and we go to the third.

3rd: Meyers down to start, he’s up and out pretty quick. 4-3. Shot from Meyers, Bartel reshoots, nothing either way. Shot from Meyers, Missouri coaches want him to go again. 1:30 left, shot from Bartel, nothing, tie up, 1:00 left, restart, shot from Meyers, nothing. Snap from Bartel, nothing. Bartel looks a lot like Paden Moore out there as far as stance and everything goes. Fake from Bartel, Meyers bails out, fans and coaches want him to go. 30 left. Bartel still dictating everything, shot from Meyers, Bartel steps out of it. 15 left, stall warning on Bartel, Meyers with a shot, Bartel drapes over the back and we get the fastest stalemate ever. 7 seconds left restart and Schwab and co are celebrating like they’ve just won the national championship.

Match Score: Bartel 4-3.
Team score: UNI leads 3-0

125:  Jay Schwarm(UNI) vs #25 Barlow McGhee (Missouri)
1st: Panthers must want to save Peters against McGhee for the conference tournament. Nothing from either guy, just circling. Some headtaps, that’s about it. Fake from McGhee, nothing. This is…boring…. 1 minute by and the two have barely touched each other. Neither guy wants to tie up, 1:45 left. Fake from both, nothing. Shot from McGhee, he backs out. Shot from McGhee, he’s around Schwarm’s waste, but can’t finish. Stalemate. Restart. no shots again, and we stalemate again. Restart, not a lot going on…Missouri wants McGhee to shoot, but nothing. And that’s the period.

2nd: McGhee goes down to start, Schwarm covers, McGhee to his feet, Schwarm with a cross-body, streches McGhee out and down to the mat. Schwarm workking hard to tilt him over but McGhee just kind of laying there. Schwab wants stalling and there he gets it. Schwarm with RT now. He’s riding really tough working to tilt him over, stalemate though. Restart, Schwarm gets McGhee’s right leg with his left, McGhee to his base, to all fours, Schwarm with the cross body again, McGhee with a leg though, Warning on McGhee again, 1-0 Schwarm. That’s a generous call if you ask me. Schwarm with an armbar and PD is called that’s a BAD call. Restart and Schwarm rides for 7 seconds and that’s it.

3rd: Schwarm goes on top to start, he has 2 full mintues of RT. McGhee to his feet but Schwarm works that cross body and has an arm but McGhee gets up and out, it’s 1-1 but Schwarm has RT. Both guys circling again, no tie ups apparently the law in Missouri. Warning on McGhee as he was backing up but neither guy was shooting, THAT was a bold call. Blast double from McGhee, Schwarm draped over the back, Schwarm locked around the body McGhee trying to come out the backdoor but Schwarm gets around for the T2!!!!!!!!! Stalemate 4-1 Schwarm leads! Restart Scwharm rides, stalling on him. Restart and Schwarm rides him out!!

Match Score: Jay Schwarm 5-1
Team score: UNI leads 6-0

133: #10 Josh Alber (UNI) vs #16 John Erneste (Missouri)
1st: This is a big one. Alber lost on Friday and I think needs a win to keep him high in the national rankings. They tie up, apparently nothing against that at 133. They eventually stalemate out of a tieup. Tie up and Alber hits a go by and dumps him down for the T2. Erneste up and Alber returns him hard, OOB restart. Erneste with the E1 off the whistle. Shot from him, nothing. They tie up again, Missouri doesn’t have the MAC logo on their singlets, just something I noticed. Snap from Alber, nothing. he’s in a front headlock now and we stalemate. Shot from Alber, he’s to a leg but Erneste drapes over the back, then sprawls hard and we stalemate. Fast stalemates today. 24 seconds left on the restart, Erneste is taller than Alber, not a whole lot, but it’s noticable. Front headlock by Erneste but time runs out.

2nd: Alber down to start, but he stands up then turns into him and gets the R2! 4-1 he leads. Erneste stands up, then Alber brings him back down, Missouri coaches want an illegal move for “kicking out his knees” but Schwab says one leg was on the mat, so it’s not illegal. Either way no call, Erneste gets up and out, 4-2 RT not a factor 45 seconds left. Hard left from Erneste, again, they tie up, Alber nearly gets a body lock but Erneste circles out of it. 15 left, Alber with a front headlock, brings Erneste down and that’s the 2nd.

3rd: Erneste down to start, Alber has 28 seconds of RT. Erneste moves up right away and Alber nearly returns him but can’t. Erneste rolls OOB everybody wants stalling but it’s not. Good no call. Erneste was just standing without trying to get out. Restart, Erneste up again Alber around the body and gets RT. Erneste to his feet, Alber heavy on the head forward and lets him go, it’s 4-3 but Alber has 1:08 of RT, so that’s not really a factor if Erneste gets a T2. Shot from Erneste but Alber blocks it off. Stalemate. Restart, tie up, shot from Erneste, Alber has to be carefull and he takes a high crotch shot and has Erneste up on his back and we stalemate. 22 Seconds. fake from Erneste, front headlock from him, that’s where he wants to be, 10 seconds left, Erneste tries rolling Alber but that doesn’t work and time runs out!

Match Score: Josh Alber 5-3
Team score: UNI leads 9-0

141: Jake Hodges (UNI) vs #9 Jaydin Eierman (Missouri)
1st: Hodges with a front headlock, but Eierman basically just shoves his way through it and gets a T2. Hodges up right away, but we go OOB. Restart, Hodges rolls, then stands up again and gets out. 2-1. Eierman with a two on one, Hodges gets out, takes a shot, nothing, again to an outside leg but Eierman gets to a leg of his own and eventually gets the T2 from it. 4-1 he leads. OOB, restart, hodges to his feet and Eierman Koala bear’s him and we restart, Hodges up on the whistle and rolls and gets out. 4-2. Another restart, not sure why. Lots of those today. Duck under from Eierman, Hodges steps away though. 20 seconds left. Tieup, nothing, fake from Eierman, shot from Eierman, nothing, Hodges with a reshot but he can’t make anything happen and we go to the 2nd.

2nd: Eierman down to start, Hodges lifts a leg and nearly catches him with a half but can’t quite get there, Eierman up right away again and gets the E1, 5-2 he leads. Tie up, snap from Eierman, he’s not shooting off that though. Eye poke by Hodges, accidentally, Eierman takes some time. He’s fine, LOTS of fakes from him, Hodges with a front headlock, that’s where he wants to be. 45 seconds left. Again a front headlock from Hodges, Missouri wants him to shoot anyway like he did in the first. Ankle pick try form Eierman, Hodges blocks, takes a shot, nothing. Eierman with a shot again, Hodges blocks and that’s it.

3rd: Hodges down to start, he’s to his feet but Eierman works him back down, now he has both boots in and flattens Hodges out. That’s dangerous for Hodges. Eierman working an arm, Hodges in some pain. 1:15 left. Missouri and fans want stalling, but instead we get a stalemate. Crowd freaks out. That’s fun. Eierman goes international start, 5-3. 55 seconds left. Warning on Hodges as he just backs out. Eierman with a duck under and leg but Hodges rolls but Eierman gets the T2 eventually, 7-3, 30 seconds left, PD. 22 left. Restart. Eierman has RT, blood time for Hodges. Eierman is gassed he goes to his knees during bloodtime. Not sure what that’s about. Restart, Eierman goes neutral, 7-4, he’s to a leg and Hodges dances around on the edge, and that’s it.

Match Score: Eierman wins 8-4
Team score: UNI leads 9-4

149: #8 Max Thomsen (UNI) vs #4 Lavion Mayes (Missouri)
1st: Headtaps from Thomsen, they both lower their level at the same time and kind of hit heads, and we stalemate from that. Wow. Thomsen with a right hand collar tie, he ties the outside from that, that doesn’t go anywhere, and we stalemate again. Thomsen with a bad shot, Mayes circles all the way around him and then Thomsen gets an arm and forces Mayes back in front of him, I don’t have any idea how he did that. Restart, because stalemates are fun. They tie up, fans are really antsy in the stands. Ref urges them to open up. 1 minute left in the period. Neither guy really working from space, which is where they are now, fake from Thomsen, Mayes backs up but Thomsen doesn’t reshoot. Thomsen just circling Mayes, then Mayes with a blast double and the ref gives a T2 but waves it off right away and they go OOB. Not much else and that’s the period.

2nd: I’m not sure if that was the right call on the waved off T2 or not, Missouri didn’t challenge, and the table was in my way so I couldn’t see it. Thomsen down to start, he circles once but can’t get up, then Mayes leans forward and Thomsen hooks his head and gets the E1, 1-0 he leads. Schwab urging Thomsen to “cut him in half!” Shot from Mayes pushing heavy on Thomsen’s head. Thomsen elevates it though, but Mayes able to stand up and we restart. UNI Bench is happy with that effort. Thomsen, circles left off the restart, once the whole way around. They both fake, nothing. Mayes works a two on one to a front headlock brings Thomsen down hard but that’s the period.

3rd: Mayes on bottom, caution on Thomsen, not sure why. Mayes to his feet, back to all fours, Thomsen pulls the knee-take out and EVERYBODY wants a illegal move called, but there isn’t one. Bench warning on Missouri. Then Thomsen tilts him for a NF2!!! Then a stalemate for blood I think? Smith is challenging a call, so we get review. Call is confirmed, so Thomsen leads 3-0, restart but Mayes rolls out, 3-1 RT not a factor. 1:00 left! Shot from Thomsen, Mayes drapes over the back, Thomsen elevates, then Mayes locks around the body and I missed the roll but Thomsen gets the T2!!!! 5-1 he leads and has Mayes down Mayes rolls and gets the E1, 10 seocnds left, Mayes with a roll try but gets caught and gives up a T2, 9-2 and time runs out!

Match Score: Thomsen wins 9-2
Team score: UNI leads 12-3


157: Paden Moore (UNI) vs #5 Joey Lavallee (Missouri)
1st: Lavallee will be looking to put up bonus points here. Lavallee with a single leg off a headlock by Moore, they go OOB though. restart, Lavallee really pushing the pace. Really wants to go go go. Outside single from him, Moore fights back up. Moore trying to work an underhook, but they break. Back to the center. Lavallee with a heavy right hand, wild outside shot from him, gets Moore tripped down for the T2. That’s Missouri’s second T2 today. Lavallee trying to work a tilt, Moore rolls though and the crowd wants a NF2 but Moore was just rolling, that’s not the right call at all and the official doesn’t score any points. E1 for Moore. 2-1. Lavallee gets to the outside single again and bends Moore knee in a way that I can’t describe, Moore goes down to the mat and gives up the T2. OOB restart. Moore down, 4-1, and down. First move from More is forward, so Lavallee puts his left leg in and Moore goes down on side a little bit and Lavallee cries out in pain, he’s taking injury time. Smith complains to the ref, that costs Missouri a team point. 12-2. UNI leads now. Lavallee gets his ankle taped up, he’s favoring it pretty bad. Moore goes back down, he rolls, nothing, Lavallee with a tilt but time runs out. 4-1.

2nd: Lavallee crawls to the middle of the mat, his ankle is clearly bothering him, give him credit for that toughness. E1 on a nice roll by Lavallee,  we’ll see what he can do from neutral. Restart as tape flies off Paden’s hand. He works a front headlock, 5-1. shot from Lavallee, nothing as Moore blocks him off. Front headlock and again we stalemate. Lavallee with another outside single, Moore sprawls nicely and we stalemate. 20 seconds left. they tie up, Moore snaps, 10 left, and that’s the period. No just kidding, Apparently Lavallee got around Moore with a go-by, and scored just before the buzzer. 7-1.

3rd: Neutral to start, Lavallee with a shot, nothing, Lavallee with a shot again and Moore gets around for a T2! 7-3 and Moore lets him up, 8-3 and Lavallee has to take injury time again. We restart, shot from Lavallee, Moore fights that off. 53 seconds left, 8-3 the score still as Moore took neutral to start after the 2nd injury time. Lavallee with another shot, he’s around the leg but can’t finish. Stalemate. 30 seconds left, fake from Moore, nothing, Moore pursuing now, Lavallee backing up, which makes sense, 10 seconds, but Moore can’t get to anything. And that’s it.

Match Score: Lavallee wins 8-3
Team score: UNI leads 12-5

165: #10 Bryce Steiert (UNI) vs #6 Daniel Lewis (Missouri)
1st: Alright I missed some stuff. Steiert with a shot and nearly finishes but Lewis rolls and nearly gets a T2 of his own. Stalemate, restart. Steiert down to a knee, fan doesn’t like that, wants the ref to do something about it. That’s weird. Shot form Lewis, Steiert tries to sprawl out and has a wizzar in but the ref calls the T2 and now STEIERT HAS A CRADLE LOCKED UP AND GETS THE FALL!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT@!!!!!!!!


Match Score: Steiert gets the fall (not sure on the time)
Team score: UNI leads 18-5

174: #13 Taylor Lujan  (UNI) vs #24 Dylan Wisman (Missouri)
1st: Holy cow that was great. Wisman with a shot early but Lujan rolls and comes out the backdoor and nearly gets the T2 but PD is called. Restart, Crazy duck under from Lujan, Wisman steps out but Wisman does a good job of facing him and staying out of trouble. They’re in a weird spot on the edge but Lujan gets and ankle and Wisman drapes over the back of Lujan, but Lujan comes back out on top and turns Wisman but the ref isn’t in position to call a fall, that would have been a tough one to call anyway and Lujan gets the T2. 2-0 30 seconds left. he works a leg/cross body but they stalemate. Sorry I was taking pics on the restart. To the 2nd.

2nd: Lujan down to start, he’s to his feet but Wisman is across his body. Lujan just stands up and Wisman trips and falls so Lujan gets the E1 and we go OOB. 3-1 Lujan. Restart, Wisman with a single leg and Lujan locks around the body and PD is called for Wisman’s arm. That was a weird spot. Restart. Tieup, break, tieup. Shot from Wisman, Lujan gets over the back but can’t get around and Wisman is hurt. Ref stops the match and Wisman makes his way back slowly to the center. Shot from Wisman, Lujan with a lock around Wisman’s leg, stalemate. 17 seconds left, Wisman with a shot but Lujan jumps over the top and circles around for a T2, 5-0 and that’s the end of the period.

3rd: Wisman down to start, Lujan works with a leg in, corss body but Wisman to his feet and then Lujan grabs a leg and Missouri bench wants a count or something, but he’s back up to the body right away and then just cuts Wisman. 5-1 and Lujan has RT. Shot from Wisman again, but Lujan gets around for a T2, then cuts him. OOB. 7-2. T2 from Lujan on the restart, 9-2, 9-3 as Lujan cuts him, stall on Wisman OOB. Restart and neutral, then T2 from Lujan, then a NF and time runs out!

Match Score: Lujan wins 14-3
Team score: UNI leads 22-5

184: #14 Drew Foster (UNI) vs Matt Lemanowicz (Missouri)
1st: Missed some action, 2:15 left in the first. No score. We restart, and Foster is in on a leg and forces Lemanowicz down to the mat. Lemanowicz to his base, Foster rides forward but they go OOB. Restart, Lemanowicz peels and gets to his feet but Foster brings him back down, and they eventually work OOB. Restart, Foster works forward, trying to get a half in, but he doesn’t put in a leg, Lemanowicz back up but Foster returns him hard. Lemanowicz gets to his feet again but they go OOB. Foster rides him out.

2nd: Going to be spotty updates now. I want pics of Cox and it’ll be easier to grab Schwab and co. for interviews from the floor. Lemanowicz down to start, Foster still riding tough though. Foster claw rides him OOB. 1:30 left, restart, Foster with the claw, he has over 2:30 of RT. Lemanowicz gets to his feet but Foster with a BIG return, wants to tilt from there but can’t get there. Lemanowicz to his feet again and we go OOB. Foster rides him out.

3rd: Foster down, he’s up and out in 13 seconds. 3-0 he leads. Foster adds a T2, so does Lemanowicz  and wins 5-3.

Match Score:
Team score:

197: Jacob Holschlag (UNI) vs #1 J’Den Cox (Missouri)
1st: Alright, Holschlag with a snap and tries to get to a leg but Cox gets behind for a T2. OOB and Holschlag takes bloodtime. Restart, Cox goes to work on top, Holschlag warned for stalling, that seems fast. Alright, now updates are going to be real spotty. 10-1 after a couple of NF tilts and E1.

2nd: Holschlag takes the top spot. Tries to work a cross body but Cox gets out. The lights went out on the mat, so it’s really dark. Cox looks a LOT bigger than Holschlag. T2 for Cox, 13-1.

3rd: Cox takes what seems like a full minute to decide what position to take to start. He goes on top. Holschlag with a roll, nothing. NF4 ends it.

Match Score: 17-1
Team score: UNI WINS!!! 25-10

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