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Starting tonight at 125! No JJ

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#24 UNI vs Buffalo
125:  #10 Dylan Peters (UNI) vs Justin Patrick (UB)
1st: Early on Peters is in on an ankle, but can’t finish and we stalemate. Restart and Peters goes by for a T2, E1, it’s 2-1. Peters with another T2 on a move I didn’t see, and Peters has both legs in, now just one. he rides forward tough, but no real turns or anything and they go OOB. Buffalo’s coach John Stutzman would give ODU’s Martin a run for his money as far as yelling goes. Restart, Peters flattens him out, both legs in, and a stalemate is called. Restart, E1 for Patrick, 4-2. They handfight a bit, but Peters just shots through and gabs a leg to get the T2, then works him over for a NF4 before time runs out, it’s 10-2 to the 2nd.

2nd: They go neutral to start, Peters works a single into a double for the T2. Stalemate. 12-2, restart, E1 for Patrick, and Peters is right back in on a shot, but Patrick drapes over the back and we stalemate. Stutzman is really getting after Patrick, he really wants him to get up and take it to Peters. Restart, another T2 for Peters, its’ 14-3, he has both boots in and gets his second stall call on Patrick, now gets him over for another NF4 and that’s it, 19-3

Match Score: Peters wins 19-3
Team score: UNI leads 5-0

133: #10 Josh Alber (UNI) vs #17 Bryan Lantry (UB)
1st: Alber comes out with yet another new headgear, this pair is gold. Lantry coming out strong, head taps and tieups. Alber trying for underhooks, can’t make anything happen, then he tries a firemans but lets the arm go and nearly gets taken down himself. They tie up again, Alber tries a double but switches to a single then back to the double to get the T2 on the edge! 2-0 as they go OOB. Crowd drowns out Stutzman for the first time tonight, restart, E1 for Lantry, 2-1. Lantry with a shot, nothing, Alber tires to underhook in, that doesn’t really work, but Alber forces Lantry down to the mat, then Alber tries to cow catch him but that doesn’t work, and then Lantry locks up a cradle and nearly puts Alber on his back but Alber rolls out but Lantry has a front cradle still locked but no T2 and time runs out.

2nd: Alber down to start, he gets up and out eventually. Lantry with a single leg but PD is called as Alber knee bends a funky way. Restart, Alber right back in on a shot, single leg and he elevates but Lantry backs up to the edge, and drapes over the back and we stall out. Schwab really wants stalling on Lantry but nothing. Restart, and Lantry with a shot and Alber with a roll but Lantry anticipates that and gets the T2. Buffalo is really jacked for this match. Alber can’t get out before time runs out and we go to the third tied at 3.

3rd: Lantry down to start, he’s to his feet but Alber returns him. Alber doing a good job of controling Lantry’s arms, but can’t quite get anything to turn, Lantry to his feet, and he’s out and leads 4-3. Crowd comes alive again for Alber. Alber with a try, nothing, Lantry with a try, nothing. They tie up, Alber with a bad shot, nothing. 30 seconds left. Both guys looked gassed. Alber with a shot, then a go by, nothing, stalling on Lantry, Alber again, nothing, again, nothing. again, nothing. And that’s the match.

Match Score: Lantry wins 4-3.
Team score: UNI leads 5-3.

141: Jake Hodges (UNI) vs Jason Estevez (UB)
1st: Well that sucked. Hodges up now, not a lot early, Hodges with a front headlock, but Estevez backs out. Hodges with a single leg but gets caught and nearly gets taken down, instead Estevez just has a leg on the edge, and Hodges backs out and forces his leg down nicely as they go OOB. No points. Stutzman and co. are really hyping on going going going. They’re not intimidated at all. Restart, not a lot of action here, shot from Estevez but Hodges blocks, down in a front headlock, but Estevez stands and clears. Not really anything else as we go to the 2nd.

2nd: Hodges down to start, he’s up Estevez returns but Hodges rolls and gets the E1, he leads 1-0. Go-by by Hodges but Estevez controls the hands and faces, good job by him there. Estevez with a blast double and puts Hodges down for the T2. Hodges up and out right away, 2-2. Shot from Hodges, nothing, reshot by Estevez, nothing. Neither guy seems like they really want to shoot again. 20 seconds left. They tieup again, Hodges working for a wrist, but time runs out.

3rd: Estevez goes neutral to start. 2-2. Tie up, official stops it and warns Hodges for interlocking fingers. Restart, Hodges with a snap, nothing, shot, nothing. Head fake from Hodges, and they tie up again. Duck under frorm Hodges doesn’t work, then a single leg try by Estevez, they roll and Hodges is on his back-ish and trying to come out on top, they roll again and again, and they stalemate. Not sure why, they were both still in it. Restart, Hodges with a shot, nothing, then Estevez with another double try, to the single, and dumps him down for the T2. 4-2 and Hodges can’t get out before time runs out.

Match Score: Estevez 4-2
Team score: Buffalo leads 6-5.

149: #8 Max Thomsen (UNI) vs Colt Cotten (UB)
1st: They tie up to start, Cotten with a front headlock and that looks illegal from where I’m sitting. No call though and they break. Thomsen with an ankle pick, he grabs it and tries to come out the backdoor and gets the T2. 2-0 he leads 1:30 left. Thomsen riding forward, Cotten to his base, he’s to his feet but Thomsen returns him with a suck back. Good job by him. They eventually work their way OOB. Restart, Cotten down, caution on Thomsen. Restart, caution on Cotten, someone in the crowd yells “Cheater!” That was kind of funny. Restart, Cotten sits, Thomsen rides forward, 20 seconds left, Thomsen works a half, but Cotten stands up, then goes OOB. 9 seconds left, Cotten moved again but no call, Thomsen rides him out but just barely. 2-0 to the 2nd.

2nd: Cotten down, caution on Thomsen, that’s his second. He also has RT. Cotten tries to sit, but can’t, Thomsen riding him really well, following behind him, now trying to work an armbar over, but can’t really get him to go, Cotten’s really feeling his arm being yanked behind him, 1 minute left, Cotten finally gets his arm back, to his base, now to his feet and he rolls, and Thomsen hangs onto a leg and on the count of 4 they go OOB. Restart, Cotten to his base,  but can’t get out, and Thomsen leads 2-0 with 3:34 of RT to the 3rd.

3rd: Caution on Cotten, both have two now. Thomsen to all fours, Cotten with both boots in and forces Thomsen’s head down, and we stalemate. Restart, Thomsen sits, Cotten with a left leg in, now a right leg and flattens Thomsen out, trying to work a half but he gets too high and Thomsen comes out from behind him and gets the R2. Schwab is yelling at the official, he gets a bench warning, Schwab yells back, “Don’t worry about me worry about the match!” Thomsen rides tough again, Cotten doing nothing on bottom he gets a stall warning, continues to do nothing and gets another warning, 5-0. Thomsen rides him out and that’s the match.

Match Score: Thomsen wins 6-0.
Team score: UNI leads 8-6

157: Paden Moore (UNI) vs Kobe Garrehy (UB)
1st: Paden gets taken down early, and the E1 2-1 he trails. I was updating twitter sorry. Moore with a single leg, can’t finish and they tie up. Outside single from Garrehy, he bends Moores leg a weird way, then nearly gets the T2 but Moore rolls through and now they’re in a really weird spot and Garrehy comes out on top of Moore for the T2 and NF4, it’s more like a NF 32 because Garrehy just sits with a tilt and Moore’s leg for a long time. He runs out the clock there and it’s 8-1 going to the 2nd.

2nd: Garrehy down to start, he’s to his feet, Moore lifts for a return and puts him back down. Garrehy up again and gets the E1, 9-1 he leads. Shot from Moore, nothing, again, nothing. Buffalo bench wants Garrehy to keep shooting, which he’s not doing. They work inside, 1 minute left. Again they work inside, nothing. High crotch try from Moore, stall warning on Garrehy. Tape is just flying off of one of them, 30 seconds left. Another shot from Moore, nothing, crowd wants stalling on Garrehy again, nothing. Moore with another shot, that was bad, Garrehy blocks and runs out the clock.

3rd: Moore down to start, he’s up and out before RT can get over a minute, he has 59 seconds,stall warning on 9-2, stall warning on Garrehy, so it’s 9-3. And while I was worried about typing Garrehy with another takedown and we have blood time. 11-3 Garrehy leads. Garrehy is bleeding a lot. Finally we’re ready, Moore gets up and out and nearly gets a leg for a T2 but can’t finish, it’s 11-4. Shot from Moore, nothing, again and Garrehy nearly catches him, but we just tie up. Moore with a inside single, Garrehy flattens him out and we reset. Garrehy with a blast double try but Moore fights out of it. Good job there. Shot by moore, can’t finish, again, nothing and that’s it.

Match Score: Garrehy 12-4
Team score: Buffalo leads 10-8

165: #10 Bryce Steiert (UNI) vs Tyler Rill (UB)
1st:  Alright, Steiert, the first of the “triple-deck-stretch of pain” as I dubbed them on Twitter, is up. Steiert with a front headlock, to an underhook, and they clear. Steiert with a snap, nothing, again, nothing. Steiert to a high crotch but Rill works around and rolls, then Steiert stands with the leg as Rill’s head is on the mat, that’s kind of goofy, then Steiert gets him down and goes around for the T2. OOB, restart, Rill stands up and then gets out, 2-1. 1:30 left. Rill with an ankle pick try but Steiert blocks him off, Steiert shoots, nothing. Snap from Steiert, nothing, shot from Rill, nothing. High crotch from Steiert, he has the leg but Rill locks around Steiert’s leg, Steiert looks to come out the back door but Rill still has Steiert’s leg but works around for the T2, and a PD is called, assistant ref is now talking to Schwab about something, restart, caution on Steiert. Rill up but back down and now Steiert is holding onto a leg, and gets the 5 count stall on him. Restart and Steiert rides him out, 4-1 to the 2nd.

2nd: Steiert down to start, he’s up and out 5-1. Not a whole lot through the first minute, mostly just tie ups, shot by Rill, nothing. Shot by Steiert, nothing. Snap from Steiert, nothing, shot by Steiert, but he fakes and tries a go-by but that doesn’t work as Rill blocks that off. They’re on the edge, Steiert with a go by, and that’s it.

3rd:Rill down to start, he’s up and out fast, rill with a double try, he can’t get there and then stumbles, then Steiert shoots in and comes out the backdoor then shucks him by for the T2, 7-2, E1, 7-3. RT not a factor. 1 min left, shot from Rill, nothing, shot from Steiert nothing, Steiert looked like he though Rill was going to go OOB, but he doesn’t, he shoots in and then they eventually go OOB. Restart, 45 seconds left, nothing here…20 seconds, shot from Rill, again, Steiert just blocks him, then kind of shucks him by, but time runs out.

Match Score: Steiert wins 7-3
Team score: UNI leads 11-10

174: #13 Taylor Lujan  (UNI) vs Muhamed McBryde (UB)
1st: McBryde with a shot to start but Lujan rolls and nearly gets taken down himself, but eventually gets behind him for the T2. They go OOB. Restart, Lujan goes neutral, 2-1. Lujan with his patented duck under for a T2 on the edge, 4-1, 4-2 as Lujan goes neutral again. 1 minute left, knee tap from McBryde, nothing, Lujan looks at the clock and starts going forward again, that’s good to see. McBryde backing up backing up backing up no call. Lujan with an ankle pick, nothing as McBryde backs up again and then he nearly hits a blast double but Lujan somehow fights it off and gets around for the T2 on the edge! 6-2. Fans REALLY want stalling on McBryde on the restart, he’s not getting in position and the ref actually gives it to them, that’s surprising. Lujan on top, riding tough and then McBryde gets hit with stalling again. Stutzman getting on McBryde now too, “Do you want to wrestle!? Get Set!” That’s great to see, and time runs out.

2nd: They go neutral to start after McBryde chooses down, 7-3 now. T2 from Lujan, E1 for McBryde, 9-4, another T2 from Lujan, 11-4, E1, 11-5. Shot from McBryde Lujan flattens him out, stalemate. Another pair of T2’s and E1’s and it’s 15-7. Shot by McBryde, Lujan flattens him out and gets around for the T2, 17-7 and that’s the period.

3rd: Lujan goes down, McBryde goes international start, but doesn’t tell the ref, that’s a caution, Stutzman, “Has he lost his mind?” Lujan gets up and out, 18-7 he leads. McBryde with another shot, Buffalo bench, “Stop shooting!” Crowd laughs, that was pretty good as Lujan has scored on every one of McBryde’s shots. T2 for Lujan, it’s 20-8 after the E1. 45 seconds left, McBryde with another shot, Lujan gets around for the T2, 22-8, Lujan rides him tough with a claw, and that’s the match.

Match Score: Lujan wins 23-8
Team score: UNI leads 16-10

184: #14 Drew Foster (UNI) vs Brett Perry (UB)
1st: Foster scores a T2 in the first 10 seconds and then proceeds to put a saddle on Perry and ride him like a mule. Perry to his feet, but then tries to crawl OOB and Foster isn’t having that, so he sucks him back in. Perry eventually does get out and we restart. Foster goes neutral, so it’s 2-1 and Foster has RT. Restart, Foster with a single leg, he elevates it literally above his own head, but Perry shows great flexibility not once but twice, then Foster brings him down to the mat and Perry does the splits like a cheerleader to avoid the T2. We stalemate. Restart, Foster gets to the single leg again and elevates, but trips him down this time and they roll, no time for anyone to finish though and we go to the 2nd.

2nd:Perry down to start, he’s up and out, 2-2 but Foster has RT. They tie up and Foster shoots in and draws a stall call on Perry. Foster with a single leg on the edge and again Perry splits out and we stalemate. Tie up off the restart, shot from Perry, nothing, 40 seconds left. Foster with a go-by, OOB. 25 seconds left, restart, T2 from Foster, I missed what it was I was looking away, sorry, but it’s 4-2 to the 3rd.

3rd: Foster down to start, he’s to his feet and out, 5-2, and still has RT. Fake from Perry, tie up, snap from from Foster. Reset, snap from Perry and he gets to a high crotch, but Foster works out of it very well and they go OOB. Restart, 1 min left, tie up, Foster drops down to a leg on the outside, then Perry bends over backwards to lock up one of Foster’s legs, and we stalemate. Fake from Perry, shot from Foster and he nearly comes out the backdoor but his arms are tied up in a weird way, and we stalemate. Restart, Perry with a shot, nothing, again, nothing and that’s it.

Match Score: 6-2
Team score: UNI leads 19-10

197: Jacob Holschlag (UNI) vs #22 James Benjamen (UB)
1st: Last match of the night as UNI doesn’t have a heavyweight tonight. They tie up and then Benjamen hits a go by and gets the T2. He’s got both boots in, and looks to be nearly choking Holschlag, but no call. Benjamen has him flattened out and we restart. Holschlag gets up and out quick, 2-1. They tie up, Holschlag with some heavy hands, he wants to be inside, then tries to work a two on one but Benjamen backs out. Benjamen with a half shot, nothing. They tie up again, both are heavy on the head, Benjamen brings him down but can’t get anything out of it, to the 2nd.

2nd: Benjamen down to start, Holschlag with a both legs in but gets too high and Benjamen comes out and gets on top but no reversal call and that SHOULD BE NEARFALLS FOR HOLSCHALG BUT HES NOT EVEN LOOKING AT IT!!!!! Then Holschlag getsback out on top and puts both legs in and rides tough, and eventually Benjamen takes injury time, he’s in some pain and I think it’s his back. Coming out Holschlag gets choice, and goes down. Benjamen puts both boots in and draws a stall call with the front headlock after a 5 count. Restart, Benjamen tries to put the boots in again, but Holschlag shakes him off and gets the R2 with 5 seconds left to go up 3-2!

3rd: Holschlag down to start, he’s up and out quick and it’s 4-2. Snap from Benjamen, crowd wants holschlag to shoot, but he’s not listening. 1 minute left. THey tie up again, both guys wnat to be inside, crowd comes to life again, 45 seconds. Neitehr guy looking to shoot, thne a fake from Benjamen and Holschlag snags an angle and nearly has the T2 but Benjamen works back into him and a stalemate is called with 12 seconds. Restart, shot from Benjamen and Holschlag gets the win!!!

Match Score: Holschlag wins 4-2
Team score: 22-10

285: Jake Gunning (UB)

Gunning wins by forfeit

Match Score: 6-0
Team score: UNI wins 22-16