*Stats are up to 2/3/17 from Trackwrestling*

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3 thoughts on “Iowa High School Bonus Point Leaders – 2/3/17”
  1. Another factor is how many times has a guy won by forfeit. We all know guys who are dominant will at times just get a forfeit instead of a coach having their guy go out and get hammered on. It’s a neat list and they are trying to do what the NCAA does but in college very rarely does a guy get an open in high school it’s very common.

  2. Good question! ^ also, some people may have not had as many matches. I know it would be a little harder, but maybe show percentages? Somebody could have (theoretically) pinned everybody and only have 30 matches

  3. Great list, but it only shows dominance in each area. Who has most bonus points in the three categories combined??

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