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#23 UNI vs Iowa State

149: #8 Max Thomsen (UNI) vs Chase Straw (ISU)
1st: Alrighty, lets go. Thomsen out right away, down to a knee. They tie up, break, again. Straw warned for locking up the fingers. Restart, single leg from Thomsenand he’s around easily for the T2, 2-0. I swear I just heard someone say stalling. Thomsen has a seatbelt in, riding tough, lots of forward pressure. Fans upset now that they’re not being allowed to sit wherever they want. Thomsen has RT, he’s got an arm and is working that hard, 40 seconds left in the period and he’s all but over. PD is called. 30 seconds left. Restart and Thomsen flattens him out again, Schwab ants him to work that arm again, Straw not really doing a lot to get off from bottom. UNI fans making their presance known and there’s a tilt! Thomsen gets the NF4 right before the buzzer! Wait it’s NF2, sorry, 4-0 to the 2nd.

2nd: Thomsen down to start, Straw with a caution, Thomsen up to his feet and out in 5 seconds. 5-0. Thomsen takes a wild double leg, but he finishes wraps up two legs and gets the T2, 7-0. 1 minute left and Thomsen still riding tough, Straw literally just on all fours or his belly not doing anything, no call. Thomsen with a wrist, and there’s the stall call and Thomsen works the tilt but can’t get him over, 20 seconds left. Schwab wants stalling agin, but no call and we go to the third.

3rd: Blood time for Straw, jk, no blood now. Straw goes down which I think is a mistkae, but maybe Thomsen will cut him. Straw to his feet, Thomsen with a suckback, nothing, he’s riding forward again, Jackson yelling to “get him off the wrist” which Straw did but now Thomsen is in on a deep half, but Thomsen gets a PD call. Restart, Thomsen still riding forward and has a nearside cradle locked but Straw gets up and out, it’s 7-1 with 1 minute left. Thomsen, outside single and covers for the T2. 9-1 now. Warning on Straw for stalling, 10-1. Thomsen has over 4:45 of RT, now over 5 minutes and that’s it.

Match Score: Thomsen wins 11-1
Team score: UNI leads 4-0

157: Paden Moore vs Colston DiBlasi (ISU)
1st: Moore comes back from concussion protocol in this one, will be interesting to see if he handles anything differently than he was before. DiBlasi working a left-handed collar tie, takes a shot, nothing. Moore takes a shot, nothing. 1:30 left. Stalemate, restart, Moore with a high crotch try from a mile away and he connects, now DiBlasi is on his butt, Moore trying to work up but DiBlasi with a wizzer in and now he’s on top of Moore but Moore has a leg, so it’s still not two, and there the official (Curt Frost) awards two, but I’m not sure how that’s different. Either way it’s 2-0 DiBlasi, And now Moore is in on DiBlasi and should be racking up NF points but no call, and no E1, so it’s 2-0 DiBlasi to the 2nd.

2nd: DiBlasi down to start, he’s up to his base, back down to his knees and now they’re side by side with DiBlasi and DiBlasi has a wizzer in but Moore flips him over and gets a NF2 2-2 now. Moore working an arm now, but can’t quite get anywhere, but he rides him up over a minute and there’s 24 seconds left in the period. DiBlasi to his hands and feet but Moore forces him back down and rides him out, it’s 2-2 to the 3rd.

3rd: Moore goes neutral in the 3rd. Inside single from Moore as DiBlasi drapes over the back and Moore tries to come out the backdoor but DiBlasi whips him over and now Moore whips HIM over for the T2 and NF 4, but DiBlasi gets the R2 and NF4, so it’s 8-8 and Moore up to all fours but DiBlasi Koloa’s him and Moore falls RIGHT on his head, DiBlasi locks up a cradle and gets another NF4, 12-8, he holdsMoore down there to win 12-8.

Match Score: DiBlasi 12-8
Team score: UNI leads 4-3

165: #10 Bryce Steiert (UNI) vs Logan Breitenbach (ISU)
1st: This one is big for UNI. Steiert in on a shot right away, Breitenbach. Sorry I lost some text there, Steiert got a T2 and NF4 on a half after he locked upBreitenbach’s legs. Steiert  leads 6-0. And he has a nearside cradle locked up but can’t get anywhere with it, and that’s the first.

2nd: Steiert goes down to start, he’s up but Breitenbach returns him, and Breitenbach gets a tilt for a NF2. 6-2 Steiert leads. Steiert gets the E1, Breitenbach with a single leg try but Steiert gets him flattened out and gets aroudn for the T2. 9-3 Steiert leads. Steiert cuts him, I don’t like that here. Breitenbach pushing the action, Steiert with a shot, nothing. They tie up again and Breitenbach with a snap but he falls to the mat and time runs out.

3rd: Breitenbach goes down to start, Steiert goes international, it’s 9-4. Jamie Pollard is here, just showed up. Breitenbach with a shot but he’s on his back now and Schwab wants NF points but nothing, eventually they both kind of sit and Steiert gets behind him for the T2, 11-4. E1 for Breitenbach, 11-5, stall warning on Breitenbach, Steiert has RT, although that’s not super important at this stage. 30 seconds left and Breitenbach takes a bad shot and Steiert sprawls out and gets behidn for the T2, 13-5 and Steiert rides him out.

Match Score: Steiert wins 13-5
Team score: UNI leads 8-3

174: #12 Taylor Lujan (UNI) vs #9 Lelund Weatherspoon (ISU)
1st: Match of the night here. 20 seconds in Weatherspoon gets to an ankle, elevates Lujan’s leg and gets the T2 on the edge. Restart, Lujan gets up and out after 13 seconds. 2-1. Lujan with a REALLY nice duck under, but Weatherspoon snags a leg of Lujan and now has a cradle locked up, that’s a T2 for Weatherspoon, 4-1, and he has the cradle locked up still and over a minute to figure out what to do but then Lujan gets out of it and has a body lock as they’re both on their feet but Lujan can’t do anthing with it and gets the E1, 4-2. Lujan with an ankle pick try, nothing, 30 seconds left. And another ankle pick to an elevated single leg but Weatherspoon fights out, good job by him there, and we go to the 2nd.

2nd: Lujan down to start, Weatherspoon looks a little gassed already, he has his hands on his knees as we start. That’s odd. Lujan up and out quick. RT not a factor. Lujan with another outside single try, he elevates it and trips him down for the T2 and takes a 5-4 lead. He flattens Weatherspoon out, now he has a leg in and is working for that tilt, but Weatherspoon might be too strong for that. Weatherspoon just laying there now, looking at the bench, stalemate, and Schwab gets a warning from the ref. 36 seconds left, restart and Lujan flattens him out again, he has an arm, can’t do anythign with it, and Weatherspoon is just laying there doing absolutley nothing. And that’s the 2nd.

3rd: Weatherspoon down to start, he’s up and out right away, and gets in on a double leg but Lujan does a good job of fighting that off and we restart OOB. Double try again from Weatherspoon, Lujan sprawls out, ISU bench wants stalling on Lujan, Weatherspoon gets up around the body and dumps Lujan down for the T2, and Lujan gets up but Weatherspoon trips him back down, 7-5 and Weatherspoon riding tough with 45 seconds left. And Weatherspoon flips Lujan over for NF points NO LUJAN gets over and gets the E1 and wraps up Weatherspoon’s ankles on the edge! T2 FOR LUJAN!!! WOW and Schwab is all OVER the palce and Jackson wants to challenge. As it stands now it’s 8-7 Lujan RT not a factor and 29 seconds left. Frost taking a look at this now, and the call is confirmed. Lujan goes on top to start, he’s got a claw ride in and Sucks him back but Weatherspoon gets out!! 8-8! with 10 seconds left and LUjan in on a T2 but no call and they roll andd that’s time

SV: They tieup, both guys gotta be gassed, Weatherspoon in on an outside single, Lujan with a wizzer in, KJ down the mat like Schwab was when he got warned, nothing though, and they’re side by side and Weatherspoon just swims over Lujan for the T2. WOW what a match

Match Score: Weatherspoon wins 8-6
Team score: UNI leads 8-6

184: #14 Drew Foster (UNI) vs #10 Patrick Downey (ISU)
1st: Alright sorry, I was updating Twitter. Foster in on a single leg early but Downey fights out. Foster again on a single leg but Downey gets the crotch locked and eventually works Foster over for a NF4. Downey nearly (edit: he did pin himself, replay had Downey on his back for 2 full seconds at least) pinned himself there, but Foster fights out and gets the E1, but it’s 6-1. Foster tries a collar tie, nothing, again, nothing. Neither guy looks really interested in anything, and that’s the first.

2nd: Foster down to start, he’s up and out, Foster takes a shot but Downey breaks it. 6-2 Downey leads. Stalemate. Reatart, Downey hasn’t taken a shot yet, Foster tries a half shot, Downey ties him up, Foster shoots again and draws a stall on Downey, 1 minute left, stalemate. Foster with another outside single that Downey wizzers out of, 15 seconds left, they tie up and that’s it.

3rd: Downey goes down to start. Foster covers, and Downy is up and out, 7-2 he leads. Foster has to push the pace now if he wants to come back. Foster with another shot, Downey fights out. Downey tryinga two on one, nothing, stall warning on Downey again as Foster tries a double leg. 7-3. Foster in on the double leg still but Downey gets the nearside cradle locked up and then cuts Foster, 9-4. Stalemate. 20 seconds left, Downey literally just squatting on the mat, Foster takes another shot, gets another stall, 9-5, and that’s it.

Match Score: Downey wins 9-5
Team score: Iowa State leads, 9-8


197: Jacob Holschlag (UNI) vs Marcus Harrington (ISU)
1st: Holschlag out at 97, I like this move, even if he is a bit undersized. They tie up, stalemate, not sure why. Restart, Holschlag with a T2 I looked away for a second and he was on top. R2 by Harrington as he got a leg and elevated it. 2-2 and we go OOB. Holschlag gets up and out, he leads 3-2. They tie up, break, tie up again, I don’t think is where Holschlag wants to be, Harrington with a heavy left hand on Holschlag’s head, but Holschlag manages to pull him to the mat, but they break again. 30 seconds left. They tie up again, Harrington daring Holschlag to go for Harrington’s leg, he does, but Harrington just pulls it back, and that’s the period.

2nd: Harrington goes neutral to start, that’s a weird decision, as Holschlag leads 3-2. Harrington with a shot, nothing. again, nothing and now Holschlag with a front headlock, but Harrington backs out, and they simply tie up again. Harrington with a shot, Holschlag blocks that. 1 minute left. They tie up, nothing, 45 left. Neither guy is really finishing anything they start. 30 left. Jackson yelling at Harrington to shoot, but he’s not listening. Holschlag doing a good job of keeping Harrington’s ties where he wants them. 10 seconds left, nothing else, to the third.

3rd: Holschlag goes down, and I think this is a mistake. Harrington has 20 seconds of RT already. Caution on Holschlag. But Holschlag is up and out in 4 seconds, shows what I know. Harrington in on a T2 right away, 4-4 but Holschlag gets out, 5-4 he leads with 1 minute left. They tie up (shocking, I know) break, Harrington looks uninterested, which is weird. Stalemate for some reason. Jackson wants something from the ref, not sure what, but Frost doesn’t listen, now Harrington in on a shot and they roll, Holschlag works hard to stay on top and sprawls out and he’s going to win 5-4 as Harrington doesn’t take another shot.

Match Score: Holschlag wins 5-4
Team score: UNI leads 11-9

285: JJ Everard (UNI) vs Quean Smith (ISU)
1st: Alrighty Smith comes out for ISU they announced two heavyweights during intros for some reason. They do heavyweight things for a while, Everard with an outside single, nothing. 1:30 left. They tie up, break, more heavyweight things. 1 minute left, 40 left….tie up, Smith with a shot try, nothing. Everard with half a shot, nothing. 30 left. Nothing else, and that’s the first.

2nd: Everard down to start, caution on Smith. Everard hits a switch right away and is out in 3 seconds. Wow. More heavyweight things. Smith with a shot, Everard gets away from that. More heavyweight things. That’s it for the 2nd.

3rd: Smith down to start, Everard covers…caution on him. Not sure why. Everard to an ankle, covers again, Smith up and out, 1-1. More heavyweight things…and not Blaize Cabell-type heavyweight things. Everard with a shot, Smith a reshot, nothing either way. They tie up, Everard with an outside single try, missed, takes another shot, nothing. 1 minute left. Both with a shot, nothing. 35 left. Nothing here. Tie up, break, Smith with a snap and ankle pick try, Everard just barely gets out of that, Everard with a shot, and Smith gets the T2 but no! The buzzer sounded right before the T2.

SV: Everard with a shot, Smith with a reshot but Everard sprawls out and gets around with Smith’s hand on the mat for the T2!

Match Score: Everard 3-1
Team score: UNI 14-9

125: Jay Schwarm (UNI) vs #20 Markus Simmons (ISU)
1st: AH! Sorry I missed a T2, Simmons was in on a shot but Schwarm came out the backdoor and scored a T2, he’s got a claw in and is riding tough with 1:50 left. Schwarm getting way too high now and Simmons has a leg, they roll for a while as Schwarm gets back behind him, no not quite yet, Simmons has a leg and now Schwarm with both legs in, trying to turn him but Simmons won’t go. Schwarm riding really tough and smart here, lets Simmons get to his base then crossfaces him back down, he’s doing a good job with the claw ride, 20 seconds left, 10 now, and that’s the first.

2nd: Simmons goes neutral to start, 2-0 lead for Schwarm. Schwarm with some headfakes, nothing. Now a big left hand from Simmons, nothing. They break, duck under from Simmons he has a leg and gets the T2. Schwarm works to his base, but can’t get much further than that, Simmons trying to tilt him, but Schwarm kind of rolls out for the E1, and that’s the 2nd.

3rd: 3-1 for Schwarm as he goes down to start. Simmons with a claw in right away as Schwarm doesn’t move off the whistle. Simmons does a good job flattening Schwarm out, and he tries to roll him for NF points but Schwarm turns back into him and gets the R2! 5-2 lead for the Panther. Stalemate restart, Simmons tries to get a R2 as he turns back into Schwarm but no call yet, they’re really rolling around, ISU really wants the R2 but no call yet, and Now Schwarm gets a NF2 as Simmons kind of leans back but he gets the R2 at the end. That was a weird sequence to describe.

Match Score: Schwarm wins, 8-4
Team score: UNI leads, 17-9

133: #15 Josh Alber (UNI) vs #12 Earl Hall (ISU)
1st: Sorry the last match was Larson, not Simmons. Early on Alber is in on a shot and now has a cradle locked up, 2-0 but Hall does a good job of fighting back and drawing a stalemate, which is kind of weird. UNI crowd really making themselves heard here. Alber rides tough, forcing Hall to his belly and now trying to work an arm. Stall warning on Hall as he’s just laying on his belly. Alber is just riding like it’s his job and draws another stall warning from Hall, 3-0 Alber leads. 30 seconds left. Stall warning on Alber for some reason. Restart and Hall gets the E1, 3-1.

2nd: Alber goes down, I don’t really like that here, but that’s ok as I’ve been known to be wrong once or twice (this dual). Alber up, back down, up again and they go OOB. Restart, Alber with a switch and gets the E1, 4-1 and he has 1:58 of RT. They tie up, neither guy really looking for anything, Alber with an outside try, nothing. Tie up, Alber’s really controlying the head, tries a go-by but that doesn’t work, tries another shot, nothing. To the third.

3rd: Hall down to start, he tries to get up, nothing then switches and eventually gets the E1. 4-2 but Alber has RT. Lots of headfakes from Alber, but Hall gets in on a double leg and gets the T2. Alber tries to switch, nothing. Hall riding iwth a lot of forward pressure, 1 minute left, 5-4 Alber leads and has RT locked up. Tie up. Alber with a single leg, Hall sprawls to force the stalemate. 31 seconds left. Restart, tieup, crowd urging hall to take a shot, but Alber does instead, Hall sprawls, circles, grabs a toe and circles for the T2. Schwab talking with Frost about it, no challenge, but Schwab does get warned again, I think, maybe they took that back. Not sure. either way, 6-6

SV: Hall with a shot, Alber comes back, tehy roll and around for a while and Alber GETS THE T2!!! WOW!!!

Match Score: Alber wins 8-6
Team score: UNI leads 20-9

141:Tyler Willers (UNI) vs John Meeks (ISU)
1st: Some ISU fans leaving after that last one. Willers and Meeks scoreless with 1 minute left in the first. Sorry for the gap in updates. They tie up, nothing. Meeks with some hand slaps, that doesn’t do anything. Willers with a bad shot and Meeks almost scores but time runs out. To the second.

2nd: Meeks down to start, he’s up and out in 3 seconds. Restart, Meeks with a shot from too far away, nothing. They tie up, neither guy seems super interested in taking a shot. Meeks with some faster hands, not a lot going on, kind of like a heavyweight match. To the third.

3rd: Willers down to start, he rolls but Meeks in on a double and puts him back down. Willers right back up though, and he gets the E1. 1-1. Meeks with a hand to the eye, restart. They tie up, break. Willers with a high crotch try, but Meeks just backs out. 1 minute left. Restart, Meeks with a front headlock, nothing. Break, 30 seconds left. Neither guy doing anything now. 10 seconds left, and we go to OT

SV: 3rd OT of the second half of the dual here. They tie up, Meeks with a shot, then Willers answers and falls and I would have expected Meeks to cover there but he doesn’t. 30 seconds left, Meeks with a shot, nothing. Tie up, 15 left, Meeks with a shot and they roll and Meeks gets around for the T2!

Match Score: Meeks 3-1
Final Team score: UNI 20, ISU 12