3A IAwrestle Tournament Team Rankings
1 Southeast Polk (9)
2 Valley, West Des Moines (8)
3 Fort Dodge (7)
4 Epworth, Western Dubuque (5)
5 Dubuque Hempstead (5)
6 Glenwood (5)
7 Dowling Catholic (3)
8 Waverly-Shell Rock (7)
9 Indianola (6)
10 North Scott, Eldridge (4)
3A IAwrestle Individual Rankings
1 Cullan Schriever Mason City Fr
2 Dillon Gottschalk Dubuque, Hempstead Jr
3 Ben Monroe Ankeny Centennial Fr
4 Nick Oldham Valley, West Des Moines So
5 Conrad Braswell Prairie, Cedar Rapids So
6 Jeremy Ayala Fort Dodge Fr
7 Evan Yant Waverly-Shell Rock Fr
8 Nick Miller Waukee So
9 Aiden Evans Bettendorf Fr
10 Hans vonRabenau Iowa City West Jr
1 Drew Bennett Fort Dodge Jr
2 Kyle Biscoglia Waukee Jr
3 Kobey Pritchard Indianola Jr
4 Jacob Schipper North Scott, Eldridge Sr
5 Jacob Close Epworth, Western Dubuque Sr
6 Sam Kallem Ankeny Fr
7 Eric Owens Ankeny Centennial So
8 Ryan Munoz Des Moines, Abraham Lincoln Jr
9 Mark Ames Southeast Polk So
10 Johnny Washburn Prairie, Cedar Rapids Fr
1 Brody Teske Fort Dodge Jr
2 Gauge Perrien Southeast Polk Jr
3 Joe Pins Dubuque, Hempstead So
4 Eli Loyd Pleasant Valley Fr
5 Dylan Albrecht Waverly-Shell Rock So
6 Noah Hughes-Reilly Valley, West Des Moines Sr
7 Connor Sexton Indianola Sr
8 Cam Shaver Cedar Rapids, Kennedy Jr
9 Riley Thomas North Scott, Eldridge Sr
10 Max Tracy Dallas Center-Grimes Jr
1 Adam Brown Southeast Polk Sr
2 McGwire Midkiff Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson Sr
3 Zach Price Johnston Jr
4 Will Foreman Cedar Rapids, Washington Jr
5 Spencer Hutchinson Valley, West Des Moines Sr
6 Damond Lockner Fort Dodge Jr
7 Nate Sheehy Dowling Catholic Sr
8 Brock Espalin Des Moines, East Fr
9 Bryson Hervol Waverly-Shell Rock Sr
10 Conner Dalton Des Moines, Abraham Lincoln Jr
1 Jake Watters Dowling Catholic, West Des Moines Sr
2 Cade DeVos Southeast Polk So
3 Bradan Birt Epworth, Western Dubuque Sr
4 Matthew Jordan Des Moines, East So
5 Lance Runyon Indianola So
6 Trenten Wennermark Prairie, Cedar Rapids Jr
7 Will Jefferson Bettendorf So
8 Alex Richard Dubuque Senior Jr
9 Joey Harney Iowa City High Jr
10 Ian Heise Waverly-Shell Rock So
1 Triston Lara Fort Dodge Sr
2 Nathan Lendt Southeast Polk Jr
3 Harlan Steffensmeier Fort Madison Jr
4 Nathan Feldman Dubuque, Hempstead Sr
5 Gabe Kjeldgaard Lewis Central Jr
6 Bryce Murano Dallas Center-Grimes Sr
7 Collin Lewis North Scott, Eldridge So
8 Mason Morris Bettendorf Jr
9 Zach Fisher Indianola Sr
10 Deville Dentis Des Moines, East So
1 Zachary Barnes Southeast Polk Sr
2 Grant Stotts Valley, West Des Moines Jr
3 Nick Graham Johnston So
4 Drew Sams Oskaloosa Sr
5 Preston Terry Burlington So
6 Killyan Green Ankeny Jr
7 Caleb Conway Marion Sr
8 Josh Gerke Xaiver, Cedar Rapids Sr
9 Trevor Anderson Glenwood Jr
10 Shawn Brown Des Moines, Lincoln Jr
1 Nelson Brands Iowa City, West Jr
2 Austin Yant Waverly-Shell Rock Sr
3 Zane Mulder Dallas Center-Grimes Jr
4 Cayd Lara Fort Dodge Jr
5 Alex Ward Dubuque, Hempstead Jr
6 Jacob Wempen Linn-Mar, Marion So
7 Anthony Zach Waukee So
8 Colin Conway Marion Sr
9 Joe Nicholson Valley, West Des Moines Sr
10 Alan Moore Norwalk Sr
1 Joel Shapiro Valley, West Des Moines Jr
2 Mac Southard Lewis Central Sr
3 Matt Culver Cedar Rapids, Jefferson Sr
4 Tyger Whitters Prairie, Cedar Rapids Sr
5 Zach Wagenhoffer Waverly-Shell Rock Sr
6 Tad Griffith Des Moines, Abraham Lincoln Jr
7 Carter Rohweder Iowa City, West Sr
8 Alex Streicher Linn-Mar, Marion Sr
9 Thaddeus Breitsprecker Southeast Polk Jr
10 Collin Hushagen Johnston Jr
1 Marcus Coleman Ames Sr
2 Ben Sarasin Cedar Rapids, Kennedy Jr
3 Gavin Babcock Southeast Polk Sr
4 Bryce Pilcher Cedar Falls Sr
5 Kade Kolarik Indianola Sr
6 Austin Lamm Urbandale Sr
7 Jason Beebe Oskaloosa Sr
8 Tanner Petro Newton Sr
9 Brady Bartz Marion Jr
10 Ben Chapman Clinton Jr
1 Max Lyon Epworth, Western Dubuque Sr
2 Anthony Sherry Glenwood Jr
3 Spencer Sherwood Burlington Sr
4 Garrett Kubovec Cedar Rapids, Kennedy Sr
5 Tavian Rashed Cedar Rapids, Jefferson Sr
6 Tyrell Gordon Waterloo, East Jr
7 Gabe Christenson Southeast Polk Fr
8 Elijah Dirkx Carroll Sr
9 Preston LeGrange Prairie, Cedar Rapids Sr
10 Brock Hunger Iowa City High Sr
1 Kaden Sauer Dowling Catholic, West Des Moines Sr
2 Connor Corbin Valley, West Des Moines Sr
3 Isaac Bartel Mason City Sr
4 Jacob Dykes Iowa City, City High Jr
5 Luke Kluesner Epworth, Western Dubuque Sr
6 Isaac Bales Glenwood Jr
7 Triston Licht Fort Dodge So
8 Brayden Schultz Linn-Mar, Marion Sr
9 Trenton Tietjens Des Moines, Lincoln Sr
10 Sam Pape Cedar Rapids, Kennedy Sr
1 Wyatt Wriedt North Scott, Eldridge Sr
2 Rocky Lombardi Valley, West Des Moines Sr
3 Zach Haggstrom Glenwood Sr
4 Dylan Olson Dubuque, Hempstead Jr
5 Jordain Buckland Iowa City, City High Sr
6 Jacob Eggleston Waverly-Shell Rock Sr
7 Sam Gerst Waterloo, West Sr
8 Cameron Baker Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson So
9 Payne Johnson Waterloo, East Sr
10 Alex Francois Xaiver, Cedar Rapids Sr
1 Aaron Costello Epworth, Western Dubuque Sr
2 Caleb Sanders Glenwood Jr
3 Colin Newell Ames Sr
4 Eagan Lickiss Indianola Sr
5 Keegan Poole Pella Sr
6 Omar Begic Waterloo, East Sr
7 Tyler Clark Clinton Sr
8 Callan Tomlin Oksaloosa Sr
9 Nathan McDonald Waukee Jr
10 David Bonner Cedar Rapids, Jefferson Sr
16 thoughts on “Class 3A IAwrestle Rankings- 1-17-17”
    1. he had foot surgery coming out of football and was not medically cleared until Christmas break

  1. These are horrible. I believe you missed some big time teams like Johnston in the top 5 as a team as well as rankings at 106,113,132,138,285 for Johnston. They will all prove you wrong at ed winger this weekend.

    1. Having 5 fringe top ten and 2 top 3 wrestlers does not make you a top 5 in tournament team standings. Johnston has a very solid dual team and has over the past couple years. I appreciate the feedback but at this time I have to disagree.

        1. Yeah beat Indinola at the Johnston invite in December and Waverly at the Midwest shoot out last week. But don’t let the facts get in the way of a great story. 😉

          1. The individual rankings are entered into a formula and team rankings are determined from that. Not every team in 3A was at the Johnston Invite or Midwest Shootout which skews the results. Also bonus point are not included in team standings because they are not a given. Im sorry that you think I have it out to not rank Johnston. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this one. Good luck the rest of the season.

    1. That was also his last match, over a month ago. When he returns to the lineup he most likely returns to the rankings.

      1. How bad is the injury? It isn’t season ending I hope. Also when does North Scott’s Behrens become eligible from the transfer rule and where does he project when he comes back?

    1. No chance he beats Barnes. Barnes controlled entire match, Stotts will have to take a shot to win.

  2. Johnston and Burlington kid had a common opponent over VonRabneau this past weekend alone…. why is he ranked

    1. Someone,
      No excuses, I missed it. All three in a loaded 106 bracket this weekend at Ed Winger, things will change again I’m sure.

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