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#24 UNI vs #19 Central Michigan

157: Dan Kelly (UNI) vs #11 Colin Heffernan (CMU)
1st: Kelly looks to be starting, we’ll see if he comes out. This is a tough, tough first test for him as Moore is still out with the concussion. Heffernan with a single leg right away and gets the T2, but Kelly with gets a single leg and gets the R2, that was kind of a weird sequence and now Heffernan with a R2. Heffernan working a tilt, can’t really get Kelly over, they’re really on the edge and there they go. They were on the edge for a long time. Schwab challenging something…not sure what, he just chatted with the official. Restart, Kelly to his base, and the announcer just called UNI Iowa State…sigh. Heffernan continues to ride, breaks Kelly down and now with a tight seatbelt. He’s not exactly trying to do a whole lot, but there’s the first.

2nd: Heffernan down to start the first, Kelly needs to put on a ride here. Caution on Kelly. Heffernan up to his feet, and he’s out, so much for the ride. 5-2 Heffernan leads. They tie up, Heffernan just shoots a single, Heffernan forces Kelly to the mat and Heffernan covers for the T2. 7-2 and he has an arm and gets the NF2 on a tilt, 9-2 he leads. Heffernan gets a little out of position and Kelly gets up and out, 9-3 and that’s the period.

3rd: At the end of the third there Kelly took a shot, that’s nice to see. Kelly goes down to start, but there’s blood somewhere so Kelly gets wiped off. Heffernan goes international start, 9-4 now. Heffernan with a shot, Kelly fights it off, Heffernan again on the outside with a single leg but Kelly gets warned for stalling, now they’re in a pass situation, and Kelly nearly comes out on top but they’re on teh edge, and they stalemate. Restart, Heffernan in on another single leg but Kelly with a good wizzer and gets out. Heffernan needs a new headgear, this is the 4th time it’s fallen off this match. 34 seconds left, restart, they tieup, Heffernan with an outside single, nothing, again and he switches off to the double leg and gets the T2, Kelly can’t escape and that’s it.

Match Score: Heffernan 12-4
Team score: 4-0

165: #10 Bryce Steiert (UNI) vs Logan Parks (CMU)
1st: Steiert gets the nod today, good to see. Parks with a shot right off the whistle, Steiert fights that off, good job out of him. Steiert with a double leg try but can only get one ankle, he elevates it, doubles off and gets the T2, 2-0 he leads. Parks gets up and gets out, Steiert works the head and gets an ankle and scores another T2, Steiert just cuts him, 4-2 and they go OOB, stalling on Parks. Steiert working hard with the fakes and snaps to create movement, high crotch by Steiert, that turns into a single but Steiert doubles him off, 6-2 and we go to the 2nd.

2nd: Parks goes down to start, Steiert goes international, 6-3. Steiert wtih another high crotch try, nothing, and again and gets the T2. 8-3, cuts him, 8-4. Steiert has RT. A low single leg from Steiert, he covers, 10-4, 10-5 on the cut. Parks with an inside single, but Steiert sprawls out nicely, and Steiert backs Parks out, so it’s 11-5 after that stall call. Parks in on a low single off the restart but time runs out, to the third.

3rd: There’s a delay here, not sure why. Must be a table issue or something. Would really like to see this cleaned up quickly as Parks looks pretty tired. I guess that was an official review? That seemed weird, it wasn’t really close. Steiert goes neutral to start the third. They tie up and Steiert goes down to the low single leg, brings it up but Parks does the splits to delay the T2 but Steiert gets around him, 13-5 now. OOB, restart, caution on Steiert, Parks up and out, 13-6 but Steiert has RT. 45 seconds left, would be great to see Steiert get another T2 here, there he shoots an outside single but can’t get it done, but he wins by major

Match Score: Steiert 14-6
Team score: 4-4

174: #12 Taylor Lujan (UNI) vs #25 CJ Brucki (CMU)
1st: These next two matches will be good tests for the younger upperweights as they move forward. Tieup to start, Brucki with headgear problems now. Restart, Lujan with a shot, Brucki sprawls out though, Brucki with a single leg, gets it up but can’t cover, Lujan with a wizzer in, but Brucki gets it up high, drags Lujan back in and gets the T2 and Lujan flips around in a nice move and gets the R2 so it’s 2-2. Schwab wanted NF points on that, but none given. Lujan doing a great job of riding, Brucki tries a roll, nothing. Lujan with a wing, tried to roll him once, that doesn’t work, 20 seconds left, and nothing else, so we go to the 2nd.

2nd: Lujan down to start, he’s up and Brucki just lets him out, 3-2 he leads. Snap from Brucki, and he doesn’t look quite as spry as he did in the first period before Lujan rode him, that might just be me though. Lujan iwth a shot, nothing, a snap, nothing. Lujan pretty consistently going forward, single leg from him, nothing. I’d like to see some more of those just to push the pace a little bit more. Brucki takes a shot but he doesn’t finish and Lujan gets around for the T2. He has RT now as well, 5-2 and we go to the third.

3rd: Brucki down to start, I think there was a caution on Lujan, Schwab is unhappy about that. Brucki to his feet, Lujan returns, up again and Lujan cuts him. 5-3. Brucki with a signle leg but Lujan with a crotch lift, now Lujan ends up on top and Brucki tries to come out the backdoor and Lujan’s knee looks backwards right now, stalemate, that seems weird. Restart, Brucki with an outside single, and again Lujan’s knee looks backwards, but he seems fine, and he fights Brucki off, and that’s it

Match Score: Lujan wins 6-3
Team score: UNI leads 7-4

184: #14 Drew Foster (UNI) vs #20 Jordan Ellingwood (CMU)
1st: Foster gets the call here, Ellingwood won last season 10-4, but Foster has improved a lot since then. Ellingwood with an over-under situation, but Foster does a good job fighting that off and we stalemate. Each guy is trying to get into position, Ellingwood wtih double underhooks in, but again Foster does a good job fighting that off. Ellingwood looks a lot bigger than Foster, and Ellingwood wants to work from teh ties, and Foster from space. He takes a shot to a leg but Ellingwood ties him up, and that’s the period.

2nd: Ellingwood down to start, he’s to his feet and out, 1-0 he leads. Ellingwood with a single leg try, Foster sprawls out though, stalemate. Restart, Foster with a try, nothing. He reshoots, Ellingwood with a good sprawl but he nearly backs OOB and has a headlock on the edge as they go OOB. Restart, Foster with a single leg try, nothing. ANd a double leg at the end but time runs out.

3rd: Foster is down to start, Ellingwood’s head was over the center of Foster’s back but no caution on him. Foster to his feet but Ellingwood gets a leg, back down but Foster to his feet and he’s up and out. 1-1 1:30 left, RT not a factor. Foster in on a single leg but Ellingwood with a deep wizzer in and he faces Foster and has a front headlock. Stalemate. 30 seconds left, Foster shoots and Ellingwood is warned for stalling, another over/under for Ellingwood but Foster breaks it. Ellingwood with a head fake and Foster times it perfectly and gets an ankle pick for the T2 and a 3-1 lead! And that’s it

Match Score: Foster 3-1
Team score: UNI leads 10-4

197: Jacob Holschlag UNI) vs Austin Severn (CMU)
1st: Alrighty, not a lot of action in the first minute, just a couple tie ups. Shedenhelm trying to work a two on one. Both guys trying to work inside, neither with a real shot yet. It’s like a heavyweight match out there and we go to the 2nd.

2nd: Severn down to start. Caution on him. Severn works up but Holschlag koala-bears him and we get a stalemate. Restart, Severn rolls, Holschlag puts a leg in and ties to suck Severn back, but that doesn’t quite work, now Holschlag gets waaaayyyy too high and Severn comes out the backdoor and gets the R2. Restart, Holschlag switches out but Severn back in on a double right away but then he gets out. 2-1 Severn leads. Holschlag with a front headlock but time expires.

3rd: Holschlag down to start, and he’s up and out pretty quickly, 2-2. They tie up, Holschlag tries a go-by but Severn gets a double leg and Holschlag holding onto a leg but Severn works his way around to get the T2 and Holschlag gets up and out right away, 4-3 now, 45 seconds left. Holschalg with a snap down, nothing. Ankle pick, nothing. Again Holschlag with a go-by, nothing. 15 seconds left, tries a duck-under, nothing, and that’s it.

Match Score: Severn wins 4-3
Team score: UNI leads, 10-7

285: JJ Everard (UNI) vs Newton Smerchek (CMU)
1st: No intermission I guess, that’s fine with me. This would be a big win for UNI and Everard if he could get it. One of the commentators just said, “Heavyweighters.” I didn’t know that was a word. They’re tying up and breaking, 1 minute gone. And Everard gets in on a single leg and takes Smerchek to the mat that was a really nice shot by Everard! 2-0 as they go OOB. Restart, Eveard rides an ankle for a hot second, but Smerchek gets up and out, 2-1 with 45 seconds left. Everard with another shot with 10 seconds left but Smerchek fights him off, and that’s the first.

2nd: Smerchek goes down to start, he hits a switch and gets out. 2-2 as Everard gets in on another single leg but Smerchek is over the back trying to crotch lift Everard, so we stalemate. Smerchek hasn’t done one thing this match from the feet. And there’s the stalemate. It’s like there’s a mindlink between me and the official. They tie up again but Smerchek in on an underhook and Everard backs out of that QUICK, they tie up one more time but that’s it.

3rd: Everard down to start, he’s to his feet and hits a roll to get out, 3-2 he leads. They both tie up, Smerchek is trying to get the inside position but Everard is doing a good job of staying away from that. 1 minute left. Not a lot going on…fan wants a stall call on “Iowa” which is weird because Iowa is in Stillwater today. 30 seconds left. Holy cow Smerchek takes a shot! But Everard fights it off easily and drives into him for a T2, PD called, restart and that’s it. BIG win for Everard and the panthers

Match Score: Everard 5-2
Team score: 13-7 UNI leads

125: Jay Schwarm (UNI) vs Brent Fleetwood (CMU)
1st: Sorry, updating Twitter. Fleetwood with a T2 and they both go OOB. 2-0 he leads. Restart, Schwarm up but back down, Fleetwood with a half and seatbelt in, they’re on the edge again and Schwarm nearly hits a switch but can’t get there. OOB. Restart, Schwarm on all fours, but back down, to his feet, adn Fleetwood just runs him out of bounds. Schwarm rolls out, has a leg but can’t get the R2, now Fleetwood with a front headlock and Schwarm is awarded the E1, 2-1, but Fleetwood has over 2 minutes of RT and we go to the 2nd.

2nd: Fleetwood goes down to start, Schwarm rides an ankle in kind of a cross-body ride, but Schwarm needs to be careful here as Fleetwood turns back into him, and he does a good job but we stalemate. Another caution on UNI for some reason. Fleetword hits a switch and has Schwarm’s leg, but Schwarm has a leg too and fights back into him, Fleetwood’s RT has been erased, and we stalemate. That’s a fortunate situation for Schwarm. Restart, Schwarm with the ankle ride again, 20 seconds left in the period, 10, and Schwarm rides Fleetwood out.

3rd: Schwarm goes down, I’m not sure if if I like that or not. Schwarm up to his feet, Fleetwood returns right away, up again, stalling on Fleetwood as he just stood behind Schwarm for a full 10 seconds, and AGAIN Felletwood RUNS Schwarm out of bounds! Fleetwood has 49 seconds of RT. Restart, Schwarm up to his feet but can’t get out, Fleetwood with a claw ride, and he flattens Schwarm out. Fleetwood has RT, but Schwarm looks gassed out, Schwarm rolls, nothing, Fleetwood kind of trying to almost work a tilt, but not really, and that’s the match.

Match Score: Fleetwood wins 3-1
Team score: UNI leads, 13-10

133: #15 Josh Alber (UNI) vs #23 Corey Keener (CMU)
1st: Keener with a shot early, nothing. Alber with the red headgear on again today. Shot from Alber, nothing, again, nothing. Snapdown from Keener, nothing, they stay there and we get a restart. Headtaps from Keener, he takes another shot, and all of a sudden Alber takes three steps backwards and tehy’re on teh edge, he tries to circle back in and does, 30 seconds left. Alber’s going to have to find some offense here if he wants to get this done, but it’s 0-0 right now as we go to the 2nd.

2nd: Keener down to start, he’s up but Alber drives him back down, Alber works a seatbelt but Keener gets up and out and leads 1-0. Alber with a low single leg and Keener gets called for an illegal figure four on Alber’s head. So it’s 1-1. Keener with a shot, but Alber stops that with another front headlock, and we stalemate there. Restart and they just tie up, so we go to the third.

3rd: Alber down to start, Keener with a tilt and the arena want NF points, but none given and Alber gets up and out, 2-1 he leads. Wow that was close. Tie up, Keener backs out and Alber takes a bad shot, Keener tries to scoot around but Alber recovers and we stalemate. Restart, Alber with a go-by quick off the whistle gets behind Keener and gets a NF2!! That was really slick by Alber, he leads 6-1 now! Keener gets up and out, 6-2 with 15 seconds left, Keener with a single leg on the edge but time runs out and Alber wins!

Match Score: Alber wins, 6-2
Team score: UNI leads 16-10

141:Jake Hodges (UNI) vs Mason Smith (CMU)
1st: This is another big match, Smith in on a single leg right away, they scramble around in a series I’m not even going to try to describe, but they stalemate out. Restart, Hodges with a shot, nothing, Smith looks like Slenderman out there, he’s really skinny. Hodges with a shot, nothing, they tie up. Both want wrists, but Smith with a low single, Hodges draped over the back, has a lseg now, Smith nearly comes out the back door and now the ref awards a T2, but that doesn’t make any sense, so Schwab challenges. I would imagine this would be reversed, but who knows. And the official reverse the call, so there’s no T2, and we start again from 1:07. And right off the whistle Hodges hits a low ankle pick and covers for the T2, GREAT job from Hodges there, he leads 2-0. And then Smith gets a R2 and time runs out. So it’s 2-2 after the first.

2nd: Smith goes down to start, Hodges tries a suckback but gets stuck and Smith turns into him for another R2. Ugh that just sucks. Smith with both legs in and Hodges comes out the backdoor and gets the R2! 4-4 with 19 seconds left, Hodges has RT, I’d go neutral in the 3rd but that’s just me, 10 seconds left and Hodges rides him out.

3rd: Hodges goes down, ignoring my advice. Shows how much I know. Smith with a leg in, trying to work a half, but he gets too far up again….RT is not a factor now, but Hodges tries to turn into him, can’t, Smith with a half again, sucks him back, nothing Smith with both legs in and flattens Hodges out, Smith back to the half, still nothing, but he’s really cranking it. 20 seconds left and PD is called. 16 seconds left. Restart, Smith with a leg in, Hodges stands up but back down, and Smith rides him out.

Sudden Victory: Smith with a bad shot, Hodges with a bad shot, Smith reshoots, But hodges has a leg and SMith gets behind but Hodges is still in on the leg but Smith gets it back and that’s the T2

Match Score: Smith wins, 6-4
Team score: UNI 16-13.

149: #8 Max Thomsen (UNI) vs #6 Justin Oliver (CMU)
1st: Biggest match of the night. Thomsen with a shot early, Oliver fights it off. Front headlock and Oliver with a single leg and T2 but thomsen gets the E1 right away, 2-1. They tie up again, Thomsen with a knee tap, nothing, stalemate. Restart, Thosmen with a shot, but he’s a mile away and Oliver headlocks him again. Thomsen does not want to be there. They clear. Lots of head fakes from Oliver. Not a lot of other action and we go to the 2nd.

2nd: Thomsen down to start, Oliver riding pretty well, Thomsen with an arm, but we stalemate. Thomsen nearly hits a switch, but Oliver recovers well. Oliver not really doing a lot on top, but Thomsen’s not really doing a lot on bottom. Oliver has a leg in and over 1:30 of RT. Stall warning on Thomsen as Oliver tries to work…something…maybe? Stalemate. Not sure why there was a stall call when 10 seconds later there was a stalemate. Restart, Oliver puts a leg in and just hangs, but he rides Thomsen out.

3rd: Oliver down to start, he has over 2 minutes of RT. He’s up and out pretty much right away. They tie up, Thomsen tries a high crotch, Oliver back in that front headlock, they clear. Thomsen can’t get anything going, I’d like to report more, but there’s nothing to report. Oliver tries a low ankle pick but can’t get there, and that’s it.

Match Score: Oliver wins 4-1
Final Team score: Panthers win 17-16 on criteria! UNI scored more total match points to edge the Chippewas