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Tonight’s dual will start at 133 pounds

UNI is 33-1-5 against NIU all time. UNI won the last meeting in Dekalb last year 24-12.

Dual Preview

Northern Illinois vs #24 UNI


133: Jay Schwarm (UNI) vs Alijah Jeffery (NIU)
1st: Alrighty we’re underway, Schwarm bumping up from his usual 125 pounds to take on Jeffery. Jeffery with a low inside single to start, Schwarm dives for a leg but Jeffery comes out the back door and gets a T2. He’s working an arm and has Schwarm over for one count but no NF, there he goes again and gets the NF2. 4-0 Jeffery leads, and the 8 (I counted) NIU fans clap. And Jeffery works a half and has Schwarm on his back and that’s pretty tight, but Schwarm fights it off, good job there, but Jeffery leads 8-0. 45 seconds left and Jeffery works the arm and half again and gets another NF4, but again Schwarm does a good job of fighting off his back, and again there’s another NF4 and that’s it. 16-0.


Match Score: 16-0 Jeffery
Team score: NIU leads 5-0

141: Jake Hodges  (UNI) vs Angel Velasquez (NIU)
1st: Tie ups to start, they’re just trying to feel each other out. Hodges with a snap shot, nothing. again they tie up, Hodges trying to get a left handed collar tie going, but Velasquez works really hard a couple times to get that off. Now Velasquez with a single leg, but they stalemate. Restart, nothing else and that’s the first.

2nd: Velasquez is down to start, Hodges follows and they go OOB. Restart, Hodges with some heavy pressure forward, Velasquez to his feet, Hodges follows but Velasquez gets the E1 and they go OOB. Restart, Hodges with an outside try, nothing, again, nothing. OOB restart, shot try by Hodges which draws the stall warning on Velasquez, NIU doesn’t like it, now Velasquez in on a shot but time runs out before they can finish the sequence.

3rd: Hodges down to start, he’s up to his feet but they go OOB. Restart. hodges sits back on both ankles in a way that looks like it would really hurt a normal person. Hodges gets up and out and it’s 1-1. They tie up, Hodges really not letting Velasquez circle back in, so we stalemate. Restart, they tie up again, 1 minute left in the match. snap by Hodges, nothing, again by Hodges, nothing. Outside single try by Hodges but Velasquez sprawls well and gets around for a T2. 21 seconds left. Restart, Hodges up and out and he’s got 13, he only gets one shot off though and Velasquez fights it off, Hodges goes down.

Match Score: Velasquez 3-2
Team score: NIU leads 8-0

149: #15 Max Thomsen (UNI) vs #17 Steve Bleise (NIU)
1st:Bleise with a single leg right away but Thomsen with a wizzer, crowd wants PD called as Thomsen’s knee is bent dangerously, and eventually they get it. Restart, collar tie, followed by a snapdown into the mat by Bleise, now a stalemate. Restart, a couple shot tries by Thomsen, but Bleise does a good job of keeping to the collar/front headlock to stop those. Thomsen trying to get a seatbelt going, but can’t really make anything happen off it. Restart, stalling on Bleise, that seems quick to me, but I’m not a official. Blast double try from Bleise but Thomsen gets a leg out and does a good job fighting out before time runs out.

2nd: Thomsen down to start. There’s a scoring error, the choice was given to NIU, but UNI has odd matches, which this one is. Anyway, Thomsen chooses down anyway, he’s up and out in 5 seconds, so he leads 1-0. Single leg try by Thomsen, he’s in and pulls the leg up to a knee, back down to the mat as Bleise has a whizzer in and we stalemate there. Fans really want stalling on Bleise again. Restart, Thomsen with another shot, nothing, again, nothing, and that’s the period.

3rd: Bleise down to start, Thomsen goes with him for a 7 seconds, but lets him up, it’s 1-1. Thomsen with a shot, nothing. Again nothing, Bleise warned for stalling and it’s 2-1 Thomsen. That really *shouldn’t* change Bleise’s strategy at all, but we’ll see. Another shot by Thomsen, Bleise sprawls out. 1 minute left, Thomsen with a high crotch and has his hands locked, lifts him up but Bleise sprawls back down, Thomsen lifts him again, but gets flattened out and Bleise circles around and gets the far ankle but no T2 is called as time runs out on the edge, and NIU is challenging. The call on the mat stands, no T2 and Thomsen wins 2-1

Match Score: Thomsen wins 2-1
Team score: NIU leads 8-3

157: Paden Moore (UNI) vs #25 Caden McWhirter (NIU)
1st: T2 from McWhirter right off the bat, I missed what happened but Moore got hit in the head hard and is really wobbly. Moore is in concussion review, he’ll get as much time as he needs to recover. Moore and the athletic trainers have headed to the back, but again, he’ll get as much time as he needs to be evaluated and recover. Moore is unable to recover, he’ll forfeit.


Match Score: Moore forfeit’s.
Team score: NIU 14-3

165: #10 Bryce Steiert (UNI) vs Shaun’Qae McMurtry  (NIU)
1st: Steiert up now after the “break.” He shoots, nothing, but he’s in on a single and eventually throws McMurtry down and covers for the T2. McMurtry to his feet, Steiert tries to pick him up but can’t, and eventually just lets him out. Steiert runs back to the middle and McMurtry goes after him a little bit, that was odd but Steiert right back in on a double leg and gets the T2. Steiert has an arm but they’re on the edge and he releases him, 4-2 Steiert leads. Restart and Steiert dives for an ankle comes out the back door and T2, 6-2. Steiert with cross face (not the Terao version) and that’s the first.

2nd: Steiert goes neutral, not a lot of action right away but Steiert eventually finds the single leg, and McMurtry tries something weird, he kind of dove over Steiert’s head, but that doesn’t work at all and Steiert gets the T2, E1 for McMurtry and it’s 8-3. Another single leg T2 for Steiert, 10-3. Steiert works an arm bar and pulls the head back but can’t get anywhere. Fans want stalling on McMurtry and they get it, and that’s the 2nd.

3rd: McMurtry is down to start, they go optional start, so it’s 10-4. T2 for Steiert, E1, it’s 12-5. Steiert with the single leg, tries to come out the back door but can’t get there, and we stalemate. Restart, Steiert in on the single leg and gets the NF nad backs! That’s a NF4 and Steiert settles in but time runs out.

Match Score: Steiert wins 18-5
Team score: NIU leads 14-7


174: #14 Taylor Lujan (UNI) vs Trace Engelkes (NIU)
1st: Alright, they tie up off the whistle, and Lujan has a headlock and hits an inside trip and nearly but Engelkes on his back but Engelkes rolls through and we’re still neutral. And after all that we get a stall call on Lujan for backing out, I didn’t see it but I disagree with the call. Restart, they tie up and Lujan tries a go-by but Engelkes recovers nicely and there’s nothing. Engelkes backs Lujan up and Lujan tries to hit the headlock to Engelkes back again but slips and Engelkes gets the T2. R2 for Lujan as he hits a switch and Engelkes has been down for 5 seconds and a fan wants stalling which has everybody laughing. Lujan riding tough though, Engelkes on his belly, and now works up but Engelkes a couple times and eventually puts him down. Lujan with the claw ride and now in on a leg and turns him on the edge but the assistant ref blows it dead for some reason, I really have no idea why. They were in the cylinder. Restart, Engelkes stands up but Lujan returns him and that’s the first. 2-2

2nd: Engelkes defers, Lujan down to start. Lujan has RT at 1:33. Lujan to his feet, wrist control but Engelkes goes to a single leg, now he’s behind again, Schwab wants stalling but that’s not happening, Lujan hits a switch and is out. He still has RT and leads 3-2. Nice High crotch from Engelkes and Lujan tries to scramble but Engelkes does a good job getting behind him, E1 for Lujan and it’s 4-4 and he THROWS Engelkes by his head and has a it locked up tight and GETS THE FALL!!!

Match Score: Lujan wins by pinfall in 4:41
Team score: NIU leads 14-13

184: Jacob Holschlag (UNI) vs Bryce Gorman (NIU)
1st: Right off the whistle Aldrich in on a single leg but Holschlag dives and holds on to a leg of Aldrich and we stalemate. Restart, tie ups and eventually Holschlag gets to a single leg, he works hard to bring him down and gets the T2, he leads 2-0. He works an arm and nearly has points but no count, which has Schwab furious. Restart, fans don’t like that. Holschlag with a suck back but no NF’s, no one’s mad about that one. holschlag flattens Aldrich out and that’s the first.

2nd: Sorry Bryce Gorman is on the mat for NIU, they just announced that. We start neutral in the 2nd, not sure who chose that. Single leg by Gorman but Holschlag is draped over the bag, Gorman trying to come out the backdoor but Holschlag holding onto that body tight and rolls Gorman over but no T2 for a LONG time but there it is and he got a NF4 from it. It’s 8-0 now but Gorman is still in on his single leg, that’s a weird situation. Holschlag works around and rides Gorman out, 8-0 to the third.

3rd: Gorman down to start. Holschlag with a leg and a claw, flattens Gorman out, he’s got over 3 minutes of RT. Holschlag trying to get in anywhere, not really working, and we have a stalemate. Restart, Gorman gets out but stumbles backward, Holschlag right on him, but they go OOB. 8-1 Holschlag leads, shot by Gorman on the restart, Holschlag with a front headlock but they break. Another shot by Gorman, Holschlag circles around and gets Gorman’s hand down and he’ll win, 11-1.

Match Score: 11-1 Holschlag
Team score: UNI leads 17-14

197: Chase Shedenhelm (UNI) vs Shawn Scott (NIU)
1st: This is the first time I’ve seen Shedenhelm this year, and Scott is ranked in some polls, so we’ll see what the junior can do. Shedenhelm backs Scott up, but Scott takes a shot, single leg and Shedenhelm does a good job of getting the whizzer in and fighting it off. OOB restart, they tie up, NIU bench wants Scott to move more, he’s not really listening to them. They tie up again, good high crotch by Scott but Shedenhelm fights it off but then Scott throws him by for a T2 with 15 seconds left but then Shedenhelm gets around him and gets a R2 on the edge with 3 seconds left in the period. Restart but Scott can’t get up and we go to the 2nd.

2nd: 2-2 tie as Scott starts down. He’s up and out quickly and leads 3-2. Scott with another High-c try, but Shedenhelm circles around him and nearly gets a T2 of his own, but they tie up again. That was a good job by Shedenhelm anticipating that. Warning on Shedenhelm as he really hasn’t shot all match. Now NIU wants a snap, Scott not listening to that either. They tie up, Scott with an outside single try, nothing. 10 seconds left and that’s it.

3rd: Shedenhelm down to start, Scott goes to an ankle right away but flattens Shedenhelm out, now Scott has both legs in and tires to work a wrist, but that doesn’t work, so instead Scott just lays on Shedenhelm for a full 10 seconds. Now Scott with an armbar and just kind of lays there some more, so we stalemate. Scott has RT now.  Restart and Scott goes for the ankle again and I swear the official slowed down at “4” in his count just to not hit him. That was weird. Scott flattens Shedenhelm out again, and is just sitting on top of him, but that’s the period.

Match Score: 4-2 Scott wins
Team score: Tied at 17

285: JJ Everard (UNI) vs Caelb Gossett (NIU)
1st: They tie up like heavyweights do, and there’s a single from Everard, but Gossett stuffs him and we tie back up. Gossett goes lower in his stance than before, Everard is just kind of standing there straight-legged. Gossett tries an outside single but that Everard stuffs him and gets out. They re-center, 1 minute left in the period. Gossett has a dirty ‘stache going, it looks like he ate some chocolate ice cream before the match. Everard with a single try but Gossett sprawls out of that right away. That’s the first.

2nd: Everard down to start, he’s up and out but as they run OOB Gossett chases and that nearly ended badly for some fans in the first row. Restart, and guess what? They tie up again! Gossett getting a lot of advice from his bench on a lot of different things, but he’s not really trying much. Neither is Everard. Eveard with a shot try but Gossett fights that off but Everard reshoots and gets the double leg on the edge for the T2! He leads 3-0 now. Restart, Everad rides tough for as long as he can, Gossett to his feet Everard forces him back down that’s a good job by him to not give that up and that’s the period.

3rd: Gossett goes down but Everard has 33 seconds of RT, I don’t agree with that call. Everard rides forward with a lot of pressure and cuts him with 59 on the clock of RT. That was a poor decision. They tie up, Gossett with a shot, Everard thought about a reshot but chose not to. Gossart backs Everard up and then tries a single leg but Everard gets around for the T2, he leads 5-1. Everard rides for a few seconds, 45 seconds left in the period. They tie up, Everard tries a shot, nothing, Gossett with a try, nothing, again, nothing. They tie up and that’s it.

Match Score: 6-2
Team score: UNI leads 20-17

125: #12 Dylan Peters (UNI) vs Brock Hudkins (NIU)
1st: Peters with a front headlock, the NIU bench warns to, “Watch that cowcatcher.” Good advice from them. Restart, Peters nearly gets the cowcatcher, but can’t get there. They break, and Peters with a snap down and Hudkins elbow lands on the mat hard and he’s down and he looks like he’s in significant pain. Injury time for him. He appears to be ok, or he’ll continue anyway, he’s favoriting his elbow pretty good. Peters starts down on the restart, he switches and gets the R2. Peters works the arm that was injured and tilts Hudkins over for the NF4, Peters tries again but Hudkins gets out, 6-1 Peters leads. 20 seconds left on the restart, but nothing else happens really. To the 2nd.

2nd: Peters down to start, he’s up and out quickly. Peters with a single leg try but Hudkins sprawls well and has a front headlock but we stalemate. Peters with a front headlock off the restart, he forces Hudkins to the mat, but can’t get around him for the T2. Hudkins doing a really nice job of keeping Peters in front of him and we stalemate. 30 seconds left, Hudkins with a shot try, Peters headlocks him, but we stalemate again. Restart, and that’s the period.

3rd: Hudkins down to start, it’s 7-1 for Peters. Peters tries a suckback, but that doesn’t really go anywhere, Peters has both hands on a Hudkins wrist, and they stalemate. Restart, Hudkins to one foot, now both, and switches out. RT not a factor, it’s 7-2. Head tap and fake form Peters, outside single from Peters, nothing. Hudkins with a try, nothing, Peters with a front headlock again, stalemate. Hudkins with a shot, now he’s in on a front headlock and they go OOB. 11 seconds left and nothing off the restart, Peters wins and so does UNI

Match Score: 7-2
Final Team score: 23-17