Please note: IAwrestle does not rank wrestlers who will miss significant time, due to eligibility, injuries etc.

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3A IAwrestle Tournament Team Rankings
1 Valley, West Des Moines (10)
2 Southeast Polk (9)
3 Fort Dodge (6)
4 Epworth, Western Dubuque (6)
5 Dowling Catholic (4)
6 Dubuque Hempstead (5)
7 Waverly-Shell Rock (7)
8 Indianola (6)
9 Glenwood (5)
10 North Scott (5)
3A IAwrestle Individual Rankings
1 Cullan Schriever Mason City Fr
2 Nick Oldham Valley, West Des Moines So
3 Conrad Braswell Prairie, Cedar Rapids So
4 Ben Monroe Ankeny Centennial Fr
5 Dillon Gottschalk Dubuque, Hempstead Jr
6 Jeremy Ayala Fort Dodge Fr
7 Anthony Humpal Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson Jr
8 Nate Kahoe Des Moines, Abraham Lincoln So
9 Nick Miller Waukee So
10 Evan Yant Waverly-Shell Rock Fr
1 Drew Bennett Fort Dodge Jr
2 Kyle Biscoglia Waukee Jr
3 Jacob Schipper North Scott, Eldridge Sr
4 Sergio Orozco Dowling Catholic, West Des Moines Sr
5 Jacob Close Epworth, Western Dubuque Sr
6 Mark Ames Southeast Polk So
7 Connor Sexton Indianola Sr
8 Sam Kallem Ankeny Fr
9 Carter Logue Carlisle So
10 Cade Pahl Des Moines, Roosevelt So
1 Brody Teske Fort Dodge Jr
2 Gauge Perrien Southeast Polk Jr
3 Kobey Pritchard Indianola Jr
4 Joe Pins Dubuque, Hempstead So
5 Isaac Larkin Clinton So
6 Dylan Albrecht Waverly-Shell Rock So
7 Noah Hughes-Reilly Valley, West Des Moines Sr
8 Riley Thomas North Scott, Eldridge Sr
9 Max Tracy Dallas Center-Grimes Jr
10 Eli Loyd Pleasant Valley Fr
1 Adam Brown Southeast Polk Sr
2 McGwire Midkiff Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson Sr
3 Zach Price Johnston Jr
4 Will Foreman Cedar Rapids, Washington Jr
5 Spencer Hutchinson Valley, West Des Moines Sr
6 Damond Lockner Fort Dodge Jr
7 Conner Dalton Des Moines, Abraham Lincoln Jr
8 Brock Espalin Des Moines, East Fr
9 Christopher Shima Storm Lake Jr
10 Meshach Zarwie Des Moines, North-Hoover Sr
1 Jake Watters Dowling Catholic, West Des Moines Sr
2 Cade DeVos Southeast Polk So
3 Lance Runyon Indianola So
4 Matthew Jordan Des Moines, East So
5 Bradan Birt Epworth, Western Dubuque Sr
6 Trenten Wennermark Prairie, Cedar Rapids Jr
7 Will Jefferson Bettendorf So
8 Mikey Wheeler North Scott, Eldridge Jr
9 Cade Moss Johnston So
10 Shadrach Zarwie Des Moines, North-Hoover Sr
1 Triston Lara Fort Dodge Sr
2 Nathan Lendt Southeast Polk Jr
3 Harlan Steffensmeier Fort Madison Jr
4 Nathan Feldman Dubuque, Hempstead Sr
5 Gabe Kjeldgaard Lewis Central Jr
6 Bryce Murano Dallas Center-Grimes Sr
7 Sterling Brunk Johnston Jr
8 Zach Fisher Indianola Sr
9 Zach Oldham Valley, West Des Moines Jr
10 Collin Lewis North Scott, Eldridge So
1 Grant Stotts Valley, West Des Moines Jr
2 Zachary Barnes Southeast Polk Sr
3 Nick Graham Johnston So
4 Brock Parker Waukee Jr
5 Preston Terry Burlington So
6 Caleb Conway Marion Sr
7 Josh Gerke Xaiver, Cedar Rapids Sr
8 Killyan Green Ankeny Jr
9 Mason Hulse Boone Jr
10 Dalton Woodyard Waverly-Shell Rock Jr
1 Nelson Brands Iowa City, West Jr
2 Austin Yant Waverly-Shell Rock Sr
3 Zane Mulder Dallas Center-Grimes Jr
4 Cayd Lara Fort Dodge Jr
5 Drew Sams Oskaloosa Sr
6 Jacob Wempen Linn-Mar, Marion So
7 Joe Nicholson Valley, West Des Moines Sr
8 Anthony Zach Waukee So
9 Reese Hageman Marshalltown Sr
10 Trevor Anderson Glenwood Jr
1 Joel Shapiro Valley, West Des Moines Jr
2 Zach Wagenhoffer Waverly-Shell Rock Sr
3 Alex Ward Dubuque, Hempstead Jr
4 Mac Southard Lewis Central Sr
5 Matt Culver Cedar Rapids, Jefferson Sr
6 Tad Griffith Des Moines, Abraham Lincoln Jr
7 Carter Rohweder Iowa City, West Sr
8 Alex Streicher Linn-Mar, Marion Sr
9 Thaddeus Breitsprecker Southeast Polk Jr
10 Collin Hushagen Johnston Jr
1 Marcus Coleman Ames Sr
2 Ben Sarasin Cedar Rapids, Kennedy Jr
3 Gavin Babcock Southeast Polk Sr
4 Bryce Pilcher Cedar Falls Sr
5 Austin Lamm Urbandale Sr
6 Trevor Byram Waverly-Shell Rock Sr
7 Kade Kolarik Indianola Sr
8 Ben Chapman Clinton Jr
9 Ryan Loyd Pleasant Valley Sr
10 Derek Horak Prairie, Cedar Rapids Jr
1 Max Lyon Epworth, Western Dubuque Sr
2 Anthony Sherry Glenwood Jr
3 Spencer Sherwood Burlington Sr
4 Preston LeGrange Prairie, Cedar Rapids Sr
5 Tavian Rashed Cedar Rapids, Jefferson Sr
6 Jason Beebe Oskaloosa Sr
7 Tyrell Gordon Waterloo, East Jr
8 Gabe Christenson Southeast Polk Fr
9 Ashton Messer Pella Sr
10 Korbin Blankenshihp Des Moines, Roosevelt Sr
1 Connor Corbin Valley, West Des Moines Sr
2 Kaden Sauer Dowling Catholic, West Des Moines Sr
3 Isaac Bartel Mason City Sr
4 Garrett Kubovec Cedar Rapids, Kennedy Sr
5 Jacob Dykes Iowa City, City High Jr
6 Damon Deyo Lewis Central Jr
7 Luke Kluesner Epworth, Western Dubuque Sr
8 Isaac Bales Glenwood Jr
9 Sam Serrano Davenport, Central Sr
10 Mason Hartman Burlington Jr
1 Wyatt Wriedt North Scott, Eldridge Sr
2 Rocky Lombardi Valley, West Des Moines Sr
3 Dylan Olson Dubuque, Hempstead Jr
4 Jacob Zachary Dowling Catholic, West Des Moines Sr
5 Zach Haggstrom Glenwood Sr
6 Trevor Barry Clinton Sr
7 Jordain Buckland Iowa City, City High Sr
8 Sam Gerst Waterloo, West Sr
9 Jacob Eggleston Waverly-Shell Rock Sr
10 Matthew Schemmel Epworth, Western Dubuque Sr
1 Aaron Costello Epworth, Western Dubuque Sr
2 Tyler Clark Clinton Sr
3 Caleb Sanders Glenwood Jr
4 Eagan Lickiss Indianola Sr
5 Keegan Poole Pella Sr
6 Omar Begic Waterloo, East Sr
7 Nathan McDonald Waukee Jr
8 Colin Newell Ames Sr
9 David Bonner Cedar Rapids, Jefferson Sr
10 Carter Lawrence Valley, West Des Moines Fr
10 thoughts on “Class 3A IAwrestle Rankings- 12-13-16”
  1. What’s going on with Preston Dunn? He was in your first set but I see he has fallen out and I can’t find anywhere he’s wrestled, so I assumer he’s hurt or not currently eligible. Will he be on the mat at LeMars this year?

  2. Please note: IAwrestle does not rank wrestlers who will miss significant time, due to eligibility, injuries etc.

    1. Why does Perrien continue to get rated? He is either hurt or ineligible or choosing not to wrestle.

      1. Don’t question them on it they will get defensive and start telling you about how their info told them different until just now.

  3. Lamm beat Babcock 14-8 and pinned him last year… not sure why Babcock is ahead of him.

    1. Not sure how I missed that at the beginning of the year, but I did. My apologies, I will note it for next set.

        1. He did beat Lickiss in the Newton, however Lickiss responded by winning the Johnston tournament last weekend defeating 2 kids that beat Ryan.

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