Please note: IAwrestle does not rank wrestlers who will miss significant time, due to eligibility, injuries etc.

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2A IAwrestle Tournament Team Rankings
1 New Hampton (7)
2 Solon (6)
3 Atlantic (5)
4 West Liberty (3)
5 Creston, Orient Macksburg (5)
6 Union, Laporte City (4)
7 Davenport Assumption (6)
8 South Tama (4)
9 Sergeant Bluff-Lutton (3)
10 Clear Lake (2)
2A IAwrestle Individual Rankings
1 Dylan Robinson New Hampton Sr
2 Jack Thomsen Union, Laporte City Fr
3 Grayson Kesterson Williamsburg Jr
4 Will Esmoil West Liberty Fr
5 Walker Ikerd Washington So
6 Trent McDonough Davenport Assumption So
7 Andrew Flora ADM So
8 Zackary Snyder Estherville Lincoln Central Sr
9 Jarod Kadel Columbus Community So
10 Jack Streicher Mount Vernon Jr
1 Eric Faught Clear Lake So
2 Aden Reeves Albia So
3 Shea Ruffridge Pocahontas Area Jr
4 Kaden Anderlik Cresco, Crestwood So
5 Kaleb Olejniczak Perry So
6 Wyatt Dale Central Decatur, Leon Jr
7 Carter Weeks Vinton Shellsburg Jr
8 Chase Luensman Monticello So
9 Mason Cleveland New Hampton So
10 Jacob Goodson Creston, Orient Macksburg Sr
1 Bryce West Solon Sr
2 Carter Cox Atlantic Sr
3 Drake Doolittle Webster City So
4 Jared Hensley Bedford/Lenox Sr
5 Zach Thompson Perry Jr
6 Phillip Ihde Decorah Jr
7 Caleb Fuessley Center Point-Urbana So
8 Kyler Dunn Spirit Lake So
9 Hunter Pfantz West Marshall Jr
10 Jacob Felderman Davenport Assumption So
1 Drew West Solon Sr
2 Riley Wright Denver So
3 Brady Fritz South Tama Jr
4 Dante Tacchia Iowa Falls Sr
5 Gabe Ruepke Chariton Jr
6 Kyle Anderson Washington Sr
7 Chase McLaren Atlantic So
8 Nick Meling East Marshall Sr
9 Sean Casey Davenport Assumption Sr
10 Ashton Meyers Keokuk Sr
1 Brayden Curry Sergeant Bluff-Lutton Sr
2 Noah Fye New Hampton Jr
3 Ryan Steffen Cresco, Crestwood Jr
4 Matt Robertson Davenport Assumption Jr
5 Brant O’Shea Keokuk Sr
6 Tanner Probasco South Tama Jr
7 Austin Gutknecht Clarinda Jr
8 Duncan McCain Mid Prairie Sr
9 Gable Sieperda Central Lyon GLR Jr
10 Jarrett Miller Ballard Jr
1 Keaton Geerts New Hampton Sr
2 Derek Holschlag Union, Laporte City Sr
3 Cooper White West Marshall Sr
4 Austin Rozeboom Boyden Hull/Rock Valley Jr
5 Tanner Abbas Clarion-Goldfield Jr
6 Connor Ascherl MOC Floyd Valley Sr
7 Ben Carr Solon Sr
8 Tony Garcia Mount Vernon Sr
9 Caleb Wilson Denver Jr
10 Joey Busse Humboldt So
1 Ryan Leisure Clear Lake Sr
2 Kyler Rieck Spirit Lake So
3 Colton Vest South Tama Jr
4 Mitchel Swank Creston, Orient Macksburg Jr
5 Xavier Miller PCM Monroe Sr
6 Baylor Crigger Camanche So
7 Cain Blenderman Sergeant Bluff-Lutton Sr
8 Carter Block Oelwein Sr
9 Tim Sibbel Carroll Kuemper Sr
10 Keegan Tenge New Hampton Sr
1 Joe Kelly West Liberty Jr
2 Isaac Judge South Tama Jr
3 Trae Pecinovsky Crestwood, Cresco Sr
4 Trey Van Weelden Washington Sr
5 Kade Kelso Central Decatur, Leon Sr
6 Wes Cummings PCM Monroe So
7 John Tuttle Spirit Lake Sr
8 Graeson Dall Solon Sr
9 Cael Krueger Denver So
10 Justin Smith Winterset Sr
1 Trevor Nelson Solon Sr
2 Ryan Gorman New Hampton Sr
3 Lucas Roland PCM Monroe So
4 Luke Hageman Dyersville Beckman Jr
5 Julien Broderson Davenport Assumption So
6 Tristin Westphal-Edwards Washington So
7 Chance Rice Saydel Jr
8 Kolton Bartow Dubuque Wahlert Jr
9 Ryland DuChane SH-BCLUW Sr
10 Matt Dahl MOC-Floyd Valley Sr
1 Connor Shaw Garner-Hayfield-Ventura Sr
2 Brock Jennings Osage Sr
3 Tucker Morrison Columbus Community Sr
4 Michael Kent Iowa Falls Sr
5 Tyler Zeiman Cherokee Jr
6 Austin Duffy Oelwein Sr
7 Jacob Wingert Harlan Sr
8 Drake Roller Atlantic Sr
9 John Fulk Ballard Sr
10 Jarron Trausch PCM Monroe So
1 Chase Shiltz Creston, Orient Macksburg Sr
2 Kyle Benson Sergeant Bluff-Luton Sr
3 Dillon Diltz Solon Sr
4 Isaiah Vaughan Union, Laporte City Sr
5 Tanner Vermaas Woodward-Granger Sr
6 Luke Jenness Sheldon So
7 Dexter Hooyer Sioux Center Sr
8 Harrison Goebel West Delaware Jr
9 Carlos Guerra Red Oak Sr
10 Kyler Fisher Southeast Valley So
1 Bryce Esmoil West Liberty Jr
2 Zac Stork Atlantic Sr
3 Michael Fritz Fairfield Sr
4 Visouth Peterschmidt Mid Prairie Sr
5 Karlton Skubal Washington Sr
6 Nathan Bair Clarke Sr
7 Reece Westphal Central Dewitt Sr
8 Robby McKeeman Oelwein Sr
9 Jackson Mikkelsen Creston, Orient Macksburg Sr
10 Noah Paulson Forest City Sr
1 Noah Broderson Davenport Assumption Sr
2 Kaden Hulett Creston, Orient Macksburg Sr
3 Caleb Ring Osage Sr
4 Dakota Powell Spirit Lake So
5 Jordan Baumler North Fayette Valley Jr
6 AJ Maloy Charles City Sr
7 Jack Cochrane Mount Vernon Sr
8 Nick Smith Central Dewitt Jr
9 Noah Hopp New Hampton Sr
10 Dominick Etherington Algona Jr
1 Cooper Lawson Webster City Jr
2 Elijah Van’t Hof Sioux Center Sr
3 Ethan Lape North Fayette Valley Sr
4 John McConkey Atlantic Jr
5 Tristan Wirfs Mount Vernon Sr
6 Michael Ahrendsen Union Laporte City Sr
7 Chance Strough Clarinda So
8 Brock Farley Denver Tripoli So
9 Nic Hoefling Spencer Sr
10 Jacob Knutson Crestwood, Cresco Jr
16 thoughts on “Class 2A IAwrestle Rankings- 12-13-16”
  1. Take a look at Anderson from Ballard at HWT. Beat #7 in 3A MacDonald (Waukee) by fall.

  2. Why is there so many differences between your rankings compared to the predicament? What kinda criteria do you guys use to make your rankings compared to the predicament? Lastly which rankings are used when determining the seeding at tournaments? I’ve seen some that are ranked in yours and not the other and vice versa.

    1. I’m not sure there are many tournaments, if any that use rankings for seeding. I haven’t been to a seeding meeting in a few years but I can’t remember any that had ranking as a criteria. I think a lot of tournaments now use track to seed the brackets someone correct me if I am wrong please.

  3. Why are some of your rankings at different weights so different than the predicaments? What guidelines do you guys use to rank compared to the predicament?

  4. why is Conor ascheral ranked? He hasn’t wrestled yet that I can find. I see on track he’s listed at 52. Will he really get to 38? You guys aren’t consistent about leaving a guy out when they aren’t on the mat makes it tough to take them seriously when homework isn’t done on them as to who has wrestled and who hasn’t. I appreciate you doing them and that it’s a struggle to do them but if you’re gonna do them at least be consistent and stick to your own words of not ranking guys who aren’t wrestling.

    1. Ikerd has a weigh in at 106 and plans to be down there soon for the remainder of the year.

  5. Hey, thanks for getting your rankings out ahead of The Predicament. You guys do a really nice job putting out a ton of great content and I can tell you’ve been working to improve the site year over year. I do radio coverage for South Tama specifically and having fresh rankings really adds to our broadcasts. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you and STC has a really good team again this year and will make some noise in February.

  6. Why is Areon Day (New Hampton) not ranked at 195. He beat plenty of ranked wrestlers at the Independence tournament.

    1. Day is close but just outside right now. What ranked kids did he beat at Independence? He lost to Ring who is ranked highly at 220. His best wins there were over O’Connor, Francois, and Heisdorfer. Good kids but hardly signature wins. He also lost to McKeeman against Oelwein who is ranked #8.

      1. Mason Carpenter for clarion goldfield dows should be considered. When is their hwt suppose to start wrestling for them that transferred? He should be highly ranked when in lineup

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