106 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Keegan Slyter of Olathe North
2nd Place – Chase Larsen of Plattsmouth
3rd Place – Jeremy Ayala of Fort Dodge
4th Place – Eliceo Ramirez of Grand Island
5th Place – Brayden Smith of Kearney
6th Place – Nick Miller of Waukee
7th Place – Dylan Anderson of Apple Valley
8th Place – Dallas Koelzer of Olathe South
9th Place – Zach Keal of Mill Valley High School
10th Place – Nate Curry of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
11th Place – TJ Miller of Saint James Academy
12th Place – Jackson Brennan of Iowa City West
13th Place – Anthony Humpal of Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson
14th Place – Aybren Moore of Atlantic
15th Place – Shaemon Erb of Lincoln East
16th Place – Devon Mahone of Omaha North
17th Place – Tallin Rasmussen of Underwood
18th Place – Bryce Erkenbrack of Totino-Grace
19th Place – Wyatt May of Millard West
20th Place – Brayton Olesen of Basehor-Linwood High School
21st Place – Joe Waters of Spirit Lake Park
22nd Place – Casey Beaver of Woodbury Central
23rd Place – Nikhil Gadgil of Millard North
24th Place – Daniel Rodriguez of South Sioux City
25th Place – Sam Kyle of Missouri Valley
26th Place – Maliek Johnson of Ames
27th Place – Riley Presuhn of LeMars
1st Place Match
Keegan Slyter (Olathe North) 9-1, Fr. over Chase Larsen (Plattsmouth) 9-1, Jr. (Dec 6-4).
3rd Place Match
Jeremy Ayala (Fort Dodge) 16-2, Fr. over Eliceo Ramirez (Grand Island) 3-3, Jr. (Dec 4-2).
5th Place Match
Brayden Smith (Kearney) 12-1, Fr. over Nick Miller (Waukee) 9-4, So. (MD 11-3).
7th Place Match
Dylan Anderson (Apple Valley ) 10-4, Fr. over Dallas Koelzer (Olathe South) 9-4, Fr. (Dec 7-0).
9th Place Match
Zach Keal (Mill Valley High School) 8-3, Fr. over Nate Curry (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 6-6, Fr. (MD 9-1).
11th Place Match
TJ Miller (Saint James Academy) 5-6, Sr. over Jackson Brennan (Iowa City West) 6-6, Fr. (Dec 8-5).
13th Place Match
Anthony Humpal (Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson) 10-3, Jr. over Aybren Moore (Atlantic ) 7-7, Fr. (Dec 7-0).
15th Place Match
Shaemon Erb (Lincoln East) 4-5, So. over Devon Mahone (Omaha North) 6-6, Fr. (Fall 1:35).
Cons. 1st Place Match
Tallin Rasmussen (Underwood) 5-2, So. over Bryce Erkenbrack (Totino-Grace) 5-3, Fr. (Dec 7-6).
Cons. 3rd Place Match
Wyatt May (Millard West) 5-4, Fr. over Brayton Olesen (Basehor-Linwood High School) 3-7, Fr. (Fall 5:18).
Cons. 5th Place Match
Joe Waters (Spirit Lake Park) 3-4, So. over Casey Beaver (Woodbury Central) 4-6, So. (Fall 0:46).
Cons. 7th Place Match
Nikhil Gadgil (Millard North) 4-5, So. over Daniel Rodriguez (South Sioux City) 3-9, So. (Fall 3:15).
Cons. 9th Place Match
Sam Kyle (Missouri Valley) 9-6, Fr. over Maliek Johnson (Ames) 2-9, Fr. (Fall 0:43).
Cons. 11th Place Match
Riley Presuhn (LeMars) 4-11, Fr. over () , . (Bye).
Cons. 13th Place Match
() , . over () , . (Bye).
Cons. 15th Place Match
() , . over () , . (Bye).

113 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Drew Bennett of Fort Dodge
2nd Place – Kyle Biscoglia of Waukee
3rd Place – Jake Svihel of Totino-Grace
4th Place – Regan Schrempp of Apple Valley
5th Place – Maxx Mayfield of Lincoln East
6th Place – Kaleb Olejniczak of Perry
7th Place – Kole Hansen of Atlantic
8th Place – Cole Zebley of Millard West
9th Place – Anthony Long of Plattsmouth
10th Place – Nolan Niemiec of Papillion-La Vista
11th Place – Jason Hurd of Omaha North
12th Place – Austin Keal of Mill Valley High School
13th Place – David Mendoza of Grand Island
14th Place – David Martinez of Olathe North
15th Place – Rylie Steele of Kearney
16th Place – Zayne Carrier of Missouri Valley
17th Place – Tanner Owens of Underwood
18th Place – Blake Cockerton of Newton
19th Place – Joe Phillips of Basehor-Linwood High School
20th Place – Dominique Hollowell of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
21st Place – Wil Jameson of Pittsburg High
22nd Place – Mateo Palma of Olathe South
23rd Place – Keaton Speicher of Iowa City West
24th Place – Joey Volentine of Lewis Central
25th Place – Gabe Bianchi of Creighton Prep
26th Place – Cail Donkersloot of Spirit Lake Park
27th Place – Cody Douglass of Millard North
28th Place – Johnathan Riemann of Glenwood
29th Place – Carter Stinton of LeMars
30th Place – Zoie Sears of Maysville R2
1st Place Match
Drew Bennett (Fort Dodge) 15-0, Jr. over Kyle Biscoglia (Waukee) 11-1, Jr. (Dec 3-2).
3rd Place Match
Jake Svihel (Totino-Grace) 10-1, So. over Regan Schrempp (Apple Valley ) 6-5, Fr. (Dec 6-4).
5th Place Match
Maxx Mayfield (Lincoln East) 10-1, Fr. over Kaleb Olejniczak (Perry) 13-3, So. (Dec 7-4).
7th Place Match
Kole Hansen (Atlantic ) 11-4, Jr. over Cole Zebley (Millard West) 9-3, Jr. (M. For.).
9th Place Match
Anthony Long (Plattsmouth) 7-5, Jr. over Nolan Niemiec (Papillion-La Vista) 10-3, So. (Dec 4-1).
11th Place Match
Jason Hurd (Omaha North) 10-5, Jr. over Austin Keal (Mill Valley High School) 5-7, Fr. (MD 15-4).
13th Place Match
David Mendoza (Grand Island) 3-3, So. over David Martinez (Olathe North) 4-7, So. (Dec 3-0).
15th Place Match
Rylie Steele (Kearney) 4-6, Fr. over Zayne Carrier (Missouri Valley) 8-6, Jr. (M. For.).
Cons. 1st Place Match
Tanner Owens (Underwood) 13-3, So. over Blake Cockerton (Newton) 7-8, So. (Fall 0:18).
Cons. 3rd Place Match
Joe Phillips (Basehor-Linwood High School) 10-3, So. over Dominique Hollowell (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 4-5, So. (For.).
Cons. 5th Place Match
Wil Jameson (Pittsburg High) 3-3, Fr. over Mateo Palma (Olathe South) 2-4, . (TF-1.5 4:00 (21-5)).
Cons. 7th Place Match
Keaton Speicher (Iowa City West) 8-6, So. over Joey Volentine (Lewis Central) 3-9, Fr. (TF-1.5 3:41 (20-5)).
Cons. 9th Place Match
Gabe Bianchi (Creighton Prep) 5-10, So. over Cail Donkersloot (Spirit Lake Park) 3-9, Fr. (Fall 4:41).
Cons. 11th Place Match
Cody Douglass (Millard North) 5-10, Jr. over Johnathan Riemann (Glenwood) 4-9, Jr. (M. For.).
Cons. 13th Place Match
Carter Stinton (LeMars) 6-7, Fr. over Zoie Sears (Maysville R2) 0-6, . (Fall 1:38).
Cons. 15th Place Match
() , . over () , . (Bye).

120 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Brody Teske of Fort Dodge
2nd Place – Jace Koezler of Olathe South
3rd Place – Phillip Moomey of Kearney
4th Place – Jack Huffman of Millard West
5th Place – Carter Cox of Atlantic
6th Place – Kyler Dunn of Spirit Lake Park
7th Place – Zachary Thompson of Perry
8th Place – Peyton McLagan of Apple Valley
9th Place – Reid Dasher of Papillion-La Vista
10th Place – Chris Adams of Nebraska City
11th Place – Nathan Rizek of Lincoln East
12th Place – Tyler Flood of Olathe North
13th Place – Triston Zuniga of Totino-Grace
14th Place – Reece Watson of Pittsburg High
15th Place – Anthony Watts of Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson
16th Place – Nolan Niesen of St. Albert
17th Place – Logan James of Underwood
18th Place – Jake Francksen-Small of LeMars
19th Place – Izzy Miranda of South Sioux City
20th Place – Clayton Williams of Norris
21st Place – Tanner Higgins of Lewis Central
22nd Place – Kaleb Williams of Iowa City West
23rd Place – Ethan Kempema of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
24th Place – Blake Iske of Newton
25th Place – Devon Handy of Mill Valley High School
26th Place – Brendon Halpenny of Millard North
27th Place – Quinten Vogel of Missouri Valley
28th Place – Ethan Sorensen of Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln
29th Place – Conner Berry of Maysville R2
30th Place – John Moulton of Creighton Prep
31st Place – Dalton Book of Glenwood
32nd Place – Tim Van Lerberg of Saint James Academy
1st Place Match
Brody Teske (Fort Dodge) 16-0, Jr. over Jace Koezler (Olathe South) 11-1, Jr. (MD 13-4).
3rd Place Match
Phillip Moomey (Kearney) 11-1, So. over Jack Huffman (Millard West) 9-2, Jr. (Dec 7-1).
5th Place Match
Carter Cox (Atlantic ) 15-1, Sr. over Kyler Dunn (Spirit Lake Park) 6-2, So. (MD 10-1).
7th Place Match
Zachary Thompson (Perry) 16-2, Jr. over Peyton McLagan (Apple Valley ) 6-6, Jr. (M. For.).
9th Place Match
Reid Dasher (Papillion-La Vista) 11-3, Sr. over Chris Adams (Nebraska City) 8-4, So. (Fall 2:33).
11th Place Match
Nathan Rizek (Lincoln East) 7-4, So. over Tyler Flood (Olathe North) 4-4, Sr. (M. For.).
13th Place Match
Triston Zuniga (Totino-Grace) 8-4, Fr. over Reece Watson (Pittsburg High) 5-6, So. (Dec 3-0).
15th Place Match
Anthony Watts (Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson) 3-4, Sr. over Nolan Niesen (St. Albert) 2-5, Fr. (Fall 0:57).
Cons. 1st Place Match
Logan James (Underwood) 14-3, Fr. over Jake Francksen-Small (LeMars) 10-5, Fr. (Fall 2:59).
Cons. 3rd Place Match
Izzy Miranda (South Sioux City) 8-4, Jr. over Clayton Williams (Norris) 7-7, So. (Dec 6-3).
Cons. 5th Place Match
Tanner Higgins (Lewis Central) 8-7, Fr. over Kaleb Williams (Iowa City West) 6-6, Fr. (Fall 3:51).
Cons. 7th Place Match
Ethan Kempema (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 9-6, Jr. over Blake Iske (Newton) 7-9, Fr. (Fall 3:53).
Cons. 9th Place Match
Devon Handy (Mill Valley High School) 4-4, Jr. over Brendon Halpenny (Millard North) 5-11, Jr. (Inj. 2:35).
Cons. 11th Place Match
Quinten Vogel (Missouri Valley) 6-9, So. over Ethan Sorensen (Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln) 4-8, So. (Fall 4:19).
Cons. 13th Place Match
Conner Berry (Maysville R2) 5-10, Fr. over John Moulton (Creighton Prep) 1-8, So. (Fall 1:18).
Cons. 15th Place Match
Dalton Book (Glenwood) 3-11, Fr. over Tim Van Lerberg (Saint James Academy) 0-7, So. (Fall 0:40).

126 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Alex Thomsen of Underwood
2nd Place – McGwire Midkiff of Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson
3rd Place – Dylan Wade of Maysville R2
4th Place – Bryson Markovich of Mill Valley High School
5th Place – Damond Lockner of Fort Dodge
6th Place – Chase McLaren of Atlantic
7th Place – Dae`Kwon Seavers of Omaha North
8th Place – Ben Hallett of Papillion-La Vista
9th Place – Drew Ernsdorff of Saint James Academy
10th Place – Adam Mickelson of Apple Valley
11th Place – Camden Russel of Millard West
12th Place – Emerson Urbina of Grand Island
13th Place – Josh Clark of Totino-Grace
14th Place – Mason Ingwersen of Lincoln East
15th Place – Hunter Davis of Iowa City West
16th Place – Gavin Kramer of Spirit Lake Park
17th Place – Matthew Simoni of LeMars
18th Place – Colten Kowalek of Kearney
19th Place – Austin Miller of Olathe South
20th Place – Nate Monahan of Woodbury Central
21st Place – Gunner Murphy of Olathe North
22nd Place – Ross Hull of Newton
23rd Place – Mana Martinez of Perry
24th Place – Joe Wolf of Lewis Central
25th Place – Syler Haase of Missouri Valley
26th Place – Brock Bashus of Plattsmouth
27th Place – Samuel Bloch of Waukee
28th Place – Corbin Russell of Pittsburg High
29th Place – Ethan Baker of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
30th Place – Jaime Alamillo of South Sioux City
31st Place – Michael Radford of Glenwood
32nd Place – Ty Judd of Basehor-Linwood High School
1st Place Match
Alex Thomsen (Underwood) 9-0, Jr. over McGwire Midkiff (Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson) 13-1, Sr. (Dec 12-5).
3rd Place Match
Dylan Wade (Maysville R2) 14-3, Jr. over Bryson Markovich (Mill Valley High School) 6-5, Jr. (Dec 7-0).
5th Place Match
Damond Lockner (Fort Dodge) 17-3, Jr. over Chase McLaren (Atlantic ) 16-2, So. (Fall 1:58).
7th Place Match
Dae`Kwon Seavers (Omaha North) 11-3, Sr. over Ben Hallett (Papillion-La Vista) 11-4, Sr. (Dec 13-10).
9th Place Match
Drew Ernsdorff (Saint James Academy) 7-5, Jr. over Adam Mickelson (Apple Valley ) 7-4, So. (Dec 9-3).
11th Place Match
Camden Russel (Millard West) 7-5, So. over Emerson Urbina (Grand Island) 3-5, Jr. (Dec 8-5).
13th Place Match
Josh Clark (Totino-Grace) 8-4, Jr. over Mason Ingwersen (Lincoln East) 4-8, Jr. (Dec 11-5).
15th Place Match
Hunter Davis (Iowa City West) 4-7, Jr. over Gavin Kramer (Spirit Lake Park) 7-5, Sr. (M. For.).
Cons. 1st Place Match
Matthew Simoni (LeMars) 12-2, Sr. over Colten Kowalek (Kearney) 8-5, So. (MD 10-0).
Cons. 3rd Place Match
Austin Miller (Olathe South) 7-5, Sr. over Nate Monahan (Woodbury Central) 8-4, Fr. (M. For.).
Cons. 5th Place Match
Gunner Murphy (Olathe North) 4-4, Fr. over Ross Hull (Newton) 9-7, Jr. (Dec 10-8).
Cons. 7th Place Match
Mana Martinez (Perry) 6-4, Jr. over Joe Wolf (Lewis Central) 6-9, Jr. (Dec 9-7).
Cons. 9th Place Match
Syler Haase (Missouri Valley) 7-8, So. over Brock Bashus (Plattsmouth) 4-9, So. (Dec 8-6).
Cons. 11th Place Match
Samuel Bloch (Waukee) 4-10, So. over Corbin Russell (Pittsburg High) 2-10, Sr. (MD 15-1).
Cons. 13th Place Match
Ethan Baker (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 4-11, Fr. over Jaime Alamillo (South Sioux City) 3-10, Sr. (TF-1.5 5:38 (16-0)).
Cons. 15th Place Match
Michael Radford (Glenwood) 4-11, So. over Ty Judd (Basehor-Linwood High School) 5-9, So. (M. For.).

132 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Conner Ward of Mill Valley High School
2nd Place – Corbin Nirschl of Basehor-Linwood High School
3rd Place – Nick James of Kearney
4th Place – Riley Alderman of Olathe North
5th Place – Brayden Curry of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
6th Place – Sebas Swiggum of Apple Valley
7th Place – Zach Stewart of Perry
8th Place – Kolton Silva of Grand Island
9th Place – Conner Dehn of Totino-Grace
10th Place – Rhett Dasher of Papillion-La Vista
11th Place – Ceasar Salazar of Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson
12th Place – Jack Kyle of Missouri Valley
13th Place – Garrett Arment of Woodbury Central
14th Place – Dalton Wade of Maysville R2
15th Place – Gage Sorensen of Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln
16th Place – Bennett Janecek of Creighton Prep
17th Place – Brody Bashus of Plattsmouth
18th Place – Blake Thomsen of Underwood
19th Place – Dylan Ramage of Nebraska City
20th Place – Caleb Blansett of Pittsburg High
21st Place – Drevon Ross of Fort Dodge
22nd Place – Ethan Valencia of Millard West
23rd Place – Grant Toline of Lincoln East
24th Place – Colby Sorensen of Atlantic
25th Place – Isaac Dixon of Spirit Lake Park
26th Place – Miguel Parades of Iowa City West
27th Place – Nick Wolf of Lewis Central
28th Place – Simon Potter of Olathe South
29th Place – Cole Fuoss of Glenwood
30th Place – Robert Murra of LeMars
31st Place – Connor Eastman of Millard North
32nd Place – Spencer Coon of St. Albert
1st Place Match
Conner Ward (Mill Valley High School) 10-1, Jr. over Corbin Nirschl (Basehor-Linwood High School) 12-1, Sr. (Dec 3-1).
3rd Place Match
Nick James (Kearney) 10-1, So. over Riley Alderman (Olathe North) 5-2, Sr. (Dec 4-0).
5th Place Match
Brayden Curry (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 13-1, Sr. over Sebas Swiggum (Apple Valley ) 8-4, So. (Dec 4-3).
7th Place Match
Zach Stewart (Perry) 16-2, Jr. over Kolton Silva (Grand Island) 4-4, Jr. (Dec 5-2).
9th Place Match
Conner Dehn (Totino-Grace) 9-2, Fr. over Rhett Dasher (Papillion-La Vista) 9-7, Sr. (Dec 6-2).
11th Place Match
Ceasar Salazar (Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson) 9-7, Jr. over Jack Kyle (Missouri Valley) 10-6, Sr. (For.).
13th Place Match
Garrett Arment (Woodbury Central) 10-6, So. over Dalton Wade (Maysville R2) 9-6, Jr. (Fall 4:58).
15th Place Match
Gage Sorensen (Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln) 6-7, Jr. over Bennett Janecek (Creighton Prep) 5-10, So. (Fall 1:05).
Cons. 1st Place Match
Brody Bashus (Plattsmouth) 10-3, Sr. over Blake Thomsen (Underwood) 13-5, Fr. (Fall 1:11).
Cons. 3rd Place Match
Dylan Ramage (Nebraska City) 8-4, Jr. over Caleb Blansett (Pittsburg High) 5-7, Jr. (Fall 5:58).
Cons. 5th Place Match
Drevon Ross (Fort Dodge) 9-9, So. over Ethan Valencia (Millard West) 3-5, Fr. (Fall 5:57).
Cons. 7th Place Match
Grant Toline (Lincoln East) 4-7, Jr. over Colby Sorensen (Atlantic ) 10-7, Sr. (Dec 11-9).
Cons. 9th Place Match
Isaac Dixon (Spirit Lake Park) 4-4, Fr. over Miguel Parades (Iowa City West) 4-10, Jr. (Fall 3:17).
Cons. 11th Place Match
Nick Wolf (Lewis Central) 3-6, Fr. over Simon Potter (Olathe South) 3-11, Sr. (Fall 1:34).
Cons. 13th Place Match
Cole Fuoss (Glenwood) 6-9, Fr. over Robert Murra (LeMars) 3-12, So. (Fall 1:24).
Cons. 15th Place Match
Connor Eastman (Millard North) 3-12, So. over Spencer Coon (St. Albert) 0-7, Fr. (Dec 8-7).

138 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Triston Lara of Fort Dodge
2nd Place – Kyle Rathman of Apple Valley
3rd Place – Kaleb Popplewell of Maysville R2
4th Place – Gabriel Kjeldgaard of Lewis Central
5th Place – Zack Kuta of Grand Island
6th Place – Jarrett Bendure of Mill Valley High School
7th Place – Easton Graff of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
8th Place – Ben Holman of Millard West
9th Place – Duke Kyle of Missouri Valley
10th Place – Adam Skopec of Spirit Lake Park
11th Place – Wade Mitchell of Woodbury Central
12th Place – Lanny Herzog of Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln
13th Place – Kaden Jacobson of Basehor-Linwood High School
14th Place – Mason Seifried of Waukee
15th Place – Dawson Carey of Atlantic
16th Place – Garrett Baughman of Papillion-La Vista
17th Place – Ben Rogers of Ames
18th Place – Micah Odell of Lincoln East
19th Place – Tyson Cepel of Kearney
20th Place – Jordan Jensen of LeMars
21st Place – Jordan A Moyer of Nebraska City
22nd Place – William Jaeger of Totino-Grace
23rd Place – Gavin Brown of Olathe South
24th Place – Michael Baker of Underwood
25th Place – Justin Stammer of Perry
26th Place – Laurencio Lira of South Sioux City
27th Place – Greg Crawley of St. Albert
28th Place – A.J. Lair of Pittsburg High
29th Place – Trevor Stanley of Glenwood
30th Place – Reece Caves of Newton
31st Place – Abdirahman Ibraham of Omaha North
1st Place Match
Triston Lara (Fort Dodge) 17-0, Sr. over Kyle Rathman (Apple Valley ) 8-3, Sr. (Dec 7-3).
3rd Place Match
Kaleb Popplewell (Maysville R2) 16-1, Sr. over Gabriel Kjeldgaard (Lewis Central) 9-4, Jr. (MD 8-0).
5th Place Match
Zack Kuta (Grand Island) 7-1, Jr. over Jarrett Bendure (Mill Valley High School) 9-3, Jr. (Fall 0:49).
7th Place Match
Easton Graff (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 10-3, So. over Ben Holman (Millard West) 8-3, Sr. (Dec 8-4).
9th Place Match
Duke Kyle (Missouri Valley) 11-4, So. over Adam Skopec (Spirit Lake Park) 7-6, Jr. (Dec 7-2).
11th Place Match
Wade Mitchell (Woodbury Central) 12-6, Fr. over Lanny Herzog (Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln) 8-7, Jr. (Dec 3-1).
13th Place Match
Kaden Jacobson (Basehor-Linwood High School) 8-5, Fr. over Mason Seifried (Waukee) 6-7, So. (UTB 9-9).
15th Place Match
Dawson Carey (Atlantic ) 5-4, So. over Garrett Baughman (Papillion-La Vista) 6-6, Fr. (Fall 3:24).
Cons. 1st Place Match
Ben Rogers (Ames) 9-3, Jr. over Micah Odell (Lincoln East) 5-7, Jr. (Dec 5-3).
Cons. 3rd Place Match
Tyson Cepel (Kearney) 9-3, So. over Jordan Jensen (LeMars) 7-7, Jr. (Fall 2:54).
Cons. 5th Place Match
Jordan A Moyer (Nebraska City) 9-4, So. over William Jaeger (Totino-Grace) 7-7, So. (Dec 13-6).
Cons. 7th Place Match
Gavin Brown (Olathe South) 7-6, Fr. over Michael Baker (Underwood) 8-8, So. (Dec 8-2).
Cons. 9th Place Match
Justin Stammer (Perry) 6-7, So. over Laurencio Lira (South Sioux City) 2-13, Fr. (Fall 0:50).
Cons. 11th Place Match
Greg Crawley (St. Albert) 2-6, Jr. over A.J. Lair (Pittsburg High) 3-8, Jr. (M. For.).
Cons. 13th Place Match
Trevor Stanley (Glenwood) 1-5, Jr. over Reece Caves (Newton) 4-11, So. (Fall 5:18).
Cons. 15th Place Match
Abdirahman Ibraham (Omaha North) 2-9, Jr. over () , . (Bye).

145 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Nate Larson of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Kyler Rieck of Spirit Lake Park
3rd Place – Brock Parker of Waukee
4th Place – Cain Blenderman of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
5th Place – Rhett Trail of Nebraska City
6th Place – Teontae Wilson of Kearney
7th Place – Jordan Renshaw of Glenwood
8th Place – Ronniel Wells of Omaha North
9th Place – Eamon Morrison of Creighton Prep
10th Place – Skeeter Bostwick of Missouri Valley
11th Place – Levi Trenary of Fort Dodge
12th Place – Guy Sudmann of Underwood
13th Place – Micheal Menth of Totino-Grace
14th Place – Cade Kammerer of Lincoln East
15th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
16th Place – Ruben Castaneda of Olathe North
16th Place – Zachary Nielsen of Plattsmouth
17th Place – Joey Gray of Mill Valley High School
18th Place – William Waugh of Lewis Central
19th Place – Teren Davidson of Woodbury Central
20th Place – Kolton Darrow of Pittsburg High
21st Place – Eli Humpal of Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson
22nd Place – Connor Pellett of Atlantic
23rd Place – Nash Sorensen of Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln
24th Place – Jo Dixon of Iowa City West
25th Place – Joel McGrew of LeMars
26th Place – Coltin Whitten of Newton
27th Place – Brandon Stowe of Olathe South
28th Place – Daimon Cloutier of Ames
29th Place – Jacob Sheldon of Grand Island
30th Place – Bryan Funez of Perry
31st Place – Trent Strong of Maysville R2
32nd Place – Dillon White of St. Albert
1st Place Match
Nate Larson (Apple Valley ) 7-1, Jr. over Kyler Rieck (Spirit Lake Park) 10-1, So. (MD 11-1).
3rd Place Match
Brock Parker (Waukee) 13-1, Jr. over Cain Blenderman (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 5-3, Sr. (Dec 3-1).
5th Place Match
Rhett Trail (Nebraska City) 11-2, Jr. over Teontae Wilson (Kearney) 10-2, Jr. (Fall 5:58).
7th Place Match
Jordan Renshaw (Glenwood) 11-6, Jr. over Ronniel Wells (Omaha North) 10-4, Jr. (M. For.).
9th Place Match
Eamon Morrison (Creighton Prep) 11-5, Sr. over Skeeter Bostwick (Missouri Valley) 9-6, Jr. (Dec 4-3).
11th Place Match
Levi Trenary (Fort Dodge) 9-6, Sr. over Guy Sudmann (Underwood) 11-6, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
13th Place Match
Micheal Menth (Totino-Grace) 9-3, Sr. over Cade Kammerer (Lincoln East) 5-5, Jr. (Fall 1:08).
15th Place Match
Zachary Nielsen (Plattsmouth) 3-6, So. over Ruben Castaneda (Olathe North) 5-5, Sr. (DFF).
Cons. 1st Place Match
Joey Gray (Mill Valley High School) 8-4, Sr. over William Waugh (Lewis Central) 4-3, Jr. (Fall 5:18).
Cons. 3rd Place Match
Teren Davidson (Woodbury Central) 8-6, Sr. over Kolton Darrow (Pittsburg High) 6-6, Sr. (Fall 0:45).
Cons. 5th Place Match
Eli Humpal (Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson) 9-6, Sr. over Connor Pellett (Atlantic ) 10-7, So. (Dec 5-1).
Cons. 7th Place Match
Nash Sorensen (Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln) 5-6, Jr. over Jo Dixon (Iowa City West) 3-7, So. (Dec 3-2).
Cons. 9th Place Match
Joel McGrew (LeMars) 10-6, Jr. over Coltin Whitten (Newton) 4-12, So. (Dec 3-2).
Cons. 11th Place Match
Brandon Stowe (Olathe South) 3-10, So. over Daimon Cloutier (Ames) 3-10, Jr. (MD 13-5).
Cons. 13th Place Match
Jacob Sheldon (Grand Island) 2-5, So. over Bryan Funez (Perry) 1-9, Fr. (Fall 3:39).
Cons. 15th Place Match
Trent Strong (Maysville R2) 3-14, Fr. over Dillon White (St. Albert) 0-7, So. (M. For.).

152 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Nelson Brands of Iowa City West
2nd Place – Cayd Lara of Fort Dodge
3rd Place – Johnny Trowbridge of Basehor-Linwood High School
4th Place – Anthony Zach of Waukee
5th Place – John Tuttle of Spirit Lake Park
6th Place – Trevor Anderson of Glenwood
7th Place – Devin Roberts of Apple Valley
8th Place – Will Savre of Totino-Grace
9th Place – Matthew Harvey of Norris
10th Place – Wes Jameson of Pittsburg High
11th Place – Jud Kuchera of Kearney
12th Place – Nick Haynes of Missouri Valley
13th Place – Logan Zibert of Newton
14th Place – Caleb Kingery of Lewis Central
15th Place – Cade Lautt of Saint James Academy
16th Place – Keyton Ruskamp of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
17th Place – Jordan Wesley of Omaha North
18th Place – Seneca Callhoun of Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson
19th Place – Austin Crocker of Mill Valley High School
20th Place – Jack Gaines of Millard West
21st Place – Jackson Dunning of St. Albert
22nd Place – Devin Siedlik of Atlantic
23rd Place – Aidan Williams of Grand Island
24th Place – Braden Heidbrink of Lincoln East
25th Place – Jake Colburn of Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln
26th Place – Myles Kass of LeMars
27th Place – Anthony Baird of Woodbury Central
28th Place – Joseph Roth of Millard North
29th Place – Nathan Kohler of Papillion-La Vista
30th Place – Max Knard of Olathe South
31st Place – Erick Funez of Perry
32nd Place – Jordan Geiger of Plattsmouth
1st Place Match
Nelson Brands (Iowa City West) 13-0, Jr. over Cayd Lara (Fort Dodge) 16-1, Jr. (Dec 9-7).
3rd Place Match
Johnny Trowbridge (Basehor-Linwood High School) 12-1, Jr. over Anthony Zach (Waukee) 10-3, So. (MD 10-2).
5th Place Match
John Tuttle (Spirit Lake Park) 11-2, Sr. over Trevor Anderson (Glenwood) 15-2, Jr. (Dec 7-0).
7th Place Match
Devin Roberts (Apple Valley ) 9-4, So. over Will Savre (Totino-Grace) 5-4, Sr. (TF-1.5 5:17 (15-0)).
9th Place Match
Matthew Harvey (Norris) 12-3, Jr. over Wes Jameson (Pittsburg High) 9-5, Sr. (Dec 2-1).
11th Place Match
Jud Kuchera (Kearney) 8-5, Jr. over Nick Haynes (Missouri Valley) 12-5, Fr. (Fall 1:13).
13th Place Match
Logan Zibert (Newton) 9-2, Sr. over Caleb Kingery (Lewis Central) 7-4, So. (Dec 8-5).
15th Place Match
Cade Lautt (Saint James Academy) 7-6, Fr. over Keyton Ruskamp (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 8-7, Sr. (Dec 8-1).
Cons. 1st Place Match
Jordan Wesley (Omaha North) 6-2, Sr. over Seneca Callhoun (Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson) 8-6, So. (Dec 4-3).
Cons. 3rd Place Match
Austin Crocker (Mill Valley High School) 5-3, Sr. over Jack Gaines (Millard West) 5-7, Jr. (Dec 14-13).
Cons. 5th Place Match
Jackson Dunning (St. Albert) 5-3, Jr. over Devin Siedlik (Atlantic ) 8-10, Sr. (Fall 5:20).
Cons. 7th Place Match
Aidan Williams (Grand Island) 3-5, So. over Braden Heidbrink (Lincoln East) 5-9, Jr. (Dec 2-0).
Cons. 9th Place Match
Jake Colburn (Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln) 6-6, Jr. over Myles Kass (LeMars) 9-7, Jr. (Fall 1:40).
Cons. 11th Place Match
Anthony Baird (Woodbury Central) 9-9, Jr. over Joseph Roth (Millard North) 4-9, Sr. (M. For.).
Cons. 13th Place Match
Nathan Kohler (Papillion-La Vista) 4-4, Jr. over Max Knard (Olathe South) 2-10, So. (Dec 13-9).
Cons. 15th Place Match
Erick Funez (Perry) 4-15, Fr. over Jordan Geiger (Plattsmouth) 1-9, So. (M. For.).

160 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Mac Southard of Lewis Central
2nd Place – Tony Watts of Apple Valley
3rd Place – Nathan Haynes of Missouri Valley
4th Place – Terrell Garraway of Olathe North
5th Place – Carter Rohweder of Iowa City West
6th Place – Jett Bendure of Mill Valley High School
7th Place – Justus Robeson of Ames
8th Place – Trey Grube of Kearney
9th Place – Dorian Franklin of Fort Dodge
10th Place – Jim Moss of Woodbury Central
11th Place – Alex Freiberg of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
12th Place – Tristin Langmaid of Newton
13th Place – Mitchell Williamson of Atlantic
14th Place – Simon Nabb of Lincoln East
15th Place – Bryce Ketelsen of Papillion-La Vista
16th Place – Jared Kessenich of LeMars
17th Place – Grant Hemphill of Waukee
18th Place – AJ Slaughter of Glenwood
19th Place – Keyth Waltrip of Pittsburg High
20th Place – Josh Willcutt of Basehor-Linwood High School
21st Place – Jesus Rubio of Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson
22nd Place – Connor Rinn of Millard North
23rd Place – Tyler Pester of Norris
24th Place – Kamren Johnson of Millard West
25th Place – Bronson Newburn of Plattsmouth
26th Place – Alex Huerta of South Sioux City
27th Place – Jaden Smith of Omaha North
28th Place – Isaac Stean of Saint James Academy
29th Place – Angel Arcos of Creighton Prep
30th Place – Blake Shallenberger of Nebraska City
1st Place Match
Mac Southard (Lewis Central) 13-1, Sr. over Tony Watts (Apple Valley ) 9-2, Jr. (Dec 8-2).
3rd Place Match
Nathan Haynes (Missouri Valley) 13-1, Jr. over Terrell Garraway (Olathe North) 8-3, Jr. (Dec 6-2).
5th Place Match
Carter Rohweder (Iowa City West) 11-1, Sr. over Jett Bendure (Mill Valley High School) 8-4, Sr. (Fall 5:14).
7th Place Match
Justus Robeson (Ames) 10-3, Sr. over Trey Grube (Kearney) 9-3, Sr. (Dec 5-2).
9th Place Match
Dorian Franklin (Fort Dodge) 5-3, Jr. over Jim Moss (Woodbury Central) 10-8, So. (Dec 6-3).
11th Place Match
Alex Freiberg (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 8-7, Jr. over Tristin Langmaid (Newton) 5-9, Jr. (Fall 5:35).
13th Place Match
Mitchell Williamson (Atlantic ) 10-5, So. over Simon Nabb (Lincoln East) 5-5, Jr. (Fall 3:44).
15th Place Match
Bryce Ketelsen (Papillion-La Vista) 4-4, Jr. over Jared Kessenich (LeMars) 5-7, Sr. (Fall 1:53).
Cons. 1st Place Match
Grant Hemphill (Waukee) 8-4, Jr. over AJ Slaughter (Glenwood) 12-4, Sr. (Fall 5:09).
Cons. 3rd Place Match
Keyth Waltrip (Pittsburg High) 4-7, Sr. over Josh Willcutt (Basehor-Linwood High School) 5-7, Fr. (Dec 5-1).
Cons. 5th Place Match
Jesus Rubio (Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson) 4-4, Sr. over Connor Rinn (Millard North) 6-4, Fr. (Dec 7-5).
Cons. 7th Place Match
Tyler Pester (Norris) 6-5, Jr. over Kamren Johnson (Millard West) 2-7, Sr. (Fall 2:49).
Cons. 9th Place Match
Bronson Newburn (Plattsmouth) 3-7, Jr. over Alex Huerta (South Sioux City) 5-9, So. (Fall 4:23).
Cons. 11th Place Match
Jaden Smith (Omaha North) 4-9, Fr. over Isaac Stean (Saint James Academy) 0-7, Fr. (Fall 3:26).
Cons. 13th Place Match
Angel Arcos (Creighton Prep) 5-6, So. over Blake Shallenberger (Nebraska City) 2-9, Sr. (M. For.).
Cons. 15th Place Match
() , . over () , . (Bye).

170 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Marcus Coleman of Ames
2nd Place – Sammy Cokeley of Saint James Academy
3rd Place – Nick Jouret of Olathe South
4th Place – Kole Gray of Plattsmouth
5th Place – Jalen Thul of Apple Valley
6th Place – Hunter Stumpf of Waukee
7th Place – Drake Roller of Atlantic
8th Place – M A Yah of Millard North
9th Place – Tanner Petro of Newton
10th Place – Dallas Volentine of Lewis Central
11th Place – Eli Bales of Glenwood
12th Place – Hayden Keopke of Mill Valley High School
13th Place – Travis Reed of Norris
14th Place – Ashton Stumpf of Iowa City West
15th Place – Kaden Smith of Fort Dodge
16th Place – Marcus Collier of Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln
17th Place – Reece Nicol of Kearney
18th Place – Gabe Warren of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
19th Place – Tyson Merchant of South Sioux City
20th Place – Andrew Muthersbaugh of Lincoln East
21st Place – Jake Dennison of Woodbury Central
22nd Place – Kameron White of Totino-Grace
23rd Place – Tommy Loth of Papillion-La Vista
24th Place – Jaxon Goss of Creighton Prep
25th Place – Tanner Gesink of LeMars
26th Place – Hayden Still of Pittsburg High
27th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
28th Place – Jake Axtell of Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson
28th Place – Brandon Behrens of St. Albert
29th Place – Koltyn Bradley of Spirit Lake Park
30th Place – Nicholas Troung of Olathe North
1st Place Match
Marcus Coleman (Ames) 12-0, Sr. over Sammy Cokeley (Saint James Academy) 9-1, Sr. (Dec 12-9).
3rd Place Match
Nick Jouret (Olathe South) 11-1, Jr. over Kole Gray (Plattsmouth) 8-3, Sr. (Dec 7-5).
5th Place Match
Jalen Thul (Apple Valley ) 10-2, Sr. over Hunter Stumpf (Waukee) 8-5, Sr. (Inj. 0:32).
7th Place Match
Drake Roller (Atlantic ) 14-2, Sr. over M A Yah (Millard North) 8-3, Jr. (Fall 1:52).
9th Place Match
Tanner Petro (Newton) 10-5, Sr. over Dallas Volentine (Lewis Central) 6-7, Sr. (Dec 3-1).
11th Place Match
Eli Bales (Glenwood) 11-6, So. over Hayden Keopke (Mill Valley High School) 7-5, Jr. (M. For.).
13th Place Match
Travis Reed (Norris) 9-4, Sr. over Ashton Stumpf (Iowa City West) 8-5, . (Dec 4-2).
15th Place Match
Kaden Smith (Fort Dodge) 9-9, So. over Marcus Collier (Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln) 4-7, Sr. (M. For.).
Cons. 1st Place Match
Reece Nicol (Kearney) 8-3, Sr. over Gabe Warren (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 9-7, So. (Fall 1:13).
Cons. 3rd Place Match
Tyson Merchant (South Sioux City) 9-3, Sr. over Andrew Muthersbaugh (Lincoln East) 3-8, So. (Dec 7-1).
Cons. 5th Place Match
Jake Dennison (Woodbury Central) 9-7, Jr. over Kameron White (Totino-Grace) 3-4, Jr. (Dec 6-4).
Cons. 7th Place Match
Tommy Loth (Papillion-La Vista) 4-4, So. over Jaxon Goss (Creighton Prep) 2-12, Sr. (Dec 8-4).
Cons. 9th Place Match
Tanner Gesink (LeMars) 7-7, Sr. over Hayden Still (Pittsburg High) 3-9, Jr. (Dec 12-9).
Cons. 11th Place Match
Brandon Behrens (St. Albert) 0-5, Sr. over Jake Axtell (Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson) 7-7, Sr. (DFF).
Cons. 13th Place Match
Koltyn Bradley (Spirit Lake Park) 4-8, Jr. over Nicholas Troung (Olathe North) 1-9, Jr. (Fall 3:10).
Cons. 15th Place Match
() , . over () , . (Bye).

182 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Clay Lautt of Saint James Academy
2nd Place – Anthony Sherry of Glenwood
3rd Place – Jared Florell of Totino-Grace
4th Place – Jonah Johnson of Apple Valley
5th Place – Gavin Eason of Norris
6th Place – Kyle Benson of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
7th Place – Keaton Dornath of Fort Dodge
8th Place – Brady Smith of Newton
9th Place – Elliott Alexander of Lincoln East
10th Place – Anthony Swann of Olathe South
11th Place – Landon Green of Iowa City West
12th Place – Leo Palomo of Kearney
13th Place – Brandon Tessau of Waukee
14th Place – Sage Sieperda of Mill Valley High School
15th Place – Reggie Richardson of Ames
16th Place – Christian Hyde of Pittsburg High
17th Place – Maxwell Adams of Omaha North
18th Place – Tristan Welborn of Millard North
19th Place – Jacob Byers of Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson
20th Place – Cameron Stallbaum of South Sioux City
21st Place – Devin Pfeifer of Plattsmouth
22nd Place – Mark Murphy of Millard West
23rd Place – Cameron Moore of Lewis Central
24th Place – Alex Costilla of Grand Island
25th Place – Cale Roller of Atlantic
26th Place – Jack Patzner of Papillion-La Vista
27th Place – Justin Otto of LeMars
28th Place – Dakota VanderWilt of Spirit Lake Park
29th Place – Seth Stamm of Woodbury Central
30th Place – Andrew Gronstal of St. Albert
1st Place Match
Clay Lautt (Saint James Academy) 11-0, . over Anthony Sherry (Glenwood) 13-2, Jr. (Dec 7-6).
3rd Place Match
Jared Florell (Totino-Grace) 9-1, Sr. over Jonah Johnson (Apple Valley ) 8-3, Sr. (Dec 7-3).
5th Place Match
Gavin Eason (Norris) 13-2, Jr. over Kyle Benson (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 12-2, Sr. (Fall 3:00).
7th Place Match
Keaton Dornath (Fort Dodge) 13-4, Sr. over Brady Smith (Newton) 11-4, Sr. (Dec 5-3).
9th Place Match
Elliott Alexander (Lincoln East) 8-3, Jr. over Anthony Swann (Olathe South) 8-5, Sr. (Fall 5:35).
11th Place Match
Landon Green (Iowa City West) 7-6, So. over Leo Palomo (Kearney) 6-6, Sr. (M. For.).
13th Place Match
Brandon Tessau (Waukee) 7-6, Jr. over Sage Sieperda (Mill Valley High School) 2-4, So. (Dec 5-0).
15th Place Match
Reggie Richardson (Ames) 5-6, Sr. over Christian Hyde (Pittsburg High) 3-8, Sr. (M. For.).
Cons. 1st Place Match
Maxwell Adams (Omaha North) 8-3, Jr. over Tristan Welborn (Millard North) 6-9, Jr. (Fall 5:55).
Cons. 3rd Place Match
Jacob Byers (Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson) 6-8, So. over Cameron Stallbaum (South Sioux City) 4-8, Sr. (Dec 11-6).
Cons. 5th Place Match
Devin Pfeifer (Plattsmouth) 7-5, So. over Mark Murphy (Millard West) 4-7, Jr. (Dec 5-3).
Cons. 7th Place Match
Cameron Moore (Lewis Central) 8-7, Sr. over Alex Costilla (Grand Island) 1-6, So. (Fall 1:43).
Cons. 9th Place Match
Cale Roller (Atlantic ) 6-10, Fr. over Jack Patzner (Papillion-La Vista) 2-7, So. (Fall 2:39).
Cons. 11th Place Match
Justin Otto (LeMars) 7-8, Fr. over Dakota VanderWilt (Spirit Lake Park) 5-8, Sr. (Dec 5-2).
Cons. 13th Place Match
Seth Stamm (Woodbury Central) 1-4, So. over Andrew Gronstal (St. Albert) 0-6, Fr. (Fall 1:01).
Cons. 15th Place Match
() , . over () , . (Bye).

195 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Dylan Prince of Pittsburg High
2nd Place – Doug Vawter of Millard West
3rd Place – Isaac Bales of Glenwood
4th Place – Zac Stork of Atlantic
5th Place – Alex Bejarano of Basehor-Linwood High School
6th Place – Blayden Rhone of Newton
7th Place – Sean Jackson of Kearney
8th Place – Elijah Finn of St. Albert
9th Place – Albert Greenwood of Lincoln East
10th Place – Tyler Kim of Apple Valley
11th Place – Nick Bozinos of Olathe North
12th Place – Drake Rader of Plattsmouth
13th Place – Eric Ortiz of Grand Island
14th Place – Ian Macaulay of Millard North
15th Place – Jake Post of Maysville R2
16th Place – Andrew Harrah of Nebraska City
17th Place – Enrique Cabrera of Olathe South
18th Place – Nathan Lister of Woodbury Central
19th Place – Xavier Vaughn of Creighton Prep
20th Place – Fidel Torres of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
21st Place – Jackson Winchester of Missouri Valley
22nd Place – Alex Burnett of LeMars
23rd Place – Jason Salazar of Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson
24th Place – Luis Quezada of South Sioux City
25th Place – Juan Campos of Perry
26th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
28th Place – Treyshaun Burnett of Omaha North
28th Place – Damon Deyo of Lewis Central
1st Place Match
Dylan Prince (Pittsburg High) 9-1, Sr. over Doug Vawter (Millard West) 8-2, Sr. (SV-1 9-7).
3rd Place Match
Isaac Bales (Glenwood) 12-3, Jr. over Zac Stork (Atlantic ) 11-3, Sr. (Dec 2-1).
5th Place Match
Alex Bejarano (Basehor-Linwood High School) 11-2, Sr. over Blayden Rhone (Newton) 9-6, Jr. (Dec 9-6).
7th Place Match
Sean Jackson (Kearney) 8-3, Jr. over Elijah Finn (St. Albert) 5-3, Sr. (Dec 5-2).
9th Place Match
Albert Greenwood (Lincoln East) 5-6, Sr. over Tyler Kim (Apple Valley ) 7-5, So. (Dec 5-4).
11th Place Match
Nick Bozinos (Olathe North) 4-7, Jr. over Drake Rader (Plattsmouth) 5-7, So. (Fall 1:56).
13th Place Match
Eric Ortiz (Grand Island) 7-8, Sr. over Ian Macaulay (Millard North) 8-6, Sr. (Inj. 1:01).
15th Place Match
Jake Post (Maysville R2) 8-9, Sr. over Andrew Harrah (Nebraska City) 7-5, Sr. (M. For.).
Cons. 1st Place Match
Enrique Cabrera (Olathe South) 4-5, Sr. over Nathan Lister (Woodbury Central) 5-8, So. (Dec 5-2).
Cons. 3rd Place Match
Xavier Vaughn (Creighton Prep) 2-4, So. over Fidel Torres (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 4-8, Sr. (For.).
Cons. 5th Place Match
Jackson Winchester (Missouri Valley) 8-7, Jr. over Alex Burnett (LeMars) 7-7, So. (Fall 5:47).
Cons. 7th Place Match
Jason Salazar (Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson) 5-4, So. over Luis Quezada (South Sioux City) 4-8, So. (Fall 3:36).
Cons. 9th Place Match
Juan Campos (Perry) 4-8, Sr. over Forfeit Forfeit () 1-1, . (M. For.).
Cons. 11th Place Match
Forfeit Forfeit () 1-1, . over () , . (Bye).
Cons. 13th Place Match
() , . over () , . (Bye).
Cons. 15th Place Match
() , . over () , . (Bye).

220 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Tom Rief of Missouri Valley
2nd Place – Deveron Duncan of Pittsburg High
3rd Place – Dakoda Powell of Spirit Lake Park
4th Place – Zach Haggstrom of Glenwood
5th Place – Cameron Baker of Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson
6th Place – Jake Kreifel of Nebraska City
7th Place – Tanyi Besong of Apple Valley
8th Place – Nate Schutz of Totino-Grace
9th Place – Alexander Dukart of Millard West
10th Place – Jack Hasz of Creighton Prep
11th Place – Izzy Bautista of Kearney
12th Place – Thomas Garcia of Basehor-Linwood High School
13th Place – Alex Miller of Newton
14th Place – Matt Burks of Olathe North
15th Place – JJ Neal of Olathe South
16th Place – Shadow Harlan of Omaha North
17th Place – Dominic Stean of Saint James Academy
18th Place – Brock Bortolotti of Lewis Central
19th Place – Austin Mills of Atlantic
20th Place – Isaiah Moore of St. Albert
21st Place – Travis Theisen of LeMars
22nd Place – Trevor Nielsen of Plattsmouth
23rd Place – Enutifa Gamia of Iowa City West
24th Place – Casey Holsinger of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
25th Place – Oscar Richter of Grand Island
26th Place – Nolan Faden of Lincoln East
27th Place – Sean Parks of Woodbury Central
28th Place – Trey Slaughter of South Sioux City
29th Place – Tim Spiker of Underwood
1st Place Match
Tom Rief (Missouri Valley) 13-0, Jr. over Deveron Duncan (Pittsburg High) 8-2, Sr. (Dec 6-4).
3rd Place Match
Dakoda Powell (Spirit Lake Park) 9-1, So. over Zach Haggstrom (Glenwood) 10-3, Sr. (MD 14-5).
5th Place Match
Cameron Baker (Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson) 11-4, So. over Jake Kreifel (Nebraska City) 11-2, Sr. (Dec 3-0).
7th Place Match
Tanyi Besong (Apple Valley ) 9-3, Sr. over Nate Schutz (Totino-Grace) 8-5, Jr. (Dec 5-0).
9th Place Match
Alexander Dukart (Millard West) 8-4, Sr. over Jack Hasz (Creighton Prep) 12-3, So. (Dec 9-5).
11th Place Match
Izzy Bautista (Kearney) 5-6, Sr. over Thomas Garcia (Basehor-Linwood High School) 7-7, Sr. (Fall 0:29).
13th Place Match
Alex Miller (Newton) 8-6, Sr. over Matt Burks (Olathe North) 3-7, So. (Dec 9-5).
15th Place Match
JJ Neal (Olathe South) 4-4, So. over Shadow Harlan (Omaha North) 7-6, Jr. (M. For.).
Cons. 1st Place Match
Dominic Stean (Saint James Academy) 7-3, Sr. over Brock Bortolotti (Lewis Central) 6-7, Jr. (Fall 1:00).
Cons. 3rd Place Match
Austin Mills (Atlantic ) 8-3, Sr. over Isaiah Moore (St. Albert) 2-4, So. (Fall 1:11).
Cons. 5th Place Match
Travis Theisen (LeMars) 10-6, So. over Trevor Nielsen (Plattsmouth) 5-6, So. (Fall 3:54).
Cons. 7th Place Match
Enutifa Gamia (Iowa City West) 4-9, Jr. over Casey Holsinger (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 3-6, Jr. (Fall 2:36).
Cons. 9th Place Match
Oscar Richter (Grand Island) 3-4, So. over Nolan Faden (Lincoln East) 2-5, Sr. (Inj. 5:10).
Cons. 11th Place Match
Sean Parks (Woodbury Central) 2-14, Jr. over Trey Slaughter (South Sioux City) 3-11, Sr. (For.).
Cons. 13th Place Match
Tim Spiker (Underwood) 2-6, Fr. over () , . (Bye).
Cons. 15th Place Match
() , . over () , . (Bye).

285 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Gable Steveson of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Kayne Hutchison of Pittsburg High
3rd Place – Caleb Sanders of Glenwood
4th Place – Lee Herrington of Kearney
5th Place – John McConkey of Atlantic
6th Place – Nathan McDonald of Waukee
7th Place – Colin Newell of Ames
8th Place – Jason Nanke of Plattsmouth
9th Place – Guy Snow of Iowa City West
10th Place – Alec Derritt of Mill Valley High School
11th Place – Derek Bithell of Millard West
12th Place – Arron Olson of Missouri Valley
13th Place – Nicolas Gray of Norris
14th Place – Tyler Soll of Perry
15th Place – Landon Hansen of Newton
16th Place – Dalton Williams of Nebraska City
17th Place – Cole Patterson of Papillion-La Vista
18th Place – Mitch Fox of Totino-Grace
19th Place – Logan Finowski of Fort Dodge
20th Place – Victor Bejarano of Basehor-Linwood High School
21st Place – John Bauer of Spirit Lake Park
22nd Place – Elmer Garay of Grand Island
23rd Place – Brennick Hoppe of LeMars
24th Place – Zach Vesper of Olathe South
25th Place – Michael Saucedo of Maysville R2
26th Place – Garrett Schnoor of Olathe North
27th Place – Jared Winters of Lewis Central
28th Place – Natthaphon Chainatthakul of St. Albert
29th Place – Nick Wieseler of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
30th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
32nd Place – Garett Rollag of Creighton Prep
32nd Place – Jared Donaby of Omaha North
32nd Place – Hunter Allen of Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson
1st Place Match
Gable Steveson (Apple Valley ) 8-0, Jr. over Kayne Hutchison (Pittsburg High) 10-1, Sr. (MD 16-3).
3rd Place Match
Caleb Sanders (Glenwood) 13-1, Jr. over Lee Herrington (Kearney) 10-2, Jr. (Fall 5:52).
5th Place Match
John McConkey (Atlantic ) 16-1, Jr. over Nathan McDonald (Waukee) 11-3, Jr. (Dec 8-3).
7th Place Match
Colin Newell (Ames) 11-2, Sr. over Jason Nanke (Plattsmouth) 9-3, Sr. (M. For.).
9th Place Match
Guy Snow (Iowa City West) 9-3, Jr. over Alec Derritt (Mill Valley High School) 4-4, Sr. (Fall 3:37).
11th Place Match
Derek Bithell (Millard West) 7-5, Sr. over Arron Olson (Missouri Valley) 10-7, So. (Dec 7-6).
13th Place Match
Nicolas Gray (Norris) 8-6, Sr. over Tyler Soll (Perry) 9-8, Sr. (Fall 1:02).
15th Place Match
Landon Hansen (Newton) 3-5, Jr. over Dalton Williams (Nebraska City) 6-6, Sr. (M. For.).
Cons. 1st Place Match
Cole Patterson (Papillion-La Vista) 9-5, Jr. over Mitch Fox (Totino-Grace) 4-3, Sr. (Fall 0:37).
Cons. 3rd Place Match
Logan Finowski (Fort Dodge) 5-10, So. over Victor Bejarano (Basehor-Linwood High School) 8-5, So. (Fall 1:09).
Cons. 5th Place Match
John Bauer (Spirit Lake Park) 9-5, Jr. over Elmer Garay (Grand Island) 3-5, So. (Fall 1:05).
Cons. 7th Place Match
Brennick Hoppe (LeMars) 7-9, Fr. over Zach Vesper (Olathe South) 4-9, So. (Fall 1:39).
Cons. 9th Place Match
Michael Saucedo (Maysville R2) 9-9, Jr. over Garrett Schnoor (Olathe North) 3-5, So. (Dec 4-0).
Cons. 11th Place Match
Jared Winters (Lewis Central) 3-5, Jr. over Natthaphon Chainatthakul (St. Albert) 1-7, Sr. (Fall 3:15).
Cons. 13th Place Match
Nick Wieseler (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 2-5, Jr. over Forfeit Forfeit () 2-1, . (For.).
Cons. 15th Place Match
Forfeit Forfeit () 2-1, . over Jared Donaby (Omaha North) 0-6, Sr. (DFF).


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  1. […] Tom Rief and Missouri Valley- Rief and Missouri Valley have established themselves as one of the top teams in Western Iowa and maybe even the entire state as far as 1A teams go. Missouri Valley took out perennial power Logan-Magnolia 39-30 on Tuesday. Tom Rief, #1 at 220lbs, won a huge match over #6 Brady Wilson of Logan-Magnolia 7-5 in overtime. Missouri Valley also did this without Connor Lange who is #5 at 126lbs. Rief also found himself on top of the award stand at this last weekend’s Council Bluffs Classic. […]

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