Dual with Iowa Central is scheduled to start at 9:00, dual with Cornell starts at 10:30 Refresh often for updates!

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Dual Preview
Pre-meet notes: Skyler St. John is listed on the bout sheet which must mean he is healthy enough to go today at 165. After wrestling 165 as a true freshman, Jeremiah Moody is listed at 184 today along with Brooks.

Iowa vs Iowa Central

125: #1 Thomas Gilman vs Joe Siboman

1st: Gilman in on a single attempt off the whistle and is able to score a takedown. Cuts him and gets another quick takedown off a single attempt. Release for Siboman and go behind takdown for Gilman. Gilman lets Siboman up again. Gilman working a front headlock switches off to a go behind for another takedown, now he has Siboman on his back for a 4 point NF count, looking to put him away.  There is the fall.

Match Score: Gilman pin 1:33
Team Score 6-0 Iowa

133: #1 Cory Clark vs #1 Zak Hensley

1st: Clark with heavy pressure on the head and able to get behind for his first takedown. Working the bar arm right away trying to run it switches to the half and gets the fall.

Match Score: Clark fall 2:05
Team Score 12-0 Iowa

141: Topher Carton vs De’Nick Santos

1st: Carton gets a front headlock and was looking cowcatcher, Santos backing away from Carton but able to stay in bounds. Carton switches to his offense and gets a single leg takedown. Carton cuts Santos on a restart and in again on the legs for another takedown, puts the leg in working for a tilt, gets a 4 NF count. Carton working Santos wrists gets a cheap 4 NF tilt, got a little too high and just about gave up a reversal to Santos but is able to recover. Carton got a little high on his half nelson. Period ends 12-1 score for Carton.

2nd: They started neutral Carton digging double unders, Santos with a shot from space but Carton is able to sprawl back get around for the takedown and picks up 2 NF.

Match Score: Carton TF Santos 16-1
Team Score: 11-0 Iowa

149: #2 Brandon Sorensen vs Keenan Cook

1st: Brandon with a takedown to Cook’s back before the finish intros and gets the fall.

Match Score: Sorensen pin :37
Team Score: 23-0 Iowa

157: #6 Michael Kemerer vs Carlos Champaign

1st: Kemerer makes his Carver debut with a quick takedown. Kemerer with a leg ride trying to look for an easy turn switches out of the leg ride to the cradle for the fall

Match Score: Kemerer fall 2:01
Team Score 29-0 Iowa

165: Joey Gunther vs Jonah Egli

1st: Working a front headlock snaps and grabs a leg to come around for a takedown, trap arm tilt gets a two count but runs it again to get 4 NF and releases the hold. Gunther cuts Egli gets a single, brings it up high for a trip and finish for a takedown with under :30 to go. Trying to run a half but time runs out. 8-1 for Gunther

2nd: Gunther starts down gets to his feet and gets his escape. Gunther with a takedown and quick cut. In on a single and finishes for a takedown. Match is stopped for a potentially dangerous. Gunther finishes the rideout, leads 13-2.

3rd: Egli starts the period down, Gunther riding him tough, Egli warned for stalling then gets an escape. Gunther with a quick takedown and cuts Egli with a minute left. Go behind takedown for another score. Cut, Takedown Gunther again. Gunther gives Egli an escape on the restart. Single attempt finished for the TF.

Match Score: Gunther TF Egli 21-6
Team Score: 34-0 Iowa

174: #6 Alex Meyer vs Antrez Clagon

1st: Meyer working a two on one not a lot of action through the first 1:30, no attempts by Meyer. Meyer looked like he was going for a shot, Clagon just about caught Meyer leaving his arm hanging out there with a cowcatcher. Meyer recovers for no score. Meyer now trying double unders with short time Clagon able to shrug out of a bear hug, Meyer takes a late shot. No score, but Clagon warned for stalling by backing out  of a hold.

2nd: Clagon starts down, Meyer  gets a trap arm turn for 4 NF. Meyer gives Clagon the escape, half attempted high crotch no score. Stall warning on Clagon point for Meyer, Meyer picks up a takedown on the edge as well with short time. 7-1 Meyer lead.

3rd: Meyer starts down and is out right away. Not a whole lot of action, but Clagon hit for stalling backing out again point for Meyer. Clagon called for an illegal hold so picks up another point. Shot attempt by Clagon Meyer sprawls back and able to get in on a reshot for a score of his own.

Match Score: Meyer major decision Clagon, 13-1
Team Score: 38-0

184: Jeremiah Moody vs Anthony Jones

1st: Moody goes with a throw to start the match and gets a takedown and 4 NF Jones is out quick for an escape. Double unders for Moody and he is able to get another takedown on the edge and adds 4 more NF. Escape Jones, Single takedown for Moody able to turn Jones over for the fall

Match Score: Moody pin 1:10
Team Score: 44-0 Iowa

197: Cash Wilcke vs Jacob Becker

1st: Wilcke with a quick takedown. Trying to work to flatten Becker out, but opts to cut him. Front headlock snap, go behind takedown for Wilcke, cuts Jones right away. In on a leg attack but they go out of bounds.Wilcke adds another takedown with under a minute to go. Wilcke cuts him adds another takedown and Becker is warned for stalling at the end of the period. 8-3 lead for Wilcke.

2nd: Becker starts down, Wilcke flattens him out, then cuts Becker after :35. Shot by Becker, Wilcke flattens him out and gos behind for a takedown. Escape Becker. Becker comes in for another shot, Wilcke able to spin around for another takedown and cuts him. Stalling on Becker again, point Wilcke. Wilcke in on a single that he finishes for a takedown with under :10. 16-6 Wilcke lead.

3rd: Wilcke starts down gets out and takedown Wilcke. Wilcke cuts Becker on the edge, 19-7 lead. Wilcke able to get behind for another takedown and escape. Double leg takedown for Wilcke. gets the TF

Match Score: Wilcke TF Becker, 24-8
Team Score: 49-0 Iowa

285: Mitch Bowman vs Amari Latimer

1st: Bowman able to get a single and finishes for a takedown.  Trap arm tilt for the Fall

Match Score: Bowman fall 1:32
Team Score: 55-0 Iowa

Iowa vs Cornell College

125: #1 Thomas Gilman vs Vikash Hypio

1st:  Gilman in on a single and finishes for a takedown. Cuts Hypio, picks up the far leg for another takedown. Optional re-start, Hypio is out. Snap down go behind for Gilman. Gilman out front trying to pull the arm out, gets a trap arm tilt for 4 NF. Gilman cuts Hypio, Hypio also hit for a stall warning. Missed how he scored but Gilman with another takedown. Working an arm bar gets the fall.

Match Score: Gilman pin 2:23
Team Score 6-0 Iowa

133: #1 Cory Clark vs Brody Lamb

1st: Clark with heavy hands looking for a go behind. Finally gets it on the second attempt for the takedown. Clark releases Lamb and goes right into the two on one. Clark gets a leg and finishes the single for another takedown. Clark has a half sunk in and turns him over for the fall.

Match Score: Clark pin 1:36
Team Score 12-0 Iowa

141: Topher Carton vs #8 (@141) Josh Martin

1st: Martin attempts a couple shots, Carton just about able to get a go behind but they go out of bounds. Restart Carton with a head inside single and comes around the waist for a takedown, quick cut for Martin and it’s 2-1 Carton. Carton able to shoot to the back leg for another takedown and another quick cut so they are back to their feet. Carton in on the same leg and finishes for another score. Trap arm tilt for 4 NF, Carton takes the first period with a 10-2 score.

2nd: Martin starts down, Carton throws the leg in. Martin warned for stalling. Carton lets Martin up. Martin able to get to Carton’s leg and switch to a double, looses his footing and Carton comes out on top and gets the fall.

Match Score: Carton pin 4:23
Team Score: 18-0 Iowa

149: #2 Brandon Sorensen vs Leonard Bloom

1st: Takedown Sorensen and he cuts Bloom. Sorensen looking to attack the back leg, shot attempt by Bloom, reshot Sorensen on a single and scores for a takedown. Period ends 4-1 lead for Sorensen

2nd: Bloom starts down, escape for Bloom and he takes a shot.  Sorensen sprawls back and comes around for a takedown. Sorensen cuts Bloom and adds another quick takedown on the edge. Cuts him on the edge the circle around Sorensen scores on another single attempt. Escape Bloom, Sorensen in on another single and scores. Period ends 12-5 lead for Sorensen

3rd: Sorensen starts down, and gets out. Bloom gets his hands locked around Sorensen’s leg but a stalemate is called. Another shot attempt by Bloom Sorensen go behind for a takedown. Sorensen cuts Bloom. Single attempt Sorensen, finishes for another takedown.

Match Score: Sorensen major decision Bloom, 18-6
Team Score: 22-0 Iowa

157: #6 Michael Kemerer vs #8 Aaron Engle

1st: Kemerer with a single leg takedown, picking up some near fall, gets his four count. 4NF for Kemerer. Looking for some more with a half sunk in on the edge of the mat, there is 4NF. They go out of bounds. Kemerer cuts Engle, tries a shot Engle tries to counter, but Sorensen able to get to Engle’s legs and get a takedown. Kemerer picking up more near fall. Now he readjusts looking for the fall with over 1:17 to go. Kemerer gets too high and loses his hold.

Match Score: Kemerer TF Engle 16-1
Team Score: 27-0 Iowa

165: Skyler St. John vs Ben Hewson

1st: Lots of hand fighting and head snapping. Hewson gets a single leg attempt for the first takedown against Iowa on the day. St. John gets his escape. Hewson with a shot that he can’t finish at the buzzer. Hewson leads 2-1

2nd: St. John starts down and gets his escape to tie the score. Hewson in on a single attempt, St. John hit for stalling. St. John able to get his leg back and gets a takedown to take the lead. St. John with a ride out, Hewson got to his feet but St. John with a nice return. 4-2 St. John lead.

3rd: St. John has riding time so they start neutral, Hewson gets in on a single and finishes for a takedown. Hewson tried to put the legs in and got too high, St. John able to drop him off the top and gets a reversal. Hewson warned for stalling late.  St. John finishes the rideout.

Match Score: St. John decision Hewson, 7-4
Team Score: 30-0 Iowa

174: Joey Gunther vs Michael Maksimovic

1st: Maksimovic grabs the ankle and gets a quick takedown, Gunther able to get out for an escape. Gunther answers with a takedown of his own. Escape for Maksimovic. Gunther tries a shot gets stopped, tries to switch to the other side as they go out of bounds. Gunther was in close on a score on the edge, unable to finish however. Period ends tied 3-3

2nd: Maksimovic starts down, gets to his feet but runs out of bounds before he gets an escape. Maksimovic back to his feet on a restart but goes out of bounds again. Maksimovic to his feet, just about breaks the hands to get out but Gunther able to trip for a return. They go out of bounds again. Gunther up over 1 minute riding time midway through the period. Gunther flattens Maksimovic out, Maksimovic to his feet and Gunther able to drop to the leg to return Maksimovic and they go out of bounds.Gunther finishes the rideout. Tied 3-3 but he has 2:04 Riding time.

3rd: Gunther gets cut right away, and then goes to his offense, in on a leg but Maksimovic recovers and locks around the leg fighting off the takedown. Now they award Gunther the takedown on the edge. Maksimovic up to his feet but Gunther grabs the leg tree tops it for a return and they go out of bounds. Maksimovic up to his feet and gets an escape on a restart. Gunther gets another takedown on the edge with :40 left. He has RT locked. Maksimovic up to his feet and gets returned. Maksimovic gets an escape at the very end

Match Score: Gunther decision Maksimovic, 9-5
Team Score: 33-0 Iowa

184: Alex Meyer vs Brian Cristion

1st: Meyer is tough in that two on one tie. able to move Cristion around the mat with that tie up. Meyer with a half shot. Now has a front headlock looking for a go behind, switches to a single brings it up and drags Cristion to the center of the mat. Cristion gets his leg back, no score. Meyer in on the leg again, but time expires. No score.

2nd: Meyer starts down, grabs on to Cristion’s leg and is looking to come out with a reversal. He gets rewarded with the reversal with :45 to go and adds a 4NF tilt. Period ends 6-0 for Meyer.

3rd: Cristion starts down, Meyer works for a tilt only gets a 1 count. Turns Cristion again but only for a one count. Meyer with a turn a third time, just gets a one count. No score this period

Match Score: Meyer decision Cristion, 7-0
Team Score 36-0 Iowa

197: Cash Wilcke vs Ben Bergen

1st: Takedown Wilcke. Bergen gets an escape on a restart. Wilcke gets deep on a single and finishes on the edge of the mat for his second takedown. Optional start and Bergen gets an escape. Fireman’s carry takedown for Wilcke with :40 to go. Looking to turn him over there is the fall.

Match Score: Wilcke pin 2:43
Team Score 42-0 Iowa

285: Steven Holloway vs Tyler Ortmann

1st: Looked like a high crotch attempt by Holloway, but not able to get in deep enough to score. Not much doing this period. Scoreless.

2nd: Ortmann able to get to his feet an escape after :07. Holloway able to get a single leg and finish on the edge of the mat for a takedown. Ortmann to his feet right away on a restart and gets out. Ortmann about picks Holloway’s leg up but Holloway circles around no score. match is tied 2-2.

3rd: Holloway starts down, and he is out quick. 3-2 lead for the freshman. That’s the final

Match Score: Holloway decision Ortmann, 3-2
Team Score: 45-0 Iowa

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