Dual scheduled to start at 7:00 PM, Refresh often for updates.

As always comment below article if you have any questions during the dual or tweet at us @IAwrestle. Fans are encouraged to use the hashtag social media platforms – #NOC2


Metcalf and McD are the coaches tonight, Metcalf gets team Red, McD gets team Blue.

The Blue team wins the coin toss. national anthem was sung, lets wrestle!

Noah Fye (New Hampton, Iowa) vs. Carter Cox (Atlantic, Iowa)

1st: Tommy B (@bloodround on Twitter) is the official for this match, for those of you wondering. Fye in on a single to the double and gets the T2! ANd I missed some action because Doug Schwab came up to say hi but Fye has him on his back!!! ON HIS BACK AND GETS THE FALL!!!

Match Score: Fye wins by Pinall, 35 seconds into the match.

Team Score: Red Team leads 6-0

Nikolas Chavez (Willard, Mo.) vs. Triston Lara (Fort Dodge, Iowa)

1st: Chavez in on a single to a double and picks him up and gently puts him down for the T2. E1 and it’s 2-1. Lara in on a low single and and works up but Chavez funks out of it. Restart. Not much else, to the second.

2nd: Lara goes down to start the period. He tries to work up, Chavez working for…something…but they go OOB. No points.Chavez works hard to keep him down, now he’s hanging on as Lara stands up, Chavez is warned for stalling and we go back to center. Lara up and Chavez returns him, now he’s up again and hits a switch to get the E1, 2-2. 40 seconds left. And there Lara hits a really nice firemans carry for the T2. Chavez gets up and out though and it’s 4-3 Lara leads going to the third

3rd: Chavez down to start, he’s up and out it’s 4-4. Lara with an ankle pick but nothing, again but nothing. And there’s stalling on Chavez to make it 5-4 Lara leads. Lara tries a single from too far away but nothing. 1 minute left. They tie-up, both guys are tired. Side by side and a duck under from Lara leads to a double for a T2! 7-4 Lara leads 20 seconds left

Match Score: 7-4

Team Score: Team Red wins 9-0

Women’s wrestling match: Alanah Vetterick (Iowa) vs. Ronna Heaton (South Dakota)

1st: Vetterick comes out with some busy hands (I may have just made that up), but nothing doing. Heaton with a shot but she’s too far away, they stand back up. One minute left, not a whole lot of action. Heaton with some heavy hands, but that didn’t go anywhere. Now a shot from Vetterick, but nothing. End of the first. 0-0

2nd: Heaton down to start, she works up right away and she leads, 1-0. They’re doing a lot of hand fighting inside, Heaton takes a shot, nothing, now with some hands to Vetterick’s face, no call. She goes heavy on the head, forces Vetterick down and gets arouund for the T2. 3-0 she leads. Heaton works Vetterick over and gets the NF3, 6-0 she leads and she tries running her over again but time runs out. To the third.

3rd: Vetterick rips out some of her own hair before we get going. Whoa. They go neutral to start, Vetterick trying to work an over/under, but nothing. They tie up again, but not a lot. Vetterick tries a go-behind but nothing. They break and now Heaton with a shot but too far away, but she works for it and gets around for the T2 for the 8-0 lead. Heaton gets team Blue’s first win

Match Score: 8-0

Team Score: Red leads, 9-4

Aaron Costello (Western Dubuque, Iowa) vs. Sammy Evans (Alcoa, Tenn.)

1st: Costello forces Evans’ head down and gets around for the T2 and rolls him over for a NF2 but can’t keep him down for the fall. Evans rolls back and gets up, 4-1 Costello leads. Not much else for the rest of the match, and we go to the second.

2nd: Costello starts down, he’s up and out in about 30 seconds (no RT tonight). They center the action but not a lot going on, mostly tieups from the two heavyweights. We go to the third.

3rd: Evans is down to start the period, he’s up and out in 15 seconds, but trails 5-2. He’s going to have to push the action now. Stall warning on Costello, that’s his second, so it’s 5-3. Evans has to push and tries a sloppy single but Costello gets around him for the T2. Costello will take it 7-3.

Match Score: 7-3 Costello

Team Score: 12-4 Red Team

Connor Brown (Oak Grove, Mo.) vs. Aden Reeves (Albia, Iowa)

1st: We’re moving really fast here, Reeves has a T2, and we’re restarting. Reeves nearly flips himself over on a tilt but gets out of it and Brown gets the E1. 2-1 and just as that happens Brown throws Reeves for the T2 and NF2! Reeves gets back over though and we go OOB. 5-2, on the restart, some crazy scrambling from both guys and they both go OOB. Restart again, Brown rides him out tough to end the 1st period.

2nd: Brown down to start, they stand up bout PD is called, restart and Reeves tries a tilt but Brown rolls through and gets the R2, 7-2 he leads. Brown riding tough still and locks up a cradle and gets the NF2 but Reeves rolls through and eventually gets the R2, and now another reversal by Brown so it’s 11-4 after all that. Brown gets another cradle locked up and Reeves was flat on his back for a good 5 seconds there but no fall called, to the third Brown leads 14-4

3rd: I’m not sure what happened, but Brown got another 2 points, and then Reeves escaped for a 16-5 lead. 1 minute left, Reeves takes a bad shot and Brown scoots around for the T2 and works him over for backs and there’s the fall!

Match Score: Brown wins by pinfall in 5:18

Team Score:18-4 Team Red

Joel Shapiro (West Des Moines Valley, Iowa) vs. Danny Braunagel (Althoff Catholic, Ill.)

1st: Sorry for the slow updates, there’s a lot going on very quickly here. Shapiro with a quick headlock and gets an ankle to get a T2. He rides him for a long time, working hard to keep him down. Braunagel up but Shaprio brings him down, Braunagel up again but Shaprio gets an ankle and brings him back down to his back and gets a NF2, 4-0 he leads.

2nd: Shaprio defers and Braunagel goes neutral, so that’s where we start. Both guys trying to work the head but neither can get anything going, then Shapiro hits a low single leg and gets around for the T2, 6-0 he leads. Braunagel tries to kick out but just can’t quite get there, Shapiro working a half, but Braunagel works up and nearly gets out but we go OOB, 8 seconds left.

3rd: Nothing happened in those 8 seconds, so we’re in the third. Shapiro goes down to start, he’s up to his feet and is out, 7-0. He’s right back in on a low ankle, but Braunagel drapes over his back and they stalemate. Shapiro really likes that low ankle, he gets it again, but Braunagel again drapes over the back and we stalemate again. 1:09 left. Braunagel with a low single and he picks it up, but Shapiro kicks out but can’t quite get there and Braunagel gets the T2 and cuts him, 8-2. Braunagel works hard for a last T2, but it won’t win the match, Shaprio wins it 8-4.

Match Score: Shapiro wins 8-4

Team Score: I think it’s 21-4

J.J. Figueroa (Bakesfield, Calif.) vs. Zach Barnes (Southeast Polk, Iowa)

1st: Some good handfighting to start, but Figueroa hits a double and gets an early T2, and Barnes is up and out for the E1, its’ 2-1. They both handfight and just like that the periods over, to the 2nd.

2nd: Barnes is down to start, he stands up and gets the E1. Figueroa with a shot but Barnes with good defense, keeps him away from the legs. Barnes thinks he has Figueroa OOB and is waiting for the call but nothing doing and Figueroa shoots on the ankle, he can’t finish and we get a restart. Figueroa with a double try but nothing, both guys are semi-conent to hang on the head, and now Figueroa with a shot but Barnes is draped over his back and is working around..almost two but can’t get quite get there….10 seconds left and Figueroa picks him up but he can’t finish and we go to the third 2-2.

3rd: Figueroa is down to start the 3rd, Barnes trying to get a cradle or something going, but can’t and Figueroa gets up and leads 3-2. Figueroa with a shot but Barnes again drapes over the back and scoots around annnddd THERE gets the T2 and he leads 4-3 now. Stalemate and re restart, Figueroa rolls and is in on the legs and nearly gets the R2 but locked hands are called on Barnes and it’s 4-4 with 17 seconds left! Figueroa tries a roll, but can’t get out and then Barnes nearly gets NF points but nothing, and that’s the period. We go to overtime!

OT: 1 minute, Figueroa in on a single leg but Barnes with good D and circles and circles and nearly gets the T2 but then Figueroa works out of it and circles and gets the T2 himeself!!! WOW what a match!

Match Score: 6-4 Figueroa

Team Score: 24-4 Team Red

Kyran Hagan (Eureka, Mo.) vs. Anthony Madrigal (Oak Park River Forest, Ill.)

1st:Not a whole lot of action to start with, Hagan pushes Madrigal out but no call, not sure what that’s about. Restart and now Hagan has double underhooks in, he tries to trip Madrigal but can’t quite get there, they go OOB with Hagan getting two, but the refs get together and wave it off. Restart score still 0-0 and that’s it for the first.

2nd: Hagan goes down to start, he’s up and tries to roll but that doesn’t work, up again and Madrigal brings him back down but Hagan somehow gets around him for the R2 and he leads 2-0. Hagan with double boots in, now only on the right side has he tries a tilt, but can’t get there. Now Hagan flattens Madrigal out, and they go OOB. Restart, Madrigal kind of tries to sit out, but not really, Hagan has his right leg in again and his working the arm to try to tilt him but can’t quite get there and times out. 2-0 Hagan to the third.

3rd: They go neutral to start, which seems like an odd choice, but I’m not sure who chose so it might not be. Madrigal with a shot but too far away, he’s hanging onto an ankle as Hagan tries to work around him but stalemate. Madrigal with a double leg but he’s too far away and now they roll through, but noone can score and Hagan gets the 2-0 win for the Red team.

Match Score: 2-0 Hagan

Team Score: 27-4 Red Team

Dylan D’Emilio (Genoa, Ohio) vs. Drew Bennett (Fort Dodge, Iowa)

1st: They’re playing “Party in the USA” right now, and my crack research team tells me that this is the first time a Miley Cyrus song has been played in Carver during a wrestling meet. #TheMoreYouKnow. Not a lot of action in the first, mostly just handfighting and neither guy takes a shot, and we go to the second.

2nd: Bennett is down to start, he’s up but back down, and they go OOB. Restart, caution on Bennett. He tries to hit a roll but D’Emilio stops that and tries to work a half but nothing doing and they nearly go OOB but D’Emilio rolls him back in, both sides want stalling but nothing doing. They go OOB with 9 seconds left for Bennett to get out. Caution again on Bennett, that’s his second, D’Emilio throws in a half and that’s the 2nd.

3rd: D’Emilio goes down to start, he’s up and out for the 1-0 lead. D’Emilio’s corner really wants him to shoot but Bennett gets an ankle pick and gets the T2, they roll for a second and a stalemate is called. Bennett on top for the restart, 1:17 left in the 3rd. D’Emilio up and out right away, 2-2 No shots, 45 seconds left, they’re not even really handfigthing, oh there they go, break. D’Emilio with a shot, Bennett tries to circle but nothing, 20 seconds left. Nothing here…10 seconds left, D’Emilio with a shot and in on the ankle and they roll but no points! OT

OT: Bennett with a shot but backs out, gets his head stuck for a second but gets back and out. they lock hands, and both try for a shot at the same time but D’Emilio overpowers him and gets the T2!

Match Score: 4-2

Team Score: Team Red 31-4

Michael Millage (New Hampton, Iowa) vs. Jason Renteria (Oak Park River Forest, Ill.)

1st: Renteria gets an underhook in, that’s where he wants to be, they break down though and stalemated. Renteria with a single leg but as he’s backing out he slips and Millage gets the T2! 2-0 he leads and they go OOB. Renteria down on the restart. He’s up and out right away, Millage with a shot but can’t finish, and now Renteria gets around for the T2. Renteria with a suck-back and nearly gets NF points but time runs out, he leads 3-2 going to the second.

2nd:Millage is down to start, but he’s up and out quickly. Renteria with double underhooks in and nearly trips him down but Millage does a good job of fighting out of it. They kind of do a weird roll thing as they go OOB, and Renteria gets a T2. Renteria goes optional start and it’s 5-4 Renteria. Restart, Renteria tries…something…but can’t finish, then Millage attempts a shot but can’t finish and then Renteria gest around him for the T2, 7-4 and we’ll go to the third.

3rd: Too fast here, Renteria was down to start, he’s up and out , but he got antoher two T2’s, so it’s 12-6, and another T2, 14-6 now, E1, 14-7. Another T2, 16-7, 16-8 on the E1. Sorry I got distracted, it’s 19-11 Renteria now after a T2 by Millage and E1, and that’s your final

Match Score: Renteria 19-11

Team Score: 31-12 Team Red

Max Lyon (Western Dubuque, Iowa) vs. A.J. Pedro (Phillips Exeter, N.H.)

1st: Sorry I was updating the Twitter, Lyon gets a T2 off a poor shot by Pedro. E1 for Pedro and it’s 2-1 as we have bloodtime. Blood taken care of, we have some handfighting but no shots to speak of, and we go to the second.

2nd: Pedro has the double nose plug, something you don’t see every day. he also starts down, and he tries to sit but Lyon goes with him, they go flat again, but Pedro fights up and out to get the E1. He shoots low and wraps up the ankles as Lyon nearly kicks out but can’t, and it’s 4-2 after the T2. E1 for Lyon on a restart, 4-3 with 30 seconds left in the period. Lyon with a shot but can’t connect and we go to the third.

3rd: Lyon goes down to start, Pedro with a spiral ride but Lyon circles out, real nice job by him there. Pedro shoots low and they stalemate. 4-4 1: 39 left. Pedro with a single leg on the edge and pushes Lyon out but Pedro also steps out so they restart in the middle…that’s a questionable no call at best. Restart and Lyon gets in on the single leg and gets the T2! He’s riding tough and they go OOB again. Restart and Lyon lifts a leg but Pedro gets out, 6-5 with 30 seconds left. He shoots but can’t finish and restart with 10 seconds and Pedro with two final shots but cna’t get it done, and Lyon takes it 6-5!

Match Score: Lyon 6-5

Team Score: Red leads 34-12

Kaden Gfeller (Heritage Hall, Okla.) vs. Jamie Hernandez (Oak Park River Forest, Ill.)

1st: Both of these guys are ranked fourth in the country, They go through a feeling-out process before Hernandez hits a snap single leg and gets around for the T2 (I’m not doing that justice, that was a really slick move). Hernandez rides tough on a restart, but Gfeller gets the E1 in a weird sequence. Hernandez pushes forward but time runs out on the first. 2-1 he leads.

2nd: Gfeller is down but he’s up and out to make it 2-2. Handighting again, but now we get a break as Gfeller was poked in the eye I think. They restart, and Gfeller ties up and tries a real nice outside trip, but Hernandez rolls through and we stalemate. Restart but we run out of time, 2-2.

3rd: Gfeller is getting his head re-taped, after they ripped off the old tape from all his hair. Wow that must hurt. Hernandez is down to start, Gfeller tries for a cradle but that didn’t work as Hernandez faces him and drives him OOB, 3-2. Now a crazy sequences leave Gfeller on top but Hernandez has a leg and they roll through, Gfeller working for the T2 and backs, but no call and with 1:00 left they restart. No shots really now and 30 seconds left, stalling on Hernandez but Gfeller needs to turn it up if he’s going to score, but he can’t and Hernandez wins 3-2.

Match Score: Hernandez 3-2

Team Score: Team Red 34-15

Colton Schultz (Ponderosa, Colo.) vs. Jared Campbell (St. Edward, Ohio)

1st: Campbell gets snapped down and Schultz gets around him, no T2 yet because Campbell is on his feet but Schultz puts him down for the T2. And now Schultz is working the tilt, and gets a NF3 but Campbell gets a reversal as Schultz can’t hold on to the tilt, it’s 5-2 with 40 seconds left. Schultz gets up and out so it’s 6-2. They tie up again, and there’s a restart. Schultz with a little shove at the end there, but we move forward. Restart and that’s the first.

2nd: Campbell on bottom to start, he’s up and out, 7-3. Schultz scored a point on a late 1st period pushout, that’s why he has 7. Not a lot of action here, oh but Campbell with an outside single, but nothing doing. They tie up but that’s pretty much it for the period.

3rd: Schultz goes down to start, but the optional start by Campbell makes it 8-3. They’re just leaning on each other at this point, which seems kind of odd. There’s another outside single by Campbell and he gets the T2, and then cuts him, so it’s 9-5. 1 minute left. Stalling on Campbell, but he pushes Schultz out again, so it’s 10-5. 20 seconds left. They tie up but that’s it,

Match Score: Schutz 10-5

Team Score: Team Red takes it, 37-15 (it might have been 33-14, I might have messed it up somewhere along the line, sorry about that).



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