How did you get involved in wrestling?

I went out for wrestling as a young child and always did it for fun. Going into middle school and high school I found out I had a strong passion and love for the sport.

What drove you throughout your high school career?

My main goal was to be a state champion and that was the goal that drove me to wrestle. The people that drove me were my parents and coaching staff to try and attain that goal through practices and reminders of where i wanted to be

Was this your only Division I offer? What other schools were you considering?

This was my only division one offer. The other school I was seriously considering was Grand View University.

How much wrestling do you plan on doing this summer? What tournaments?

For wrestling this summer I want to get in our room at least a few times a week and go up to Cedar Falls to train with the team, As far aw tournaments go I want to get into some freestyle with some of my high school teammates

Is there a wrestler or coach in particular you are excited to work out with at UNI? Who’s your favorite wrestler to watch?

I’m excited to train and workout with Coach Randy Pugh and incoming Panther Carter Isley. I know that they have so much that can help build up my potential and skill set to help me achieve my collegiate goals.

Who has been your biggest influence in your wrestling career?

The biggest influence on my wrestling career would be my head coach J.D. Lueders and his sons Spencer, Eric, Cole, and Jarod who were all assistants. Each coach had an attribute to them whether it was wrestling or just life based to get my into the right mindset. I couldn’t have asked for better wrestling partners or role models for my career.

Who has been your toughest opponent to face to this point in your career?

Colin Kreiter from North Scott. I wrestled him for three years in my career and never got to beat him in a match.

What do you plan to study?

I’m undecided in my education, I’m going to give it a year out there then decide my major.

What do you like to do to get away from wrestling and relax?

I like to out of the Mississippi on our boat or jet ski with some friends and just relax on the beach. This is defiantly my favorite out of season activity.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Just our community for always being happy to support our program no matter what the need was we were always backed up by thousands of people to make sure we had the best chance possible to achieve our goals and dreams.