Dual scheduled to start at 7:00 PM, Refresh often for updates. It’s senior and camo night here in Carver.

As always comment below article if you have any questions during the dual. Easiest way to get my attention will be to tweet to me @RossIAWrestle.

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Dual Preview

125- #2 Thomas Gilman vs Sean Fausz

1st:Gilman out working a snap front headlock, Fausz get to Gilman’s leg, but Gilman keeping a whizzer and Fausz’s head down to stalemate it. Gilman high crotch to a takedown for a quick finish, goes to a front headlock and releases Fausz. Gilman tries a shuck by, doesn’t get it on the first go but does on the second for another takedown release Gilman right away. Fausz grabs onto Gilman’s leg, Gilman trying to break grip and gets around for his third takedown, 6-2 with :25 to go. Rideout.

2nd: Gilman starts down, goes to a seat, then Fausz puts the legs in so Gilman switches into a tripod. Fausz gets to high and Gilman pulls him over his head for a reversal. Missed what he did, but potentially dangerous called with GIlman on top. Gilman tries to release and comes out front to give Fausz an escape.Gilman reaches for a leg and is able to hook the ankle and come around for a score. 10-3. Gilman riding tough on top and finishes a rideout. 2:09 RT.

3rd: Fausz takes down, Gilman cuts intimidately, and is on n a quick leg attack, comes around to the side and go behind but Fausz with a strong whizzer. Gilman finally breaks it fo rhis two. Gilman cuts with just over a minute left, Fausz warned for stalling. 12-5. Fausz attempts a shot, Gilman sprawls and in a front headlock trying to come around, stalemated. Gilman tries a slide by, Fausz takes a shot, Gilman takedown on the counter.

Match Score: Gilman major w/ RT Fausz 15-5
Team Score: 4-0 Iowa

133- #3 Cory Clark vs Jamal Morris

1st: Cory in a leg attack right off the whistle, Morris on his seat and bails out as Clark gets two. Clark lets Morris to his feet after :20. Shot by Morris, Clark fights it off easily. Crowd wanting stalling called for just about everything tonight already. Both in the center of the mat, Clark has his patented two on one looking for offense off that. Clark able to get a takedown with under a minute to go. Morris gets to his seat, Clark does a good job keeping him one the mat and not letting him get to his feet. Morris to his feet with :05 to go, and Clark finishes the rideout, 1:21 RT.

2nd: Clark starts down, backs into Morris and almost got into near fall trouble, now Morris riding high and Clark pulling him off the top of his head in a tripod stance. Morris bails out and surrenders the reversal, 6-1 Clark lead. Clark digs an arm bar and a half in, switches to the arm bar and tries to run it, Morris bellies out. Clark still looking to run the arm. Morris warned for stalling with short time, Clark finishes rideout, 2:24 RT.

3rd: Morris picks down, tries coming to his feet ,Clark grabs a leg pulls it above his head and tries to return Morris with a shove. Morris goes out of bounds but gets an escape. Clark in his two on one, takes a shot on the outside leg, Morris steps back and Clark quickly switches to the inside leg for a a takedown. Clark running a arm bar called potentially dangerous. 8-2 lead. Morris gets to his feet with :25 to go, Morris with a couple half shots, Clark not able to captialize on the sloppy shot.

Match Score: Clark decision 9-3 w/ RT over Morris
Team Score: 7-0 Iowa

141- Brody Grothus vs #3 Kevin Jack

1st: Big match here with #3 Jack and senior Grothus. Both guys working from space through the first half minute, Jack takes a shot and has Brody’s ankle in the air, trying to come around the back. Grothus with a body lock trying to stalemate it, Jack trying to put Grothus in danger without control, Jack gets a takedown with Grothus in bad position and Brody gives up 2 NF, 4-0 lead for Jack. Grothus to his feet, Jack cuts him loose. :45 left, Jack does another shot from space, Grothus trying to stuff the head, Jack switches to a double to finish for another takedown. 6-1 lead for Jack and he finishes the period rideout.

2nd: Grothus starts down. Jack gets him bellied out, and Grothus, not able to work his way up, Trap arm tilt for Jack and he gets four near fall, Grothus back to his belly, 10-1 lead for Jack. Jack looking to trap the arm again. Grothus warned for stalling with :20 left. Jack rides out. over 3:00 Rt for Jack so he has it locked.

3rd: Jack takes down, Grothus gets high and Jack able to grab a leg and turn it into a reversal and a 12-1 lead. Jack bellies Grothus out, Grothus  back to his base trying to work up. Jack gets a stall point on Grothus, 13-1 lead. NC State wants to cut Grothus and gives him neutral on a restart. Jack in right away and gets the takedown, escape Grothus, takedown Jack.

Match Score: Jack Tech Fall Grothus w/ RT 18-3
Team Score: 7-5 Iowa

149- #2 Brandon Sorensen vs Beau Donahue

1st: Both guys tie up, Sorensen reaches for the leg, can’t get through the hands of Donahue though. Sorensen gets a double leg to a takedown and a 2-0 lead. Cuts Donahue, and Sorensen tied up with Donahue again. Sorensen with an inside single, able to gather the leg get to his feet and trip for his second takedown with 1:12 to go. Cuts Donahue.Sorensen takes another shot, Donahue backs off an warned for stalling, another shot by Sorensen and he is up 6-2 with :15 left in the period. Rideout and :58 RT

2nd: Donahue starts down (a brief break for blood before the start of the period). Sorensen riding with a lot of pressure on top, Donahue to his feet, Sorensen lets him go 6-3. Sorensen takes a shot can’t finish, gets another single and finishes for 2. Bellies Donahue out, and they go out of bounds. (some more blood time on Donahue). Sorensen on top with :20 left in the period, Donahue bellies out, warned for stalling again and Sorensen gets a point. 9-3 and 2:33 RT.

3rd: Donahue on top, Sorensen up and out in :06, 10-3 lead. Sorensen with heavy, heavy pressure on Donahue’s head. Sorensen gets another single and locks up a cradle from his feet. Gets the takedown and trying to work with his cradle, but rolls out of bounds. 12-3 lad and :21 to go. Donahue to his feet and has Sorensen has to cut.

Match Score: Sorensen major w/ RT Donahue 13-4
Team Score: 11-5 Iowa

157- #18 Edwin Cooper Jr. vs #4 Thomas Gantt

1st: Both guys moving each others heads, not much tie ups until about 2:00 in, Gantt tries to come on a leg attack, Cooper stuffs the head and in a front headlock, they go back to neutral. Gantt tries a double from space, but Cooper backs to the center, both guys putting hands to the face. Gantt on another shot that Cooper fights out of. Another slick shot and Gantt gets the takedowns and Cooper is warned for stalling. Cooper to his feet and Gantt returns Cooper out of bounds. :08 to go here. Cooper comes to his feet Gantt warned for stalling by not returning Cooper, but gets the rideout.

2nd: Cooper starts down. Caution on Cooper. Cooper up to his feet, return Gantt, Cooper to his feet and is out after :08. Cooper now in on a single, trying to trip, Gantt gets his leg down, now Gantt in on a shot and finishes. 4-1 Gantt. Cooper is up and out, they tie up in the upper body. Cooper giving a lot of ground and is warned for stalling, point Gantt. :51 left. Gantt with a shot, Cooper blocks it off, but Gantt able to get a takedown, Cooper gets a late period escape on the edge. 7-3 Gantt. Unsportsmanlike penalty on Gantt, point Cooper. On their feet, Cooper scores a takedown, 6-7, Escape Gantt, 8-6 Gantt lead. Ref looking at something. So scratch all that first part.

3rd: Gantt starts down, gets an escape, the period started 7-4, Cooper never got a takedown, Cooper got in deep on a shot, but didn’t finish. Cooper in on a leg again, Gantt able to come around for the score. Escape Cooper. Gantt takes a shot, Cooper blocks it off, Cooper tries coming in and Gantt gets a quick takedown. Cooper to his feet, mat return Gantt

Match Score: Gantt decision 13-5 Cooper
Team Score: 11-9 Iowa

165- Patrick Rhoads vs #6 Max Rohskopf

1st: Scoreless through the first 1:30, both guys feeling each other out. Not much happening yet.Scoreless first. No real offense by either guys :(.

2nd: Start on their feet, Rohskopf kind of tries a half shot and Rhoads tries rushing him to score, but it’s not there. Still neither guy looking to score.:25 left, Rohskopf takes a low single and Rhoads tries to grab an ankle and scramble but Rohskopf gets the two and rideout.

3rd: Rohskopf takes down, Rohskopf gets out quicky, leads 3-0. Rhoads takes a high crotch, Rohskopf tries to scramble out and does, he’s in on Rhoads’s leg now and bringing it to, able to get a takedown. Rohskopf doesn’t improve his position and ref calls stalemate. Refs talks it over and are going to go to look at the video. They uphold the takedown, crowd doesn’t like it. Rhoads comes ot his feet and is out. Takes a double leg shot and scores a big takedown. Rohskopf grabs Rhoads leg underneath, Rhoads cuts Rohskopf. Rhoads comes with another shot, Rohskopf backs out. Rohskopf warned for stalling.

Match Score: Rohskopf decision 6-3 Rhoads.
Team Score:12-11 NC State

174- #10 Alex Meyer vs Nicky Hall

1st: Both guys coming out in a tight collar tie, Meyer looking to separate and get his two on one. Now Hall got a tight front headlock on Meyer, gets Meyer’s head on the mat and gets around. Returns Meyer for a takedown. They go out of bounds. Takedown came with about :40 left, Meyer able to get an escape after :19. 2-1 lead for Hall.

2nd: Meyer starts, down, Hall called for locked hands and it’s tied 2-2. Meyer trying to come up and finally gets out, 3-2 lead for Meyer, :47 RT for Hall. Hall takes a shot and is extended. Meyer trying to block off the leg, and break the grip. Meyer locks up on the waist, trying to hoist it up, but can’t no points.

3rd: Hall starts down, Meyer keeping forward pressure, holding him down. Meyer now has RT going in his direction. Stall warning on Hall. Meyer  gets RT point and finishes the rideout.

Match Score: Meyer decision w/ RT 4-2 Hall
Team Score:14-12 Iowa

Casey’s giveaway, favor match this season.

184- #11 Sammy Brooks vs #16 Pete Renda

1st: High crotch by Renda and Brooks gets into some trouble and gives up a takedown. Renda tries throwing in the legs, but Brooks gets out in :19. 2-1 Renda.Brooks tries to drop to a knee to grab the leg and score, backs out and takes a shot, Renda grabs Brooks’s leg and we got a scramble. Stalemate. Brooks had his shoe pulled off. Can’t put it back on very easily. :45 to go. Brooks tries another shot, can’t get by the hands, Renda able to get behind Brooks and a takedown for a 4-1 lead.

2nd: Renda takes down, and is out quick. 5-1 Renda lead. Brooks in on a shot, Renda grabbing an ankle, stalemated. Brooks trying to dig underhooks, Renda backing out, he tries to slip to the leg, stall warning Renda. Nw Renda takes a shot and in on a leg, Brooks trying to come around with short time but can’t finish.

3rd: Brooks up to his feet and Renda cuts, 5-2 Renda. High crotch here by Renda, grabs the leg and takes Brooks down, 7-2 lead Renda.Brooks gets to his feet :02 before RT, Renda takes an extended shot. Stalemate. Renda in again on Brooks leg, picks it up to his feet and trying to trip.

Match Score: Renda decision Brooks 7-3
Team Score: 15-14 NC State

197- #4 Nathan Burak vs #14 Michael Boykin

1st: Scoreless through the first half of the period. Half shot by Boykin, both back to their feet, Burak able to snap Boykin down for a go behind and two points with :40 to go. Roll attempt by Boykin, Burak able to follow through. Pat Pop wants to challenge that Burak locked hands. No locked hands. Caution Boykin. Escape Boykin with about :02 left. 2-1 Burak.

2nd: Burak takes down, Caution Boykin. Burak up to his feet and gets his escape. 3-1 Burak lead. High crotch takedown Boykin, quick escape Burak. 4-3 Burak. Shot Burak, reshot Boykin, Burak counters it and is out. Burak now in on a leg on the edge of the mat and finishes with :28 to go. Burak gets the rideout this time. 1:02 RT in his favor.

3rd: Boykin takes down, gets to his feet and escape, 6-4 Burak lead. High crotch Boykin, Burak looked like he was going to fight out of it, but Boykin able to keep the leg. Now Burak able to get his leg back they are back to neutral. :40 left. Burak snaps Boykin, then able to score on a high crotch.

Match Score: Burak decision w/ RT 9-4
Team Score: 17-15 NC Iowa

285- #7 Sam Stoll vs #1 Nick Gwiazdowski

1st: Gwiaz looking to go to the legs early, he gets around Stoll for an early takedown. Stoll up to his feet and is out, :23 RT for Gwiaz, 2:00 left. .Gwiaz in on a shot, Stoll blocks the leg and able to fight out of the shot. Stoll warned for stalling, Gwiaz gets in on a shot and finishes for a takedown. Stoll down on the mat hurt, Trainer grabbing his left leg. Not sure what the deal was, but Stoll up and ready to go.Gwiaz takes down due to getting his choice on an injury time restart. Escape Gwiaz. Gwiaz gets another takedown. leads 7-1.

2nd: Gwiaz starts down, SToll trying to ride tough on top, Gwiaz gets his escape and is right in on the attack and another takeodwn. Stoll needing injury tie again.

Match Score: Gwiaz injury default over Stoll
Team Score: 21-17 NC State


By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

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