125- #2 Thomas Gilman vs Ben Thornton

1st- Gilman in on an inside single right away for TD2, Release. Gilman hits a go behind td to make it 4-1. Quick release and takes a shot. Can’t finish. Go behind TD for Gilman. Release and another go behind takedown to make it 8-3 after first with 1:11 RT.

2nd- Gilman chooses down. Thornton warned for stalling and then Gilman gets escape and takdown making it 11-3. ANOTHER go behind to make it 13-5 after another release. Another snap and go behind making it 15-5. Stalling Thornton. Gilman 16-5 after second period.

3rd- Thornton chooses down. Escape Thornton. Gilman in on a shot immediately making it 18-7 after release. Inside single for Gilman 20-8 after release. Adds another TD making it 22-8. Gilman wins 23-8 with riding time.

Match Score- Gilman 23-8

Team Score-Iowa 5-0

133- #3 Cory Clark vs Luke Welch

1st-Clark working on a russion tie. Drops down to a single 2-0. Clark working bar. Gets it over for 4pt near fall. 6-0 Clark after 1st.

2nd- Clark chooses down and escapes right away. Clark working front head lock. Working along the right side and hooks the leg for a takedown. Clark working bars again. Period ends with 3:02 riding time Clark.

3rd- Welch chooses neutral. Welch in on a singl leg. Clark fights it off and gets a stalemate. 1:09 left match. Clark in on outside single. Scramble by Welch but Clark gets takedown making it 11-0. 12-0 with riding time.

Match Score- Clark 12-0

Team Score- Iowa 9-0
141- Brody Grothus vs Danny Sabatello

1st- Sabatello in on a shot but Grothus fights it off to a stalemate. Sabatello in on single. Grothus defends. Gets his leg back and now Grothus in on a leg and gets the two on the edge. 2-0. Grothus rides him out to lead 2-0 with :53 riding time.

2nd- Grothus chooses down. Sabatello warned for stalling. Sabatello dinged for stalling and then Grothus gets escape. 4-0. Sabatello in on leg with :40 left. Stalemate. Sabatello in on another shot. Doing a lot of work from neutral. Period ends Grothus 4-0 with :30 riding time.

3rd- Sabatello chooses neutral. Sabatello in again. Moves to a front headlock position. 1:20 left. Grothus warned for stalling. Grothus in on a leg and sucks it in for a crucial takedown with :15 left. Grothus wins 6-0

Match Score- Grothus 6-0

Team Score- Iowa 12-0
149- #2 Brandon Sorensen vs Alex Griffin

1st- Sorensen in on double and finishes 2-0. Escape Griffin with :45 left. Sorensen with a slick inside single to go up 4-1 at end of 1st and has :52 riding time.

2nd- Griffin chooses down and escapes. 4-2. Griffin warned for stalling and then Sorensen is warned for stalling.

3rd- Sorensen chooses down. Escapes making it 5-2. Sorensen in on outside single and gets the finish to lead 7-2 with :45 left. Sorensen gets the ride out to get riding time.

Match Score- Sorensen 8-2.

Team Score- 15-0
157- #16 Edwin Cooper Jr. vs Doug Welch

1st- Welch in leg off the whistle but Cooper gets his hips in him and gets the stalemate. Back to our feet. Welch warned for stalling. Cooper hit with tech violation for grabbing headgear and goes down 1-0. Cooper in on the legs. wow puts Welch in danger and gets the fall!

Match Score- Cooper wbf over Welch

Team Score- Iowa 21-0

165- Burke Paddock vs #7 Chad Welch

1st- Paddock throws Welch on the edge and gets the TD. Injury time called immediately. Should of had nearfall. Paddock chooses neutral after injury time. Paddock on the attack. Welch fights it off for a TD and Paddock hangs on way too long and gets put on his back. Welch leads 6-3 after Paddock gets out of it.

2nd- Paddock chooses down. Paddock escape making it 6-4. Welch in on shot, scramble and Welch comes out on top to lead 8-4. Welch working arm bar. Welch ends the period with 1:48 riding time.

3rd- Welch chooses down. Welch gets a reversal making it 10-4. Welch riding tough and gets nearfall late to with 15-4 with riding time.

Match Score- Weclh 15-4

Team Score- Iowa 21-4
174- #12 Alex Meyer vs Jacob Morrissey

1st- Morrissey in on shot but Meyer fends it off. Meyer in on a shot but gets extended. Brings it up to his feet somehow and finishes it! 2-0 Meyer. Meyer with an arm bar looking for the turn. Ride out for Meyer nots him 1:29 of riding time.

2nd- Meyer chooses down. Escape off the whistle. Morrissey in on shot. Reshot by Meyer but Morrissey goes behind for two. Morrissey throws the leg in but gets too high. Meyer reversal 5-2 with :25 left. 5-2 after 2nd.

3rd- Morrissey chooses neutral.Meyer fights off a shot. Morrissey reattacks and sits Meyer for td 5-4 Meyer. Meyer escapes making it 6-4. Meyer in a late TD to make it 8-4.

Match Score- Meyer 8-4

Team Score- 24-4
184- #7 Sammy Brooks vs Tanner Lynde

1st- Lynde in on a single but they go out of bounds. Brooks in on a shot off the whistle and finishes to lead 2-0. Lynde escapes/released. Brooks is in on shot right away and gets the TD to lead 4-1. Brooks has arm bar dug out and has it our front looking for the turn. Brooks can’t get it over in time. 4-1 after 1st with 2:17 riding time.

2nd- Brooks chooses down. Escape Brooks. Brooks pops Lynde up and hits a nice inside trip to lead 7-1. Brooks releases Lynde and Brooks in on shot on the edge but they go out of bounds. Brooks in on another shot and finishes it this time to lead 9-2.

3rd- Lynde chooses down. Release from Brooks and hes I on shot right away. 11-3 Brooks. Escape Lynde and Brooks in on a shot right away making it 13-4 and period ends and Brooks gets 4:42 of riding time to win by major 14-4.

Match Score- Brooks 14-4

Team Score- Iowa 28-4
197- #3 Nathan Burak vs Drake Stein

1st- Burak with a snap go behind to go up 2-1 early after td release. Great shot on edge by Burak to go up 4-1 with 1:30 left. Tilt from Burak to get two near fall. 6-1. Release and takedown from Burak to go up 8-2 with :30 left. Burak leads 8-2 with 1:49 of riding time.

2nd- Stein chooses down. Stein escape and Burak hits a double to make it 8-3. Burak releases Stein and right in on another shot 10-4 with :45 left. Burak with another TD leading 12-4 after 2nd.

3rd- Burak chooses down and gets quick escape 13-4. Stein dinged for stalling 14-4 and Burak in on shot making it 16-4. Escape Stein 16-5. Burak finishes a low single and leads 18-6 after release. ANOTHER td from Burak 20-7 and a takedown at the whistle with riding time makes it a tech fall!

Match Score- Burak 22-7

Team Score- Iowa 33-4
285- #7 Sam Stoll vs Tyler Kral

1st- Stoll ties Kral up then hits a nice foot sweep for takedown and they go out of bounds with 1:32 left. Stoll flattens Kral out. :45 left in 1st. Stoll gets the ride out.

2nd- Kral chooses down. Kral warned for stalling. Stoll puts him on his back and closes out the dual with a FALL.

Match Score- Stoll wbf

Team Score- Iowa 39-4