Dual scheduled to start at 12:00 PM, Refresh often for updates!

Dual Preview
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Pre-meet notes: The dual is starting at 141

There’s no clock on the live stream, so I’ll do my best with time remaining.


141: Trevor Jauch(UNI) vs #9 Chris Mecate (ODU)
1st: Alright so Schwab and co. have switched things up again, we see Jauch back at 141 against the top-10 Mecate. Jauch with a half shot, nothing. Collar tie results in a quick stalemate. Restart, Jauch with a head fake, nothing. Also Carolina has scored in the football game (we can hear the game on in the background of the wrestling broadcast). Not a lot of action. Jauch takes a shot, but Mecate backs out of it, into a front headlock, under a minute left, stalemate. 30 seconds left, Jauch tries a go-by, nothing, and thats the period. 0-0
2nd: Mecate goes down to start, caution on him. Mecate up right away, Jauch lifts him in the air but can’t return him, now Mecate goes to the edge, stall warning on Jauch. Jauch lifts Mecate and returns him, right on the edge, Mecate hits a roll, being to get a reversal now but they go OOB. Now we get ODU Head Coach Martin talking to the official, there’s something wrong with the RT clock, but Martin challenged the reversal on the edge too. Alright after a LONG review, the call on the mat stands and ODU has lost their challenge (per the commentators). Jauch back on top, Mecate up but Jauch trying to return him, can’t and Mecate gets the E1, he leads 1-0. Jauch with a really nice ankle pick and goes to the high crotch and gets behind Mecate for the T2, 2-1, and now Mecate rolls and gets the R2 and nearly gets NF points but can’t, it’s 3-2 Mecate but Jauch has RT. to the 3rd.
3rd:Jauch doesn’t want to go under Mecate, he chooses neutral to start the 3rd. Tie ups, not a lot of action again, Jauch with a snap, nothing. tries a go-by but nothing. Jauch with a duck under and hits the single leg and gets the T2! And that’s the period! Jauch wins 5-3 with RT!

Match Score: Jauch wins, 5-3
Team score: UNI leads, 3-0

149: Jake Hodges  (UNI) vs #8 Alexander Richardson (ODU)
1st: Wow right off the whistle Richardson gets the T2 and is already looking for a turn, Hodges is flat on his belly, no up to his base, but Richardson with a leg in flattens him back out, now a hammer lock and is working Hodges over and Richardson is getting NF points, and he gets the NF4. Richardson was called for an illegal hold, so it’s 6-1 halfway through the first period. Off the restart Richardson gets called for another illegal hold, so it’s 6-2 and ODU’s bench has been warned. I can’t really describe what Richardson is doing for the illegal hold because I don’t really know. Now Richardson with a power half in and gets another NF4, and is really close to a pinfall, but can’t quite get there, he leads 10-2 now. Stalemate, restart and that’s the period.
2nd: They go neutral to start, and then Richardson in on a double leg and he gets the T2, 12-2 he leads. Richardson flat on his belly, Richardson with two legs in and now is working the power half, and gets the NF4 again, Richardson still working for the pinfall, Hodges doing a good job of fighting it off, and then Richardson turns him again for the NF2, and that’s the tech fall

Match Score: Richardson wins 18-2
Team score: ODU leads, 5-3

157: #20 Bryce Steiert (UNI) vs Devin Geoghegan (ODU)
1st: Right off the bat Geoghegan with a shot but Steiert rolls through an dis looking for the T2 but they just scramble, pretty crazy scramble actually, now Steiert with a leg pass, Geoghegan dropped over the back, and now Geoghegan is nearly on his back, he passes the leg though, Steiert still has an ankle, this is crazy. Two minutes in and we’re still trying to decide the first scramble but Steiert ends up on top and gets the T2. 2-0 as they go OOB. Restart, caution on Geoghegan, and then Steiert cuts Geoghegan. 2-1 now Steiert leads, Geoghegan controls a tie but time runs out, to the 2nd.
2nd: Steiert starts down, he tries to turn into Geoghegan to get the R2 but just stands up to get the E1, 3-1 Steiert leads. Geoghegan with a high crotch attempt, nothing, then a snap that doesn’t work. Steiert with a shot and again has Geoghegan over his back and Geoghegan will be hit with an illegal head scissors, so it’s 4-1. Steiert tries another shot, nothing, and that’s the 2nd.
3rd: Steiert on top to start, Geoghegan hits a roll and kicks out, so Geoghegan trails 4-2 now. Go-by by Steiert, nothing, duck under again for Geoghegan, nothing, shot by Steiert, nothing. One minute left. Something I hadn’t noticed before was that Geoghegan looks pretty big against Steiert. Under 30 now, Geoghegan’s going to have to go, he tries an ankle pick, nothing, again, nothing. And Steiert is going to win 4-2

Match Score: Steiert wins, 4-2
Team score: UNI leads, 6-5

165: #8 Cooper Moore (UNI) vs Seldon Wright (ODU)
1st: Wright with a double leg in the first ten seconds and gets the T2, Moore up and out, 2-1. Wright looks for another double but Moore fights him off, now Moore with an ankle pick try but can’t get there and Wright nearly gets around him but Moore keeps up and we’re still neutral. Moore with a really nice go-by and a body lock and took Wright down to his back, no NF points though, and Moore is working to turn him, Moore leads 3-2. Moore with a crossface and turns him but only gets a one count, 30 seconds left and they hang out on the edge to run out the period.
2nd: Wright on top to start, caution on him, Moore is up and out, 4-2 he leads. Collar tie, Moore tries for an ankle again, nothing. Moore battles in for the tie-up, nearly gets another ankle pick but Wright spins out. Moore pushing the pace now, Wright goes with a double leg try but Moore fights him off, they’re tied up now but Wright with a foot sweep and nearly puts Moore down but he fights it off and we’re still neutral. Wright with another T2 right at the end of the period, I mean Moore hit the mat and the buzzer sounded, Schwab is challenging. I have no idea how they’ll review this, there’s no clock on the stream video. Hopefully they have a different feed, but the review was quick and the call stands.
3rd: They go neutral to start and Moore with an ankle pick and gets around for the T2 right away, 6-4 he leads, and now Wright with an E1, 6-5 and Moore with the same move for another T2 and E1, 8-6 now with 1:20 left. Wright tries to hit another double but Moore fights him off. Moore has RT locked up now, Moore with another outside single and gets around for the T2, he leads 10-6 and that’s the period. Good to see Moore get out there and get a win

Match score: Moore 11-6
Team score: UNI leads 9-5

174: Kyle Lux (UNI) vs Brooks Climmons (ODU)
1st: Alright we see Lux again at 174, mostly ties to start, then Climmons takes a shot, but Lux gets a single leg and elevates it, Climmons trying to crawl off the mat now, Lux trying really hard to drag him back in, and it looks like Climmons is grabbing the edge of the mat to pull himself off, and there’s the OOB call, Climmons with a stall warning. Lux with another single try, Climmons fights it off. Climmons with a single leg try, nothing. And that’s the first period.
2nd: Climmons is down to start the period, he sits out, then back to his base, Lux with a claw in, then they roll and Climmons is on his belly. Lux with an arm bar, now a claw ride again as Climmons gets to his base, and Climmons gets a leg and gets behind him for the R2, but Lux hits a roll and gets the E1, so it’s 2-1 Climmons leads. They’re neutral, Lux trying to battle in for some underhooks, but can’t quite get there, and that’s the period.
3rd: Lux goes down to start the third, he’s up to a tripod, and then hits a switch to get out, 2-2. Lux right in on a shot but can’t finish, we’re neutral. Climmons working an over-under, they go OOB though. Restart, hand fighting again, collar tie, Lux with a shot, Climmons tries to get around but can’t get there, he has a headlock tight, now they both have a body lock, but they go OOB. Restart, Lux takes a shot, Climmons nearly gets around again but can’t get there, and we go to Sudden Victory

Sudden Victory: Climmons with a shot, nothing, Lux wants to work from the collar tie, now Lux ties an inside trip but it doesn’t work at all, and now he has a single leg elevated but time runs out, we go to ride outs

TB1: Lux is down to start, he’s up, remember Climmons has a stall warning, but Lux hits a standing switch and gets the R2! He leads now 4-2 and Climmons will be down to start TB2

TB2: Climmons down, caution on Lux. Caution on Climmons. Lux with forward pressure off the whistle, Climmons tries to tripod but can’t, now he’s up on all fours, but back down. Lux with a nice claw ride and that’s the match. Lux gets the win 4-2 in TB2

Match score: Lux 4-2 in TB2
Team score: UNI leads, 12-5

184: Cody Cladwell or Drew Foster (UNI) vs #6 Jack Dechow (ODU)
1st: Alright we’re back after the intermission, both squads are pretty late coming back out to the mat, that was kind of odd. Not a lot going on, 30 seconds in we have a collar tie, Caldwell with a shot attempt, nothing. Again, not a lot going on, collar tie, breakup, now Dechow with a single leg but Caldwell with a leg of his own, but Dechow gets around for the T2. Sorry had to go let the dog out, but it appears I didn’t miss much as Dechow rode Caldwell out and we go to the 2nd.
2nd:Dechow is on bottom to start, he’s up and out, 3-0 he leads. Not a lot of action but now Dechow hits a single leg and finishes it for the T2, it’s 5-0 now. Caldwell really not doing a lot on bottom, kind of weird he hasn’t been hit for stalling, but Dechow rides him out, 5-0 to the 3rd.
3rd: Caldwell goes down to start but Dechow goes optional start so we start neutral, it’s 5-1. Outside single for Dechow, he gets the T2, 7-1, 7-2 with the escape point. They tie up and Dechow looks left but reaches right for the single leg T2, he leads 9-2 and has RT. Stall warning on Caldwell. Dechow just looking to riding Caldwell out as he has the major with RT locked up. Another stall warning on Caldwell, so it’s an 11-2 major decision for Dechow.

Match score: Dechow wins, 11-2
Team score: UNI leads, 12-9

197: Jared Bartel (UNI) vs Austin Coburn (ODU)
1st: Bartel with double underhooks right away but Coburn backs out, now Bartel gets the single leg but he has his head on the mat, and a PD call. We go back to collar ties after the restart. Not a whole lot of action, collar ties again, but not shots. 15 seconds left in the first, both guys just battling in, and we go to the 2nd.
2nd: Coburn is on top to start, he flatten Bartel out but Bartel grabs and ankle, stands up and turns in to him to get the E1, he leads 1-0. Back to collar ties…and no shots…one of the commentators keeps saying that Bartel is snapping Coburn but I must be missing those. Bartel does have some heavy hands on the Monarch, but I haven’t seen any snaps. No shots still with one minute left, and there’s the period. To the third
3rd: Coburn switches out in three seconds per the announcer, 1-1 now. Back to Collar ties and Bartel takes a shot nothing, and Coburn takes a double leg try and nearly gets Bartel  but he does a good job of fighting him off. One minute left. 15 seconds left. Nothing, Bartel now with a heavy snap down and gets double underhooks in and whips him to his back for the NF4! Bartel wins 7-1 in the closing seconds

Match score: Bartel 7-1
Team score: UNI leads 15-9

285: #15 Blaize Cabell (UNI) vs Andrew Snyder (ODU)
1st: Cabel with a couple of quick takedowns off single legs, he leads 4-2 early. And there’s a blast double and Cabell runs though Snyder for the T2. 6-2 he leads, now 6-3. Cabell with an ankle pick, but Snyder gets out. Snyder wanted for stalling. Cabell with a shot, but Snyder fights him off and gets around him, no T2 scored but the ref is taking another look. Confirmed no takedown there, so we restart. 30 seconds left, nothing else, we go to the 2nd.
2nd: Cabell is down to start, he’s up and out quickly, 7-3 now. Cabell with a snap down off a collar tie and gets around for the T2, E1 for Snyder, 9-4 now. One minute left in the 2nd period. Cabell with another shot and gets the half in and Cabell gets the pinfall!!

Match score: Cabell won by pinfall in 4:35
Team score: UNI leads, 21-9

125: Leighton Gaul (UNI) vs Brandon Jeske (ODU)
1st: Some action to start, Gaul with a shot, nothing Jeske with a shot, nothing. Gaul looks like he’s favoring a knee now lets hope he’s ok. Slide by by Jeske, nothing, but again and Jeske gets the T2. 2-0 Jeske lead. Blood time for Gaul. Gaul is down to start, Jeske with a claw ride but Jeske can’t get any back points, we go to the 2nd.
2nd: Jeske is down to start, there was a caution but I’m not sure who it was on. Gaul with crab ride trying to bring Jeske back to get back points but can’t get there, Jeske sits out and gets the E1, 3-0 he leads. Jesse with a snap, nothing, Gual with a shot a mile away, nothing, collar ties, now some scrambles and Gaul able to get a go by and nearly gets a half to Jeske’s back but gets the T2, so it’s 3-2 after that, and now we’re getting injury or blood time, I’m not sure which , while Jeske is being attended to. They’re cleaning up the mat still, and now we’re ready. Jeske down on the restart, and he gets the E1 with three seconds left. 4-2 Jeske leads.
3rd: Gaul takes neutral to start the 3rd. Blood time again for Jeske. Alright here we go. Gaul with a couple snap downs but nothing, Jeske in on a sgbnle leg now and Gaul turns and Jeske gets the T2, he leads 6-2. Jeske with an armbar, but Gaul gets back to his base. Now Jeske with a claw ride, one minute left they go OOB. Restart, caution on Jeske, Gaul ties to hit a switch, ban’t, he tripods up, then sits out, and gets the E1, 6-3 Jeske leads now. Gaul looking for something here, but Jeske tries a shot on the edge they go OOB. Jeske wins the match 7-3 with RT.

Match score: Jeske wins 7-3.
Team score: UNI leads 21-12

133: #17 Josh Alber (UNI) vs #14 Emillo Saavedra (ODU)
1st: Alber tries a single leg early, nothing, now a restart, Saavedra with a shot, nothing. Alber in on another single but Saavedra with a rubber knee gets out of it, to another collar tie and we get a restart. Saavedra with a go-by, nothing, Saavedra with another shot, nothing. Alber with a shot, nothing, 30 seconds left, Alber with a snap, nothing and that’s the period.
2nd: Alber goes down to start the 2nd. Saavedra riding but Alber hits a switch to get out, 1-0 he leads. Saavedra with a single leg almost a fireman’s carry but now they’re in a scramble and we get a stalemate. Alber not taking a lot of shots, but I think that’s because he doesn’t want to get into too many scrambles situations. Saavedra with a shot, nothing, and that’s the second.
3rd: Saavedra down to start, Alber riding tough, Saavedra up but Alber brings him back dow and we get blood time for Saavedra. There was a lot of blood on the mat apparently. Restart, Alber on top still, Saavedra stands up Alber brings him back down, Alber riding really tough. Saavedra back up and they go to the edge and Alber sits him back down. OOB, blood time again. There is blood EVERYWHERE. Restart, Saavedra gets up but Alber sits him down again, and he has RT now, Saavedra is on his belly, now up to his base, but Alber with a ton of forward pressure. Alber with a stall warning, I don’t understand that, and Saavedra is bleeding again. Put some cotton up his nose or something come one. Restart, Saavedra tripods, tries a granby but Abler goes with him and time runs out, Alber gets the win in the midlands rematch, 2-0

Match Score: Alber wins, 2-0
Final Team Score: 24-12