Panthers warming up at NIU

Dual scheduled to start at 7:00 PM, Refresh often for updates.


Dual Preview

Pre-meet notes: We’ll start at at 141 pounds right at 7:00PM!


141: Jake Koethe  (UNI) vs #15 Steve Bleise (NIU)

1st: 20 seconds in and Koethe hits a low single, and doubles it off for the T2, but he’s almost put on his back on a R2, 2-2 as they go OOB and we restart. Koethe up and out right away, he leads 3-2. Collar ties, not a lot of action, then Koethe with a snap down and nearly gets to the ankle but Bleise just gets away. 30 seconds left in the period, Koethe with another snap, nothing, Bleise with his own shot, nothing and that’s the period.

2nd: Koethe starts down, secures Bleises’ arm and ducks under the for E1, he leads 4-2. Bleise with a couple of duck under attempts but nothing doing, now Koethe with a low single leg attempt, he elevates it but Bleise has a wizzer in, and a PD is called. Nothing else in the period we go to the third

3rd: Koethe rids a bit, then switches to a single and cuts him, he leads 4-3. Bleise with a snap, nothing, he takes a shot, nothing. Koethe warned for stalling. Koethe with a low single attempt, he’s got Bleises’ knee over his head now but a stalemate is called 41 seconds left. Right off the whistle Koethe snags a single leg then switches off to the double for the T2! He leads 6-3 and now 6-4 after an E1, 10 seconds left and Koethe is going to win 8-4 with a T2 at the very end!

Match Score: 8-4

Team score: 3-0

149: Jake Hodges (UNI) vs Gabe Morse (NIU)

1st: With the first 15 seconds Hodges gets taken down, not sure what happened. He gets up and out in 10 seconds, 2-1 Morse leads. Morse in on an outside single, elevates and gets the T2 as they go OOB. 4-1. 4-2 as Hodges gets up and out again. Mores with another shot, Hodges has only take one or two, as NIU’s coach is reminding the official, end of the first Morse leads 4-2.

2nd:Hodges is down to start the period, he gets up and out to start the period they go OOB. On the restart Hodges shoots in right away, but Morse drapes over the back for the stalemate. Morse with a bad shot, nothing. End of the period, Hodges trials 4-3.

3rd:Morse down to start, he’s up and out, Hodges with a shot, nothing, Morse reattacks, nothing. Morse with an outside single, nothing. One minute left in the period. Not a lot of action, 30 seconds left. Hodges with a reach, nothing, another, nothing, now Morse with a double leg but they go OOB. 22 seconds left. Hodges doing a lot of head fakes and snaps, but can’t find a shot, he loses 5-3.

Match Score: 5-3 Morse wins

Team score: 3-3

157: #20 Bryce Steiert (UNI) vs Austin Culton(NIU)

1st:Lots of snaps from Steiert to start, he’s pushing the pace early, now he’s on a single leg elevates him and gets the T2. 2-0 early. Steiert riding with a tough crossface and has the legs laced up, he got the NF4 and is working for more….he has one minute left to work, and there’s the pinfall!


Match Score: Steiert won by pinfall in

Team score:

165: Taylor Berger (UNI) vs Shaun’Qae McMurtry (NIU)

1st: Berger goes out and shoots an outside single right away, he elevates but McMurtry gets out, now McMurtry gets the single leg elevated way up in the air, Berger does a great job of fighting off the T2 but eventually gives it up, 2-0 McMurtry. Berger up twice but McMurtry brings him back down twice, now Berger up again and out and goes right to the ankle pick, elevates and trips him down for the T2, 3-2 Berger leads 30 seconds left in the first. Restart, McMurtry gets up and out, 3-3, and that’s the score to the second.

2nd: Berger started down to start the period, he’s up and out pretty quick, 4-3 he leads. Not a lot of action until the end of the period when Berger takes a shot, McMurtry nearly gets around him but Berger holds onto an ankle and time runs out.

3rd: McMurtry goes down to start, he stands up but Berger returns him, he’s up again and gets the E1, OOB. 4-4. Berger with a nice snap down and wraps up both ankles for the T2, it’s 6-5 under a minute left. McMurtry with a snot, Berger sprawls out, 20 seconds left, collar ties, McMurtry with another shot, Berger fends him off and that’s the match!

Match score: Berger wins, 6-5

Team score:12-3

174: Kyle Lux (UNI) vs Trace Engelkes (NIU)

1st: Lux wrestling for the Panthers, he’s in and gets a T2 right away, not sure how wasn’t watching, sorry. He racks up 52 seconds of RT before Engelkes gets up, stall warning on Lux for holding on too long, and now Lux with another T2 4-1 1 minute left and he has a cradle locked up but can’t do anything with it. Lux flattens him out, but Engelkes builds up and gets out, 4-2, and that’s the score going to the second.

2nd:Lux starts down and uses a switch to get behind Engelkes for the R2, 6-2, now 6-3 after an E1 for Engelkes. Lux tries a couple of shots, but can’t finish on the edge, then nearly has a T2 on a single leg but can’t finish that either, he leads 6-3 going to the third.

3rd: Engelkes starts down, and is up and out right away, 6-4. Engelkes goes for a headlock but Lux slips out of it and gets a T2 of his own, 8-4, And now Engelkes gets a R2 and got the NF4, making it 10-8. And Engelkes rides Lux out to win the match 10-9

Match score: Engelkes 10-9

Team score: 12-6

184: Cody Cladwell (UNI) vs Quinton Rosser (NIU)

1st: Both guys with a couple shots to start things off, and we have blood time right away from Rosser. After Blood time, Caldwell in on a great single leg and catches Rosser in a half nelson and should have gotten th fall, Rosser’s shoulders were both down on the mat, the official was out of position as it is it’s a T2 and NF4. 6-1 after an E1 for Rosser. Caldwell with another low single, Rosser dropped over the back, and a stalemate. 30 seconds left. Lux with a snap, nothing doing, and that’s the first period.

2nd: Caldwell starts down to start the 2nd, he’s up and out on his second attempt, 7-1. Rosser with a single leg attempt, Caldwell flattened out with an ankle though, and eventually a T2 is called for Rosser, it’s 7-3 now and he leaves Caldwell on his belly to end the 2nd.

3rd: Rosser down down to start, he’s up and out, 7-4 now. Roster with another single leg but Caldwell with a nasty crossface and gets his own T2, he leads 9-4, 9-5 after an E1. Caldwell continues to push, gets behind Rosser but they go OOB before he can get the T2. Nothing on the restart and Caldwell wins 9-5

Match score: 9-5

Team score:15-6

197: Jared Bartel (UNI) vs Shawn Scott (NIU)

1st: Alright I join you about halfway through the first period, sorry I was updating stuff. No real action yet but Bartel isn’t backing up, he’s really pushing the pace, Bartel shot nothing. 45 seconds left. Collar ties mostly, Bartel putting the pressure on Scott which I don’t think the Huskie likes, end of the first period 0-0.

2nd: Scott up, Bartel returns him, Scott scoots OOB, restart. Scott gets up and out, and now is in on a shot, Bartel sprawled out, restart, UNI coaches don’t like that. Not much else, to the third

3rd: Bartel down to start, he’s up and out quickly, 1-1. He nearly hits two outside singles but Scott just sneaks away. Scott looks a little gassed to me, he takes a shot though, nothing and a reshot by Bartel has Scott sprawled out but nothing there. Bartel with a couple of shots, one bad, right at the end and Scott nearly gets around but nothing as time runs out

Sudden Victory: Bartel with a nice single leg to start sudden victory, but can’t finish, they butt heads and scramble around and Scott gets the T2.

Match score:Scott 3-1 in Sudden Victory

Team score: 15-9

285: #15 Blaize Cabell (UNI) vs Arthur Bunce (NIU)

1st: Cabell with a go-by and gets the ankles for the T2. 2-1 after an E1. Not a lot of action, until Cabell hits an outside single and gets behind for the T2, Bunce up and out 4-2. Cabell with another shot and now double underhooks and has Bunce on his back! He works it and gets the pinfall!! 2:27

Match score: Cabell winsby pinfall in 2:27

125: Leighton Gaul (UNI) vs Alijah Jeffery (NIU)

1st: T2 early for Jeffery, and he has a deep half in and gets the NF4. Stalemate called eventually, it’s 6-0 with 2:08 left. Gaul gets the E1, they go OOB. Gaul with an outside single, Jeffery fights it off. Gaul nearly hits a cowcatcher, but can’t finish it, they go OOB again 1 minute left. Jeffery with a single leg, he nearly puts Gaul on his back, but a stalemate is called, restart 45 seconds left. That was a weird stalemate. Jeffery gets a thumb to the eye, 30 seconds left. Nothing else, 6-1 going to the second

2nd: Jeffery on bottom to start, Gaul flattens him out, he has a chicken wing, trying to work that but gets to far up and Jeffery stands up but Gaul somehow gets around him and returns him to the mat, they go OOB nice sequence for Gaul there. Restart and Gaul sucks Jeffery back for a NF2 but the ref only counted one, so no points there, Schwab unhappy. Gaul with another chicken wing in, Jeffery didn’t do anything all period. 6-1 to the third.

3rd: Gaul up and out right away, but Jeffery in on a shot right away too, and gets the T2, Jeffery up 8-2. Gaul up and out quick again, 8-3, Jeffery in on a couple shots but PD is called, restart with 45 seconds left. Gaul working a front headlock for the cement mixer but misses on it and Jeffery gets the T2. 10-3. Jeffery working for NF points but can’t get them, but he wins it 10-3.

Match score: Jeffery 10-3

Team score: UNI 21-12

133: #18 Josh Alber (UNI) vs Austin Eicher (NIU)

1st: Alber with a single leg right away, he works him down for the T2. Off a restart Alber tries a tilt with a claw ride, but nearly gets caught, no NF points and PD is called. Restart, lots of forward pressures and now Alber has the tilt again, he gets the NF2, 4-0 Alber leads now. Eicher gets up and out, 4-1 with 30 seconds left. They go OOB and stalling on Eicher. He takes a shot and has Alber on his butt, he tries to walk it over but stalemate, and we’ll got to the second at 4-1.

2nd:Alber’s down to start the second, he’s up and returned, back up and they go OOB. Really nice scramble off a restart for Alber and he ends up with the R2, 6-1 lead now for the freshman. Alber riding tough again, lots of forward pressure, flattens Eicher out, and rides him out of the period.

3rd: They go neutral to start the third, Eicher with a bad shot, Alber scrambles around and gets the single leg and then another T2. 8-1 he leads. Alber with a chicken wing, but Eicher doing a good job of fighting it off, and now a stall warning on Alber as they go OOB, I guess the ref thought he was pushing Eicher out. Alber goes optional start, and its 8-3 now. Now no call as Eicher backs out of bounds but it doesn’t make a difference, Alber wins 9-3 with RT

Match Score: Alber 9-3

Final Team score: UNI Wins 24-12