It was a busy weekend for six of Iowa’s senior-level wrestlers who competed in Las Vegas at the US Senior Nationals. For more information and results from the weekend’s competition check out our Day 1 and Day 2 updates.

Don’t forget Waldorf College will host the Waldorf College Open at 9:00 a.m., January 2nd in Forest City. This will be an excellent opportunity for fans to experience a collegiate-level women’s wrestling event.

High School Girls:

High school competition continued for a final week before most schools break for the holidays. We have included the results of the matches since our last update and have compiled the overall record for each wrestler both at the varsity and JV level.

Highlights of the week (with two new names on the list) include the following varsity performances:


Felicity Taylor of South Winneshiek picked up a fall and 2 forfeits to go 3-2 for the week and improve her varsity record to 8-6 overall. Her JV record is 1-1 for the season.


Keagan King of South Central Calhoun is new to the featured list. Keagan picked up a pin and 4 forfeits to go 5-1 for the week making her varsity record 10-12 for the season.


McKinna Faulkenberry of OA-BCIG won with an 8-7 decision and 2 forfeits to go 3-3 for the week. Her varsity record is 7-9 for the year.

Dominique Mosier of Clear Creek-Amana is also new to the featured list. Dominique picked up a pin to go 1-0 for the week and improve her varsity record to 1-1. Her JV record is 1-6 for the season.


Here are this week’s complete results:


Wt First Last Gr School Class Weekly Varsity Record Weekly JV Record Weekly Results Overall Varsity Record Overall JV Record
106 Morgan Lawson So Ottumwa 3A 0-3 0-2
106 Myla Mayo So Sioux City East 3A 1-1 V win by forfeit 1-1 0-1
106 Alanah Vetterick So Norwalk 3A 5-2
106 Chloe Krebsbach Fr Osage 2A 0-2 1-11
106 Brenna Bohland Fr MFL MARMAC 1A
106 Emily Reis Sr Regina 1A 2-2 V wins by forfeit 3-2
106 Felicity Taylor So South Winneshiek 1A 3-2 1-1 V win by F :37 and 2 forfeits, JV win by F 1:18 8-6 1-1
106 Rylee Zobac Fr Starmont 1A 6-5 0-3
113 Britany Flockhart Fr Keokuk 3A 0-1 2-0 1-3
113 Courtney Six Fr Fort Madison 3A 0-3
113 Brooklyn Taylor So Davenport North 3A
113 Shelby Blake Fr Osage 2A 0-4 1-14
113 Maiah Williams Fr Glenwood 2A 1-0 V win by forfeit 1-0
113 Mykenzi Brinkman Jr Westwood 1A 2-0 V wins by forfeit 5-0
113 Emma Cornelison Fr Nodaway Valley 1A 2-2 0-1
113 Kendra Felder So Panorama 1A 1-4 V win by forfeit 3-10
113 Makayla Patterson Jr South Central Calhoun 1A 3-1
113 Corby Webb So Hudson 1A 3-3
120 Keshara James So Des Moines Roosevelt 3A
120 Grace Massier So Des Moines Roosevelt 3A 1-5 JV win by F 4:14 1-7
120 Mercedez Putney Fr Marshalltown 3A
120 Aubrey McIntryre Fr Glenwood 2A 0-1
120 Athena Moad Jr West Burlington/Notre Dame/Danville 2A 1-3 V win by forfeit 3-6 0-2
120 Dakota Selby Fr Albia 2A 0-3 0-3
126 Amaya Graham Fr Oskaloosa 3A
126 Kaia Graham Fr Oskaloosa 3A 0-2 3-4 0-2
126 Anne Gadient So Cascade 2A 1-5 0-1
126 Soledad Castaneda Jr Riverside 1A 0-3
126 Daphne Hoefler So North Cedar 1A
126 Keagan King Fr South Central Calhoun 1A 5-1 V win by F 5:18, and 4 forfeits 10-12
126 Kaitlynn Thoreson Fr Woodbine 1A 0-2 2-9
132 Jolynn Harris So Des Moines Lincoln 3A 0-4 0-1 0-5
132 Karleigh Shuff Sr Indianola 3A 0-5
132 Samantha Back Fr Lisbon 1A 0-3 0-6
132 Abby Crawford Sr Westwood 1A
132 McKinna Faulkenberry So OA-BCIG 1A 3-3 V win by 8-7, and 2 forfeits 7-9
132 Brittany Shumate So Woodbine 1A 1-1 V win by forfeit 3-11
138 Laura Arroyo-Ganona Fr Muscatine 3A 2-7
138 Alisha Smith So Pleasant Valley 3A 0-3 0-8
138 Dominique Mosier Fr Clear Creek-Amana 2A 1-0 1-3 V win by F 3:17, JV win by F 1:42 1-1 1-6
138 Brooke Silence Sr Shenandoah 2A 0-1 0-1
138 Tammy Vaughn Sr Columbus Community 2A 0-2 0-1
138 Nicole Watters So Ballard 2A 2-3 JV wins by F 4:10 and 8-6 OT 2-6
145 Jesse Lorano So Denison-Schleswig 3A 0-2
145 Kyla Devilbliss Jr Perry 2A 0-3
145 Tatum Hardman Jr East Sac County 2A
145 Ariel Hellman Jr Sheldon/South O’Brien 2A 1-2
145 Alley Gray Fr Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont 1A 0-2 0-2
145 Taylor Jorgerson So Northwood-Kensett 1A
145 Larissa Moore Jr North Cedar 1A 0-4 0-10
152 Gabriela Castillo Jr Perry 2A 0-1 0-4
152 Tate Hughes Fr Clarinda 2A 1-8
152 Ciana Sonberg So Charles City 2A 0-3 2-2 JV wins by F 2:31 and 2-0 0-5 3-3
152 Rachel Watters Sr Ballard 2A 5-4
160 Jocelyn Hemandez Jr LeMars 3A
160 Lexi Williams So Iowa City West 3A
160 Margarita Valenzuela Fr Hampton Dumont 2A
160 Julia Eshelman Fr Nodaway Valley 1A 2-0
182 Haley Snyder So Northeast Community 2A
182 Erica Halferty Jr Wayne 1A 0-1 0-1
220 Chelsea Fishback Fr Carroll 3A
220 Sadie Durnan Fr Oelwein 2A 0-3
220 Erica Stoner Jr Grinnell 2A
220 Jade Charron Sr Interstate 35 1A
220 Melinda Collins Jr Tipton 1A 2-0 0-3 V wins by forfeit 2-0 0-8
285 Kali Zufall Jr Estherville Lincoln Central 2A 0-5


The duals and tournament schedules thin out for the next few weeks as we move into the holiday season. We look forward to getting you back up to speed in early January.

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