285: Sam Stoll (IA) vs #6 Billy Smith

1st: Stoll comes out to Darth Vader’s theme song again. Smith drops for a shot and Stoll backs out into a bear hug, but Smith able to back out otf that. Both guys moving well early. Stoll trying to work some snaps on Smith’s head, now with a lot of pressure trying to back Smith out, Smith circles in and tries to do the same. Ref calls action, no stall call. Stoll trying to work a two on one, Smith trying to back out of it. Stoll tries another bear hug, Smith backing away. Period ends scoreless.

2nd: Smith starts down, he is out early (:04), Stoll coming with another bear hug and Smith backing away. Crowd wants stalling for Smith backing away. Back to the center. Both guys trying to hammer the head working snaps. Stoll has had some real solid positioning so far. Another bear hug for Stoll, Smith backs out and Stoll warned for stalling for pushing Smith out.

3rd: Curt Frost (the ref) getting booed pretty good. Stoll starts on bottom, Stoll gets to his feet and is out. Smith has :09 RT, but it’s tied 1-1. Not much action, lots of moving each other’s heads. Period ends match tied.

SV1: Stoll trying to work inside position, Smith warned for stallaing, he takes a shot, Stoll stuffs he head for 2!

Match score: 3-1 SV for Stoll