Grand View locks down the No. 1 ranking for a 25th-consecutive edition.

(photo Doug Wells)

(Grand View Athletics – Photo Doug Wells)

2015-16 NAIA Wrestling Coaches’ Top 20 Poll – No. 1 (November 18)

Rank Previous Rank School Total Team Points
1 1 Grand View (Iowa) 131
2 3 Indiana Tech 91
3 4 Missouri Valley 88.5
4 2 Oklahoma City 80.5
5 5 Montana State-Northern 75
6 7 Campbellsville (Ky.) 64.5
7 10 Life (Ga.) 56.5
8 16 Great Falls (Mont.) 54.5
T9 6 Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) 53
T9 8 Concordia (Neb.) 53
11 9 Simpson (Calif.) 46.5
12 12 Midland (Neb.) 40
13 T14 Cumberlands (Ky.) 38
14 13 Southern Oregon 37
T15 18 Doane (Neb.) 35.5
T15 11 York (Neb.) 35.5
17 17 Menlo (Calif.) 34
18 19 Wayland Baptist (Texas) 27
19 RV Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) 24
20 20 Cumberland (Tenn.) 22

Dropped from the Top 20: Dickinson State (N.D.) (No. 15)

Others receiving votes: Ottawa (Kan.) 21; Benedictine (Kan.) 20; William Penn (Iowa) 16.5; Williams Baptist (Ark.) 15; Missouri Baptist 13; Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.) 13; Morningside (Iowa) 12.5; Northwestern (Iowa)11; Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.) 8.5; Lyon (Ark.) 6; Graceland (Iowa) 5.5; Hastings (Neb.) 5.5; Baker (Kan.) 4.5; Jamestown (N.D.) 4; Bacone (Okla.) 4; Davenport (Mich.) 4; St. Catharine (Ky.) 3; Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) 2.5; St. Andrews (N.C.) 2; Southeastern (Fla.) 1.5.

Rank Prvs Rank First Name Last Name School Total Points Group
1st 3rd Devane Dodgens Life University 120 East
2nd 5th Luke Schlosser Great Falls (Mont.) 103 West
3rd NR christian clary Campbellsville (Ky.) 90 East
4th NR Sawyer Miller Indiana Tech 71 Midwest
5th 6th Troy Lakin Menlo (Calif.) 66 West
6th 7th Aspen Kmiec Midland (Neb.) 62 North
7th 2nd James Flint Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) 48 East
8th 10th Sage Ornelas Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) 33.5 West
9th NR Abbas Khan Graceland University 29.5 Central
10th NR Jesse Martinelli Lindenwood – Belleville (Ill.) 20 Midwest
11th 14th Dmitri Smith Concordia (Neb.) 19 North
12th 15th Dustin Miller Lyon College 18 Midwest
13th 12th Chandler Strand Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) 17.5 West
14th NR Robert Ozuna York (Neb.) 15.5 South
15th 4th Oscar Marin York (Neb.) 14 South
16th NR Juan Dominguez Graceland University 13.5 Central
Rank Prvs Rank First Name Last Name School Total Points Group
1st 2nd Jacob Colon Grand View (Iowa) 116 Central
2nd 1st Jake Sinkovics Cumberlands (Ky.) 112 East
T3rd 6th Clinton Garvin Great Falls (Mont.) 69 West
T3rd 5th Parker Bohannan Oklahoma City 69 South
5th 7th Jacob Grant Grand View (Iowa) 67 Central
6th 3rd Mitch Pawlak Indiana Tech 61 Midwest
7th 4th Kodie Cole Concordia (Neb.) 55.5 North
8th 8th Andrew Porras Wayland Baptist (Texas) 39 South
9th 12th cole manion Campbellsville (Ky.) 33.5 East
T10th 11th Vicente Hernandez Simpson (Calif.) 29.5 West
T10th NR Stephen Ireland Life University 29.5 East
12th 10th Trey Trujillo Hastings (Neb.) 28 North
13th 13th Matthew Miller Indiana Tech 16.5 Midwest
14th 18th Ryan Stearns Missouri Valley 9 Central
15th NR Ethan Owen Southeastern 6 East
16th NR Blake Ivie Montana State-Northern 5.5 West
Rank Prvs Rank First Name Last Name School Total Points Group
1st 1st Daniel Leonard Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) 113 East
2nd 2nd Steele Escobedo Menlo (Calif.) 104 West
3rd 3rd Travis Barroquillo Indiana Tech 100 Midwest
4th 6th Walker Marshall Grand View (Iowa) 84 Central
5th 4th Tyler Hinton Ottawa 73 South
6th 7th Andrew Burr Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) 47.5 West
7th 9th Foster Bunce Concordia (Neb.) 47 North
8th 8th Joshua Lopez York (Neb.) 45.5 South
T9th 10th Austin Meyn Cumberland (Tenn.) 27 East
T9th 11th Robert Humphrey Indiana Tech 27 Midwest
11th 12th Bryan Pittman William Penn (Iowa) 19.5 Central
12th NR Andrew Hyde Lyon College 15 Midwest
13th NR Taylor Rich Hastings (Neb.) 12 North
T14th 16th Trevor Hancock Southern Oregon 11 West
T14th NR david sparks Campbellsville (Ky.) 11 East
16th NR James Landoll Oklahoma City 10 South
Rank Prvs Rank First Name Last Name School Total Points Group
1st 1st Jake Ekster Missouri Valley 120 Central
2nd 2nd Tyler Cowger Southern Oregon 102 West
3rd 3rd Dallas Brown Life University 85 East
4th 6th Willie Fox York (Neb.) 82 South
5th 4th Scottie Bonds William Penn (Iowa) 81 Central
6th 9th Elijah Sullivan Grand View (Iowa) 54.5 Central
7th 5th Andrew Schulte Concordia (Neb.) 42.5 North
8th NR Hunter Bell Cumberlands (Ky.) 35.5 East
9th 7th Steven Garcia Morningside (Iowa) 34 North
10th 12th Thomas Garty Indiana Tech 29.5 Midwest
11th 13th Anton King Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) 23 West
12th NR Patrick Grigsby Williams Baptist 17.5 Midwest
13th 14th Eric Ambriz Oklahoma City 15 South
14th 10th Isaac King St. Andrews University 13 East
15th 15th Kyle Leir Great Falls (Mont.) 12.5 West
16th 11th Brandon Weber Montana State-Northern 5 West
Rank Prvs Rank First Name Last Name School Total Points Group
1st 1st Zach Skates Oklahoma City 120 South
2nd 2nd Andrew Simmons Missouri Valley 108 Central
3rd 3rd Grant Henderson Grand View (Iowa) 93 Central
4th 4th Tristan Macri Cumberlands (Ky.) 81 East
5th 6th Richard Ortiz Simpson (Calif.) 62 West
6th 9th kyle terry Campbellsville (Ky.) 50.5 East
7th NR Tanner Werner Grand View (Iowa) 47.5 Central
8th 10th Tommy Cooper Montana State-Northern 36 West
9th 12th Jr Lule Concordia (Neb.) 32 North
10th 13th Nate Croley Cumberland (Tenn.) 28 East
11th NR Chase Hack Indiana Tech 24.5 Midwest
12th 11th Matthew Behr Missouri Baptist University 20 Midwest
13th 14th Victor Thomas Wayland Baptist (Texas) 18.5 South
14th NR Mark Smith Ottawa 10 South
15th NR Martin Phillips Doane College 8.5 North
16th NR Brenn Schiess Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) 4.5 West
Rank Prvs Rank First Name Last Name School Total Points Group
1st 1st Ricky McCarty Oklahoma City 120 South
2nd 3rd Dallas Houchins Grand View (Iowa) 108 Central
3rd 4th shawn mcghee Campbellsville (Ky.) 93 East
4th 5th Trever Devestern Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.) 80 North
5th 11th Khaldoon Rashid Great Falls (Mont.) 66 West
6th 16th John Weldon Indiana Tech 55.5 Midwest
7th 14th Andrew Bartel Montana State-Northern 42 West
8th NR Orlando Nawade Cumberland (Tenn.) 33.5 East
9th NR Connor Middleton Baker (Kan.) 32 Central
10th NR Preston Steen Bacone (Okla.) 23 South
11th 17th Tommy Bailey Concordia (Neb.) 22 North
12th 15th Tyler Button Life University 17.5 East
13th NR Drake Lovvorn Wayland Baptist (Texas) 16.5 South
T14th NR Dalton Tipton Missouri Valley 11 Central
T14th NR Willie Wright Williams Baptist 11 Midwest
16th 9th LJ Henderson Campbellsville (Ky.) 8 East
Rank Prvs Rank First Name Last Name School Total Points Group
1st 1st Tyler McMichael Midland (Neb.) 120 North
2nd 2nd Kevin Corbett Doane College 102 North
3rd 6th Riley Boomer Missouri Valley 89 Central
4th 5th Willie Miller Montana State-Northern 81 West
5th 8th Khalil Abdush-Shakur Life University 63 East
6th 7th Jacob Johnson Indiana Tech 55.5 Midwest
7th 11th Jamie Shawver Oklahoma City 46.5 South
8th 10th Dylan Blackford Grand View (Iowa) 35.5 Central
9th NR Joseph Robinson Lindenwood – Belleville (Ill.) 35 Midwest
10th NR Justin Lozano Menlo (Calif.) 29.5 West
11th 8th Zach Fishman Northwestern (Iowa) 21.5 North
12th NR justin brown Campbellsville (Ky.) 21 East
13th 9th Connor Linehan Williams Baptist 20.5 Midwest
14th 14th Gabe Suthoff Benedictine College 9 Central
15th 16 sean black Campbellsville (Ky.) 7 East
16th NR Oscar Flores Southern Oregon 6.5 West
Rank Prvs Rank First Name Last Name School Total Points Group
1st 2ne Brady Beamon Simpson (Calif.) 118 West
2nd 3rd LJ Grayson Indiana Tech 104 Midwest
3rd 4th Ryan McWatters Southern Oregon 80.5 West
4th 1st Derek Sivertsen Oklahoma City 69 South
5th 16th Michael Naiper Wayland Baptist (Texas) 66.5 South
6th 5th charles sharon Campbellsville (Ky.) 62.5 East
7th 7th Jared McCoy Morningside (Iowa) 60 North
8th 9th Taylor Vaughn Great Falls (Mont.) 46.5 West
9th 11th Tyler Dibert Williams Baptist 38.5 Midwest
10th NR Matthew Hernandez Jamestown (N.D.) 22 Central
11th 12th Tyree Cox Northwestern (Iowa) 21.5 North
12th NR Dustin Harris Cumberland (Tenn.) 19.5 East
13th NR Matthew Atwood Concordia (Neb.) 13.5 North
14th NR Jacob Dempsey Life University 13 East
15th NR Dakota Concepcion Missouri Valley 11.5 Central
16th NR Tyler Foubert William Penn (Iowa) 3.5 Central
Rank Prvs Rank First Name Last Name School Total Points Group
1st 1st Garrett DeMers Montana State-Northern 120 West
2nd 3rd Stephen Loosbrock Benedictine College 106 Central
3rd 6th Cody Linton Doane College 88 North
4th 5th Jake Maupin Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) 77 East
5th 11th Jack Murphy York (Neb.) 73 South
6th 8th Andrew Mahone Missouri Baptist University 60 Midwest
7th 10th Derrick Hawkins Grand View (Iowa) 48.5 Central
8th 7th Kasey Crump Ottawa 31.5 South
9th NR Donavan Fouchy Missouri Valley 22.5 Central
10th NR Nicholas Null Northwestern (Iowa) 21.5 North
11th 13th Josh Chiles Williams Baptist 18.5 Midwest
12th NR BJ Carman St. Catharine College 16 East
13th 12th Erik Medina Simpson (Calif.) 14.5 West
14th NR Alexander Reimers Concordia (Neb.) 12.5 North
15th NR Johnathen Dennis Grand View (Iowa) 10.5 Central
16th 14th Cody Sivertsen Oklahoma City 9.5 South
Rank Prvs Rank First Name Last Name School Total Points Group
1st 1st Gabi Musallam Missouri Valley 120 Central
2nd 2nd Toby Cheff Montana State-Northern 108 West
3rd 3rd Dean Broghammer Grand View (Iowa) 96 Central
4th 4th Ceron Francisco Concordia (Neb.) 78 North
5th 5th Chico Adams Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) 63 East
6th 6th James Jones Midland (Neb.) 59 North
7th 7th Austin Lobsinger Simpson (Calif.) 56 West
8th 9th Taylor Kornoely Montana State-Northern 34.5 West
9th 16th Justin Smith Missouri Valley 28.5 Central
10th 10th Glenn Geurink Davenport (MI) 26.5 Midwest
11th 13th Tyler Smith Cumberland (Tenn.) 17 East
12th NR Markese Christian Wayland Baptist (Texas) 16 South
13th 14 Mike Wright Hannibal-LaGrange (MO) 13 Midwest
14th NR Korey Walker Oklahoma City 12 South
15th 8th Jacob Laden Grand View (Iowa) 11 Central
16th NR Terrell Moore Campbellsville (Ky.) 9 East