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Dual Preview

Scoring Related: TD- Takedown (2 points) NF# – Near Fall (# will denote the amount of back points scored)
OOB- Out of Bounds
RS – Restart
OK-Oklahoma State

These singlets are looking pretty BA! Gilman’s song, Momma don’t let your babies grow up to be Cowboys.
Cory Clark’s song, we are the youth of the nation.
Alex Meyer song – final countdown
We will rock you for Sam Stoll

125: #4 Thomas Gilman vs. #7 Eddie Klimara
1st: Starting things off, Gilman and Klimara tie up with Gilman on a collar tie and underhook. Klimara gets in on a shot on the edge, but he can’t finish and they go OOB.
RS Gilman snaps Klimara to a front headlock. Ref stalemates it.
RS Gilman working another front headlock, 1:00 left in the first, now they break away. Klimara gets some penetration getting to Gilman’s leg, but Gilman’s defense on point so far.
RS Working another Front headlock Gilman gets the go behind with :02 left.
2-0 Gilman

2nd: Gilman starts down, works up to his feet and get’s the escape. in 12 seconds. Gilman in on a front headlock, tries to go around for the go behind, but Klimara steps away. More tying up before they go OOB.
RS :30 let, these two haven’t tied up too much keeping some distance. Gilman pops the elbow up on an underhook and gets around for the TD.
Missed a stall call so score is 6-0 Gilman.

3rd: Klimara starts on botom and Gilman rides for a good bit, gets riding time :48 in his favor. Klimara is out 6-1 Gilman. Gilman back to his front head lock, drops to an outside single and they call a potentially dangerous. :33 left
RS Gilman hits a quick shot off the whistle and gets the TD he’s up 8-1, he now locks up riding time with :05 left, Gilman gets hit for stalling. Smith is out on the mat.
RS Gilman finishes the rideout.

Final score: 9-1 Gilman major
Team Score: 4-0 Iowa

133: #3 Cory Clark vs. Gary Wayne-Harding
1st: Cory Clark starts off with his patented two on one tie and tries a slide by. He hooks with his inside ankle, but he can’t get to the far ankle and they go OOB.
RS Clark in on a shot right away and OK tries to turn it into a scramble, but Clark finishes. He is in a good position for back points right away. Clark gets a half nelson and bar arm for NF4 (new rule guys) he leads 6-0. He just about had OK pinned, just needed to get his opponents legs over to get his back flat. OK gets out with short time, 6-1 first period for Clark.

2nd: 1:30+ RT for Clark, he starts down. OK throws the leg in and trying to flatten Clark out. Clark’s forehead is on the mat and OK trying to throw in a half. Clark working to dig out a leg, ref stalemates it. 1:10 left
RS Caution on Clark for starting early
RS Clark out lightening quick, :55 left and he has :39 RT. Clark back in to his two on one, pulls OK down and switches off to a single, OK able to turn it into a scramble to fight of TD with short time. 7-1 Clark

3rd: OK starts down and Clark is working an arm bar right away. Now Clark throws a leg in and flattens him out. Potentially dangerous with Clark really pulling on OK’s shoulder.
RS Clark lets him up, he has the RT point with 1:00 to go, OK tries a half shot and Clark snaps him down into a front headlock, they back out of it, and Clark now has a single, but OK grabs Clark’s ankle to force a scramble and Clark can’t finish the takedown again.

Final score: Clark decision 8-2
Team Score: 7-0 Iowa

141: Logan Ryan vs #1 Dean Heil
1st: Both guys circle the center now they go collar tie and OK has a go behind for a TD in :30. OK cuts Ryan and they head back to the center, Heil rode for :25 before the cut. Heil changes level and gets in on another shot, Ryan grabs an ankle to create a scramble and he gets the stalemate.
RS :45 Both guys just hammering for position in the center of the mat, pulling heads. Period ends.

2nd: Ryan starts down, Ryan trying to grab wrists underneath, Heil trying to roll Ryan’s wrists to break him down. Heil knocks Ryan off his base and pulls Ryan’s arm behind his back, but Ryan is doing a good job of being able to fight it off. :40 left and Heil flattens him. Ryan warned for stalling.
RS :20 Heil has over two minutes of riding time, flattens Ryan out right away, Ryan comes back up to his base, tries a granby roll, but Heil follows for the full ride out.

3rd: Heil starts underneath, and he is up in out in under :10. Now on their feet Ryan working collar tie and underhooks trying to get his position, Heil hits a duck under, Ryan grabs the ankle, but Heil finishes the TD, 5-1 lead with RT, Ryan’s head is on the mat, there the stalling call is against him and he gives up the point, Heil goes on to win.

Final score: Heil wins by decision 7-1
Team Score: 7-3 Iowa

149: #3 Brandon Sorensen vs #8 Anthony Collica
1st: This is a big match for the dual outcome right here, Sorensen lost a match to Collica this summer. Off the start both guys working collar, Sorensen tries to reach out for Collica’s leg for an ankle pick, but it’s not there for him. Little touch and go on Collica’s head by Sorensen, and then Sorensen does a jab single and finishes for the the TD. 2-0 lead with 1:13 to go. Sorensen with a lot of forward pressure, Collica to his feet Sorensen gets the trip back to OK’s base. Sorensen with a suck back on top for NF2, 4-0 lead. :15 left. Sorensen finishes the rideout, 1:20 RT right now. 4-0 Sorensen.

2nd: Sorensen starts underneath, caution Collica.
RS, Sorensen is out in :05, 5-0 lead for IA. Sorensen with a lot of pressure and controlling the center of the mat, 1:00 left in the period. A shot by Collica with short time, and Sorensen fights it off and gets into a single leg, his momentum gets stopped so he tries to bring the leg to his feet, but can’t finish with :03 left. 5-0 Sorensen.

3rd: Collica starts down and is out in :02, Collica warned for stalling with over 1:20 to go, Sorensen appears to be changing levels and looking for openings. Collica in on a single and brings it up to his feet, Sorensen showing off his balance skills by staying on his feet, Sorensen slips his leg out and gets into a front headlock, but nothing there.

Final score: Sorensen decision 6-1
Team Score: 10-3 Iowa

157: Edwin Cooper vs #15 Chance Marsteller
1st: OK going to try for a headlock on Cooper, Cooper sags his hips and isn’t having it, they square back up 2:00 left. Chance hits a fireman’s Kelly and gets a TD on Cooper, 1:30+ to go. Cooper gets his base under him and comes up to his feet on the edge, they go OOB.
RS 1:04 OK with a wrist ride and he’s getting some back points now and it’s NF4, 6-0 OK lead. Escape Cooper. They are on the edge of the mat, looked like they were going out with a huge double leg and get’s 2-0, crowd really showing their appreciation. Chance is slow to get up on the center of the mat and ref puts a stall warning on OK for not hustling to the center. 6-3 OK

2nd: OK starts down, caution OK
RS Cooper riding off the whistle and Brands is asking for stalling on Marsteller, he gets the call! 6-4 now, Cooper gets a little sloppy and puts his hip on the mat, OK able to swing his hips over for R2 and gets NF2, Escape Cooper. 12-4 lead for Marsteller. Stalling on Marsteller score is showing 12-6 in favor of OK.

3rd: Cooper going neutral and he shows why, he hits a double and gets a TD, he cuts Marsteller 13-8 in favor of OK. Cooper with a front headlock, stalling again on Marsteller, 9-13, Cooper gets another TD. Cooper wants to cut Marsteller, but Marsteller just hanging on to Cooper. Stalemate.
RS Cooper puts them in neutral, Cooper tries to get another shot, but he is going to run out of time.

Final score: Marsteller decision 14-11
Team Score: 10-6 Iowa (TEN MIN BREAK)

165: Patrick Rhoads vs #1 Alex Dieringer

1st: Dieringer looking to go to the legs early, but Rhoads isn’t going to give him anything easy here in the early going. Both guys working collar ties. Dieringer hits a low single and scores 1:46 left and he cuts Rhoads. Dieringer tries to clear the arms and change his level, Rhoads fights it off, Dieringer picks up a TD off what looked like a double. Coming back to the center on their feet after an OOB
RS:33 Rhoads has been warned for stalling and Dieringer picks up another TD with short time 6-2 lead OK

2nd: Dieringer took down, (42,287 attendance) and he’s out quick, 7-2 lead. Dieringer and Rhoads doing a lot of circling hits a double with :15 and gets a stalling call on Rhoads, 10-2 at the period.

3rd: Rhoads is out quick, Dieringer still doesn’t have RT locked up yet, but there is a go behind by Dieringer and he cuts Rhoads right away 12-4. Dieringer in on a shot and Rhoads able to use his hips to fight away from Dieringer locking up his hands. Dieringer in on a different shot and scores a TD, now he has him flattened out on Rhoads’s belly. Dieringer cuts Rhoads with short time and gets a TD near the buzzer.

Final score: Dieringer Maj 17-5
Team Score:10-10

174: #6 Alex Meyer vs  Kyle Crutchmer/Chandler Rodgers

1st: Right off the whistle Alex Meyer gets tossed and OK getting some big back points. OK dinged for a penalty point, but it’s 6-1 in favor of Crutchmer. Looks like Crutchmer hit kind of a duck under and was able to just catch Meyer.
RS Meyer able to get out, RT :28 for Crutchmer, 6-2 lead OK. Both guys trading collar ties. Meyer goes big move and gets behind Crutchmer for a takedown to cut the lead 6-4. Meyer erases all riding time and now getting his own. Ends period with :32 RT, 6-4 lead OK. Crowd loving Meyer’s fight

2nd: Meyer starts down and is out in :04, 6-5 lead for OK. Crutchmer in on the ankle and gets a TD, Meyer out pretty quick, but its now 8-6 OK. Meyer now in on a shot, Crutchmer grabs the ankle, Meyer comes out the back door and gets around Crutchmer for his TD 8-8 with :30 to go in the period. Stall warning on Crutchmer. Meyer finishes the rideout and has 1:04 RT to start last period.

3rd: Crutchmer takes down, caution OK. caution OK again
RS Meyer rides and cuts him in :08, they are working the edge and Crutchmer backs out, stall call on OK, score is 9-9 and Meyer has RT point still. 1:00 to go, Meyer still working on changing level, Crutchmer hits a shot and switches to a double for a TD. :30 OOB
Meyer hads his RT erased, but gets out with under :20, Meyer takes a shot but Crutchmer fights it off for the win.

Final score: Crutchmer decision 11-10
Team Score: 13-10 Oklahoma State

184: #11 Sammy Brooks vs #15 Jordan Rodgers

1st: Brooks gets a TD in the first minute and lets Rodgers up after :15. 2-1 Brooks. Brooks with another TD to go up 4-1 and now Rodgers is bellied out, Brooks working a tilt and he gets NF4 for Sammy! Rodgers back to his belly and Brooks has :45 to work. Brooks with another NF4, almost had the pin.

2nd: Brooks starts down and is out, Brooks back on top in less than :10, fingers can’t keep up with Brooks. Brooks cuts him it’s 15-2, bad shot by Brooks, and Rodgers gets behind, but Brooks fights out of it. TD for Sammy and there is the tech. Absolutely huge for team.

Final score: Brooks TECH 17-2
Team Score: 15-13 Iowa

197: #4 Nathan Burak vs Nolan Boyd

1st: Boyd gets in on Buraks leg, Burak sprawls back and Boyd trying to bring the ankle in. Burak gets a takedown on the edge of the mat OOB.
RS 1:47 caution red
RS Boyd gets the escape it’s 2-1 with under a minute. Burak has :07 RT Burak struggling to get through the hands of Boyd, period ends.

2nd: Burak starts on bottom, I believe caution on Boyd again, Burak is out in :07 to make it 3-1, Burak picks up another TD on a trip single. 5-1 Burak OOB
RS Burak concedes the escape, 5-2 Burak. Boyd trying to work into a shot, but can’t get close enough to get to the legs.

3rd: Boyd takes down, he gets out on a stand up, 5-3 score, Burak has :18 of RT so that is not a factor. Boyd in a shot and it’s stalemated.
RS 1:07 Boyd in on the leg again, but Burak with a tough sprawl. They work back to the feet, Boyd still keeps coming and Burak does a half high crotch attempt. Another shot by Boyd and Burak goes to a front headlock. He holds on to win.

Final score: Burak decision 5-3
Team Score: 18-13 Iowa

HWT: Sam Stoll vs #5 Austin Mardsen
1st: Not much doing in the first :30. Both guys trading inside position on collar tie. half way thru the first. A little more action here in the late going. Little shoving at the end, but score is 0-0

2nd: Mardsen starts down, Mardsen gets out, stall warning on OKST point goes to Stoll. Mardsen just goes to a double and freight trains Stoll for a TD. Stoll works back to his base and is trying to come up with short time Mardsen gets the ride out. 3-1 OKST :52 RT

3rd: Stoll starts neutral. Both guys working ties and then Mardsen is able to get a go behind for 5-1 lead now. :105 left. Mardsen working for some near fall, Stoll trying to be tough on his base. Mardsen finishes with rideout

Final score: Mardsen decision 6-1
Team Score: 18-16 Iowa

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

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