D3Wrestle.com has released their first set of rankings for the 2015-16 season and there are 16 wrestlers from the IIAC that appear in the preseason list and a total of 38 wrestlers being recognized. The website lists ten wrestlers who receive actual rankings, and then goes on to list an additional 16 wrestlers who are worthy of recognizing. The first eight wrestlers are considered “contenders” meaning they are just outside the top ten. The next set of wrestlers are are titled “honorable mention”.

Noteworthy among the rankings is that the state of Iowa boasts four of the ten #1 ranked wrestlers including Coe’s duo Farai Sewera and Ryan Harrington at 165 and 174 respectively.


Jan Rosenburg (Coe) – Contender
Scott Smith (Cornell) – Honorable Mention
Slade Stiles (BV) – Honorable Mention


#3 Connor Campo (Wartburg)
#6 Philip Opelt (Cornell)
#8 Steven Triplett (Loras)
Mike Gussarson (Coe) – Contender
Aaron Andersen (Central) – Contender

Drew Van Anrooy
Drew Van Anrooy – Luther Athletics


#1 Drew Van Anrooy (Luther)
#2 Nick Steger (Loras)
#8 Nashid Barrow (BV)
#10 Kaz Onoo (Wartburg)
Luke Kremer (Coe) – Honorable Mention
Devan Berrien (Simpson) – Honorable Mention
Nate Shank (Cornell) – Honorable Mention


#1 Trevor Engle (Cornell)
#3 Gray (Luther)
Evan Weaver (Loras) – Contender
Mark Pinero (Wartburg) – Contender
Johnathan Melton (Simpson) – Honorable Mention
Josh Donkle (Coe) – Honorable Mention


#6 Reed Van Anrooy (Luther)
Aaron Engle (Cornell) – Contender
Jimmy Davis (Loras) – Honorable Mention

Farai Sewera
Farai Sewera – Coe College Athletics


#1 Farai Sewera (Coe)
#3 Andrew Steiert (Wartburg)
Blake Letney (Luther) – Contender
Michael Maksimovic (Cornell) – Honorable Mention
Ryan Vandall (Central) – Honorable Mention


#1 Ryan Harrington (Coe)
Elton Turnage (Dubuque) – Contender
Justin Kreiter (Luther) – Contender
Zach Moss (Central) – Honorable Mention


#5 Bryan Levsen (Wartburg)


#5 Gerald Roman (Wartburg)
#6 Matt Seabold (Central)
#7 Malcom Watson (Loras)
Aburough Abegesah (Cornell) – Contender


#6 Conner Herman (Luther)
Creighton Fox (Coe) – Honorable Mention

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle