Iowa state place winner Matt Malcom of Glenwood visited Iowa a couple of weeks ago with a big group of recruits including recent commit Cade Brownlee. Last week Malcom committed to the Hawkeyes as well to join Brownlee, Alex Marinelli, and Kaleb Young in the Iowa class of 2016. Matt placed 5th at 152 pounds in class 3A last season losing to state champ and Fargo runner up Marcus Coleman and future Iowa teammate Jacob Woodard in the process. While not a big national recruit Malcom has made steady improvements over the last 3 years and should help provide some quality depth for the Hawks right away.

After qualifying for state as a Freshman and Sophomore you made the award stand placing 5th last year as a Junior. What are your goals heading into your senior season?

Those three trips to state hadn’t ended the way I wanted at all, especially this past year, but I’m excited for this year. This year’s main goal is to be on top of the stand and also to make the most of the year to be the best I can be going into the summer and college.

How much do you think wrestling Freestyle and Greco over the summer has helped you improve?

Freestyle and Greco has helped me enormously by learning a different type of wrestling and giving me a different view and improvement on positioning. It really makes me wish that I would have started them before this year, but am thankful for the opportunities I had with this only being my first year.

Do you play any other sports in high school? Have you always wanted to wrestle in college?

I used to run cross country in my Freshman and Sophomore year, but the last two I’ve learned that I can get a lot more out of going to wrestling practices instead, which I couldn’t get to with cross country practice, and running on my own to keep in shape. Yes, I’ve always wanted to ever since I was little watching college wrestling and wishing that was me out there.

What other schools did you consider before choosing Iowa?

I had visits to Grandview in Des Moines and Augustana in Sioux Falls, SD, and also had been contacted by Iowa State, but my heart was already set on Iowa beforehand.

What was it about the opportunity to wrestle at Iowa that made this the right choice for you?

I really felt like it was the right fit. I feel that the “Iowa Style” of wrestling fits me very well. I also love that the social aspect of the team makes it feel like a close-knit community like that of a small town where everyone seems like one big family. And one last reason is that even though I am still open about what I want to study, I know that I can succeed in academics at Iowa setting me up for a good career post-college.

What do you like to do when you are away from the wrestling mat?

Through the summer, I was busy with working and wrestling and now with school starting it only got busier, but when I do have a little free-time I like to be with my friends and family whether we’re doing something or just hanging out.

What do you want Iowa fans to know about you?

With being a Hawkeye, I know that the expectations are set very high for everyone and I look forward to the challenge of meeting them every day. Even though I know that I may not be that “stud” of a recruit that everyone hopes for, I am driven and determined to be the guy at the top in the end. I know that Iowa gives me the best opportunity to do that. I look forward and am very thankful for having the opportunity to wrestle at Iowa and am excited to be a Hawkeye.