Iowa’s Cory Clark took the mat against Oklahoma’s Cody Brewer Saturday night ready to wrestle for a National Champion. Unfortunately for the Hawkeye, Brewer was a little bit more ready. He came out right away in the first period on a shot, and while Clark was able to fight off that first one he couldn’t fend off two more in the period. Clark would trail 4-2 going to the 2nd period. “He reverted back. We had guys revert back to old habits. And he reverted back to not setting guys up, and that’s not where he’s best.” Iowa Head Coach Tom Brands said of his 133 pounder. “Even if you give up that first takedown, the way you come off the bottom, get back in it with your good stuff.

Cory Clark - Earl Hall Cement Mixer
Iowa’s Cory Clark goes through Earl Hall’s Cement Mixer

Clark scored on an escape point after starting down to start the 2nd, but Brewer was right on him again with a takedown to push his lead to 6-3. He would go on to hit two more in the period, finishing the period ahead 10-5. Clark used a variety of shots to hit his takedowns against Clark, first hitting single legs, then blasting through him with a double later in the second. Clark had an opportunity to come back in the third. After an initial escape by Brewer Clark scored a takedown of his own to cut the lead to 11-7. Clark rode tough and erased Brewer’s riding time and was working to turn him over nearly the entire period. Brewer gave up two stall warnings, but Clark was unable to turn him for any nearfall points and he dropped the match, 11-7. He winds up placing second at the NCAA tournament. Iowa finished the tournament 2nd to Ohio State. The Buckeyes had 102 points to the Hawkeyes 84. Edinboro edged out host Missouri, 75.5 to 73.5, to take home third. The Hawkeyes had six All-Americans, and here you can find the results from earlier in the day. Final Team Results: 1. Ohio St. 102.0 2. Iowa 84.0 3. Edinboro 75.5 4. Missouri 73.5 5. Cornell 71.5 6. Penn St. 67.5 7. Oklahoma St. 65.0 8. Minnesota 59.5 9. Nebraska 59.0 10. Virginia Tech 56.0 11. Michigan 54.0 12. Illinois 51.0 13. Lehigh 39.5 14. Iowa St. 39.0 15. Northwestern 34.5 16. North Carolina St. 34.0 17. Wisconsin 32.5 18. Oklahoma 29.5 19. Virginia 26.5 20. West Virginia 23.5