Pre-seeds are expected to be released on Monday, but here are some projected seeds to hold you over and give you a talking point for this weekend. Based off all of the results we have gone through, all ten of Iowa’s wrestlers are predicted to receive a top eight seed for next weekend’s conference tournament. Iowa will be led by freshman Brandon Sorensen (149) and sophomore Sammy Brooks (184) who have the best chances at earning #1 seeds for the Hawkeyes. Thomas Gilman (125) is predicted to get a #2 seed, but has an outside shot of getting the #1 seed.

Iowa's Thomas Gilman works for Control against Chattanooga's Sean Boyle
Iowa’s Thomas Gilman works for Control against Chattanooga’s Sean Boyle

1 Jesse Delgado Illinois
2 Thomas Gilman Iowa
3 Nathan Tomasello Ohio State
4 Tim Lambert Nebraska
5 Jordan Conaway Penn State
6 Conor Youtsey Michigan
7 Garison White Northwestern
8 Sean McCabe Rutgers

1 Chris Dardanes Minnesota
2 Ryan Taylor Wisconsin
3 Johnni DiJulius Ohio State
4 Danny Sabatello Purdue
5 Jimmy Gulibon Penn State
6 Zane Richards Illinois
7 Cory Clark Iowa
8 Scott DelVecchio Rutgers

1 Logan Stieber Ohio State
2 Nick Dardanes Minnesota
3 Anthony Abidin Nebraska
4 Anthony Ashnault Rutgers
5 Josh Dziewa Iowa
6 Steven Rodrigues Illinois
7 Nick Lawrence Purdue
8 Kade Moss Penn State

Brandon Sorensen Iowa
Freshman Brandon Sorensen expected to be #1 seed at 149

1 Brandon Sorensen Iowa
2 Jason Tsirtsis Northwestern
3 Alec Pantaleo Michigan
4 Kevin Theobold Rutgers
5 Hunter Stieber Ohio State
6 Zach Beitz Penn State
7 Justin Arthur Nebraska
8 Brandon Nelsen Purdue

1 Isaiah Martinez Illinois
2 Dylan Ness Minnesota
3 James Green Nebraska
4 Brian Murphy Michigan
5 Doug Welch Purdue
6 Anthony Perrotti Rutgers
7 Josh Demas Ohio State
8 Mike Kelly Iowa

1 Bo Jordan Ohio State
2 Isaac Jordan Wisconsin
3 Pierce Harger Northwestern
4 Taylor Walsh Indiana
5 Jackson Morse Illinois
6 Nick Moore Iowa
7 Garett Hammond Penn State
8 Nick Wanzek Minnesota

1 Robert Kokesh Nebraska
2 Matt Brown Penn State
3 Mike Evans Iowa
4 Logan Storley Minnesota
5 Zac Brunson Illinois
6 Nate Jackson Indiana
7 Mark Martin Ohio State
8 Frank Cousins Wisconsin

Sammy Brooks Iowa
Sammy Brooks also with a shot at getting the #1 seed at 184

1 Sammy Brooks Iowa
2 Domenic Abounader Michigan
3 Kenny Courts Ohio State
4 Brett Pfarr Minnesota
5 Tim Dudley Nebraska
6 Ricky Robertson Wisconsin
7 Matt McCutheon Penn State
8 Nikko Reyes Illinois

1 Kyle Snyder Ohio State
2 Morgan McIntosh Penn State
3 Scott Schiller Minnesota
4 Nathan Burak Iowa
5 Aaron Studebaker Nebraska
6 Max Huntley Michigan
7 Timmy McCall Wisconsin
8 Nick McDiarmid Michigan State

1 Conner Medbery Wisconsin
2 Mike McMullan Northwestern
3 Adam Coon Micigan
4 Bobby Telford Iowa
5 Jimmy Lawson Penn State
6 Spencer Myers Maryland
7 Michael Kroells Minnesota
8 Billy Smith Rutgers

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

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  1. Each with four B1G losses and too-close-to-call RPI’s and Rankings, I think the decider is head to head which Wanzek wins over hammond.

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