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Scoring Related: TD- Takedown (2 points) NF# – Near Fall (# will denote the amount of back points scored)
OOB- Out of Bounds
RS – Restart
C- Cornell

#1 Iowa Hawkeyes vs #5 Cornell

125 – #5 Thomas Gilman vs #3 Nahshon Garrett
1st: Here we go with Gilman, wearing that left leg sleeve. Garrett tries a couple shots, but Gilman throws some underhooks in and fights them off they go OOB
RS Garrett and Gilman get a little chippy on the edge, not sure what Gilman did, but Garrett just about pushed him into the center of mat 2.
RS both guys not really tying up. Garrett tries to reach down and pull Gilman’s leg in, but Gilman backs away and centers. 1:00 to go and Garrett is really working head taps on Gilman, Garrett changes level, but doesn’t commit to his shot. Garrett with some head taps and a flury, but nothing. Period.

2nd:Gilman takes down, working hand control off the whistle, comes up and gets out on the edge! :12 (1-0 IA). Ref breaks the action, both guys getting aggressive on the head.
RS Garrett still coming with those head taps, Gilman ties up and takes a shot Garrett’s left leg, trying to pick the leg up, but Garrett gets out and they go OOB
RS :30 left, Gilman backing Garrett out OOB
RS Period

3rd:Garrett takes down, Gilman to the ankle on the whistle, Garrett to his feet and is out (1-1). Gilman’s one real shot was a good one, needs to get to that again. Garrett backs out again, warned for stalling.
RS Garrett head tappin’ “lets go Hawks” chant going. Gilman backing Garrett out again this time toward the table. 1:00 to go. Garrett takes a half attempt, stalemate.
RS Garrett takes a shot, Gilman on a reshot he brings the leg up Garrett tries to go back to scramble. Gilman finishes! TD Garrett to his feet he’s returned. GILMAN WINS!

Match Score:Gilman decision 3-1 Garrett
Team Score:3-0 Iowa

FYI There are two minute breaks between matches

133 – #6 Cory Clark vs #16 Mark Grey
1st:Cory out and trying to work the two on one. He loses that and now working collar ties. Contact (eye) break for Grey
RS Clark in on a shot here, Grey gets him into a front headlock, Clark gets his head out and forces Grey back.
RS Clark almost gets in on the leg again, but Grey is out. There is an attempt by Grey, but nothing there on Clark. Period.

2nd:Clark starts down. Clark up to his feet and is returned. Clark tries to spin around but they go OOB. Going to the monitor to check for an escape. 1:51 to go in match. Still waiting..Claark awarded the escape (1-0 IA). Action resumes. Grey catches an ankle, Clark trues to spin around Grey gets the TD (2-1 C) Clark is out and in on an ankle, trying to drag the guy in and Grey is warned for stalling backing out. No score for Cory. (2-2) Clark in again, Grey has an ankle,, Clark trying to come around there is the TD (4-2 IA :30 to go) Period.

3rd: Grey starting down, Clark using a spiral off the whistle, Grey not really working for control, Grey to his feet and is returned by Clark. Clark puts a leg in but they roll OOB.
RS 1:26 left, Clark still doesn’t have RT. Sprial ride of the whistle big applause when he gets RT, Grey bellied out, Clark trying to work an arm bar. RT is secured. Gets a stall point as well.

Match Score:Clark decision Grey 6-2
Team Score: 6-0 Iowa

141 – #6 Josh Dziewa vs Dylan Realbuto
1st: Dziewa into an underhook, tries to hit a slide by on the edge, but they go OOB
RS Realbuto drops to a knee to catch the ankle, Dziewa tries to capitalize on a reshot, the ref calls them out
RS Dziewa in on a score now, with just over a minute to go (2-0 IA) Dziewa trying to put the leg in, Realbuto gets the short time escape (2-1 IA)

2nd:Dziewa starts down, does a roll and then grabs the leg and comes out the backside for a reversal (4-1 IA), 1:07 left Dziewa cuts him (4-2 IA) Dziewa going for the leg standing in straight neutral, Realbuto backs out. Dziewa with a duck under on edge, Realbuto backs out.
RS Period.

3rd:Realbuto starts down, Dziewa with over 1:30 RT. Realbuto with a roll and just about caught Dziewa’s head, Dziewa cuts him. Realbuto takes a shot, Dziewa looking for the go behind, back to their feet. 1:00 to go Dziewa hits a nice duck under attempt that doesn’t go anywhere. They end up OOB
RS Match

Match Score: Dziewa decision Realbuto 5-3
Team Score: 9-0 Iowa

149 – #2 Brandon Sorensen vs #5 Chris Villalonga
1st:Big match here for Iowa. Sorensen out working a collar tie, works a half shot and they go OOB
RS Under two minutes. not much action. Sorensen forces Villalonga out with under 1:30
RS Still waiting for something to happen, Sorensen backs Villalonga out again.
RS :40 to go. Sorensen backs Villalonga, he tries to circle. Period.

2nd:Villalonga takes down to start. Sorensen to his spiral ride and starts to roll the wrist. Villalonga to his feet and Sorensen returns him on the edge.
RS sitout by Villalonga is successful (1-0 C), Sorensen forces Villalonga out.
RS 1:00 to go, Sorensen goes for the high crotch doesn’t get it. Villalonga on a reshot and they stalemate.
RS Sorensen backing Villalonga, he is warned for stalling, Sorensen in on a leg, trying to finish, puts his arm around the waist and there is the TD with :03 to go (2-1 IA) period.

3rd:Sorensen to his feet and is run out of bounds.
RS Sorensen is able to get out, and working for a score on the edge. (3-1 IA) Villalonga tries to catch the ankle, just missed it. They flurry and go out on the edge.
RS 1:14 Villalonga first move is back on the whistle. Villalonga hit for stalling (4-1 IA). :46 to go. He’s gonna win!

Match Score: Sorensen decision Villalonga 4-1
Team Score: 12-0 Iowa

157 – #15 Mike Kelly vs #6 Brian Realbuto
1st:Kelly in on a shot right away, but Realbuto scores on a counter (2-0 C), Kelly gets the leg and is trying to come out, Realbuto yells, “OW!” with Kelly grabbing his leg. Injury time. Sorry my mistake, Kelly came out so it’s (2-1 C), Kelly is going down since Realbuto took injury. Kelly get out (2-2) and there is 1:50 to go. Realbuto takes a shot, Kelly snaps him to a front headlock. They go OOB blood time for Kelly. Kelly gets his head wrapped.
RS 1:20 Realbuto hits a blast double for a TD (4-2 C) Kelly trying to come around, Realbuto trying to catch him for backpoints. Kelly gets to his feet and is out (4-3 C) with :30 to go.
Realbuto ends with 1:34 RT

2nd: Realbuto chose down, gets to his feet, Kelly drops to a leg and they call a reversal, then stalemate (6-3 C) going to the monitor here. Cornell wants a stall call for Kelly holding on to the leg. Kelly is warned for stalling, but Realbuto is still down, now reversal.
RS Realbuto up and out (5-3 C) Realbuto hits a TD (7-3 C) in pretty quick succession. Realbuto got a leg in, trying to get the farside cradle. Now both legs in for Realbuto. 2:30 RT for Realbuto

3rd:Refs mess up who’s choice it was to start, crowd is letting the refs have it. Kelly starts down, Realbuto goes for a cradle, Kelly comes out (7-4 C) break for blood on Kelly. Re-wrapping the head. Kelly gets a TD (7-6 C), but then is quickly reversed (9-6 C). Couldn’t see the sequence. Kelly trying to pick up the leg to get out from bottom. Stalemate.
RS Kelly to his feet, Realbuto can’t return has to cut him. Kelly can’t score again.

Match Score: Realbuto decision 10-7 Kelly
Team Score:12-3 Iowa

165 – #9 Nick Moore vs #11 Dylan Palacio
1st:Palacio catches Moore’s elbow, sucks him in and gets a quick TD, Moore gets out in :05 (2-1 C). Both guys working hard on the edge OOB
RS 2:00 to go, so I have gathered Palacio is real good off that two on one. Just about got Moore again OOB
RS Moore in now, trying to finish, Palacio on his seat. Stalemate.
RS Moore attempt, Palacio attempt, both on their feet, Palacio on another attempt. Both guys working. :25 to go, Palacio tries to slide by, but its not there. OOB
RS :10 Period.

2nd:Moore starts down. Moore commes to his feet breaks hands and is out. (2-2) Blood time for Moore.
RS Moore snaps a front headlock, Palacio drops to an ankle, and finishes for TD, Moore up and out (3-2 C). OOB
RS :34 to go, Palacio on that two on one, he tries a high crotch. Moore counters, Period.

3rd:Palacio starts down, gets to his feet, Moore has to cut him (5-3 C) Moore on a high crotch, was pertty close. Break to fix headgears.
RS Moore tries to grab the knee, but can’t get around it. :52 to go. Moore with another shot. Palacio backing away. Palacio hanging on that two on one. OOB
RS Palacio warned for stalling OOB
RS :13 to go Moore comign at hi Palacio hit again for stalling Moore still can’t do it. Palacio hushes the crowd.

Match Score: Palacio decision 5-4 over Moore
Team Score:12-6 Iowa

174 – #3 Mike Evans vs Duke Pickett
1st:Evans trying to get career win 100 here. Pickett with double unders forces Evans out to start.
RS Evans forces Pickett out this time near the Iowa bench.
RS Evans backing Pickett again..
RS 1:37 to go, they stop stopping for Pickett injury time. Must’ve got him bad.. It’s bloodtime, but it didn’t take Kelly this long to get his head wrapped.
RS 1:33 to go, both are coming out really aggressive. Pickett takes a high crotch shot, Evans shoves Pickett down OOB. Terry getting in the Cornell staffs’ face. Ref discussing with Cornell, bench nothing comes of it.
RS :30 to go, Pickett backing away from Evans. Crazy period there.

2nd:Evans starts down hits a roll, Pickett follows. Pickett tries a switch, now to his feet, Pickett tries a return they go OOB.
RS Switch to a stand up, Evans is out (1-0 IA). Evans circles to the center. 1:00 to go. OOB
RS attempt by Pickett, Evans defends it. Evans with an ankle pick and they warn Pickett for stalling.
RS :23 to go, Cornell is livid about the stall call.

3rd: Start neutral. Little attempt by Pickett, Evans in on ankle, dragging his guy back and finishes on the edge (3-0 IA) :51 to go, more blood time for Cornell. Lots of blood time I guess.
Evans on top, they go OOB
RS Evans to the ankkle off the whistle. OOB
RS :36 to go. Another OOB
RS :27 to go, Cornell to his feet, Mike drops to a leg trips for the return, gets the W

Match Score:Evans decision 3-0
Team Score: 15-5** Iowa
**Team point deduction

184 – #8 Sammy Brooks vs #1 Gabe Dean
1st:Dean in on a shot, Sammy counters, and has the ankle, catches the other, but can’t come around. Dean holding on. Sammy trying to come up, but Dean had better hip position, finishes the TD and Sammy is out in :11 (2-1 C).
1:20 to go
1:00 to go, Dean takes a shot, but Brooks defends.
:15 Sammy on a attempt, Dean counter, nothing there. Period

2nd:Brooks takes down and is up and out :06, 2-2 score.
1:00 Both guys looking for openings, Brooks tries a little attempt, Dean on a reshot, they go OOB
RS Sammy on an ankle on the edge, it’s stalemated.
RS :14 Period.

3rd:Dean takes down and is up and out. (3-2 C), Dean gets an ankle, Sammy on the edge, Dean pulls him back in for the score (5-2 C). Brooks to his feet, Dean returns him. OOB
RS :34 Brooks trying to come up, Dean brings him to the mat again. Dean warned for stalling.
RS :20 Sammy tries a switch that wasn’t there. Match

Match Score:Dean decision Brooks
Team Score:15-8 Iowa

197 – #6 Nathan Burak vs #9 Jace Bennett
1st:Bennett takes a shot, good defense Burak. OOB
RS 2:30 to go, not a whole lot going on.
1:30 to go, Bennett takes a shot on the edge, Burak spins away OOB
RS another half shot they go OOB
RS Burak trying to work Bennett backwards. Takes a half attempt on the edge to go OOB.
RS Shot reshot, but both guys on their feet. Burak in on the leg now. Bennett locks his hands around the groin. Stalemate.

2nd:Burak starts down, Burak catches the leg, Bennett just rides on the back, stalemate.
RS Burak comes up and out (1-0 IA) :17 to get out. Burak taking attempts, Bennett backed out.
RS 1:00 t go, Burak with a front headlock. Bennett has an ankle, trying to get the other leg. Burak gets his leg back and go behind with :30 to go (3-0 IA), Bennett swims out (3-1 IA) with :12 to go.

3rd:Bennett takes down, Burak rides for :12 seconds, lets Bennett up (3-2 IA), Bennett backs OOB
RS Burak with a two on one, Bennett backing warned for stalling.
RS Bennett takes a few half shots, Burak gets a front headlock, Bennett backs out on his knees.
RS :40 to go. Burak doesn’t have RT, Bennett takes a shot, Burak gets his hips back, now has a front headlock, they go OOB.
RS :05 desperation shot, Burak wins

Match Score: Burak decision Bennett 3-2
Team Score:18-8 Iowa

285 – #4 Bobby Telford FFT
Match Score: Telford by Forfeit
Team Score: 24-8 Iowa

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

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