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Dual Preview

Where is everyone following from? Anybody have any upset predictions tonight?

PBP Legend;
Scoring Related: T2 – Takedown, E1 – Escape, R2 – Reversal, NF (#will denote the amount of back points scored)
OOB – Out of bounds
RS – Restart
UNI – Northern Iowa
ODU – Old Dominion

Pre-match thoughts/news:
Starting the dual at 165 pounds

Tim Shiels and Eric Lehrke are the officials tonight.

UNI vs #22 Old Dominion
165 – #12 Cooper Moore vs #15 Tristan Warner
1st: Here we go! Warner in on a single leg but Moore powers out. Coach Martin is really loud, which I suppose is a good thing. Tie ups now, Moore clears it. Warner wants a two on one but it’s not happening. Fan yells out, “Sit down coach!” to Martin, that’s funny. Tie up again, no shots yet. Warner trying to use Moore’s right arm, but he’s not letting him. Moore with an underhook but can’t get anything, cleared again. Moore shoots him off the edge as we go to the 2nd

2nd: Moore down to start, caution on Warner. Moore sits out but Warner is in on a leg, ref gets to a count of 4 and then stops the count and doesn’t award stalling, but gives Cooper the escape. 1-0. Moore in on a deep single leg now but Warner flips over and rolls and is nearly on his back but they roll out of it, and now more rolling and Warner has a T2 and a tilt, NF3 to the 3rd. 5-1 Warner.

3rd: Warner down to start, he’s got his head down, now to his base and he’s up and out. 6-1. Moore with a front headlock but he breaks it, Warner backing up and a stall warning on him. OOB. Martin warned for coming out on the mat, seems a little early for that. Tie up on the restart and he gets an inside trip for the T2 and releases him right away 7-3. Moore fights him OOB but no warning on Warner. Restart. Warner hasn’t taken a shot this period. Moore with a shot and Warner dinged for stalling again, 7-4, Moore with two more shots but can’t finish before the end of the period.

Match final: 7-4 Warner

Team Score: 3-0 ODU.

174 – Curt Maas vs Austin Coburn
1st: Tieup to start, Maas in on an underhook but nothing. Coburn very heavy on the head, stalemate. RS both are heavy, working for inside position but nothing. One minute left, Mark Schwab wants Maas to pick up the pace, Maas isn’t necessarily listening to his coach, half shot by Maas, nothing. Snap down by Coburn nothing. Single leg attempt by Coburn, he’s in deep but Maas goes heavy and a stalemate. We run out of time and go to the 2nd.

2nd: Coburn down to start, Maas with a spiral ride but Coburn gets the E1, 1-0. Sorry missed some action, mostly tie-ups, Coburn took a half shot but nothing, stalemate. Maas in a single leg of his own, Coburn on his butt scooting around with him, stalemate. Tieup to end the period, to the third.

3rd: Maas down to start, caution on him. another false start, ref takes this one. Maas with a roll and gets the E1, 1-1 now. Tie-ups again, now Maas in on a shot but Coburn stuffs the head, on the edge now, stalemate. Some quick stalemates tonight. Coburn with a shot but too far away, Maas with a shot but too far away, now Coburn with overhooks but they go OOB. RS Coburn in on a single leg, Maas flattens out, stalemate. RS they trade shots, now Coburn with a headlock and nearly locks it up to turn him, but Maas gets out and they scramble and Coburn ends up on top, T2 and time expires

Match final: 3-1

Team Score: 6-0 ODU

184 – Kyle Lux vs #4 Jack Dechow
1st: Sorry I had Caldwell in on this one, it’s Lux that’s going tonight. Tie-ups to start, not a lot of action. They go OOB. RS, tie-up, half shot by Dechow, and again, now Lux with a half shot. Lux with a lot of forward pressure forcing Dechow OOB. RS, they both go for a shot at the same time, nothing. Snap by Dechow, nothing, half shot by Dechow nothing. Lux tries to get to the single leg but doesn’t have the angle, neither man really getting a lot of anything, Dechow with a double leg attempt as the period ends, but Lux fights it off.

2nd: Dechow down to start, he’s up and out in one second. 1-0 he leads. Lux still moving forward but he’s dinged for stalling, he hasn’t taken a shot in a while. There he takes one from too far away, Dechow heavy on the head, Lux fights out though, good job by him there. Dechow with a tie-up and tries to take a shot in a tie but that doesn’t work OOB. Dechow with another shot, nothing doing though. Dechow with another shot as time ends, nothing though.

3rd: Lux down to start, Dechow with a caution. Lux up, Dechow returns him. Dechow with a claw ride, Lux with his head on the mat. Now back up, but Dechow has a cradle locked up but Lux fights out of it OOB. Restart Lux up and Dechow runs him OOB, Lux gets awarded the E1, 1-1 on the restart. Lux still the man moving forward but can’t get any shots off. Half shot by Lux, half shot by Dechow. Shot by Dechow, 40 seconds left Lux with a shot and he gets overextended and Dechow circles around for another T2. 3-1. RS Another Caution on Dechow, that’s two for him, Lux tripods up, stall warning on Dechow, RS. Lux Rolls and nearly gets the R2 but gets the E1, and can’t get another point, he falls 4-2 with Dechow’s RT.

Match final: 4-2

Team Score: 9-0

197 – Basil Minto vs Kevin Beazley
1st: Minto in on a single leg right away, can’t finish stalemate. Minto with another ankle pick but can’t finish. Minto wants to go low, Beazley not buying into it, just circling around Minto. Now Beazley is down on one knee and Minto is up. Not a lot of shots here, not a lot of anything other than circling. 30 seconds left, they’ve been circling like two dancers for the last two minutes. To the 2nd.

2nd: Minto down to start, he tries rolling, not quite there, tries again, Beazley with the legs in now and Minto stands up, stalemate. Restart, Minto up right away again, Beazley returns him, gets legs in on the edge but they go OOB. RS. Caution Beazley, sure looked like Beazley moved early again, no call. He’s got one lg in, Minto to his base, stalemate. ODU coaches are UPSET about that one. RS. Minto up and out on the roll with :50 seconds of RT for Beazley, 1-0 he leads. RS as they go OOB. Tie-ups and a restart. Nothing else and to the third.

3rd: Beazley down to start, he’s up to a tripod on the whistle, now up and Minto returns him HARD to the mat. Minto working an inside wrist, lots of forward pressure. Minto gives up the arm, now Beazley to his base, Minto works that inside wrist again, Minto flattens Beazley out, but he’s back up now to two feet, Minto brings him back with a claw, Beazley can’t get up Minto doing a good job. Beazley to his feet and gets hand control and gets out, 1-1. Minto with a shot and he’s in on a single leg and nearly gets the other ankle and there he gets it! T2 Minto and the West Gym EXPLODES for the Senior!

Match final: 3-1

Team Score: 9-3

285 – #11 Blaize Cabell vs Matt Tourdot
1st:Tie-ups to start, Cabell nearly with a double leg but they go OOB. Restart, Cabell in on a another but can’t finish, tie-up and they go OOB again. Cabell with a ingle leg on the edge, he lifts it up and gets the T2, 2-0 he leads, OOB RS. Tourdot up out quickly, they tie up but Cabell is relentless, he shoots Tourdot off the edge again and nearly gets the T2 but no call. OOB RS.  Tourdot with a half half shot, Cabell with a reshot nothing, though, now he’s in on a double leg and gets the T2 on the edge again, 4-1 with 3 seconds left. RS. Tourdot rolls though it, and nearly gets the R2, no call though, Martin and two other coaches over to the table right away, Schwab telling them to grab the flag, but Martin doesn’t want to because the officials are reviewing it themselves. The call on the mat stands, time had expired before Tourdot got the R2. Martin protesting now, doesn’t like the call. Warning on ODU’s bench. To the 2nd.

2nd: Tourdot down to start, he’s up, 4-2.  Tourdot with some shots of his own to start, he’s up bouncing around, took some half shots nothing doing though. Cabell with a shot, nothing, Tourdot comes back with a shot, nothing. Tie up, Tourdot is trying to get heavy on Cabell but nothing, Cabell takes a double leg shot and gets the T2 on the edge, he rides Tourdot out and is up 6- to the third.

3rd: Cabell down to start, he’s up bu they go OOB right away. RS, Tourdot riding tough but Cabell hits a switch and gets the E1. 7-2 now Cabell leads. RS, Cabell shoots him off the edge again but can’t get both legs for the takedown. RS, tie up, Ankle pick by Cabell, he gets the T2, 9-2. RS as they go OOB, Cabell cuts him, 9-3. Blaise in on another Double leg and gets the T2. 11-3, OOB RS. Optional start by Cabell, 11-4, Cabell does not have RT yet. Tie up stalemate. Both guys are tired, Cabell trying to muscle his way into him, nothing. 10 seconds left, Tie up, Cabell tires a snap, goes for shot, now an inside trip but can’t get it. Cabell wins but only by decision.

Match final: 11-4

Team Score: 9-6
125 – #6 Dylan Peters vs Brandon Jeske
1st: Here go after the break, and we’ve switched officials, that’s something I’ve never seen before. Tip to start, Peters with double underhoooks but can’t get anything. Jeske with a fireman’s carry, turns it to a single, Peters has the far leg but can’t fight out of it, Jeske gets the T2. 2-0. Stalemate, RS, Caution on Jeske, Peters sits out, hits a switch and gets a leg and is scooting, scooting, and gets the R2. 2-2. Peters has the legs in now, riding tough, forward pressure, stalemate. RS, Jeske up and out right away, 3-2 he leads. Mark Schwab telling Peters to not waste time. Stalemate restart, Peters with an ankle pick but nothing, now a tie-up, and another ankle pick but nothing, he’s working the head, but can’t get to a leg, now he’s side by side working the trip but can’t quite get there before time expires, 3-2 Jeske to the 2nd.

2nd: Jeske down to start, he’s to his feet, has the hands and gets out but Peters gets a leg and now has the cowcatcher all but locked and theres the “all but” part as Jeske fights out of it and nearly gets the R2 himself but Peters fights out and Jeske is flat on his belly again. Stall warning on Jeske, Peters with a  tilt for the NF2, 4-3 Peters leads now, and he has RT. Jeske is at his base, not really moving or anything, now Peters has the arm bar, UNI really wants another stalling on Jeske, but no call and time runs out. 4-3 to the third.

3rd: Peters down to start, Jeske is taking his time, Peters gets hand control, but snags a leg again and goes side by side and steps over for the R2. Jeske with his head down on the mat again, no call there, Peters working an armbar but nothing. Stalemate called. Martin is out on the mat, now at the scorers table and officials aren’t doing anything, Restart, Jeske laying down on the mat doing nothing, no call. Back to his base, to be fair here Peters isn’t exactly doing a lot to turn him, but again Jeske has his head on the mat, stall warning, 7-3. ODU coaches want PD called, but it’s not, Peters rides him out.

Match final: 8-3 Peters

Team Score: 9-9.

133 – Leighton Gaul vs Michael Hayes
1st:Tieups to start, Hayes with an ankle pick on the edge, he elevates the leg but Gaul puts the whizzer in, hopping hopping and Hayes trips him down for the T2. OOB, 2-0. Restart, Gaul sits out, Gets hand control but can’t get out, Hayes with the trip to get Gaul back down, now Gaul has a leg and gets the R2, and has him on his back! NF3 called and it’s 5-2. Hayes is on his belly again and gets up and out for the E1, 5-3. That’s the score going to the 2nd.

2nd: Hayes down to start, Gaul with a claw ride, Hayes tripods up and nearly shrugs Gaul off but can’t, now to their feet and Gaul has him around the waste and gets a stall warning, Hayes gets the E1 and Gaul shoots him off the edge and off the mat but gets not points, OOB RS. RS, Gaul in on a single leg but Hayes has Gauls leg and circles around for the T2, he leads 6=5 now. Hayes has both legs in and is riding tough, stalemate. RS, Gaul to his base but can’t get out, now he hits a switch and Hayes is holding onto the ankle for the 5 count, theres the stall warning and the E1, but wait the point was for the stall? Now the official has called both coaches over, Hayes only has one stall warning, so no point and Gaul can’t get out before the end of  the period, so it’s 6-5 Hayes leads.

3rd: Gaul gets up but can’t finish, stalemate. RS, Gaul hits a switch and gets the R2 and puts Hayes on his back again! Theres the three count and that was a fall I saw it! No call though and Hayes gets back to his belly and his head is on the mat not doing anything as Gaul works an armbar and theres the stall warning on Hayes, after all that its 12-6. Stalemate RS, and Gaul rides him out for the final!

Match final: 12-6

Team Score: 12-9 UNI

141 – Tyler Willers vs #11 Chris Mecate
1st: Sorry I missed some of the match, too much going on. Willers gets the nod for this one, Mecate with a shot and nearly gets a T2 and NF points but Willers scrambles out of it and gets a leg to hold on for the stalemate. Not sure how Willers did that. RS. Tie-ups, Mecate with a shot, nothing, tie-up again. Not much other action, to the 2nd.

2nd: Mecate down to start the 2nd, Wilelrs with a claw ride, but Mecate hits a roll for the R2 and is nearly getting NF points, but none awarded, Willers gets out of it but Mecate has a deep half in now, still no NF points though and Willers gets out of it. Ref awards a NF2 though, I must have missed that, 4-0 Mecate leads. Mecate really wrenching on Willers knee, that’s dangerous, Schwab is talking to assistant ref about it now but no call. Mecate rides him out, 6-0 after another NF2. Schwab talking to the head official now about the knee, warning on UNI’s bench.

3rd: Willers down to start the third, he hits a roll and is out, 6-1, but Mecate has RT. Willers trying to hit a go by, but can’t hit anything. Mecate with some heavy hands at the face level, neither guy is really shooting, just looking for tie-ups. There’s a shot by Willers, nothing, reshot by Mecate, nothing. Shot by Mecate, nothing. Willers tries to jack Mecate up but nothing, Willers with a shot attempt on the edge but Mecate gets around him for the T2, 8-1 now and Mecate has RT. OOB RS, Willers sits out, nearlygets the leg but can’t and now he stands up and is out and that’s the final.

Match final: 9-2 Mecate

Team Score: 12-12

149 – Tyler Patten vs #10 Alexander Richardson
1st: Patten gets the nod here, they tie-up, nothing, again a tie-up but a stalemate. RS, Patten with a shot but nothing, now they’re side by side and Richardson shrugs Patten by for the T2. 2-0. Martin yelling at the officials to not call stalemate, Richardson gets a leg in, and rides tough, theres the stalemate. RS, Richardson gets the cradle locked up right away, Patten got his legs and head too close. Now Richardson is turning him over, gets the NF3, and after a move nearly gets the fall. Warning on ODU’s bench after the “word” is said and Martin comes onto the mat again, thats’s their second. End of the 1st and it’s 5-0 Richardson.

2nd:  Richardson down to start, he hits a granby and gets the R2, now has the Cradle locked up and gets the NF3, he leads 10-0 now. Not a whole lot of other action to report on the second and then Patten gets a leg and gets the R2. He rides him out, now we have an issue with the RT clock. Anyway it’s 10-2 to the third.

3rd: Patten goes neutral to start, nearly hits a single leg but nothing. Now tie-ups, not a lot of action, stalemate off a tie-up. RS tie-up again, no one shooting, now theres Patten with a shot, Richardson with a reshot, and they go OOB. Patten with a little hit the face of Richardson as the whistle blows, but nothing really comes of it. RS tie-up again, Patten goes for a double leg but gets caught and thrown, nearly gets NF points again but Patten gets to his belly, and thats the horn.

Match final: 13-2 Major Richardson

Team Score: 16-12.

157 – Jarrett Jensen vs Devin Geoghegan or TC Warner
1st: Mostly tieups to start, Jensen with a shot but nothing. Tieups again, nothing, Jensen hits a shot on the edge but nothing. RS. Wow I missed some acton there, but Jensen ends up getting the pinfall!! In 2:14!!

Match final: Jensen wins by Pinfall

Final Team Score: UNI Wins 18-16

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