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Dual Preview

Where is everyone following along from?

Scoring Related: TD- Takedown (2 points) NF# – Near Fall (# will denote the amount of back points scored)
OOB- Out of Bounds
RS – Restart

Pre-match thoughts/news:
#1 Junior recruit Mark Hall in attendance today. Iowa is his 4th unofficial visit.

Phil Laux the man at 125 and Kris Klapprodt the starter at 285. Telford and Gilman did not weigh in.

Dual starting at 125

125: Phil Laux vs Nick Hermann
1st:Herman changes level and catches both ankles for a TD :15 in, Laux to his feet but gets returned by Hermann. Laux gets back to his feet and is out (2-1), Hermann with another TD to Laux’s back and gets NF2 (6-1 UV), Laux gets an escape. Hermann in again and he gets the TD with Laux on his seat, Laux gets around to his base, Hermann with a leg in, gets too high and Laux slips out the back, no reversal yet. Laux got a single gets around behind Hermman returns and gets a reversal (8-4 UV). Laux hangs on for the ride out.

2nd:Laux takes down to start, Hermann grabs the ankle off the whistle, switches to a spiral. Laux gets up to his feet, but gets returned. Back to his feet and he’s out (8-5 UV) Hermann with 1:21 RT. 1:00 to go, Laux trying to work a snap on the edge, OOB
RS Hermann in on a double, Laux able to get his hips back and fight out. They go OOB.
RS not much period ends

3rd: Hermann starts down. Hermann up to his feet and Laux switches to a single, Hermann gets out (9-5 UV 1:02 RT). OOB
RS Hermann in on a double right away, he finishes (11-5 UV). Hermann gets to high and has to bail so Laux gets an escape, Laux trying to work a snap and go behind, they get stalemated.
RS Hermann trying to back Laux up, Laux circles around, period ends.

Final score:Hermann decision Laux 12-6
Team Score:3-0 Virginia

133: #6 Cory Clark vs #14 George DiCamillo
1st: Clark working a two on one on the right arm of DiCamillo, really pulling, DiCamillo goes OOB
RS Clark working the other side, trying to get around he’s just about got the corner twice, but he just can’t quite hook the ankle with his leg. Back on their feet, Cory backing UV they go OOB
RS Cory tries an outside single, doesn’t go, now he has UV in a front headlock, gets to the ankle and is trying to come around for the TD he gets it :46 to go (2-0 IA). Spiral ride on top for Clark, DiCamillo gets around to slip out for the escape, Cory still working that two on one and gets another TD seconds before the buzzer (4-1 IA)

2nd:DiCamillo takes down, caution Clark, Now Clark working a spiral, puts a leg in, but he’s really high. Clark bails so UV gets the escape. UV in on a singe Clark fights it off, hits a reshot, has a single, and gets it picked up for a TD (6-2 IA), Clark with over 1:30 RT with :25 to go, still riding with a spiral ride. Looks like he gets the rideout. Nice job Clark.

3rd:Clark starts down and DiCamillo gets a caution, Clark to his feet right away and is out in under :10. Cory with a single on the edge and he’s dragging DiCamillo back to the center, brings the leg to his feet and hits a trip for a TD (9-2 IA). Clark has his legs in riding tough on top, got DiCamillo bellied out. They call stalemate.
RS DiCamillo to his feet and is out, Clark gets a go behind and returns him for the TD (11-3 IA)

Final score:Clark major 12-3 over DiCamillo
Team Score:4-3 Iowa

141: #6 Josh Dziewa vs  #13 Joe Spisak
1st:Dziewa hits a duck under, but doesn’t score, he backs Spisak OOB
RS Dziewa on another duck, can’t get it. Dziewa backs him out again
RS Dziewa backs him out, Spisak warned for stalling.
RS Dziewa tries a snap and go behind off a two on one, backs him out again..
RS Dziewa hits a high crotch, Spisak backing out , Dziewa gets a stalling point, but can’t finish a TD. OOB
RS Dziewa with a high crotch, this time gets to the far leg to finish (3-0 IA) on the TD. Spisak bellies out. Period ends.

2nd:Dziewa starts down, Spisak gets high, Dziewa trying to swim out, they call potentially dangerous.
RS Dziewa tries to get his feet, but is returned. Speisak with a leg in, Dziewa comes around on a reversal (5-0 IA)
Blood time on Spisak it looks like. They break
RS .. never mind, more blood.
RS Dziewa riding tough on top, he gets Spisak bellied out. Can’t really see what Dziewa is working from this ankle, looks like an arm bar. Period ends, Dziewa has 1:32 RT

3rd:Spisak takes down, Dziewa asks to go neutral, more blood time..
RS Spisak takes a shot, Dziewa counters, reshot and is in on a leg. Dziewa can’t finish, their back to their feet. Dziewa backs him out again..
RS Spisak stepping back on the whistle, a nice high crotch by Dziewa, Dziewa gets a stall point and the TD, plus two NF! (10-1 IA). Spisak bellied out. Dizewa wins big.

Final score:Dziewa major 11-1 over Spisak
Team Score:8-3 Iowa

149: #2 Brandon Sorensen vs Gus Sako
1st:It’s Sako at 149. Sorensen and the former top 20 ranked wrestler going ot work here, Sorensen on his knees looking to get to the leg, but can’t back to neutral. Sorensen finally gets in the leg, trying to pull his head out, he does TD (2-0 IA) with 1:15 to go. Sorensen on the edge. OOB
RS Caution on Sorensen, Sorensen bellies Sako out with his spiral ride. Sako has his head on the mat, but Sorensen gets the rideout. 1:16 RT

2nd:Sako chose neutral, he gets in on a single, Sorensen with a whizzer, fights it off. Sorensen in on a leg on the edge, but doesn’t finish.
RS Sorensen scores off the whistle, and cuts (4-1 IA) he scores another TD (6=1 IA) 1:00 to go. Sorensen looking to turn him over with a turk, stalemate.
RS Never mind, injury time called. Sorensen elects to go neutral off the injury, he picks up a pair of TDs over Sako (10-2 IA) Sako warned for stalling before the end of the period.

3rd:Sorensen takes down, caution Sako. Sorensen gets to his feet and is out :08, and scores about :10 later, and another cut and TD (15-3 IA) Sorensen looking for a fall with a minute to go, THERE IT IS.

Final score:Sorensen wins by fall 6:09
Team Score:14-3 IOWA

157: #16 Mike Kelly vs Andrew Atkinson
1st:UV working a two on one on Kelly, Kelly trying to break and get his hold. Kelly has a front headlock on their knees. Stalemate.
RS UV takes a shot, doesn’t really commit, Kelly takes a reshot, but can’t get the leg. They go OOB.
RS Kelly trying to snap the head, UV really hanging on to Kelly’s elbow preventing him from doing too much. Stalemate.
Kelly with a single attempt, UV fights out, Kelly tries another snap, but it’s not working. OOB
RS Kelly with an underhook to a single trying to finish short time and gets a TD with :01 left! (2-0 IA)

2nd:Kelly takes down, tries a switch, but can’t get out. Kelly struggling underneath (1:00 to go) they go OOB
RS Kelly grabs an ankle, and trying to get his hips up. UV gets back on top and beliies Kelly out. UV rides Kelly out.

3rd:UV takes down, Kelly cautioned. Kelly now riding on top, UV gets to his seat, Kelly bellies him out on the mat. Kelly now erases riding time that UV had they go OOB 1:00 to go.
RS UV to his feet and is out (2-1 IA), Kelly working the two on one now. Both guys trading some shots, they go OOB
RS :15 to go as they come to the center. UV with a shot on the whistle, Kelly fights it off.

Final score:Kelly decision 2-1
Team Score:17-3 Iowa

165: #9 Nick Moore vs  #4 Nick Sulzer
1st:Brands going with Moore today, Sulzer in on a single, switched to a double for a TD :20 in to the match. Refs are now conferring at the head table. Video was inclusive, Moore still down. Sulzer tucks the ankle up Moore’s back, Moore bellies out, works up and out (2-1 UV). Sulzer in again on single. Moore fights it off with a whizzer. back to their feet. Moore on a high crotch and Sulzer catches his ankle on a reshot and scores another TD (4-1 UV). Ref really takes his time starting. Moore to his feet and the ref doesn’t call stalling. Sulzer didn’t even really attempt to return. They go OOB
RS Moore is up and out with 1:07 to go. Sulzer in again. Moore fought for about :20 with a whizzer gives up a TD, Moore to his feet, Sulzer not returning warned for stalling.
RS Moore to his feet is returned. Moore to his feet again, ref dings Sulzer for not returning (6-3 IA after stall call.) UV coaches talking with refs. Must not know the stalling rules… still talking… Call confirmed!

2nd:Sulzer takes down, caution Moore. I can’t even explain in type how long the ref is taking to blow the whistle. Sulzer to his feet, Moore with a big return! Moore trying to use a spiral ride here, he gets rid of the RT that Sulzer had, it’s at :56 with 1:20 to go. OOB
RS Moore spiral ride, Sulzer to his feet and is out (7-3 UV) Sulzer takes a shot, Moore fights out of it. Starting to back Sulzer out OOB
RS Moore coming forward, backing Sulzer out, Sulzer tries a shot, they go OOB. Period.

3rd:Moore starts down and is out, (7-4 UV) RT not a factor, they stalemate on a Sulzer shot.
RS Sulzer “taking the shots (ref says)” so he warns Moore for stalling.
RS Moore on a high crotch, he’s was off to the side with a head an ankle can’t finish, OOB
RS Moore :40 to go, Moore HC attempt, he gets a TD and release, Moore backs him out, Carver going nuts about the backing out. Moore :20 go, in on a single trying to finish on the edge and potentially dangerous.
:05 to go Moore hits a single, gets a stall call, but loses

Final score:Sulzer decision Moore 8-7
Team Score:17-6 Iowa

174: Alex Meyer vs #6 Blaise Butler
1st:Bulter in on a single, Meyer wraps his arms around the leg to create a scramble, Butler scores a TD. Meyer hits a switch, Butler follows, to his feet and is out (2-1 UV). 1:30 to go on their feet. Butler does a head tap to a head inside single, Meyer trying to scramble, he gets around Butler, but Butler still has his leg, they go OOB
RS Butler head tap to a single again, Meyer fights to a stalemate :19 to go
RS Butler moving Meyer’s head around, in on a shot, Meyer fights out. Period.

2nd:Meyer starts down, Butler gets a cradle locked up, but Meyer slips his head and gets a reversal on Butler. Had his leg inside Butler’s leg when he slipped his head to go around. OOB
RS (3-2 IA) caution Buler, ref not consistent on his restarts.. Meyer riding tough, he erases all of the RT Butler had, Butler with an escape (3-3 score). :40 to go. Meyer to a double, switches to a bear hug. Butler with a TD, Meyer spins out Butler grabs the head tries to throw Meyer, Meyer with a late reveral (7-6 UV)

3rd:Butler starts down and is out (8-6 UV), Meyer working a two on one, takes a shot, in on a leg off his own reshot. Has the leg and gets a TD 1:00 to go. Meyer ties it (8-8) can :30 from RT. Meyer had the ankle hooked, warned for stalling. :24 yo go, :15 from RT, Meyer gets RT Butler can’t get out!!!

Final score:Alex Meyer decision 9-8 w/ RT
Team Score:20-6 Iowa

184: #8 Sammy Brooks vs Tyler Askey
1st:Askey on a single, Sammy spins around, grabs the leg, picks it up trips for the finish, then cuts his man. (2-1 IA), Sammy trying to jack his guy up with double underhooks, slips down to an ankle on the edge, ref calls potentially danerous.
RS 1:26 to go, Sammy snapping the head a lot this match, SNAPS Askey’s FACE TO THE MAT!, spins around for the TD (4-1 IA_). What a faceplant! Brooks cuts with :45 to go got double unders trying to jack him up OOB
RS Sammy in on a single, they get into a scramble, Sammy still with the leg, gets a TD with under :10 (6-2 IA)

2nd:Brooks covers Askey, riding tough here, gets over 1:12 RT and cuts. (6-3 IA) 1:30 to go. Sammy tries a double on the edge, switches to a single to drag him back to the center. Sammy tries to finish, Askey tries a roll, Sammy almost catches him on his back. Sammy finally gets around for the TD. cuts him :35 to go, finishes a TD on the edge (10-4 IA) OOB.
RS :24 to optional start, Sammy in again and will score. (12-5 IA)

3rd:Brooks takes down, UV drops to an ankle, ref counts to five and there is the stall warning on UV
RS Sammy to his feet and he’s out 1:45 to go. UV takes a shot, Brooks gets a double underhook backing his guy, Sammy with an ankle pick TD on the edge (15-5 IA).
RS Sammy cuts and Brooks snaps, UV takes a shot, Sammy working a go behind, gets past UV’s arm for the TD. Cuts him :29 to go, another TD Sammy (19-7 IA)

Final score:Brooks major decision 20-7
Team Score:24-6 Iowa

197: #6 Nathan Burak vs #19 Zach Nye
1st:Out the gate both guys looking for their tie, lots of breaking and reshuffling for the first minute. Burak takes an ateempt finally, but doesn’t commit. Burak trying to find that high crotch. Nye with a two on one, Burak breaks it. Burak just about in on the leg, Nye slips out. :40 to go, Both guys weaving in and out Burak in on a shot, Nye warned for stalling, Burak finishes on the edge
RS :12 to go, Burak the ride out (2-0 IA)

2nd:Burak starts down, gets to his feet and is out :12 (3-0 IA), looked like Burak did a half hearted ankle pick, not there. Nye taps the knee. Burak with a high crotch, Nye grabs a leg trying to create a scramble, Burak comes out the back for the TD. Burak with a :24 ride out

3rd:Nye takes down, gets to his feet, Burak has to cut, :02 before RT. 1:30 to go, both in a collar tie, Burak able to score another TD (7-1 IA) they go OOB.
RS Nye in shot, Burak fights back to his feet. :26 to go, Burak has the leg on the edge, but can’t finish with his toes in bounds, almost hit another TD sequence but time expires

Final score:Burak decision Nye 8-2
Team Score:27-6 Iowa

285: Kris Klapprodt vs Patrick Gillen
1st:Gillen takes a shot right away, Klapp fights it off. 1:00 to go, not a ton of action. Lots of tying up and breaking after that initial shot to start the match. Late attempt by Gillen, Klapp tries to spin around, period.

2nd:Klapp starts down, to his feet, gets returned. Klapp is out 1:34 to go (1-0 IA), I can’t tell if either guy just doesn’t want to take a shot, or they can’t. Ref stops the action in the center of the mat to tell them to pic the pace up. Period.

3rd:Klapp trying to ride, Gillen to his feet and is out (1-1), there is a shot by Gillen, but Klapp fightes it off pretty easy. Klapp in on single, picks it up to his feet and finishes for a TD! (3-1 IA) Gillen with the escape on the edge. (3-2 IA), Gillen takes another shot, Klapp fightes it off, gets around for his own TD, and 2NF as timem expires. WOW

Final score:Klapp decision 7-2
Team Score:30-6 Iowa

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

  1. Looks like Clark and Jeva busy entire match. Both seemed to be attacking entire 7 min. Great to see.

  2. that’s awesome that mark hall is at the meet today…hopefully iowa can land him! that would be huge!

  3. Iowa city via Dallas babysitting granddaughters 😍. Nothing beats listing to Ironside while in my 7th row seats at CHA but very much appreciate you providing the excellent coverage! It’s great to be a Hawkeye even in Texas!

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