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Theres the call to clear the mats.

Qualifiers By Team
* Aplington-Parkersburg (2)
* BCLUW (2)
* Center Point-Urbana (3)
* Charles City (8)
* Waterloo Columbus (1)
* Denver/Tripoli (6)
* East Marshall (6)
* Gladbrook-Reinbeck (1)
* New Hampton (5)
* Osage (6)
* Union (11)
* Vinton-Shellsburg (5)


120 Geerts (NH) vs. Lasher (CC)

1st Period:Here we go with wrestlebacks. Geerts in with a quick TD and working a navy ride as they go OB with 1:30 left. Geerts to a crab ride tries to catch Lasher but Lasher gets back to his base. Lasher to his feet but Geerts returns him. Lasher up again and Geerts cuts him. 2-1 Geerts. Geerts in on a quick TD and immediately lets Lasher go. 4-2 Geerts. Geerts in again on a TD and leads 6-2 as we end the 1st.
2nd Period: Geerts chooses down. Geerts is trying to scoot around behind Lasher. Geerts now has the near leg of Lasher hooked with his and gets the reversal and leads 8-2. Geerts is riding tough and has Lasher flat on his belly. Geerts gets Lashers arm on his back and turns him over and theres the fall
3rd Period:

Final Score: Geerts (NH) over Lasher (CC) by Fall

126 Tenge (NH) vs. Wehage (VS) 

1st Period: Blood time Wehage. 1:00 left in the first. Wehage gets to the leg but Tenge whizzers out. Tenge in on the legs but they go OB. :15 left. Sweep single attempt by Tenge but doesnt get it.
2nd Period: Tenge will choose down but we have blood time for Wehage again. Here we go Tenge to his feet right away and gets the escape. Tenge leads 1-0. A lot of action by both wrestlers here as we go OB. Tenge with a nice ankle pick for a TD with 1:30 left. Tenge up 3-0. Tenge trying to chop the arm of Wehage and he does. Now has him on his stomach but Wehage doesnt stay down long. Wehage has a leg now but they are on the edge. Tenge reaches back for that for ankle and we have a stalemate. :41 left in the 2nd. Wehage up to his feet of the whistle and gets the escape. Shot by Tenge. Tries to carry Wehage and Wehage almost catches him. Wehage ties up the wrists Tenge shoots and Wehage spins around behind as the 2nd period ends. tied at 3
3rd Period: Wehage will choose down. Tenge breaks him down but Wehage back up and to his feet then gets the escape. Wehage gets Tenges leg and gets a TD. Wehage leads 6-3 with 1:11 left. Wehage trying to tie up the wrists but Tenge hits a roll for the escape now 6-4 Wehage with :40 left. Shot by Wehage and he gets in deep he has his head between Tenges leg hes trying to come out the back :10 left. It will end with Wehage taking it 6-4. Great match by both wrestlers a lot of action.

Final Score Wehage (VS) over Tenge (NH) Dec 6-4

138 Forsyth (CC) vs. Hyland (VS)

1st Period: Hyland gets to the leg and elevates. He trips Forsyth and theres the TD. Hyland had a bow and arrow locked up but couldnt get the turn. Now Hyland has a leg in as they go OB. :43 left. Hyland gets a cradle off the whistle but cant turn him. Loses his lock and Forsyth is able to get away. We will end the 1st 2-1 Hyland
2nd Period: Forsyth goes down. Hyland has Forsyth broken down. Now Hyland is clamped on Forsyths leg but we have a stalemate. Blood time Forsyth 1:18 left. Forsyth to his feet Hyland able to bring him back down but Forsyth up again for the escape. Tied at 2. Forsyth pushes Hyland off. :45 left. OB with :18 left. A few shots by Forsyth but cant get through Hylands defense without a set up.
3rd Period: Hyland will go down. Forsyth Chops the arm off the whistle and breaks Hyland down. They go OB with 1:35 left. Hyland to his feet and hits a standing switch for the reversal. He had Forsyths legs trapped and the ref hit him for stalling right away. On the restart Forsyth gets the escape. Hyland leads 4-3 1:05 left. Hyland in on a leg now gets his head between Forsyths legs but stalemat. Seconds caution on Hyland. :45 left. Shot attempt by Forsyth now Forsyth has the leg. Hyland grabs the ankle behind and we have another stalemate. :25 left. Hyland works a snap almost gets behind and Forsyth catches him with a head lock for the TD and NF. Forsyth will win it 9-4.

Final Score: Forsyth (CC) over Hyland  (VS) 9-4

145 Niichel (CC) vs. Goodale (O)

1st Period: Goodale attempts a hip toss from an over hook doesnt get it. they get into a scramble situation and Goodale ends up on top with a granby. He has the 2 and his 3 NF and now is looking for the fall. Plenty of time left :30. Hes got Niichel close. Niichel able to fight it off though 5-0 Goodale.
2nd Period: Niichel chooses down. Goodale riding with a half in trying to break Niichel down. Niichel holding a tough base now to a tripod to his feet and gets the escape 5-1 in favor of Goodale. Goodale with an over hook Niichel drops to a single and also has Niichel cradle but they roll and Niichel ends up on top 5-3 Goodale. Niichel gets off of Goodale then catches him with an inside cradle. This is tight but short time. Niichel gets the fall with no time left.
3rd Period:

Final Score: Niichel (CC) over Goodale (O) by Fall

152 Neal (VS) vs. Long (EM)

1st Period: Still scores with :30 in the first. Neal has a front head lock then tries a shot but nothing there. still neutral with :10. Both guys trade shots on the edge but no points. 0-0 end of the first.
2nd Period: Long chooses down. Neal wants neutral 1-0 Long. Neal with another shot attempt backs out and now had Long in a front head lock and gets around behind for the 2. 2-1 Neal with 1:06 left. Neal wants neutral on the restart so we are tied at 2 again. Neal working the front head lock again but they go OB. :40 left. Snap to a front head lock again by Neal but they go OB with :05 left.
3rd Period: Neal chooses down. He keeps moving and cirlces to his feet for the escape 3-2 Neal. Long takes a half shot an Neal almost scores off it. Another snap by Neal and just about gets behind as they go OB. Blood time Long. 1:02 left Neal keeps pressure on Longs head forcing him to take bad shots but Neal cant quite work around behind. :25 left. :15 Long gets to Neals legs but Neal backs off. Neal ends up on top and gets the win 5-2.

Final Score: Neal (VS) over Long (EM) by dec 5-2

160 Pruisner (AP) vs. Denner (NH)

1st Period: Both wrestlers on there knees. Denner dives for the leg and gets it but Pruisner whizzers hard and uses his length to get Denner off balance and get the TD. Pruisner leads 2-0 and was working the arm bar but they go OB. :49 left. Denner to his feet Pruisner returns him and is looking for that wrist again. Denner is flat on his stomach. Pruisner drives over that wrist again but they go OB. :08 left. Denner attempts a switch but stopped by Pruisner.
2nd Period: Denner chooses down. Up to his feet but Pruisner brings him back down. Denner up again but they go OB. Pruisner stops the first move this time but Denner keeps moving. Pruisner now has a leg in. 1:20 left. Stalemate with 1:06 left. Denner up to his feet off the restart but cant get away as they go OB. Pruisner close to a stall call here. Denner to his feet again but Pruisner drops to a leg elevates and returns Denner. Denner to his feet again but OB. :26 left. Denner up to his feet again. Pruisner drops to a leg but Denner able to get the escape this time. Great job of not stopping by Denner. Pruisner almost gets a TD but the period will end 2-1 Pruisner.
3rd Period: Pruisner will go down. Pruisner trying to sit back in but Denner stops it Pruisner to his feet and Denner lets him go. Pruisner leads 3-1 with 1:29 left. Pruisner on his knee again. Sweep single by Denner he gets to the leg but loses it and Pruisner gets behind for 2. Pruisner leads 5-1. Denner to his feet and gets 1. 5-2 Pruisner. Shot attempt by Denner but Pruisner stops it again and gets the TD 7-2 Pruisner. Denner to his feet and turns into the leg but thats how it will end.

Final Score: Pruisner (AP) over Denner (NH) by Dec 7-2

170 Meister (DT) vs. Poppens (AP)

1st Period: A lot of ear to ear tie in the first :40. A few half shots by Poppens. Meister trying to work the double unders. Meister jacks them up bu they go OB as Poppens almost gets a hip toss. :20 left. Tied at 0 as we go to the 2nd.
2nd Period: Poppens will choose down. Poppens attempts a few sit outs but Meister stops them they go OB with 1:50 left. Poppens gets to Meisters leg puts him on his hip and gets the reversal. He has an arm bar but Meister is on his knees and they go OB. Poppens needs injury time and is holding his shoulder. 1:20 left as Poppens looks good to go. Meister up to his feet but they go OB. 1:11 left. Meister rolls off the whistle and catches Poppens leg but Poppens gets a cradle and almost gets a count. :47 left and we will have a restart. Meister up and out on the whistle. 2-1 Poppens. Poppens in on a leg but Meister coming out the back for 2 and almost gets a count as they roll around but Poppens ends up with an escape. 3-3 the period ends.
3rd Period: Meister chooses down. Meister to his feet and Meister ends up on top of Poppens. He has this tight and theres the fall.

Final Score: Meister (DT) over Poppens (AP) by Fall

182 Sorensen (DT) vs. Rommann (CPU)

1st Period: Sorensen in on a shot now he has Rommann in the rear standing they go OB. Now Rommann in on a shot and gets the TD. 2-0 Rommann with 1:00 left. Rommann is sitting over the ankle not letting Sorensen up and he gets dinged for staling. Sorensen circles up to his feet and gets the escape. 2-1 Rommann as we go to the 2nd
2nd Period: Sorensen chooses down. Rommann riding high but staying under the arms. Sorensen to a tripod almost to his feet but Rommann brings him back down and now has an arm bar. He loses it and Sorensen is in a sit out now looking for a granby. Rommann hit again for stalling now its tied 2-2. Sorensen to his feet and cirlces out for 1. Sorensen leads 3-2. :15 left. And we go to the 3rd.
3rd Period: Rommann chooses down. Sorensen chops the arm and now has an arm bar. Rommann able to get his arm back. 1:10 left. Rommann in a tripod and gets away. tied at 3. Shot by Sorensen but Rommann able to stop him. OB with :30 left tied at 3. Rommann gets in deep on a double and gets the 2. :10 left and thats how it will end.

Final Score: Rommann (CPU) over Sorensen (DT) Dec 5-3

285 Henry (VS) vs. Ahrendsen (U)

1st Period: Here is our last match of the day. Union needs this one to make 8 qualifiers. Ahrendsen working the underhooks but not much action a minute in. No shot attempts yet just pummeling and the first period will end scoreless.
2nd Period: Henry want down. Henry up to his feet Ahrendsen tries to drop to the leg but Henry is out for 1 and he leads 1-0. Ahrendsen shoots on the edge but they go OB as Henry almost gets behind. 1:15 left. Ahrendsen jacks up the underhooks gets the takedown to Henrys back and theres the fall. That will do it from AP thanks for following.
3rd Period:

Final Score: Ahrendsen over Henry by Fall


106 Fye (NH) vs. Hellman (U)

PERIOD 1: Here we go with the finals. Both guys with solid head hands defense here. Nothing going :40 in. Fye takes a shot but Hellman stops him. Fye comes up with the double underhooks but we had a stalemate. Fye with another shot but from too far away. Hellman trying to stuff the head. :10. Period ends 0-0
PERIOD 2: Hellman chooses down. Busch with a fall in the wrestleback so Hellman is in. Fye trying to run the butcher but nothing doing. Hellman almost to his feet but Fye brings him back down. :50 left. Fye tries to suck Hellman back but Hellman bellies out. Hellman to a sit out. Fye tries to bring him back but the period will end with Fye on top still 0-0
PERIOD 3: Fye will take down to start the 3rd. Hellman trying to work the wrists. Fye with a good base as Hellman works the head lever. 1:00 left Hellman still riding tough. still 0-0. Stalling on Fye. Hellman attempts a cradle but Fye catches the arm and Fye looking for the reversal and gets it. Thats how it will end Noah Fye the winner 2-0.

Final Score: Fye (NH) over Hellman (U)

No wrestlback at 106. 2nd place Jon Hellman (U)

113 Holschlag (U) vs. Meling (EM)

PERIOD 1: Meling in on a single on the edge. Works towards that far ankle and gets the 2. Meling leads 2-0 with 1:20 left. Holschlag gets to his feet but Meling has his leg. Holshlag kicks out for 1. Holschlag with a sweet duck attempt but they go OB. Cleveland with the fall in the wrestle back so Meling is in. 2-1 as Holschlag is in on a single not much time but he gets the takedown as time expires. 3-2 Holshlag leads
PERIOD 2: Meling will choose down. and Holschlag chops that arm off the whistle and breaks Meling down. Holschlag controlling the arms and has an arm bar in but Meling gets his arm back as they go OB with 1:05 left. Holshlag has that arm bar in again but cant get it yet. now working the bar half and hes getting a count. Holschlag gets 3NF but Meling rolls through. Holschlag still in on the leg and we end the period 6-2 Holschlag.
PERIOD 3: Holschlag chooses down. Meling almost had a cradle locked up as they call a stallmate. 1:30 left. Holshlag to his feet and gets the escape 7-2 Holschlag. :54 left. Not much action by either guy. Sweep single by Meling and he gets to the leg but we will have a stallmate. :22 left. Thats how it will end

Final Score: Holschlag (U) over Meling (EM)

No wrestleback at 113. 2nd place Meling (EM)

120 Geerts (NH) vs. Rathbun (CPU)

PERIOD 1: Rathbun with a quick TD. OB with 1:15 left. Rathbun with a leg in looking for a cradle. Now to the half. Geerts has Rathbun on his hip but Rathbun climbs back on top. :15 left. First ends 2-0 Rathbun.
PERIOD 2: Rathbun chooses down. Up to his feet right away Geerts returns him up again and out is Rathbun. 3-0 Rathbun. Nice double leg for the TD by Rathbun now up 5-0 1:15 left. Restart as they go OB. Geerts to his feet and Rathbun lets him go. Single by Rathbun puts the leg in and gets the TD. 7-0 Rathbun with :40 left. 2nd caution on Rathbun. Geerts to his feet and is out. Rathbun is all over Geerts and pushing the pace here. Rathbun in on a single with a sweet direction change and gets the TD.
PERIOD 3: 9-2 Rathbun leads as Geerts chooses down. Lasher wins so if this result hold we will have our first wrestle back. Geerts gets the escape. After a little scramble Rathbun gets another TD and leads 11-3 with :45 left. Rathbun has a leg in again. Stallmate :37 left. Geerts to his feet again and gets the escape but Rathbun right back in again for another takedown. Geerts gets the escape Rathburn almost gets another TD but the go OB as time runs out

Final Score: Rathbun (CPU) over Geerts (NH) by Maj 13-5

Wrestle back between Geerts (NH) and Lasher (CC)

126 Tenge (NH) vs. Fox (O)

PERIOD 1: Lots of handfighting. Tenge in on a leg but Fox fights it off :45 left. Fox with a nice knee tap to Tenges back and doesnt get a count. Tenge off his back but Fox still on top as time runs out. 2-0 Fox
PERIOD 2: Tenge takes down. Fox chops the arm and gets Tenge flat. Fox gets high and Tenge grabs his leg and almost hips over but now Fox flattens him out. Fox has a cradle locked up and gets a count. Tenge almost gets out but Fox catches him again and gets the fall.

Final Score: Fox (O) over Tenge (NH) by fall

Fuessley and Wehage tied at 4 with :30 left in the 2rd. Wehage is down. Wehage gets the escape with :15 left and he will get a TD as time runs out. Wehage is down to start the 3rd. Wehage gets the escape and gets a quick 2 for a 10-4 lead. If this result holds up we will have another wrestle back between Wehage and Tenge. Escape Fuessley. Fuessley is hurt and is taking injury time. Fuessley is up and he will give it a try again with :50 left. Wehage leading 10-5. Wehage in on a double and dumps Fuessley for the TD now up 12-5 with :37 left. Fuessley out but Wehage in on another double and gets the TD. Wehae wins 14-6.

Wrestle back between Tenge (NH) and Wehage (VS)

132 Staudt (CC) vs. Jennings (O)

PERIOD 1: Jennings witha single leg attempt but Staudt stops him back to there feet and Staudt with a double leg and trying to work the bottom leg turk. Theres a count 2 NF so Staudt leads 4-0. Chamberlain with the fall in the wrestleback so Jennings is in. Staudt has Jennings flat and is trying to work an arm bar but time will run out in the first. 4-0 Staudt.
PERIOD 2: Jennings will choose down. Jennings to a tripod. Staudt sneaks a leg in now working for that far arm. Staudt gets Jennings broke down. 1:10 left. Now Staudt gets his leg out and trying for the arm bar again but Jennings up to his knees. Now Staudt has a tilt and will get 2NF with :30 left. OB Staudt gives up a penalty point for a scissors so the score is 6-1 in favor of Staudt. Staudt has the leg in Jennings puts him on his hip but cant get anything going.
PERIOD 3: Staudt takes down with a 6-1 lead. Staudt to his feet but Jennings drops down to an ankle and stay on top. Staudt trying to sneak around behind now but Jennings still has that leg. :30 left Jennings has Staudt broke down. Jennings gets an inside cradle as time runs out. He gets 2NF but too late for a fall.

Final Score: Staudt (CC) over Jennings (O) Dec 6-3

No wrestle back. 2nd Jennings (O)

138 Forsyth (CC) vs. Jennings (O)

PERIOD 1: Forsyth immediately in on a Double and gets the TD. 1:25 left as they go OB. Dietrick will default to Nick Hyland so Forsyth is in. Forsyth riding tough as they go OB with :44 left. Forsyth has Jennings broke down with an arm bar in. Jennings to his knee now though. Jennings gets to his feet for the escape and crunches Forsyth in a bear hug but they are OB. No takedown so Forsyth leads after the first 2-1
PERIOD 2: Jennings will choose down. Forsyth has a leg in but is getting high. Jennings going for the head. Jennings with the reversal and leads 3-2. He has Forsyths legs split and is working for a cradle. He has it locked and is getting a count. :20 with the 3NF Jennings leads 6-2.
PERIOD 3: Forsyth will choose neutral. Forsyth takes a bad shot but kelly drags Jennings for a TD. 6-4 Jennings. Forsyth cuts Jennings. Jennings still leads 7-4. Jennings with a TD and leads 9-4 as the go OB with 1:03 left. Jennings has a leg in and was trying to work the power half but nothing there. Jennings riding tough here. Forsyth looking like he might be out of gas. Jennings with a quick 2NF as time runs out.

Final Score: Jennings (O) over Forsyth (CC) Dec 11-4

Wrestleback between Forsyth (CC) and Hyland (VS)

145 Niichel (CC) vs. Thomsen (U)

PERIOD 1: Thomsen sporting the face mask. Thomsen with a slick carry for the TD. 1:14 left as Thomsen is getting a count in a tilt. Now he adjusts and its getting tight. :35 left. Time runs out but Thomsen leads 5-0
PERIOD 2: Niichel wants neutral. Thomsen in quick with a single leg and gets 2NF as he takes Niichel to his back. Goodale with the fall in the wrestleback so if this holds up we will have a wrestle back. Thomsen gets a tight half and theres the fall

Final Score: Thomsen (U) over Niichel (CC)

Wrestleback between Niichel (CC) and Goodale (O)

152 Johnson (O) vs. Neal (VS)

PERIOD 1: :30 gone and no score yet. Neal with a carry attempt stopped by Johnson. Johnson comes in with double unders. Neal tries a headlock but they go OB :50 left. Johnson with an under hook tries to jack it up now drops to a single as they go OB. Johnson shoots again and Neal is hit for stalling. Johnson in again for the TD. 2-0 Johnson leads.
PERIOD 2: Johnson will choose down. Johnson up to his feet but they go OB. Neal wants an optional start and lets Johnson go. 3-0 Johnson. Shot by Neal then comes up for an under hook. Johnson almost hits a duck. Both these guys like the upper body set ups. No throws yet but they use them well to set up shots. Neal backs OB and is hit with his 2nd stall call so Johnson now up 4-0 with :35. Neal tries a headlock but Johnson lifts him for the TD. Neal is out with an escape 6-1 Johnson leads with :15 left. Period ends.
PERIOD 3: Neal chooses down but Johnson says lets go neutral 6-2 Johnson. Neal shoots Johnson OB and we have blood time for Johnson. Long from East Marshall is going to win in the consolation so if this finals match holds up we will have a wrestleback. OB with 1:30 left Johnson still up 6-2. Johnson in on a single with his head between the legs but cant finish as they go OB. :49 left. Johnson in on another single but they go OB :30 left. :15 left shot by Neal but Johnson goes behind for the 2 and he will win 8-3 as Neal gets an escape

Final Score: Johnson (O) over Neal (VS) by Dec 8-3

Wrestleback between Neal (VS) and Long (EM)

160 Pruisner (AP) vs. McLaughlin (U)

PERIOD 1: No scoring :30 in. Pruisner works a russian tie and almost gets to the leg as they go OB. :45 left both wrestlers on a knee looking for an opening. 0-0 is your score as we go to the 2nd.
PERIOD 2: Pruisner will go down. Pruisner to his feet and McLaughlin will let him go 1-0 Pruisner. McLaughlin with a front headlock after a Pruisner half shot. McLaughlin hooks the ankle for 2. Almost had and inside cradle but Pruisner to his feet and get and escape. Tied at 2. Denner from New Hampton up big on the other mat. McLaughlin with a half shot and Prusiner stops him but McLaughlin backs out period ends tied 2-2
PERIOD 3: McLaughlin will go down hits a change over and gets the reversal for a 4-2 lead. McLaughlin having issues with his contacts. Pruisner gets the escape and trails 4-3. McLaughlin got to Pruisners leg but couldnt finish as they go OB. 1:20 left. OB with :58 left. Denner of New Hampton wins so McLaughlin is in. Pruisner with a shot off the whistle and gets to McLaughlins legs but McLaughlin gets it back stall warning on McLaughlin but it will end 4-3.

Final Score: McLaughlin over Pruisner by Dec 4-3

Wrestleback between Pruisner (AP) and Denner (NH)

170 Meister (DT) vs. Holschlag (U)

PERIOD 1: Holschlag with an under hook to a carry attempt doesnt get it. Holschalg almost had and ankle pick. Holschlag will get the TD :30 left. Now running a Half and its tight he has that ankle trapped and gets the fall.

Final Score: Holschlag (U) over Meister (DT)

Poppens of (AP) will have to win for a wrestle back here. Poppens gets the fall

Wrestleback between Meister (DT) and Poppens (AP)

182 Rommann (CPU) vs. Shirk (U)

PERIOD 1: Shirk with the first TD and running a bar now. He losses the bar but working to breakdown Rommann again. Shirk attempts a tilt but loses it and Rommann gets the reversal. Tied at 2 with :25 left. Shirk to his feet short time. He gets an escape as time runs out and Shirk leads 3-2
PERIOD 2: Rommann will choose bottom. Nice change over by Rommann and he gets the escape and we are tied again 3-3. Rommann in deep on a leg now up to a body lock and trying to crunch Shirk. Crazy scramble situation but no points as they go OB. :40 left. Double leg attempt by Shirk but cant get by Rommanns hands OB with :01 left.
PERIOD 3: Shirk chooses down. Rommann has Shirks near leg hooked with his. Shirk is up to his base but hasnt came up yet. Now he tries to work up but Rommann almost catches him in a cradle. Shirk to his feet. Shirk gets and over hook to a hip toss but the roll through no chance. Shirk gets the escape and now legs 4-3 :10 left. Rommann almost look like he didnt know he was losing but still a great match that Shirk wins 4-3.

Final Score: Shirk (U) over Rommann (CPU)

Wrestleback between Rommann (CPU) and Sorensen (DT)

195 Shedenhelm (DT) vs. Jacobs (CC)

PERIOD 1: Shedenhelm gets an early takedown. Now getting a near wrist tilt but only gets a few 1 counts 2-0 Shedenhelm. Now Shedenhelm has Jacobs arm on his back and is trying to work him over but we have a PD call. Shedenhelm wants them to go neutral 2-1 Shedenhelm :40 left. Shot attempt by Jacobs but Shedenhelm stops him and gets the TD and leads 4-1
PERIOD 2: We start the 2nd neutral.  :30 gone in the 2nd. stil Shedenhelm 4-1. Shedenhelm gets Jacobs to drop to his knees with a head fake and gets the takedown. Shedenhelm lets Jacobs go and the score is 6-2. :50 left. Stalling on Jacobs as he backs OB. Shedenhelm in on a double and gets the 2 as they go OB :14 left. 8-2 as we head to the 3rd.
PERIOD 3: Neutral again to start the 3rd. Shedenhelm backs Jacobs OB again. Jacobs looking for the double overs but Shedenhelm backs out. Jacobs backs OB and is hit for stalling again 9-2. Shedenhelm with the TD and now leads 11-2. 1:00 left. Shedenhelm has Jacobs arm on his back again.Now hes back behind. and it will end 11-2.

Final Score: Shedenhelm (DT) over Jacobs (CC)

No Wrestleback. 2nd Jacobs.

220 Ring (O) vs. Hadachek (U)

PERIOD 1: 0-0 a minute in. Hadachek has Ring on his hip and gets the TD but Hadachek locks his hands. Restart with :10 left and Ring gets away so we are tied at 2.
PERIOD 2: Ring chooses down and is up to his feet and out right away so he leads 3-2. Hadachek gets to Rings leg but Ring gets it back and ends up behind Hadachek in the rear standing but they go OB no change. Hadacheck in on a single trying to cut the corner but Ring keeps his feet moving and ends up on top of Hadachek for the TD. 5-2 going into the 3rd in favor of Ring
PERIOD 3: Hadachek starts down. Ring has him broken down. Hadachek hits a sit out and separates for the escape. 5-3 Ring with 1:15 left. Shot by Hadachek but Ring catches him with the underhooks and takes Hadachek to his back for the fall.

Final Score: Ring (O) over Hadachek (U)

No wrestleback. 2nd Hadachek (U)

285 Heusinvelt (DT) vs. Henry (VS)

PERIOD 1: Heusinvelt takes Henry down to his back for 2NF but cant hold him and it will be 4-0 as we head to the 2nd.
PERIOD 2: Henry will start down and gets the escape. Heusinkvelt now leads 4-1. 2nd period ends with not much action.
PERIOD 3: Heusinkvelt wants neutral and he leads 4-1. Both wrestlers locked in a collar tie. Henry hit for grabbing the headgear and gives up 1 more for unsportsmanlike for arguing with the ref. 6-1 Heusinkvelt with :33 left

Final Score: Heusinkvelt (DT) over Henry (VS) Dec 6-1

Wrestleback between Henry (VS) and Ahrendsen (U)



#3 Noah Fye (New Hampton) Freshman 38-2 vs. #8 Brady Fritz (East Marshall) Freshman 44-6

Here we go. National Anthem is done and we are ready to go. Fye with a takedown right to Fritz’s back and gets 3 NF for our first points. Fye with a reversal in the second to lead 7-0 right to Fritz’s back and Fye gets the fall.

Final Score: Fye (NH) over Fritz (EM) by Fall

Andrew Busch (Denver/Tripoli) Senior 38-10 vs. #5 Jon Hellman (Union) Junior 41-6

Busch with the first TD. Almost had another takedown earlier. Hellman able to get a reversal. Busch and Hellman tied at 4 but just like that Hellman gets 2 NF to take the lead 6-4. Hellman puts Busch in a tilt, almost gets reversed and then ends up on top again for 3 NF. Hellman leads 11-4 going into the 3rd Hellman will take top. Hellman gets the fall with an armbar.

Final Score: Hellman (U) over Busch (DT)


#3 Connor Cleveland (New Hampton) Junior 42-2 vs. #7 Nick Meling (East Marshall) Sophomore 45-4

Cleveland with a quick takedown. Cleveland working the armbars pretty well but cants quite get Meling over. Meling is riding Cleveland tough here in the seconds with 1:00 left. Cleveland leads 2-0. Cleveland hit for stalling and he will get rode out to end the 2nd. Cleveland riding tough here in the 3rd with :40 seconds gone. Had an inside cradle locked up but they go OB. Meling gets the reversal and and gets 2 NF as time runs out and we have our first upset of the day.

Final Score: Meling (EM) over Cleveland (NH) 4-2

Blake Steege (Denver/Tripoli) Senior 35-12 vs. #4 Derek Holschlag (Union) Sophomore 46-2

Holschlag with a quick takedown. Holschlag also working the armbars but no nearfall yet. Holschlag will get the fall with an arm bar.

Final Score: Holschlag (U) over Steege (DT) by Fall


Keaton Geerts (New Hampton) Sophomore 39-8 vs. Josiah Dorow (BCLUW) Sophomore 25-20

Final Score: Geerts (NH) over Dorow (BCLUW) by Fall

Nate Lasher (Charles City) Sophomore 27-18 vs. #1 Brock Rathbun (Center Point-Urbana) Junior 44-0

Rathbun with a quick takedown and getting NF.

Final Score:


Keegan Tenge (New Hampton) Sophomore 32-14 vs. Zach Fuessley (Center Point-Urbana) Senior 36-7

Fuessley leading 4-1 as we start the 2nd. Fuessley gets out but Tenge gets the takedown. Fuessley leads 5-3 1:00 left in 2nd. Tenge takes Fuessley over in a tilt and it looks like Fuessley is hurt but Tenge gets the fall. Fuessley not able to put any weight on his leg as he is helped off the mat.

Final Score: Tenge (NH) over Fuessley (CPU) by Fall

Derek Fox (Osage) Sophomore 30-13 vs. #9 Max Wehage (Vinton-Shellsburg) Senior 28-8

Fox gets throws Wehage to his back gets the 2 but they go OB. Wehage gets the escape. 2-1 in favor of Fox as we start the 2nd with Fox down. Fox gets the escape and a takedown OB to go up 5-1. Fox takes Wehage over in a cradle and theres the fall. If Fuessley cant go in his wrestleback that would almost lock up a berth for Fox.

Final Score: Fox (O) over Wehage (VS) by Fall


#2 Austin Staudt (Charles City) Junior 35-7 vs. Brock Barnhart (Union) Senior 10-12

Staudt leading 6-2 with :20 left in the first. Staudt locks up a cradle and is getting a count with 1:30 left in the 2nd. Barnhart able to kick out but trails 11-2. Staudt up 16-4 as we go to the 3rd. Staudt locks up a cradle and gets 3 NF and is enough for the Tech 19-4.

Final Score: Staudt (CC) over Barnhart (U) by Tech Fall 19-4.

#5 Brock Jennings (Osage) Sophomore 36-7 vs. Matt Chamberlain (Gladbrook-Reinbeck) Senior 35-5

Jennings with a quick takedown. Jennings leading 7-0 as we start the second. Jennings chooses down. Jennings gets the escape. Jennings will take a 10-0 lead into the 3rd. Chamberlain goes neutral. Jennings gets the fall with an inside cradle.

Final Score: Jennings (O) over Chamberlain (GR) by Fall


Maxwell Forsyth (Charles City) Junior 34-10 vs. Colton Dietrick (Union) Senior 33-17

Here is a big match for Union if they look to capture the 2A traditional title in Des Moines. Forsyth gets the first TD. Forsyth rides Dietrick out. Dietrick will take neutral in the second and just like that is in on a double. Theres the takedown for Dietrick to tie it up at 2. Injury time Forysth but he appears to be ok. 2-2 :44 left in 2nd Dietrick riding. Forsyth up to his feet and Dietrick not returning him and gives up a stall call. Forsyth catches Dietrick on his back as time runs out and gets the reversal but not NF. Forysth in deep on a double takes Dietrick to his back and gets the fall. Dietricks hurt his leg.

Final Score: Forsyth (CC) over Dietrick (U) by Fall

#1 Brady Jennings (Osage) Senior 39-2 vs. #7 Nick Hyland (Vinton-Shellsburg) Junior 38-2

0-0 a minute in. Hyland was in deep on a shot but we have a stalemate. Hyland in again on a double but cant finish. We will go to the 2nd tied. Jennings will take bottom and get the escape and leads 1-0. Jennings gets a takedown and we will end the 2nd with Jennings leading 3-0. Hyland will go down and is riding tough :20 seconds in. Jennings still riding tough 1:00 into the 3rd. Jennings will ride out Hyland for the 3-0 win.

Final Score: Jennings (O) over Hyland (VS) by Dec 3-0


Jake Niichel (Charles City) Senior 33-10 vs. Dylan Wagner (Vinton-Shellsburg) Sophomore 13-26

Niichel with the first TD leads 2-0. Niichel locks up a cradle and gets the fall. 7-1 in favor of Johnson as we head to the 2nd. Johnson takes down.

Final Score: Niichel (CC) over Wagner (VS) by Fall

#4 Thatcher Goodale (Osage) Senior (44-4) vs. #1 Max Thomsen (Union) Senior 48-0

Goodale with good defense through the first 1:00 but Thomsen gets the takedown with :45 to go in the 3rd. Thomsen rides out Goodale and leads 2-0 as we go into the 2nd. Goodale chooses neutral. Blood time for Thomsen to get his forehead taped. 1:20 left as Thomsen in on a single. Goodale scrambling well but Thomsen eventually scoots out the back for 2 and leads 4-0. Blood time again for Thomsen. :20 left in the 2nd Thomsen riding tough. Thomsen takes down in the 3rd. Goodale has the legs in but gets high and Thomsen gets the reversal to take a 6-0 lead. Now Thomsen trying to run the arm bar and we have a PD call.

Final Score: Thomsen (U) over Goodale (O) by Dec 6-0


#8 Tristan Johnson (Osage) Junior 42-5 vs. Nick Long (East Marshall) Junior 39-11

Johnson with the takedown right to an inside cradle. Long kicks out but Johnson leads 5-0. Long with the escape. Long gets in deep on a double but Johnson just too strong. He whizzers down and gets the takedown now leading 10-1 and has Long on his back. Johnson gets the fall with :33  left in the 2nd.

Final Score: Johnson (O) over Long (EM) by Fall

Brandon Childs (Charles City) Junior 23-12 vs. #7 Michael Neal (Vinton-Shellsburg) Senior 33-4

Childs leading 3-2 and he is in a shot but they go OB with :49 left in the 1st. 3-2 in favor of Childs as we go into the 2nd. Neal chooses down. Escape Neal and tied at 3. Neal tries an arm throw but Childs stops him and gets the takedown. Childs gets the quick escape. Childs leads 5-4 with 1:11 left in the 2nd. Neal gets a nice double leg, elevates and gets the 2 but Childs gets a quick reversal. 7-6 Childs leads. Neal gets and escape and thats how we end the 2nd tied at 7. Childs will take neutral. Childs in on a double but Neal fights it off. We have :20 left in the 3rd. Neal gets behind in a rear standing but can bring Childs down. We have OT. Neal with the front head lock grabs the ankle and takes Childs to his back and will get the fall in OT

Final Score: Neal (VS) over Childs (CC) by Fall OT


#7 Blake Pruisner (Aplington-Parkersburg) Senior 34-5 vs. Ryland Duchane (BCLUW) Sophomore 30-19

Pruisner with the TD runs the double arm bar and gets the fall.

Final Score: Pruisner (AP) over Duchane (BCLUW) by Fall

Cole Denner (New Hampton) Junior 40-8 vs. #6 Trevor McLaughlin (Union) Senior 42-4

McLaughlin with a TD and rides for awhile then cuts Denner. McLaughlin gets behind for another TD and leads 4-1 with :30 left. McLaughlin takes down. Gets the escape and gets another takedown and leads 7-1. McLaughlin turns Denner in an armbar. Denner able to get off his back but with that 3NF McLaughlin will take a 10-1 lead into the 3rd. McLauglin gets the fall with an inside cradle.

Final Score: McLaughlin (U) over Denner (NH) by Fall


Dylan Meister (Denver/Tripoli) Senior 22-3 vs. Max Upah (East Marshall) Junior 35-15

Meister with a TD as time expires. Coach wants to know if time was out but the call stands. Upah takes down but Meister riding tough. Meister runs the arm bar for 3 NF and leads 5-0 at the end of the 2nd. Meister goes neutral still 5-0 Meister 1;00 left in the 3rd. Upah with a few half shots but he will need more than that.

Final Score: Meister (DT) over Upah (EM) by Dec 5-0

Shane Poppens (Aplington-Parkersburg) Junior 33-9 vs. #1 Jacob Holschlag (Union) Senior 47-0

Holschlag with a quick TD. Holschlag runs that arm bar and gets the fall.

Final Score: Holschlag (U) over Poppens (AP) by Fall


Brock Sorensen (Denver/Tripoli) Senior 36-12 vs. #8 Tanner Shirk (Union) Senior 28-9

0-0 with :20 left in the first. No score as we end the first. Sorensen wins the flip and immediately takes down. Sorensen out quick for a 1-0 lead. Sorensen shoots Shirk off and Shirk picks up a stall call. Shirk in on a double leg trying to hook the leg. The two start to roll around and scramble but they go OB with no score. That was a crazy scramble both guys almost had the TD. Sorensen leads 1-0 as we start the 3rd with Shirk down. Sorensen has Shirk flat on his stomach. :50 left and Sorensen gets hit for stalling. Shirk to his feet and he ties it at 1. Shirk in deep on a double leg and he gets it and will ride out Sorensen for the lead. The Union crowd goes crazy!

Final Score: Shirk (U) over Sorensen (DT) by Dec 3-1

Jacob Haag (Waterloo Columbus) Junior 35-17 vs. Trevor Rommann (Center Point-Urbana) Junior 35-13

Takedown for Rommann. Haag up[ to his feet and gets the escape. 2-1 as we go to the 2nd Rommann leading 2-1. Haag will take bottom. Rommann has Haag in trouble but time runs out in the 2nd and it will be a 9-2 lead for Rommann. Rommann up 11-2 with 1:00 left riding Haag. Rommann running a half and gets a count as time expires.

Final Score: Rommann (CPU) over Haag (WC) by Maj Dec 13-2


#5 Izaak Shedenhelm (Denver/Tripoli) Junior 34-1 vs. Lane Walton (East Marshall) Junior 34-17

Shedenhelm with a quick 2 and sucks Walton back. Shedenhelm has him in trouble but Walton still fighting. Shedenhelm gets the fall.

Final Score: Shedenhelm (DT) over Walton (EM) by Fall

Nick Jacobs (Charles City) Junior 25-14 vs. Isaiah Vaughan (Union) Sophomore 13-5

Vaughn with the first TD but Jacobs out quick 2-1 Vaughn leads. Vaughn leads 4-2 with 1:00 left in the second. Jacobs get the TD and almost gets NF in a tilt but nothing there. Vaughn almost reverses Jacobs as time runs out. We go to the 3rd Jacobs leads 5-4. Vaughn takes down but Jacobs riding tough 1:00 in. Jacobs get 2NF in a tilt and leads 7-4. Vaughn hit with his 2nd stall call and now its 8-4 Jacobs. Vaughn gets and escape but it will be too late as Jacobs takes it.

Final Score: Jacobs (CC) over Vaughn (U) by Dec 8-5


#9 Caleb Ring (Osage) Sophomore 39-6 vs. Jared Bowman (East Marshall) Senior 35-19

No score 1:00 in. Ring in on a shot but Bowman flattens him out. They go OB though with no score. :30 left in the first. Bowman takes down as we are :30 into the 2nd still scoreless. Ring has Bowmans arm on his back with :30 left. Ring takes down to start the 3rd and gets the escape. Ring now leads 1-0 with 1:00 left. :20 left Ring has a russian tie sweeps the leg and get the TD to pick up a 3-0 win

Final Score: Ring (O) over Bowman (EM) by Dec 3-0

#10 Aaron Maloy (Charles City) Sophomore 31-7 vs. Jace Hadachek (Union) Senior 40-11

Hadachek in on a double and gets the TD with :37 left in the first. Hadachek rides out Maloy. Hadachek takes down to start the 2nd and gets the escape immediately. 3-0 Hadachek. Maloy takes a shot Hadachek sprawls and gets behind for the 2. 5-0 Hadachek with :30 left in the 2nd. Maloy gets a TD in the 3rd but trails Hadachek 5-2 with :40 left. Hadachek with the escape 6-2.

Final Score: Hadachek (U) over Maloy (CC) by Dec 8-2


#9 Brady Heusinkvelt (Denver/Tripoli) Senior 28-2 vs. Michael Ahrendsen (Union) Sophomore 37-14

Huesinkvelt throws Ahrendsen to his back for a 5-0 lead but Ahrendsen fights it off and gets the escape. 5-1 with :40 left in the first. The period ends with a score of 5-1. Somebody picked neutral didnt see who. Ahrendsen attempts a shot but Heusinkvelt stops him and had him in a front head lock but Ahrendsen fights back out still neutral. Ahrendsen shot Heusinkvelt OB and the 2nd is going to end 5-1. Ahrendsen will take down to start the 3rd. Heusinkvelt will cut Ahrensen. Ahrendsen will attempt a shot but Heusinkvelt flattens him for the TD. 7-2 Heusinkvelt with :30 left and gives up a stalling call.

Final Score: Heusinkvelt (DT) over Ahrendsen (U) by Dec 7-3

Brody Tupy (Charles City) Junior 31-12 vs. Stevie Henry (Vinton-Shellsburg) Senior 34-8

A lot of hand fighting in the first 1:30. Henry takes down to start the 2nd and gets the escape for the first points. Henry with a throw by for a TD. Henry leads 3-0 with 1:00 left. Tupy with the escape and we will go to the 3rd where Tupy will choose bottom. Tupy to his feet and Henry will let him go. Henry leads 3-2 with 1:00 left n the 3rd. Henry gets dinged for stalling. No shots by either wrestler. :15 Tupy tries a throw by and it slips. Henry gets the TD and will win 5-2

Final Score: Henry (VS) over Tupy (CC) Dec 5-2


120 Geerts (NH) vs. Lasher (CC)

138 Forsyth (CC) vs. Hyland (VS)

145 Niichel (CC) vs. Goodale (O)

152 Neal (VS) vs. Long (EM)

160 Pruisner (AP) vs. Denner (NH)

170 Meister (DT) vs. Poppens (AP)

182 Sorensen (DT) vs. Rommann (CPU)