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Dual Preview


Where is everyone following from?

PBP Legend;
Scoring Related: T2 – Takedown, E1 – Escape, R2 – Reversal, NF (#will denote the amount of back points scored)
OOB – Out of bounds
RS – Restart
IA – Iowa
PSU – Penn State

Pre-match thoughts/news:
The dual will start at 125 pounds!

Brands during the prematch interview: “10 guys have to be ready to go for 7 minutes”
“The environment doesn’t matter. This is the next date on the calendar, it’s a big date, but we have to be ready to go.”
“We have to do our job”

Ironside commenting on the environment, he’s impressed. PSU seems to be doing a good job with the fan experience portion of the dual.

#1 Iowa vs #6 Penn State
125 – #5 Thomas Gilman vs #8 Jordan Conaway
1st: Here we go! I’m listening on the radio, just so everybody knows. Gilman with a shot, nothing, Conaway with a shot, nothing. Conway with a shot, but Gilman drops in on a single and cuts the corner for the T2. 2-0 Gilman leads, Conaway flat out, to his base, now back down, Gilman with a half but they go OOB. Restart, Conaway up, Gilman just hanging, now brings him back down, Gilman working hard to bring him down each time Conaway stands up. OOB, :25 seconds left, Gilman with a lot of pressure and rides him out of the period.

2nd: Conaway defers, Gilman is down to start. Conaway with a claw ride, Gilman to a tripod, then switches out for the E1. 3-0 he leads. Ironside wants another takedown, urging Gilman to get back to the legs. Gilman with an underhook on the left, takes a half shot, Conaway keeps his hips back, nothing doing. Conaway tries a duck under Gilman comes down hard on him. No more points scored. 3-0 Gilman leads to the third

3rd: Conaway down to start the 3rd. He’s up to a tripod, stall warning on Gilman, Conaway can’t get out though, Gilamn with a couple returns but then he gets up and out. 3-1 now, Conaway now in on a shot and there’s the T2 for him, and Gilman is up and out 4-3 now. Conaway in on another shot but he can’t finish and there he gets the T2. Gilman gets up and out, 5-5 now Gilman with RT. Gilman takes a shot he has a stall warning, Conaway jumps over the top but can’t finish they go OOB about 10 seconds left Conaway in a shot but nothing. Crowd wants stalling but nothing, Gilman wis with the RT point.

Match final: 6-5 Gilman

Team Score: 3-0 Iowa

133 – #3 Cory Clark vs #7 Jimmy Gulibon
1st: Clark right away with a collar tie, pulls Gulibon to the mat, OOB. Both guys down on their knees after a Gulibon shot off the whistle. Clark two on one and gets the ankle and steps over for the T2. Gulibon up right away though and Clark has a wing in and they go OOB. Restart Gulibon is up but Clark brings him back down, now tries a sit out but can’t get out. Gulibon gets the E1, Clark right back in on a shot, after a scramble we get a stalemate. 2-1 Clark leads

2nd: Clark has 35 seconds in RT. Clark is down to start. Clark up to his feet, now sits out and gets the hands and gets the E1. Clark with a bad shot, Gulibon nearly scores but Clark squares up and were still neutral. Clark with a two on one, Gulibon with a front headlock, stalemate. 1:10 to go. Gulibon with a shot, fighting for the legs but Clark able to square up and break the hands to end that threat. Tapping the head, Gulibon gets in on a shot and gets the T2. Clark trying to peel the hands but can’t get out before the period ends, 3-3.

3rd: Gulibon down to start, Clark with a deep waist lock, but can’t really do anything, PD on Clark. Gulibon with another caution, that’s his second. Nearly with another but no call, up to their feet, Clark pulls him down and gets a leg in, Gulibon on his base, Clark with a power half and now has both legs in and the power half working to bring him down to the mat. The ref is trying to stop him and does with a PD call. RT in Clark’s favor, Iowa coaches/Ironside not happy. Caution on Gulibon that should be a point, but no point scored. Ironside VERY unhappy with the caution situation, Gulibon is jumping every time apparently. 4-3 with that penalty point Clark leads, but Gulibon gets the E1. Restart 20 seconds remain, Clark dives for a shot but Gulibon scrambles around and gets the T2 and NF3 as time expires, 8-5 is the final with RT.

Match final: 8-5 Gulibon

Team Score: 3-3

141 – #5 Josh Dziewa vs Kade Moss
1st: Dziewa with a slide by, nothing, now gets in on a duck under and gets the T2. Moss got up to his feet, Dziewa able to get break the grip and get the R2 though, 2-2. Dziewa down off a restart. Up to a knee, Dziewa peels free and gets the E1, he leads 3-2. Moss in a shot of his own, inside single, Dziewa trying to get his hips heavy, Moss with a leg though, trying to roll him through and theres the T2 for Dziewa since he had such heavy hips and got around. 5-2 Dziewa leads now. Dziewa with a deep waist on the left side and with a half on the right, now Moss gets up but Dziewa returns him. Dziewa rides him out 5-2 and he has RT.

2nd: Dziewa down to start, he losses RT, but was up and out very quickly. 6-2. Theres another duck under by Dziewa but didn’t get it, now tries for the high crotch but Moss fights it off and nearly gets around but can’t get there. Dziewa gets around though for a T2, but Moss up and out very quickly and doesn’t have RT again. 8-3 now. Moss with a shot from a ways away, Dziewa fights him off, 20 seconds remain and that’ll be the score to the 3rd.

3rd: Moss down to start, nearly gets the spladle locked up, but a stalemate is called. Dziewa lets him out, 8-4, but Dziewa has RT. Not a lot right now, 45 seconds left. Shot from a ways away by Moss, Dziewa just moves aside. Collar tie, Dziewa with a shot, fully extended, Moss hips in, Dziewa tires to cut the corner but a stalemate. 14 seconds left, Dziewa with an underhook, another restart. That’s the end. 9-4 Dziewa wins.

Match final: 9-4 Dziewa

Team Score: 6-3 Iowa leads

149 – #2 Brandon Sorensen vs #18 Zach Beitz
1st: Beitz with an ankle pick, grabs the other and gets the T2. Sorensen out in seven seconds, 2-1. Sorensen with an ankle pick of his own but they go OOB. Collar tie, both to their knees, now to their feet, Sorensen with a snap but Beitz doesn’t fall for it. 1:15 left. Sorensen with a shot and the sweep and gets around for the T2, 3-2 he leads. Restart, Beitz to his feet but Sorensen picks him up and brings him down. On the left side Beitz gets up and out though. You can hear Tom or Terry yelling in the background, always fun. 15 seconds left Sorensen gets to the leg and gets the T2 to end the period. 5-3 he leads to the second

2nd: Beitz starts down, he gets the first move, Sorensen to the ankle but can’t hang on, E1 for Beitz 5-4. Sorensen in on a shot, Beitz with the whizzer and gets Sorensen to get out of it. Restart. Beitz with a leg attempt, taps the head, Sorensen with a sweep attempt but nothing. To the third

3rd: Sorensen gets hand control and gets up and out right away, 6-4 now. Sorensen on a shot as they go OOB, restart. One minute remaining, Sorensen with control but again they go OOB. Sorensen needs to take these shots in the middle of the mat it sounds like. Beitz with a shot, headlock by Sorensen, Beitz reaching for the legs but a stalemate. Restart, Sorenesen dinged for stalling, 15 seconds left Beitz with an ankle pick, no points scored, 1.2 seconds left as they go OOB. That’s the match, 6-4.

Match final: 6-4 Sorensen

Team Score: 9-3

157 – #14 Mike Kelly vs Luke Frey
1st: Kelly gets Frey today I guess. Theres a duck under by Frey, Kelly gets his hips back, both on their knees. Kelly trying to cut the corner but stalemate. Restart, Frey drops for a shot again, nothing doing, again but nothing. Kelly with a knee tap, trying to clear that left arm, circling circling Kelly tries rolling through but Frey gets the T2. Frey puts a leg in, now back down to his belly, back to his base, one minute left in the first, 2-0 Frey leads. Not sure what happened but theres a restart, sorry about that. PD called. Off the restart Kelly gets his legs out finally and gets the R2, 2-2 and Kelly rides Frey out to get rid of RT.

2nd: Kelly down to start, he’s up to a knee, Ironside/Grace don’t have any idea what Frey was doing, and Kelly gets another R2, 4-2 now he leads. Kelly with a reverse wing, Frey up on his knees, and there’s another PD call. Ironside really unhappy with all the PD calls. Restart, Kelly riding tough, deep wastes and halfs. Kelly gets him flat, Frey to his knees, back to his belly. 15 seconds left, trying to turn him, Frey is still flat and that’s the period. 4-2 to the third.

3rd: Frey down to start, he tries rolling but can’t get out, and now Frey gets the R2 and nearly gets NF points but only a one count and another one count. Now working for the E1, 4-4 but he’s up and Frey still has control, but theres a R2 by Kelly 6-4 he leads. Sorry not sure what exactly happened through all that. Kelly riding tough though flattening Frey out, stall warning on Frey. Restart, Frey up standing switch attempt but now a roll Kelly not falling for it, he wins it 7-4 with RT.

Match final: 7-4 Kelly

Team Score:12-3 Iowa

165 – #7 Nick Moore vs Bryce Hammond
1st: Back at it after intermission, Moore with a go by attempt, Hammond able to square up though. Moore with a snap, but no shot, theres a shot by Moore but can’t finish, snap down again and they get into a little scramble, but nothing doing for either man. Snap again, Hammond with a shot on the legs, Moore scoots back, reverse headlock now and 0-0 at the end of the first.

2nd: Moore down to start the 2nd, sits out, Hammond tires to suck him back, Moore posts on the hands, Moore stands up and Hammond to the ankle, he’s able to get back to the hips, they go OOB. 1:31 to go. Restart, Moore sits back into Hammond and Moore gets the R2. 2-0, Hammond up and Moore returns him, Hammond up again and he’s out. 2-1 Moore leads. Ironside really, really wants Moore to go get a takedown in the second, unlike so many of the other Iowa wrestlers. Moore with a snap down but can’t get anything off it. 15,976 fans are in attendance today. 2-1 end of the 2nd.

3rd: Hammond down to start the 3rd, Moore flattens him out, he’s riding tough. Hammond to his feet, Moore picks him up but they go OOB. Restart, Moore with a wing and deep waist, but Hammond to his feet and gets the E1. Both shoot in at the same time, Moore circles around but can’t get both legs, now he has one, trying to pull Hammond from going OOB and there’s the T2, but the officials get together and call it off, so it’s still 2-2. Restart, Moore drops for a shot but nothing, 30 seconds left. Hammond with a shot he’s in deep, Moore trying to hip in, Hammond getting positions, Moore draped over the back and there he gets the T2 before the end of the period.

Match final: 4-2 Hammond

Team Score: 12-6 Iowa

174 – #2 Mike Evans vs #3 Matt Brown
1st: Premiere match of the night here. Brown has a 3-2 match advantage on Evans. An early stalemate here, not a whole lot of shots so far I don’t think. Ref talks about pulling headgear early, 1:30 to go first period. Brown in a shot Evans sprawls back, nothing doing. Brown again in a shot, Evans with a front headlock, OOB. 1:07 left. Lots of hand fighting, Brown is heavy with the hands, Evans doing a good job circling, staying square. Fans want a stall warning on Evans, they don’t get it, end of the first 0-0.

2nd: Brown down to start, he’s up to a tripod, Evans drops to the ankle but Brown kicks away, 1-0 he leads. Lots of hand fighting still it sounds like, circling back in towards the middle, Brown in a shot now, Evans keeps his leg back though. Crowd really wants stalling on Evans. Evans with a leg swipe, nothing doing though. Brown with a shot, trying to get Evans down but they go OOB. Thats the end of the 2nd, Brown leads 1-0.

3rd:Evans down to start, Brown chops the right arm, Evans to a tripod, Brown comes around and gets his leg in, Evans sitting back now, Brown working hard to keep him down, lots of forward pressure, Evans to his feet, Brown around his waist and pulls him back down, Evans with a sit out but can’t get there. Stalemate. :56 seconds left in the period. Restart, Brown has RT, Evans reaches back, gets the leg, but he loses it, he works up to a knee but still can’t get out. Brown rides him out for the 2-0 win.

Match final: 2-0 Brown

Team Score: 12-9 Iowa leads

184 – #8 Sammy Brooks vs #17 Matt McCutcheon
1st: Brooks trying to work a two on one, McCutcheon with a front headlock, stalemate though. McCutcheon looking to just overpower Brooks early on, PD called though. Brooks on an underhook but nothing. Ironside wants Brooks to push the pace a bit, but Brooks can’t hear him. McCutcheon is riding Brooks neck with both hands, brooks in on a shot now, reshot by McCutcheon, Brooks stuffing the head, stalemate. Brooks’ face is just all red right now, end of the first 0-0, not a lot of shots.

2nd: Brooks down to start, he’s to his feet, McCutcheon to Brooks’ feet, OOB. Restart, Brooks up but McCutcheon to the ankle, now to the waist and Brooks gets the E1, 1-0 he leads. Brooks gets heavy, McCutcheon takes a shot from too far away, Brooks gets around and steps over the for the T2, 3-0 he leads now. Restart, Brooks drops to an ankle, McCutcheon to his feet and gets out though. 45 seconds left in the second, stalemate. Seem to be a lot of whistles being blown, either PD calls or stalemates. 3-1 Brooks leads to the 3rd.

3rd: Brooks riding to start, putting pressure on McCutcheon, flattens him out, McCutcheon head down, Brooks riding tough, McCutcheon at his base, Brooks has RT. McCutcheon up and back down, and now he’s flat on his belly, looking for the suicide roll, and he gets the NF3, 6-1 now Brooks leads. Restart, Brooks has him flat again, McCutcheon not doing much of anything it sounds like, now he’s up to his feet, Brooks lets him go, 6-2 and Brooks wins 7-2 with RT.

Match final: 7-2 Brooks

Team Score: 15-9 Iowa leads

197 – #6 Nathan Burak vs #4 Morgan McIntosh
1st: McIntosh with a swipe, Burak responds in kind, McIntosh gets his legs back though. Burak with a shot McIntosh spins away though. Burak trying to pop the elbows and get to the high crotch but nothing doing. McIntosh in on a single leg, he elevates it McIntosh has it high, Burak trying to kick away and he nearly gets around but McIntosh lifts it over his own head and turns and gets the T2. Burak down 2-0, 30 seconds left in the first. Burak was up a couple times but he can’t get out and we go to the second.

2nd: McIntosh down to start, he hits a switch but hasn’t got the E1 yet, McIntosh in the same position as the first when he got the T2, theres the R2, 4-0 now, and McIntosh is getting NF points, he gets the NF2, not sure how it happened. 6-0 now, Burak up to a tripod, he stands up but OOB. Restart, McIntosh has RT now, Burak up to his feet, McIntosh picks him up and slams him back down. McIntosh nearly with the cradle but can’t get there, 6-0 to the third.

3rd: Burak chooses down to start, which seems questionable to me, but that’s ok. McIntosh flattens him out Burak back to his base, now stands up but McIntosh puts him back down and he’s in on a half again, OOB. Restart, McIntosh goes optional start, he tries to lock the cradle in but can’t get there, E1 Burak 6-1 now but McIntosh has RT. McIntosh with an underhook but OOB with one minute to go. Burak gets in on a leg now off the restart, McIntosh trying to go heavy but Burak tries scooting over but can’t get there restart. McIntosh with a shot, Burak spralls back, now McIntosh with an inside trip but can’t get the points, McIntosh wins 7-1.

Match final: 7-1 McIntosh

Team Score: 15-12 Iowa leads

285 – #2 Bobby Telford vs #6 James Lawson
1st: Telford will get Lawson. Ref stops the match three seconds in, like I said it seems like there have been a lot of whistles. Telford with a head fake, Lawson spralled out but Telford couldn’t take advantage though. 1:30 to go, not a lot of action. Inside a minute, two more restarts, Lawson tries a slide by, but Telford squares up, another slide by, nothing doing, Telford with a snap but nothing, and tries for a slide by, but Lawson’s shoe comes off, and Telford can’t finish it, injury time for the shoe with five seconds left. Bobby goes neutral on the restart, not sure that I would do that, might as well go for it, but that’s the period, 0-0 to the second.

2nd: Lawson on bottom to start, Telford riding tough, he has a deep waist and gets some forward pressure on him, Lawson not really doing much it sounds like, seatbelt ride now, Telford has RT now and gets him flat on his belly. Lawson looking to build his base, trying to bring his hips up but Telford is too tough, stall warning on Lawson which is apparently his second, no one seems to know when the first one was called, 1-0 Telford leads and rides him out of the period.

3rd: Telford down to start, he gets up and out right away, 2-0, he tries to clear the arms for a shot attempt but nothing, Lawson with a slide by attempt but nothing, 1:15 left. Slide by by Lawson but nothing, 39 seconds left, Lawson with another half shot, nothing. Lawson shoots Telford off the edge. That’s the end, Bobby wins 3-0 with RT. Hawks take the dual.

Match final: 3-0 Telford

Team Score: 18-12 Iowa wins

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