Former UNI Panther Joe Colon beat Conor Beebe in an undercard match at Flowrestling’s Premier League IV yesterday 11-6. This marks the third time that Colon has won matches over Beebe, his last coming at the US Open last year. The 3rd place winner at the NCAA tournament last year, Colon still wrestles with the Panther Wrestling Club

PWCConor Beebe was a four-time NCAA qualifier at Central Michigan and is a current volunteer assistant at Northwestern. Beebe also was a two-time US men’s freestyle All-American and two-time University Nationals All-American. He wrestles for Beebe Trained and Chicago RTC.

Colon used two takedowns off of Beebe shots and a two point back exposure to build a 6-0 lead in the first three-minute period. Beebe backed off a couple shots and Colon grabbed a leg each time taking Beebe down.

“I was drilling that, working on that a little bit. Just getting another shot keeping the pace up and keep going,” Colon told Flowrestling’s Mark Bader after the match. The re-attacks were what kept Colon ahead in the match.

In the second period Colon added a shot for two and another exposure in the first half of the second period. His shot came when Beebe was moving to his left and Colon was able to grab both ankles for the takedown. Both men went out of bounds afterwards with Colon getting the point for the pushout after Beebe stepped out first. The former Panther gave up a takedown but no exposure off a scramble at the end of the period to make the score 11-2 going to the third.

Going to the third Colon looked winded. Colon has been training for six minute matches, the length of a freestyle match, but Flo Premier uses three, three-minute periods which is something that Colon isn’t used to. Beebe opened things up in the third with an inside trip after a failed throw and scored again on a high crotch, making it 11-6 but could not get anything else going and Colon would win by that score.

“It’s way different. A six minute match, little easier than nine, but you’ve got to keep going,” Colon said after the win.

In addition to Colon, former Cyclone and current Cyclone Wrestling Club member Deron Winn came back from a 2-0 first period deficit to beat Max Askren 4-2. Askren scored a late first-period takedown to go up on the Cyclone, but Winn came back with a single leg and nearly got a back exposure very early in the second. Off the whistle in the third period Winn hit a blast double for another takedown and held on to win 4-2.

In the main event Clayton Foster took down Ben Askren 10-3.


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