What: 2015 Tulsa Nationals Kids Wrestling Tournament

Where: Tulsa Fairgrounds at the Expo Square Pavilion

When: January 16-17

The 2015 Tulsa Nationals Kids Wrestling Tournament kicks off this weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Approximately 2,000 kids ages 4-16 from 40 different states will compete for 72 national titles at what has been called the toughest tournament in the world. This event has been around for 60 years and will feature some of the best young wrestlers in the country. Tulsa Nationals is second to none when it comes to special effects and awards and of course wrestling. It features a Grand March and Parade of Champions as well as awards that are taller than some of the kids wrestling in the tournament.

Iowa will have 78 representatives from 27 different clubs. Keep in mind that some wrestlers might do the majority of their training at a different club than what they are listed at. Some Clubs and Academies team up with each other for big tournaments such as this one.

With all of the national tournaments anymore, those unfamiliar with this tournament might not understand how tough this event is. Tulsa Nationals truly is the toughest tournament in the nation at the kids level.  Here is a quick look back at some of the 2001 Tulsa placewinners of note

Ryan Morningstar, Brent Metcalf, Chad Beatty, Dustin Schlatter, Angel Escobedo, Lance Palmer, Jon Reader, Jimmy Kennedy, Mike Thorn, Tyler Graff, Chris Perry, Tyler Caldwell, David Taylor, Logan Stieber, Nick Brascetta, Nico Megaludis, Devin Carter, Brandon Sorensen. Not to mention all of the wrestlers who qualified for NCAA but never quite reached the All American rounds. That is just a list of the wrestlers that placed in 2001, it doesn’t even include all of the studs that didn’t quite place in the top 6.

2014 Returning Tulsa All Americans From Iowa

8&Under    52lbs   5th       Ryker Graff                   Spirit Lake Wrestling

8&Under    55lbs   4th       Anders Kittelson            Sebolt Wrestling Academy

8&Under    58lbs   2nd      Ryder Block                   Sebolt Wrestling Academy

8&Under    75lbs   2nd      Tate Naaktgeboren       TMX Wrestling

12&Under  67lbs   1st       Cullan Schriever            Sebolt Wrestling Academy

12&Under  84lbs   3rd       Cade DeVos                  Ubasa Wrestling Academy


Here is a list of Iowa kids in the tournament that placed at the2014 Kickoff Classic in Tulsa which is basically a Preseason Tulsa Nationals

2014 Returning Kickoff Classic All Americans From Iowa

6&Under    52lbs   1st       Nolan Bennett                Ankeny Wrestling Club

6&Under    70lbs   1st       Gabriel King                   Team Porcelli

6&Under    Hwt     1st       Dreshaun Ross              Fort Dodge Wrestling Club

8&Under    55lbs   4th       Carter West                   DC Elite

8&Under    58lbs   1st       Ryker Graff                    Flat Earth Wrestling Club

8&Under    64lbs   2nd      Tucker Stangel              Sebolt Wrestling Academy

8&Under    100lbs 2nd      Draven Woods              Viking Wrestling Club

10&Under  58lbs   5th       Anders Kittelson           Sebolt Wrestling Academy

10&Under  61lbs   2nd      Ryder Block                  Sebolt Wrestling Academy

10&Under  64lbs   2nd      Carter Fousek              Sebolt Wrestling Academy

10&Under  80lbs   4th       Hayden Taylor             DC Elite

10&Under  100lbs 1st       Ben Kueter                   DC Elite

12&Under  73lbs   5th       Matthew Lewis             Sebolt Wrestling Academy

12&Under  76lbs   1st       Cullan Schriever           Sebolt Wrestling Academy

12&Under  92lbs   3rd      Benjamin Smith             Trophy Hunters

12&Under  100lbs 3rd      Sage Walker                 Sebolt Wrestling Academy

12&Under  110lbs 4th      Tayton Ricard               Southern Iowa Swagger

15&Under  89lbs   2nd      Cade DeVos                Ubasa Wrestling Academy

15&Under  95lbs   3rd      Drew Bennett               Fort Dodge Wrestling Club


Wrestling Clubs (# of IA Kids)

Sebolt Wrestling Academy (22)

Team Bosco (7)

TMX Wrestling (4)

Clarinda Elite (4)

Ankeny Wrestling Club (3)

MWC Wrestling Academy (3)

DC Elite (3)

Legends of Gold (3)

Bettendorf Bulldogs (3)

Team Porcelli (2)

High Altitude (2)

Viking Wrestling Club (2)

Meneely  Sc hool of Wrestling (2)

Beckman Blazers (2)

Trophy Hunters (2)

Fort Dodge Wrestling Club (2)

Young Bucks (2)

Flat Earth Wrestling Club (1)

Winterset Wrestling (1)

Southern Iowa Swagger (1)

Ubasa Wrestling Academy (1)

Elite Takedown Club (1)

Knights Wrestling (1)

Comets Wrestling (1)

Dubuque Wrestling Club (1)

Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club (1)

Outlaw Wrestling (1)


6 & Under

52           Nolan Bennett                  Ankeny Wrestling Club

52           Airic Conn                        Team Porcelli

52           AJ Walker                        Sebolt Wrestling Academy

70           Gabriel King                    Team Porcelli

Hwt        Dreshaun Ross                Sebolt Wrestling Academy


8 & Under

49           Dallas Canoyer               MWC Wrestling Academy

52           Kyler Knaack                  Team Bosco

55           Carter West                    DC Elite

58           Ryker Graff                     Flat Earth Wrestling Club

61           Carter Freeman              High Altitude Wrestling

61           Kaiden Knaack                Team Bosco

61           Kane Naaktgeboren        TMX Wrestling

64           Tucker Stangel                Sebolt Wrestling Academy

67           Brent Dennhardt              Sebolt Wrestling Academy

67           Damarion Ross                Sebolt Wrestling Academy

100         Draven Woods                 Viking Wrestling Club


10 & Under

58           Anders Kittelson              Sebolt Wrestling Academy

61           Ryder Block                     Sebolt Wrestling Academy

61           Kale Petersen                  Sebolt Wrestling Academy

64           Cooper Cohee                 Meneely School of Wrestling

64           Carter Fousek                 Sebolt Wrestling Academy

67           Nicholas Schmidt            Beckman Little Blazers

70           Stevie Ray Barnes          Meneely School of Wrestling

73           Aiden Riggins                  Sebolt Wrestling Academy

80           Hayden Taylor                DC Elite

85           Tate Naaktgeboren        TMX Wrestling

90           Carson Lynott                 Legends of Gold

100         Carter Cahill                   Ankeny Wrestling Club Ankeny

100         Ben Kueter                     DC Elite

110         Carter Bennett               Ankeny Wrestling Club Ankeny

110         Bradley Hill                    Bettendorf Bulldogs

110         Payton Wood                 Clarinda Elite

130         Rex Johnsen                  MWC Wrestling Academy


12 & Under

64           Drake Ayala                   Sebolt Wrestling Academy

73           Matthew Lewis               Sebolt Wrestling Academy

76           Aiden Evans                   Bettendorf Bulldogs

76           Lincoln Mehlert              Team Bosco

76           Cullan Schriever             Sebolt Wrestling Academy

80           Evan Yant                      Trophy Hunters

84           Dillon Lynott                   Legends of Gold

88           Logan James                 MWC Wrestling Academy

88           Trestin Sales                  Sebolt Wrestling Academy

88           Stone Schmitz                TMX Wrestling

92           Cael Frost                      Team Bosco

92           Jack Thomsen               Team Bosco

92           Jack West                      Winterset Wrestling

96           Colby Schriever             Sebolt Wrestling Academy

96           Benjamin Smith             Trophy Hunters

100         Jeremy Ayala                Sebolt Wrestling Academy

105         Tayton Ricard               Southern Iowa Swagger

105         Sage Walker                 Sebolt Wrestling Academy

110         Carter Proffitt                Sebolt Wrestling Academy

160         Crew Howard                Clarinda Elite


15 & Under

82           Daniel Kimball               Team Bosco

89           Cade DeVos                 Ubasa Wrestling Academy

89           Eric Faught                   Sebolt Wrestling Academy

89           Caiden Jones               Sebolt Wrestling Academy

89           Kaleb Olejniczak            Elite Takedown Club

95           Drew Bennett                 Fort Dodge Wrestling Club

95           Rashaun Braggs            Sebolt Wrestling Academy

95           TJ Lundquist                  Clarinda Elite

101         Nick Oldham                  Young Bucks

101         Aden Reeves                 Young Bucks

108         Drake Doolittle               Sebolt Wrestling Academy

108         Gavin Miller                    Knights Wrestling Club

108         Elliott Sinnwell                Comets Wrestling

108         Josh Tibbits                    High Altitude Wrestling

115         Adam Hansen                TMX Wrestling

115         Will Jefferson                 Bettendorf Bulldogs

125         Jackson Feldman           Dubuque Wrestling Club

125         Kyler Rieck                     Legends of Gold

135         Thomas Even                 Team Bosco

135         Nick Graham                  Viking Wrestling Club

145         Owen Grover                  Beckman Little Blazers

145         Jacob Wempen              Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club

175         Triston Licht                    Fort Dodge Wrestling Club

200         Dakoda Powell                Outlaw Wrestling

200         Chance Strough              Clarinda Elite