Another month and still six Panthers are ranked in the top four in the Mid-American Conference Coaches poll. Dylan Peters, Cooper Moore, Curt Maas, and Blaize Cabell all held their place in the poll, while 157 pounder Jarrett Jensen entered the poll for the first time after beating previous number 4 Brandon Zeerip last week. Levi Wolfensperger dropped out of the poll at 133 pounds.

Moore leads the way for the Panthers, he is in first at 165 pounds. Peters and Cabell still sit in second at 125 and 285 respectively (even though Cabell has a win over Devin Mellon this year, the first place man).

For the Panthers, only one top-four matchup will take place this weekend, when Peters takes on numbr four Max Soria of Buffalo, check out the full preview of the UNI/Buffalo dual here.
Later this month UNI will go to Central Michigan, where #3 Caldwell will take on #4 CJ Brucki. On the last day of the month the Panthers will travel to #1 in the MAC Missouri, where Peters will face #1 Alan Waters, #4 Jensen will take on #2 Joey Lavallee, #1 Moore gets Mikey England, #4 Maas gets #2 Johnny Eblen, #3 Caldwell takes on #1 Willie Miklus and #2 Blaize Cabell will face #1 Mellon again.

The team standings saw the Panthers drop one spot to number four. Since Wolfensperger dropped out and Jensen was voted in at fourth, UNI lost two points, dropping them from 16 to 14 total. The Panthers take on number one Missouri and number six Central Michigan later this month.
The complete individual and team polls can be found below.

2015 January MAC Weight Class Rankings:

125 – 1. Alan Waters (Missouri, Senior); 2. Dylan Peters (Northern Iowa, Sophomore); 3. Brandon Jeske (Old Dominion, Sophomore); 4. Max Soria (Buffalo, Senior).

133 – 1. Mack McGuire (Kent State, Junior); 2. Kagan Squire (Ohio, Junior); 3.Vincent Pizzuto (Eastern Michigan, Junior); 4. Matt Manley (Missouri, Sophomore).

141 – 1. Lavion Mayes (Missouri, Sophomore); 2. Chris Mecate (Old Dominion, Junior); 3. Zach Horan (Central Michigan, Junior); 4. Tyler Small (Kent State, Senior).

149 – 1. Drake Houdashelt (Missouri, Senior); 2. Alexander Richardson (Old Dominion, Junior); 3. Tywan Claxton (Ohio, Junior); 4. Mike DePalma (Kent State, Junior).

157 – 1. Ian Miller (Kent State, Junior); 2. Joey Lavallee (Missouri, Sophomore); 3. Spartak Chino (Ohio, Junior); 4. Jarrett Jensen (Northern Iowa, Junior).

165 – 1. Cooper Moore (Northern Iowa, Sophomore); 2. Tristan Warner (Old Dominion, Senior); 3. Harrison Hightower (Ohio, Senior); 4. Mikey England (Missouri, Senior).

174 – 1. Cody Walters (Ohio, Junior); 2. Johnny Eblen (Missouri, Senior); 3. Caleb Marsh (Kent State, Senior); 4. Curt Maas (Northern Iowa, Sophomore).

184 – 1. Willie Miklus (Missouri, Redshirt Freshman); 2. Jack Dechow (Old Dominion, Sophomore); 3. Cody Caldwell (Northern Iowa, Junior); 4. CJ Brucki (Central Michigan, Redshirt Freshman).

197 – 1. J’Den Cox (Missouri, Sophomore); 2. Phil Wellington (Ohio, Junior); 3. Shawn Scott (Northern Illinois, Sophomore); 4. Kevin Beazley (Old Dominion, Sophomore).

HWT – 1. Devin Mellon (Missouri, Senior); 2. Blaize Cabell (Northern Iowa, Junior); 3. Jake Henderson (Old Dominion, Senior); 4. Mimmo Lytle (Kent State, Sophomore).

2015 MAC January Rankings:
1. Missouri (32.0)
2. Old Dominion (17.0)
3. Ohio (16.0)
4. Northern Iowa (14.0)
5. Kent State (13.0)
6. Central Michigan (3.0)
t-7. Eastern Michigan (2.0)
t-7. Northern Illinois (2.0)
9. Buffalo (1.0)

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