What: Battle of Waterloo

Where: Waterloo, IA – Young Arena (Google Map)


December 19th, 2014

  • Session 1 – 3 Rounds (9am, 11am and 1pm)
  • Session 2 – 3 Rounds (4pm, 6pm, and 8pm)

December 20th, 2014

  • Session 1 – 3 Rounds (9am, 11am and 1pm)
    • Team awards and photos taken after 3rd Round
  • Session 2 – 3 Rounds (3pm, 5pm, and 7pm)
  • Hall of Fame Inductions will be done prior to the start of 4pm Round
    • Team awards and photos taken after 3rd Round

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The 5th Annual Battle of Waterloo kicks off Friday the 5th at the Young Arena. 32 teams from around the state will compete in this two day dual tournament. 30 of the 32 teams will be returning this year with the addition of two top 1A teams in Lisbon and Clarion-Goldfield. They will be taking the place of OA-BCIG and Marshalltown . This years field features 14 3A teams, 12 2A teams, and 6 1A teams. 12 of last years 24 state dual qualifiers will be participating. You will have last years top three teams in 1A in Clarion-Goldfield, Don Bosco, and Alburnett as well as the 6th place finisher Woodbury Central. The top returning team from 2A in Assumption as well as 3rd place and 7th place finishers Independence and Clear Lake. It will also feature the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th place finishers from 3A in Waverly, Prairie, Iowa City West, Pleasant Valley, and Linn-Mar respectively.

Approximately 109 of’s ranked wrestlers will be competing. Waverly-Shell Rock took the 2013 BOW title followed by Pleasant Valley, Charles City, and Cresco. This dual tournament is formatted to give each team 6 matches over the course of Friday and Saturday. Teams are seeded 1-8 and placed into four 8 team brackets for competition Friday. Saturday the four bracket champions are placed together on down to the four 8th place finishing teams. It makes for some very evenly matched duals on Saturday as all teams should be in a pool with teams that have similar skill levels.

This format can get confusing for people new to the tournament so here is the simplest way to figure out when your team wrestles.

Brackets A&B will wrestle at 9AM, 11AM, and 1PM

Brackets C&D will wrestle at 4PM, 6PM, and 8PM

If teams lose their first meet on Friday they will wrestle at 9AM, 11AM, and 1PM Saturday

If teams win their first meet on Friday they will wrestle at 4PM, 6PM, and 8PM


106 (5 Ranked Wrestlers)

#4 3A Jacob Schipper North Scott Soph

#7 3A Collin Koerperich Epworth/Western Dubuque Senior

#3 2A Nate Lasher Charles City Soph

#8 2A Andrew Busch Denver Tripoli Senior

#1 1A Justin Portillo Clarion-Goldfield Junior

113 (10 Ranked Wrestlers)

#5 3A Noah Ajram Linn-Mar Senior

#9 3A Marcus England Prairie CR Junior

#10 3A Ryan Roth Cedar Falls Junior

#1 2A Conner Cleveland New Hampton Junior

#3 2A Brennen Doebel Clear Lake Senior

#5 2A Derek Holschlag Union, Laporte City Soph

#6 2A Travis Pulse Davenport Assumption Senior

#2 1A Josh Portillo Clarion-Goldfield Junior

#4 1A Ben Moyer Alburnett Soph

#8 1A Jeremy Schmitz Don Bosco, Gilbertville Soph

120 (9 Ranked Wrestlers)

#2 3A Tanner Rohweder Iowa City West Senior

#8 3A Austin Yant Waverly-Shell Rock Soph

#2 2A Brandon Mayer Crestwood, Cresco Senior

#3 2A Ryan Schmalen Clear Lake Senior

#4 2A Johnny Etherington Charles City Senior

#5 2A Jacob Fenske Davenport Assumption Junior

#7 1A Shane Funk Woodbury Central, Moville Senior

#9 1A Chase McLaughlin Lisbon Soph

#10 1A Tucker Franklin Alburnett Soph

126 (9 Ranked Wrestlers)

#3 3A Spencer Nevills Pleasant Valley Junior

#6 3A Zack Fiser Prairie CR Senior

#1 2A Ryan Leisure Clear Lake Soph

#3 2A Chase Lienhard Crestwood, Cresco Junior

#10 2A Kirk Mommsen Davenport Assumption Junior

#1 1A Nick Williams Lisbon Junior

#2 1A Joel Haberman Clarion-Goldfield Senior

#4 1A Lane Nichols Woodbury Central, Moville Senior

#8 1A Cole Fox Don Bosco, Gilbertville Senior

132 (10 Ranked Wrestlers)

#4 3A Matt Wempen Linn-Mar Senior

#5 3A Sam Uthoff Prairie CR Junior

#6 3A Nathan Sands Waverly-Shell Rock Senior

#9 3A Jakeb Bakken Iowa City West Senior

#1 2A Brock Jennings Osage Soph

#3 2A Maxwell Forsyth Charles City Junior

#7 2A Connor Slifka Crestwood, Cresco Junior

#1 1A Carter Happel Lisbon Junior

#7 1A Nick Mangrich Don Bosco, Gilbertville Junior

138 (8 Ranked Wrestlers)

#1 3A Daniel Kelly Cedar Falls Senior

#3 3A Josh Wenger Prairie CR Senior

#4 3A Mac Spotts Mason City Junior

#9 3A Jacob Ridgeway North Scott Senior

#1 2A Brady Jennings Osage Senior

#6 2A Trevor Harsh ADM Adel Senior

#2 1A Hunter Washburn Alburnett Senior

#10 1A Chris Paulsen Don Bosco, Gilbertville Junior

145 (9 Ranked Wrestlers)

#5 3A Jack Koethe WDM Valley Junior

#9 3A Seth Wennermark Prairie CR Senior

#10 3A Dain Gansen Epworth/Western Dubuque Junior

#1 2A Max Thomsen Union, LaPorte City Senior

#2 2A Ryan Faught Clear Lake Junior

#7 2A Thatcher Goodale Osage Senior

#8 2A Tyler Thomas Crestwood, Cresco Senior

#2 1A Connor Shulista Allburnett Junior

#5 1A Luke Klingensmith Woodbury Central, Moville Senior

152 (5 Ranked Wrestlers)

#2 2A Chase Straw Independence Senior

#4 2A Tristen Finch Davenport Assumption Senior

#5 2A Tristan Johnson Osage Junior

#1 1A Bryce Paul Alburnett Junior

#10 1A Logan Nelson Clarion-Goldfield Senior

160 (8 Ranked Wrestlers)

#1 3A Bryce Steiert Waverly-Shell Rock Senior

#3 3A Casey Crawford Indianola Senior

#6 3A Jakubb Fahrenkrug North Scott Senior

#7 3A Shea Hartzler Linn-Mar Junior

#8 3A Nathan Kelsay Iowa City West Junior

#1 2A Zach Johnston ADM Adel Junior

#5 2A Trevor McLaughlin Union, LaPorte City Senior

#3 1A Gable Verschoor Woodbury Central, Moville Senior

170 (7 Ranked Wrestlers)

#2 3A Max Lyon Epworth/Western Dubuque Soph

#4 3A John Milani Iowa City West Senior

#1 2A Jacob Holschlag Union, LaPorte City Senior

#2 2A Brent Lammers West Delaware Senior

#8 2A Brock Sorenson Denver-Tripoli Senior

#10 2A Joe Argo Davenport Assumption Junior

#4 1A Jordan Woodward Lisbon Senior

182 (9 Ranked Wrestlers)

#2 3A Rocky Lombardi WDM Valley Soph

#4 3A Jared Cadena Prairie CR Senior

#5 3A David Carr Pleasant Valley Junior

#9 3A Ryan Kluesner Epworth/Western Dubuque Senior

#1 2A Gabriel Rangel Davenport Assumption Senior

#6 2A Izaak Shedenhelm Denver Tripoli Junior

#9 2A Cole Bennett ADM Adel Soph

#7 1A Austin Hoyle Alburnett Senior

#9 1A Ryan Anderson Clarion-Goldfield Senior

195 (9 Ranked Wrestlers)

#1 3A Colin Kreiter North Scott Senior

#5 3A Donovan Doyle Iowa City West Junior

#9 3A Ben Campos WDM Valley Soph

#4 2A Matt McMillan Independence Junior

#6 2A Jace Hadacheck Union, LaPorte City Senior

#7 2A Chase Hager Davenport Assumption Senior

#8 2A Dylan Meister Denver Tripoli Senior

#9 2A Hunter Gibson ADM Adel Junior

#4 1A Tyler Larson Nashua Plainfield Senior

220 (5 Ranked Wrestlers)

#3 3A Cordell Eaton North Scott Senior

#5 3A Brady Smith WDM Valley Senior

#9 3A Sam Nowak Linn-Mar Senior

#4 1A Robbie Carrothers Alburnett Senior

#10 1A Andrew Petersen Woodbury Central, Moville Senior

285 (6 Ranked Wrestlers)

#5 3A Zachary Matt WDM Valley Senior

#10 3A Alec Staudt Cedar Falls Senior

#4 2A Nathan Heath ADM Adel Junior

#6 2A Brady Heusinkvelt Denver Tripoli Senior

#1 1A Landan Paulsen Woodbury Central, Moville Senior

#9 1A Blane Bark Nashua Plainfield Senior


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Thanks to Eric Schares for his contributions to this preview and predictions.