I am going to try and do things a little differently tonight in having an entire play-by-play thread and I will post results in the body of the post, and answer questions down in the comments. A couple things that have changed since the preview from yesterday. For Iowa it looks like Brandon Sorensen or Brody Grothus at 149 speculation for tonight will be moot. Sorensen is at the Kaufman Brand Open so Grothus should get the nod.

Last night Hermilio Esquivel wrestled instead of MSU’s only ranked wrestler Javier Gasca, not sure if that will be the same tonight, or if Gasca was just resting up for to tonight.

197 is up for debate. With Klapprodt out at the Kaufman Brand Open, will Buark finally be 100%, will Meyer bump up? Will Sammy Brooks bump like he did last year? We’ll find out take a look at some of the matchups below.

125: Thomas Gilman (9-0) vs. Mitch Rogaliner (8-3)
133: Cory Clark (8-0) vs. Hermilo Esquivel (7-5)
141: Topher Carton (7-2) vs. Garth Yenter (5-5)
149: Brody Grothus (10-1) vs. Kaelen Richards (-)
157: Mike Kelly (9-0) or Edwin Cooper (7-3) vs Roger Wildmo (7-4)
165: Nick Moore (7-1) vs. Ryan Watts (7-4)
174: Mike Evans (8-0) vs. Kevin Nash (7-3)
184: Sammy Brooks (8-0) vs. John Rizqallah (6-3)
197: Nathan Burak (4-0) or Alex Meyer ?(weighed in at 184 8-1) vs. Nick McDiarmid (5-4)
HWT: Bobby Telford (8-0) vs. Luke Jones (8-1)

PREMEET: Probably should mention this thing isn’t underway until 7:00 tonight. Luke Eustice is hosting a clinic right now, providing a little entertainment.

If you want to read up on Michigan State and how they fared last night against Northern Illinois, here is their dual recap from AWP. It’s not going to blow you out of the water, but some people like to know the enemy before hand. MSU won 27-6.

Iowa press release from last year when Iowa swept MSU 41-0, picking up bonus wins in six of the ten wins.

Iowa wrestlers at the Kaufman Brand. Picked up champions from Seth Gross (141), Brandon Sorensen (149), Logan Thomsen (157 – what a day for the Thomsen family, two titles!), Burke Paddock (174), and Kris Klapprodt (197)

Just a link to save space, but here is the lineup Cody Coodwin Tweeted. Notice it’s Carton at 141, not Dziewa. We are starting with Thomas Gilman vs. Mitch Rogaliner at 125.

125: Thomas Gilman (9-0) vs. Mitch Rogaliner (8-3)
1st: Here we go Gilman in on a single literally as the whistle blows and we got a takedown Gilman, then an escape Rogaliner. Just as fast, he hits another TD and release. Gilman is really working the under hook and go behind, but they go out of bounds.
On a restart Gilman with underhooks again and is struggling to get around Rogaliner. took him three attempts to get behind him 6-3 after the escape. And there is another TD 8-3 lead, Ramos is saying he needs to go for one more. 1st ends 8-3 over 1:00 RT
2nd:: Rogaliner starts down and Gilman is going with an optional start. He cuts him and is going to his front headlock, leftside underhook. Gilman hits a high crotch and it’s 10-4, 10-5 after he lets Rogaliner up.
Gilman tries a knee tap from the front headlock, really working a relentless pace. Gilman hits a snap and go behind, and another TD and he leads 12-5 at the end of the second
3rd: Gilman takes down and Rogaliner is riding pretty tough, Gilman gets out in a little over 20 seconds, but still has RT right now. Gilman is all the way around, and finally gets the two call, cuts him its 15-6.
Gilman gets right back in on a single and boom takedown 17-6.
30 seconds left and Gilman is looking for back points and just about catches Rogaliner, it ends 18-6
4-0 IOWA

133: Cory Clark (8-0) vs. Hermilo Esquivel (7-5)
1st: This is not Gasca, MSU’s only ranked guy. Clark opens the match and is working a two-on-one and drops down to a front headlock. He’s getting tied up pretty well so Clark breaks it up to get a fresh start on it. Clark takes a low shot, but nothing going yet. Clark slips from a two-on-one down to a single, had what looked like a TD, but the ref never called it and Esquivel gets back to his feet. Clark finally gets a TD and takes a 2-0 lead with :40 left. Working a powerhalf with short time, but it will end 2-0
2nd: Clark chooses down. And is out and ends up getting a reversal, happened so fast. 4-0 lead, Clark with a bar arm and looking to try and turn his guy with a 1:00 left. Clark is stopped with a potentially dangerous.
Restart: Clark is working the powerhalf and has the leg in. Bottom man finally warned for stalling 4-0 Clark 2:36 Rt
3rd: MSU takes neutral here. Both guys working collar ties. Not a ton of action but tying up and then breaking, there Clark hits a nice shot, but needs to finish it. Has the guys ankle, but MSU is pretty flexible stalemate.
This match ends 5-0 w/ RT
7-0 IOWA

141: Topher Carton (7-2) vs. Garth Yenter (5-5)
1st: So here we go with Carton, looks a lot better size-wise against a 141 as opposed to 149 at IC Duals. Yenter gets in on Carton’s leg and has an early TD 2-0 Yenter. Restart we get a caution on Yenter. Carton comes up to his feet and Yenter returns him. Carton working on getting wrist control, and then gets to his feet but they go out so he’s still down.
REstart: Woah, Carton with a reversal on a switch. Carton flattens out Yenter and is going to erase Yenters RT with a minute left. And there is a stall warning on Yenter. First ends 2-2 Carton with over :30 RT
2nd:Carton goes down, gets a caution call. Carton does a switch, then tries to hit a stand up, that’s what you want to do, put together several moves on bottom, not just go for one. Carton gets Yenter out of position and gets a Reversal on the edge.
Restart: Yenter gets out it’s a 4-3 Carton lead. Carton working his collar tie and then drops to a leg, he’s got Yenter on his seat and needs to pick the leg up to finish, stalemate.Second ends 4-3
3rd: Yenter takes down, RT not a factor right now. Carton is riding him, gotten him broken down to his belly and has the legs in. Get’s RT now.. Still got that leg in, and with Yenter’s face in the mat Yenter gets nailed for stalling again 5-3. This one ends 6-3 with RT
10-0 IOWA

149: Brody Grothus (10-1) vs. Kaelen Richards (-)
1st:Richards working a collar ties on Brody to start, he breas it, BEAR HUG AND BRODY IS GOING FOR IT. Richards gets out of it and Brody was in danger there, they go OOB but TD Grothus. Grothus with leg in and a half and Brody is now getting some NF, 3 to be exact with 5-0 lead with a minute left. Looking for more NF here.. Still got that powerhalf. He got a one count, and then Richards Bellies out
First ends 5-0 Grothus
2nd:Grothus picks down and gets to his feet pretty quick he leads 6-0. Richards takes a shot, but it’s not the prettiest, and Grothus goes behind to go up 8-0 now, Grothus workin gthat leg in and powerhalf but nothing doing. 8-0 going to the third
3rd:They start on their feet and Grothus gets in on a leg quick, he just needs to finish. They come up to their feet and there is the TD 10-0 lead, they are wrestling on the edge and go OOB
REstart: Grothus working a tilt, trying to get a TF, and there he gets a tilt, refs counting! 3 NF, just needs one point so he cuts him, gets in on a single and there is a TD, 16-1 TF at the buzzer
15-0 IOWA

157: Edwin Cooper (7-3) vs Roger Wildmo (7-4)
1st: TD Cooper right away up 2-0 on a double. Escape Wildmo 2-1 now, :24 of RT. Cooper looses headgear so we have a break
restart:Cooper is like lightening, gets in on a single and then gets a TD. 4-1 lead. Cooper rides him out of bounds
Restart: Cooper riding tough here in the center of the mat, he’s got over a min RT and then Wildmo gets out to make it 4-2. Cooper working collar ties, and then tries to take a shot without a tie, period ends 4-2
2nd:Cooper takes down, up to his feet, returned to his base, comes right back up, returned again. Comes up a Third time and then gets a stall warning for not getting returned, he gets out5-2. WIldmo in on a shot and gets the TD now 5-4 Cooper still leads they go out
restart: Cooper right to his feet, but returned to his base, he get up again and gets the escape, 6-4 lead Cooper. This one ends with that score
3rd:Wildmo starts down and comes right to his feet, Cooper can’t return so he cuts him 6-5 lead, RT not a factor. Wildmo takes a shot and they go to a stalemate.
restart: Cooper working Wildmo’s head, needs to get to his offense here. 1:00 left. Wildmo times his shot with short time and Cooper fights it off. Cooper warned for stalling backing out of bounds. WIldmo in on another shot with short time. Cooper wins 6-5
18-0 IOWA

165: Nick Moore (7-1) vs. Ryan Watts (7-4)
1st:Moore is wrestling Watts by the edge of the mat, not going to get much done there, Moore pushes him out
restart: Moore takes a half shot, but nothing going there, tries to do a bit of a slide by that doesn’t work either. Moore takes a shot and gets in on a leg by the edge, will need to drag him in to finish . They go out
restart:Moore still can’t get anything going, trying to work a two on one and the period ends 0-0 score
2nd:Watts picks down to start the period, comes to his feet, Moore picks him up trips him for the return. Watts then gets out so takes the first lead 1-0, But Moore gets in deep, had Watts on his seat and gets the TD 2-1 lead
restart: Moore picks up on the ankle to keep Watts down as he tries to get him to his belly, Watts gets up to his feet and there is a return by Moore, he has over a min RT right now and Watts is flattened out. Period ends 2-1 Moore lead.
3rd:Moore picks down to start and he gets to his feet real quick and is out in under :05. Watts then gets a leg and takes Moore down
restart: nice quick escape again 4-3 Moore, Moore takes a nice high crotch shot, but Watts fights it off. Another high crotch but they go OOB
restart: Snap on the whistle, Watts is really going for it right now with :30 t go, but Moore is fighting.
5-3 Moore with RT
21-0 IOWA

174: Mike Evans (8-0) vs. Kevin Nash (7-3)
1st:Evans with the left leg sleeve he’s got an ankle on the edge but the go out
restart: Evans with a lot of forward pressure, or maybe MSU is just that good at backup up. They go out again
restart: Evans is stalking, looking for an opening. Nash still backing and there is the stall warning
restart: This time Evans is able to get some offense TD Evans.
restart: Nash to a tripod, magically they go out again..
restart: Evans throws the legs in, Nash can’t get away from that
first ends 2-0 Evans 1:05 RT
2nd:Evans goes optional start up top, but jumps on Nash, then gives up the escape, 2-1 Evans leads. Evans takes another shot, but they got out
restart: Nash still backing up so stalling called , 3-1 Evans. Evans gets a leg and drags Nash back on to the mat for a TD, crowd really into it for dragging him back.
restart: Escape Nash, Evans leads 5-2, and then gets another TD near the edge 7-2 lead
3rd:Evans takes down to start 3rd, comes straight tup and Nash has the legs in. Evans is just standing there waiting for Nash to do something. Evans flipps Nash off for the escape. He goes into beast mode and gets TD on the edge. Escape, TD, Escape, TD, stalling all happening so fast 15-4 right now
restart: Evans cuts, then gets another TD 17-5, got RT locked up now. And there is a tilt on the edge, crowd goes to their feet for that 3 NF and its a TF Evans
21-5 win for Evans
26-0 IOWA

184: Sammy Brooks (8-0) vs. John Rizqallah (6-3)
1st:Brooks is in on a leg, man is this guy freakish strong. Rizqalla is literally jumping off the mat and Sammy still holding on like it’s no one’s business, takes him to the mat 2-0 Sammy lead, escape Rizqalla, and Sammy pushes him out. Crowd is going nuts with how much MSU is backing up tonight, calling for stalling all night long. Sammy with the double under hooks. WOW BROOKS IS WARNED FOR STALLING?
restart: Sammy gets in on the leg, but can’t finish 2-1
2nd:Warning for stalling was actually on Rizqalla. Brooks takes down. He stands up and Rizqalla has the legs in, no intention on returning him. Hit for stalling again, more just standing around and they call stalemate, Sammy can’t do anything if the guy is just going to hang on like that.
restart: Sammy gets out 4-1 lead, and he is working some offense here, still haven’t seen a shot from Rizqalla
restart: Brooks with a TD with :15 and it’s 6-1 and RT is at 0:00
3rd:Rizqalla takes down, Brooks picks him up and returns him hard, cuts him right away 6-2 lead. They go out
Restart:These guys are anything but friends, they go out and Rizqalla just hung on to Brooks ankle well after whistle blew. Oh well, Sammy gets another TD 8-3 lead
restart: Stall call on Riz and then a TD pushes that lead to 11-3, NICE WIN BROOKS
11-3 Brooks
30-0 IOWA

197: Alex Meyer (weighed in at 184 8-1) vs. Nick McDiarmid (5-4)
1st: It’s Meyer. They are in the center of the mat here, a little different than the previous matches, TD McDiarmid, Meyer trails 2-0. McDiarmid riding hard here, Meyer struggling to get to his base and get wrist control. Now he gets up, but McDiarmid takes him OOB, no escape
restart:Meyer gets to his feet and just takes him a bit to break hand control finally gets out 2-1 trailing. That how it ends folks
2nd:Meyer takes down, caution MSU. Meyer tries a roll gets to his feet and then gets out when McDiarmid can’t hold on to his leg, tied 2-2. McDiarmid tried another shot, Meyer fighting it off well, tries to pull McDiarmid’s hips and gets TD, then hits a quick reversal 4-4. Meyer got in some trouble, but comes out okay, 4-4 into the third
3rd:So we are all tied here in the third, Meyer trying to erase RT. Meyer really riding tough, McDiarmid rolling around, Meyer almost caught him for a two count, McDiarmid taking his time to get back to the center
restart: Meyer gives up the escape needs a TD with a min left, gets in on the ankle….
TWO MEYER 6-5 lead
Meyer really riding tough and there is the win, CARVER IS ON THEIR FEET! Meyer loving the win
6-5 Meyer
33-0 IOWA

HWT: Bobby Telford (8-0) vs. Luke Jones (8-1)
1st:Bobby off to a strong start, he got in behind on Jones and took him down from behind. 2-0 Telford lead. Still feel the adrenaline from the 197 match.. Crazy stuff to hit that last second TD, not much happening here. STalemate
restart: Bobby just riding on top, not seeing improvement from Jones, yet to really try a move to get out. Bobby has him flattened out
and it ends 2-0 2:44 RT
2nd:Telford takes down, he gets to his feet, and takes a few seconds to break hand control he is out 3-0 lead. Bobby working to keep MSU centered on the mat, Ramos wants to see Telford pick up the pace! Stall warning on Jones and it ends 3-0 , Bobby’s RT cut to 2:37!!!
3rd: On their feet now to start the period, Bobby takes a nice single leg shot and they are one the edge of the mat…. TD Telford 5-0 lead
restart Escape Jones, Bobby right back in on the leg, they go out
restart: Nice TD Telford, 7-1,
It ends 10-2 with RT
37-0 IOWA

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

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  2. Hard to judge a dual without watching but it seems the Hawks are wrestling like “fat cats” ..

    1. Michigan State is real bad and anything but a pin or tech by most of our guys is nothing to write home about. We still don’t know much about this team

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  3. What is up Pin? Sure hope we see Burak healed up before he is unleashed. Dont need him tonight, thats forsure

  4. Johnston, IA. Wishing I was there but I’ll be following the best site in the business. Thanks for holding down the fort tonight!

          1. That is true, handled Zoo pretty easy, last year Auburn now back to the Elephants.

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